Aaron Brooks is returning, which will be interesting

Aaron Brooks is returning, which will be interesting

For the first time in years, the Bulls will have a continuous flow of personnel backing up Derrick Rose. Not since C.J. Watson has a point guard, outside of Rose, played in consecutive seasons or the team, but now Aaron Brooks gets the chance.

It's an interesting development for several reasons. One being that continuity may improve Brooks' play and turn him into more of a facilitator given his experience with the roster. Admittedly, Brooks will always be a scoring guard, which is fine, but with him now having a deeper understanding of his co-workers, one can hope his scoring comes within the flow of the offense. This wasn't always the case last year, where Brooks at times would go a little rogue and throw up everything in sight, while showing little to no interest in moving the ball.

Additionally, Brooks might benefit from Fred Hoiberg who loves the long-ball and prefers quick scoring. There's no denying that Brooks remains quick as a cat, which might help to serve a purpose in Hoiberg's schemes. If the second-unit can get out in transition and get some buckets early in the clock, it'd be a tremendous asset for the Bulls overall, compared to how frequently the second string struggled scoring the ball last year.

While Brooks certainly had his periods of selfish play, he did show a willingness to be a team player when the team adapted a philosophy of swinging the ball. This is Hoiberg's bread and butter, and with Kirk Hinrich likely taking a permanent seat on the bench, Brooks will be able to maxmize that willingness alongside scorers who help him stretch the floor. Whether it's Doug McDermott, Tony Snell, or Mike Dunleavy who starts, it leaves two guys to man the bench unit, giving Brooks more options to play off of.

The Bulls could run Brooks, Snell, McDermott, Mirotic, and Gibson as the secondary unit, giving the point guard a lot of passing options, as well as a stretched out floor. Of the 121 made three's last year, Brooks was assisted on 61.2% of them which is a figure that should rise with Mirotic getting more minutes, and with the bench unit in general becoming more competent offensively. Overall, Brooks was assisted on less than 30% of his shots, indicating he primarily seeks the kick-out, but otherwise prefers to self-create. Because of that, the Bulls need to swing the ball his direction during sets with heavy movement, as both to avoid the isolation plays make the most of Brooks' biggest strength. His 38.7% from downtown was decent considering the volume, but a miserable February (11-for-41) affected his true worth from the outside. Over the course of the first 49 games of the year, Brooks hit 45.7% of his shot from behind the arc on 3.3 attempts a night. Over the remaining 33 games, he sat at just 30.9% and had lost his rhythm.

The drop in mid-season is concerning, and to some point shooting near-46% is unsustainable, but Brooks isn't a 31%-shooter, so it's worth taking another gamble on him and hoping he'll remain consistent throughout the year, especially when given a permanent role off the bench. Brooks' numbers took a nosedive when starting, with his overall TS-efficiency dropping from well above league average at .555 to .491 and his long-ball suffering a percentage point decline of 10.8. Turning a made shot into a miss per every 10 you take is huge, especially when you're one of the key offensive components on the team, which thus makes it essential that Derrick Rose can stay healthy and let Brooks come in off the bench to provide an efficient scoring punch. And should Rose go down again at some point, it wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea to keep Brooks on the pine, and start E'Twaun Moore over him. This frees up Brooks to play against opposing benches, which he seems terrific at, while offering a defensive attitude, in form of Moore, going up against opposing starters.

Overall, I like to see Brooks back. But it's my hope that his return comes with a higher sense of understanding of how he should be used.


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  • I still remember many games last season that Brooks nearly looked like the best player on the team. For the early portion of the season he actually was better than Derrick Rose most of the time and overall was the teams 6th man because we didn't get much out of Taj. Then he fell flat in the playoffs and seemed to get smaller and smaller each game until it just seemed he was too little to contribute defensively. I'm still luke-warm on bringing Brooks back because I'm really not a fan of his game, but then you look at the alternatives and we're actually better off sticking with Brooks for now. At least he's better than Hinrich which isn't saying much.

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    In reply to ajaychitown:

    Most Bulls fans tend to point out Brook's poor playoff performance and react in disbelieve that the Bulls would bring him back. However, you are correct in noticing how Brooks was oftentimes the team's best player.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    I notice Bulls fans basically booing this move and saying this team isn't good enough. It probably isn't good enough, but it's not like there was a backup PG that was going to get the Bulls past the Cavs.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    That's certainly true, even though I've generally been a Brooks fan, just bringing him back feels like a bit of a letdown, in good part due to no other free agent moves this offseason. I might have preferred a guy like Jeremy Lin, just as a change of pace.

  • Sounds good. Who else was really out there at this point.

    The Hoiberg system will be so different than Thibs, so it's anyone's guess how most players will fit. Brooks could be better next year with greater pace.

    I will go out on the limb and say that D.Rose stays fairly healthy and is in the MVP discussion once again. I think Butler will follow up last year's season and be even better.

  • Kirk Hinrich doesn't count as a PG? He's been here for four years now :p

    I'm glad we're bringing Brooks back though, I didn't see better options on the market.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Huh. I must not have noticed.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Of course Hinrich is a PG- Piece of Garbage.

    I like Brooks as a microwave scorer but he is not a very good point guard IMO. The Bulls will be in a world of hurt if Rose goes down. Which based on past history is a concern.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    If Rose goes down, the more "world of hurt" the Bulls are in the better. Whether it's Rose or Butler, if either player goes down for the year, the worse record you end up with, the better.

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    I'm sure he broke it off with his mistress in order to preserve the marriage, but whatever Dr. Ogala told him was only a temporary fix. The next female who gives him the attention he truly desires will be his next 3 day outing away from the house.

  • In reply to Deborah Dan:


    I was wondering who were the real online spell casters, and who were fake. It's a great relief to have this mystery finally cleared up.

    By the way, can Dr. Brave cast a spell on Hinrich to make him an NBA player again?

  • In reply to Deborah Dan:

    It's a f'ing scam. I called Dr Ogala last year hoping that GarPax would stop cheating on Thibs with Hoiberg. Things got even worse and now it's a freaking divorce and Hoiberg moved in!! Screw you OGALA!

  • Could they still land Gerald Green for the MMLE? Not that he would sign for that.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    That's what I like about you, Rusty, ever the eternal optimist.

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    Looking back on Brooks, I think he ran out of gas thus his shots were falling short. Either that or when Derrick Rose returned, Brooks was out of rhythm.
    Next season his time on the court should be preserved assuming Rose is able to last a full season. It would be nice if the Bulls bring in a 3rd stringer just in case.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    You know, that's a good point, it did seem like he lost his legs with most of his 3 pointers coming up a bit short as the season wore on.

  • Aaron Brooks has shown he can be a nice little off the bench scoring punch. Early on he played well for the Bulls and was a key in victories only then to be cast aside the same way Thibodope would do to a lot of non established players. However, his playoff numbers albeit in limited minutes particularly from three are terrible with the exception of his one stand out season with the Rockets. I'd rather see him out there then Klank any day, but he's a limited minutes guy who needs a consistent role to be effective and not just capriciously thrown aside for games at a time.

    Speaking of PG's Derrick Rose had one of the worst assist to turnover ratios you will ever see for a starting NBA point guard this past season. In essence he was a train wreck. Not to mention his undisciplined jacking up threes to high volume with terrible efficiency. When you combine these two factors he simply killed the Bulls in many games.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of discipline and efficiency Rose shows under Hoiberg. Will the coach have the balls to reign in Derrick's ridiculously sloppy and anti-team play? Jimmy Butler can only hope.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I agree with you about Rose. One of my issues with Thibs was that he didn't have the stones to take Rose out of a game when his play was total garbage and hurting the team. Yet, he would yank Niko or McDermott immediately after a missed defensive assignment.

    Why, you may ask? Thibs is smart. He knows that this is a players' league and stars control the destiny of coaches (unless you're also the president of the team). IMO, Thibs would rather lose a game than piss-off Rose. He always had his back. Thibs would clearly prefer to piss-off his nominal bosses than mess with Rose.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    That seemed to be the case with Gasol and Noah as well. I'm almost positive Thibs had to see that combination wasn't working but like you and roadwarrior said, he didn't have the balls to bench either of the previous all stars no matter how bad they played. I get it that it's a stars league but when your stars are playing worse than the rookies it's time to sit them down.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I find it hard to believe Thibs did anything for political reasons.

  • Bulls are looking for improvement to come "internally". That's not nearly as exciting as say, going out and signing a Lamarcus Aldridge, but actually think there are 3 reasons for hope:

    - Rose likely will improve vs. last year: If he doesn't, this team has virtually no chance no matter what it does. You can't win with an average PG getting paid max money. Hopefully some of his nowhere-to-be-found lateral quickness returns, and he can finish at the basket a bit better.

    - McDoug/Snell/Niko: If just 1 of the 3 can significantly improve their shooting from last year, this team will be much better. If 2 of the 3 can do it, watch out NBA. Consider that Snell and Niko are already decent shooters so if they improve, it would put them into the "very good shooter" territory. That would make Snell starting caliber and Niko a star. McDoug, I don't know if he'll ever contribute in any other way, but I still think he will shoot effectively as a NBA player, and that would help this team.

    - Fred Hoiberg: It's hard to guess that a rookie coach will get more out of the team than one of the best coaches in the NBA, but here's to hoping that Hoiberg revolutionizes the offense while Jim Boylen keeps the team playing strong defense. I think the former likely, the latter not so much.

  • Brooks is comming back, ok, whatever. I don't think it's good or bad, no feeling one way or the other. I have the same question as someone above, can they still use the mmle?? I've never had a good understanding of contracts and such,so how does this affect what they can do and who they can sign? I'm still confused how the Cavs can be paying some 200 million dollars and still be signing players.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    So far they are just resigning their own guys, so they have their Bird or early Bird rights. I don't think that they have used any exceptions yet, and I doubt that they will. In fact, I bet that they won't resign JR Smith, unless Lebron holds them hostage.

    Also, almost half of that $200 million is for luxury taxes, in fact they have a chance to be the first team to pay more in taxes than they do in actual salaries.

  • Brooks was probably the best option out there for a backup PG at this point. He is familiar with the team and there is some continuity there. He has built up some chemistry with the bench guys and will probably be more productive than anyone else out there.

    I doubt the Bulls bring anyone else in. I think Green would be a nice addition, but I don't see him coming here. He might be able to get more money from someone else, and his minutes would be limited. For the 2 wing positions you have Butler, Dunleavy, Snell, and McD already. There just aren't enough minutes to go around for him.

  • I hate the signing. I know that at this point there is very little on the market. But the Bulls are bringing back the exact same team (and Portis) that quit against a depleted Cavs team. While I am giving the lion's share of the blame to Thibs for last season, it still comes down to the fact that the players weren't good enough and surrendered meekly. Apparently GarPax think it was 100% Thibs fault since every single player other than maybe Nazr is returning.

    And I don't want to hear about the lack of financial flexibility. Other teams figure it out. San Antonio dumped Splitter to get Aldridge. The Cavs are in the conversation for seemingly every free agent. GarPax is way too conservative, and frankly a little lazy and stupid.

    And I had to post this little gem from a Bleacher Report article: "Hinrich just wrapped up a season in which he posted the fourth-worst player efficiency rating in league history (6.8) among all qualified guards. "

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    I agree with just about everything you said and this is actually the very thing that certain posters on this site hate to hear. It's called the truth. Gar/Pax are way too conservative and they're not good risk takers. From a logical standpoint I can understand why they kept the team together, but this team clearly still has needs and at least one major off season move for the Bulls should have been made. Right now I feel they're putting too much faith in the development of McD, Mirotic, Snell, and now Porter. Also it appears they've bet the farm on Hoibergs coaching ability even though he's never coached a single NBA game. Again I can understand it all from a logical standpoint, but you have to think what would Pat Riley or a team like the Spurs front office have done if they were in the Bulls situation? I seriously doubt they would have stood still. I think the bulls did make the right decisions but they still could have done better.

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    I think Bulls' management believes they are still within the proverbial "window" to win a championship. If so, several things need to break right for them:

    1. Rose, Noah, and Taj need to regain their health sufficiently to improve their level of play over last year.

    2. Mirotic and McDermott need to both take a big step up.

    3. Pau and Dunleavy both need to not drop-off significantly.

    4. Butler needs to continue to play at a high level.

    5. The Bulls need to figure out a way to compensate for their lack of quality depth at PG.

    That's a lot of moving parts. One can reasonably argue that the odds of overtaking the Cavs are minimal and that the Bulls should really develop a strategy for winning post-LeBron. That would mean trading current assets for draft picks and young prospects. As you indicated I think Gar/Pax are too conservative for this and, perhaps more importantly, it would also imply that they didn't do a good enough job in the draft and free agency over the last few years.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Good analysis. I would say that 1. and 2. are the most important on your list - which is why they are 1. and 2.!

    However, I would put as 3. the improvement of Snell and Moore. These two also have potential, let's hope the new coaches can help it along.

    Not everything has to happen for the Bulls to challenge, but several of your items do. Is that a long shot? Probably.

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    That's probably why Gar/Pax are waiting until next year to offer the Hangdog another long term extension, so that he can be rewarded for his exemplary performance under the new exploding cap.

    That also means that the $68 million moron will have earned about $10 million per PER point.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    lol sad part is this could totally happen...

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    They(SA) have also had the good fortune/forward planning to (almost)always have their best players playing for well below max contracts. I wonder if even Duncan has ever signed for the full max available. Supposedly, he has agreed to play this season for whatever cap money they have left after they sign Aldridge to a max contract. They say that could be for between $5-7 million. They have obviously had a singularly unique situation down there, one that is not likely to continue forever, or as soon as Duncan retires.

    David West opted out of a $12 million plus final year in Indy to play for the vets minimum($1.5) in SA. So I guess you either have to have Lebron or be SA to get every guy in the league to want to play for you.

  • The Bulls FO is more concerned with the team's floor then they are with their upside. There's more money to be made by protecting their better than 60% winning % and string of playoff appearances then taking the risks necessary to potentially win the East and/or a ring.

    This management team would never make the Oakley for Cartright trade or let Horace Grant go and signing Rodman.

    They want to win enough each year while protecting their future. They'll never be able to get by the contenders like the Cavs and Spurs and now maybe the Clippers that are all in for now.

    Signing Brooks fits into this pattern. He's good, he's cheap, he's not good enough. Betting on Snell and McDermott developing fits into this pattern. Teams going for it, can't risk relying on hope. They spend on their needs.

    Bulls are one of the most profitable teams in sports. You can't argue with their business plan. But as a fan, it's difficult.

    When a team is this close every year and yet you know that you still have to manage your expectations; it's frustrating.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    I completely agree with you and everyone here saying the management team doesn't take enough risks. These guys just can't swing the big deal, be it a big trade or big FA signing. However, the idea that this is because the Bulls just care about reaching the playoffs because that makes the most business sense, well, that's just total nonsense. From a business perspective, nothing pays like winning championships, it's not close, and the Bulls organization knows this. That's why they've always said they would pay the tax -- and they have -- to go for a championship.

    Accepting that it's really difficult to win a championship, and that there's a lot of luck involved is much harder on the ol' brain than just casting ownership as a scrooge who is blocking our right as TV viewers to multiple championships. They spend plenty, it's not about spending.

    I think it's just really hard to win when you don't have Hall of Fame players on your team, and getting Hall of Fame players is more a matter of luck than anything else. Spurs won the lottery with Duncan, Cavs won it with LeBron, Warriors hit the jackpot when they bet relatively low dollars on Curry staying healthy. Bulls looked like they won the lottery with Rose only to have it completely backfire on them -- there isn't a management team that can overcome something like that.

    However, this is the big leagues, you need to find a way to get it done. They aren't creative or persuasive enough, it appears but I don't think they're risk-averse for business reasons.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    The Bulls have paid the Luxury tax just once. And they won't be paying it this year.
    They'll be under it by the end of the year or sooner.
    They will not be using the MMLE. They signed Brooks at the Vet min.
    My point isn't that they don't want to win or are too timid.
    It's that they also want to continue to build for the future as opposed to going all in to be the best possible team today.
    They are actually terrific at what they do, but their goal is to continue to be a successful sports franchise.
    If they become World Champions again it will be incidental.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    That is going to change when Michael Reinsdorf takes over. His father JR, loves the White Sox, likes the Bulls. Michael hates the White Sox and loves the Bulls. He'll poor resources into the Bulls like his father has with the Sox. Doesn't help us now but bodes well for the future, hopefully a future that comes sooner rather than later.

  • In reply to Chicagosportsguru:

    We can only hope that Michael Reinsdorf is watching Rocky Wirtz and making his own plans for when he holds the reins.

    Unfortunately, that change of control will likely require the passing of the elder Reinsdorf, just like the elder Wirtz, so we fans have a long wait on our hands. Until then its more GarPax as their future is secure as long as Jerry is breathing.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Great points! The Spurs are one of the most successful teams in all of sports, but I can't think of anything they have ever done that I'd call a big risk other than signing Rodman, and that blew up on them. They actually just bring back the same guys every year and make small changes to the bench. Trading Splitter isn't much different than the Bulls trading Hinrich to make room for Lebron, just like they would have traded Taj or Butler if Carmelo had signed last year.
    You can't tell me the Heat or Warriors took big chances either. The heat were just good at convincing guys to take less money. If the Warriors were risk takers they would have traded Clay for Kevin Love. I'm not saying not to make a bold move, but so much is based on luck and growth from within. The Knicks have probably swung for the fences more than any team in the last 15 years and their failures have made them one of the biggest jokes in sports.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Spot on here for the most part. While the Bulls aren't cheap, as commonly(and mistakenly) claimed by fans and pundits, they don't have an owner who loves his team and it shows. Jerry dumps dollars down the toilet that is the Chicago White Sox(and I'm a Sox fan), because he loves them. JR doesn't LOVE the Bulls, and in my experience, based on NBA history, franchises with owners who love their team win more titles. JR doesn't have the kind of fan like obsession with his NBA franchise that allows owners like Mark Cuban to justify(to themselves) going way over the cap to make a run. Now, you don't want billionaire Russian type blank check ignorance, it can hamstring your future. But you do want a guy who isn't splitting hairs, an owner who values winning not just "more" than profit, but who values winning on a level that makes money irrelevant. Michael Reinsdorf by all accounts is that kind of owner and when he assumes control of his fathers' businesses you can expect him to quickly sell the White Sox and strictly focus his sports ownership chops on his beloved Bulls and I'm not just pulling that out of my ass. It is well known that Michael loves the Bulls, despises the Sox, and will move to leave the MLB business on day one of the Michael Reinsdorf era.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I think that you've got it about right. Management isn't nearly as bad as most people say that they are, but they are risk averse which doesn't excite the fanbase very much, or very often. On the few occasions that they've done anything exciting/risky things have not worked out very well at all, so that reinforces their risk averse nature.

    Combine risk averse with a lack of creativity and long term vision and you get a solid, better than average, but not top shelf management team, which starts with Reinsdorf and the people that he feels comfortable working with. Just like every player can't be Michael or Lebron, every management team can't be the Spurs or whoever is the flavor du jour.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Sportsguru and BigWay: The Bulls won 6 (SIx) titles when Krause was GM. JR spent money, like a Scott, controlled, but he paid for value. Imposible to win 6 titles without generous spending!

    However, risks are just that - Risks! Last year the FO gave up 2 1sts and, in effect, 3 2nds to get McDermott! They took a risk. Right now it looks like they may have made the wrong choice. But the team needed scoring and he looked like the guy to bring it.

    Near the trade deadline, I thought they should have grabbed Afflalo, but I was wrong - he did almost nothing after he was traded.

    The Cavs traded for some guys who, almost miraculously, played much better in the playoffs than most could have forseen. Was the Cavs GM genius or simply lucky? Probably the second, and maybe they only made the moves to placate LeBron.

    However, the Cavs GM doesn't look so smart now on the Love trade, so that is how it goes.

    We wish the FO of the Bulls had been more risk averse with Ben Wallace and Boozer (and Hamilton and Hinrich). As we see now, the last Hinrich signing hurt the team for 2 years in a row, even tho it was relatively low-dollar.

    I am less than thrilled with this offseason, but if the new coaches can develop the youth they have, the coming season could be very good. It that happens, will it be skill, chance,or a combo?

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Honestly I don't think we really want Gar/Pax taking big risks. It has been a while but every huge gamble Paxson took as GM was a monumental failure. Trading Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas. Every big money FA Pax signed. Passing on the Kobe trade to keep Deng leading to epic collapse the following season which he dumb lucked his way into Rose. Still cringe thinking about Paxson with loads of cap space. Ugh Ben Wallace...

  • I'm not surprised at all... Butler, they wanted to keep. Mirotic, they like too.
    You cannot sell while value is low... Hopefully, in season, once Tax and Noah prove healthier, we can make a trade. Rose is not tradeable. Youngsters besides Mirotic won't get you much, either.
    Gasol may be only real tradeable asset - does he have no trade clause or handshake?

  • In reply to Swish14U:

    Agreed, really Butler and Gasol are the only players who you'd say are currently trending positively as far as perception of their value. Even Mirotic's value isn't as high as it was prior to the post season, nor is it as high as it almost certainly will be a month into next season after he shakes off the stink of a poor rookie postseason performance. McDermott's value is low, and while I'm not confident enough to say he'll end up being a good pick, I am confident in saying that his trade value will be higher in the near future. Noah and Taj are especially non-peak value guys with one coming off his worst season and another having just undergone surgery. These two also just happen to be the guys who you'd like to be shopping around. So people shouldn't be shocked or complaining about any lack of trade movement. You don't move established players who aren't trending upward unless you've lost all hope and legit think they will only get worse.

  • Sorry if this was posted elsewhere, but board favorite Gerald Green signed with Miami for what is believed to be the league min on a one-year deal. Also, Lin signed with Charlotte for the bi-annual exception (2 years, a little over $4mil).

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to JC 2012:

    Boy the Bulls really slept on Jeremy Lin. 2 years at 4 million per is a steal

    You would think JR the businessman could see how profitable Jeremy Lin jersey sales would have been to his pocketbook.

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    This is on the FO. Did they really try for those 2 guys, Lin and Green?

  • In reply to JC 2012:

    Good signings by both teams. I'd take either/both guys on those contracts, especially Lin @$2 million per over Hangdog @$3 million per.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Actually, the Bulls could have had both for the price of Hinrich! Altho maybe each guy is just trying to rejuvenate a career, so they wanted to go where they could play. Still, a lot of careers have been kicked up a notch from a year in Chicago.

    A few signings like these could make the difference between a title and ho-hum. It's strange, most of us fans thought the last resigning of Hinrich was a mistake. How could we see that and the FO couldn't?

  • Man, the opinion of Brooks has dropped immensely in a relatively short period of time. While his playoff production was awful in that there wasn't any, I think people are being captives of the moment in their evaluation of what that playoff performance means in regards to his value. Brooks needs space and motion to be effective. In the regular season Brooks could get his shots, even on a terribly stagnant offense because 1. The Bulls' offense while stagnant wasn't devoid of scorers which provided some spacing and 2. NBA regular season defense provides much more space because, newsflash, they don't play as hard. Come playoff time that regular season space evaporated as it always does. Plus, the Bulls 3 point shooting fell by the wayside especially in regards to Niko Mirotic shrinking the court even more, killing a player like Brooks who requires a bit of room to operate in a game full of dudes a foot taller than him. Had the Bulls been operating as a fluent ever-moving offense, I think Brooks finds space and contributes at a level that easily justifies his contract. People are acting like Brooks sucked in the playoffs because guards that size just aren't built for the playoffs. When in reality, he sucked in the playoffs because the offense around him was a convoluted mudslide of molasses.

  • In reply to Chicagosportsguru:

    Yes, your analysis makes sense, tho I recall Brooks missing some wide open looks, too. (So did the rest of the team!)

    Evidently the FO believes that Hoiberg can fix the problem you highlighted.

  • Off topic, but his shit with DeAndre Jordan is hilarious if it weren't so pathetic, What a f-ing wuss!!

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Leaking stories about how Chris Paul disrespected you and how you felt unwanted.. and now this. Kind of reminds me of what Boozer did with the Cavs a decade ago with the Jazz under different circumstances.

  • A little off topic but Jimmy Butler just officially signed his contract. I'm really happy everything worked out in the negotiations. For a minute it really started to seem he was going to take a short-term contract to play in LA, but only for a minute. I don't think he's hit his ceiling yet and barring any injuries (knock on wood) I think he still can improve a lot. There was times last season he literally took over games, so I'm curious to see if he can be the man and how he and Rose will play together.

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