Bulls Priority Draft Board - Slot 5

Bulls Priority Draft Board - Slot 5

We're halfway through the list, and the latest name to be unveiled on the Bulls Priority Draft Board is Wisconsin junior forward, Sam Dekker. Full disclosure, at no point did I expect Dekker to go before Montrezl Harrell or Delon Wright, so this is an interesting development.

It seems Bulls fans this year wish to draft someone who has had deep college experience, as well as someone with size. The smallest player remaining on the board is 6'5 Jerian Grant, a point guard even.

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Next up is slot number 5, with these remaining names:

Jerian Grant - PG, Notre Dame (Senior)

Justin Anderson - SF, Virginia (Junior)

Delon Wright - PG, Utah (Senior)

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson - SF, Arizona (Sophomore)

Montrezl Harrell - PF, Louisville (Junior)

Sam Dekker - SF, Wisconsin (Junior)

Terry Rozier - PG, Louisville (Sophomore)

Rashad Vaughn - SG, UNLV (Freshman)

R.J. Hunter - SG, Georgia State (Junior)

Tyus Jones - PG, Duke (Freshman)

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  • Rhj. All the guards left can defend and shoot. And Harrell is a player that Gar Pax liked last year; reminds me of Taj. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bulls are keyed in on him

  • Delon Wright. Disappointed Rozier went this early. Kid is going to be a stud! Just watch!

  • In reply to Johnny Utah:

    Sounds like the actual bulls share your affinity J Ute. Less than a week now

  • Delon Wright. Clearly the least talented player in the board.

  • In reply to Matty2112:

    Oh really? Had a PER last year of 29.5. Led the PAC 12 in Offensive Rating. Dynamic defensive player and near the top of his conference in block and steal rates for his position. Excellent distributor. Improving shooter. He would be a lottery pick but for his age (23). Can guard both backcourt positions.

    Chad Ford and Goodman at ESPN both said Wright would be an excellent fit with the Bulls. Plus, when asked what the Bulls needed in the draft, KC Johnson described attributes that the team needs that perfectly describes Wright's skillset.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Old prospect with average talent across the board. Doesn't do anything on the offensive level at an elite level. I'll pass.

  • In reply to Matty2112:

    I would agree that he is not an "elite" offensive talent. However, a PER of almost 30 puts makes him one of the most efficient players in the nation. Perhaps only a handful of players above him in this regard.

    I would categorize him as an elite defensive player. His stats back this up. He is a terrific two-way player. We already have enough guys who will jack shots up next year. The Bulls need someone with length who will guard ones and twos. Otherwise, look for a steady diet of Moore and Hinrich.

  • fb_avatar

    Justin Anderson

  • RHJ - has promise as a versatile, athletic defender, with some parallels to Draymond Green, but his shots broken and if I had to choose I'd rather not have another young swing-man. He's the most flawed player left on the board.

  • Justin Anderson - he's a bit undersized and I worry about how he'll do adjusting to NBA defense

  • I already nixed Harrell. So of the other guys you have left Justin Anderson and RHJ would be my least favorite picks for the Bulls. Anderson is no scorer, and Jefferson can't shoot to save his life. Jerian Grant and Delon Wright are talents, but I don't see either one of them being a scorer in the NBA. However, if drafted Grant or Wright could blossom into successful NBA players. Though I prefer Joseph Young and Rozier.

  • Justin Anderson for sure.

  • In reply to mwils8:

    BTW, RHJ *can* shoot - he's just not a shooter per se and isn't good from distance. He's an incredibly explosive athlete though and can really get to the hoop. As we shift from a defensive team to a more offensive-focused team, I think it will be even more important to have naturally-skilled defenders out there, and he certainly fits that bill. And he fills a spot where we have no depth - it's basically Dunleavy and then fill in guys who are better at other positions (Butler, Mirotic, Snell). Pair him with the right 2 guard (McDermott, perhaps) and you've got a dangerous combo.

  • In reply to mwils8:

    OK I went back and looked at the stats...perhaps he can't shoot...

  • One guy who has recently fallen in some mocks who not so long ago was a lottery projected pick is Kelly Oubre the freshman from Kansas. Whatever criticism one has, the kid is a McDonald's all-american, has outstanding length and athleticism, and a solid outside shot with loads of potential for the wing position. Big time boom or bust player though. Yet if you work(ed) him out, and see something special in him...

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    It be worth the gamble if he could sit for a year. But the Bulls don't use the d-league and they can't afford to waste the roster spot. I didn't see the guy play, but from what they said on CBS sports draft show, he's just not ready and looked lost at times this year. I doubt the Bulls would take him.

  • Harrell. We have Taj Niko Pau.

  • In reply to BullsGeek:

    I agree. Unless they are trading Taj, it doesn't make sense to draft him.

  • I've been trying to get rid of anderson since day one, looks like it is finally his time.

    Harrell and Jefferson are my kind of guys, physical specimens/athletes who work their butts off. Unfortunately they are not offensively talented, which is why they might last until the Bulls pick.

    Personally, I hope that the Bulls get to chose between Grant and Wright(I'm leaning toward Wright), but if they are both gone then I hope they get to chose between Harrell and Jefferson.

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