Bulls Priority Draft Board - Slot 4

Bulls Priority Draft Board - Slot 4

The next prioritized player on the Bulls Priority Draft Board is someone I thought would actually win the whole thing, so it's a bit of a surprise to see Justin Anderson's name being scratched off the list.

The junior forward from Virginia now settles in as the fifth most attracted player this year, leaving a rather unexpected remaining group of players.

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Next up is slot number 4, with these remaining names:

Jerian Grant - PG, Notre Dame (Senior)

Delon Wright - PG, Utah (Senior)

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson - SF, Arizona (Sophomore)

Montrezl Harrell - PF, Louisville (Junior)

Justin Anderson - SF, Virginia (Junior)

Sam Dekker - SF, Wisconsin (Junior)

Terry Rozier - PG, Louisville (Sophomore)

Rashad Vaughn - SG, UNLV (Freshman)

R.J. Hunter - SG, Georgia State (Junior)

Tyus Jones - PG, Duke (Freshman)


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  • Delon Wright

  • Rhj. Wright and Grant are two strong backup pg candidates.

  • I would think Herrell would be next. They already have two PF and Herrell is to small to play center. I like all the guys who are left. Grant and Wright look like carrier backups, and I give the edge to Grant because I think he will be a perenial sixth man candidate like a Jamal Crawford. As for RHJ, I think he already has an elite skill. He could do well against anyone from the one through three spot. If he can do what Butler did and develop a shot, he will be a starter and borderline all-star. That said, I still believe the two guys I'm most excited about are 1) Grant and 2) Rozier.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    I'm referring to RHJ's defense as his great skill.

  • Harrell for sure.

  • Anderson seems like a boring/safe pick with no upside wow factor, even if he does fill a need at SF. However, is he ever going to be good enough to be a starter?

    The 4 guys left make for a difficult decision. Personally, at this point in the draft the talent a PG seems to be a lot better than at SF. I'd be happy with Wright or Grant, or Rozier for that matter. Any guard that can be a long term solution to our annual search for Rose's backup/3rd guard in the rotation.

    However, Harrell and Jefferson are interesting guys based on their athleticism and physicality as well as being either high energy/effort guys on defense or the boards. They probably don't fit the Bulls under Hoiberg as neither is particularly gifted offensively. I almost wouldn't mind getting another late round first to go after one of these guys.

    Cleveland is supposedly shopping their 24th pick in conjunction with Brendan Haywood($10.5 million team option) for a vet who can contribute immediately. They have to make the pick before trading it. Would they do it for Taj now that he's officially injured, would Bulls fans? He doesn't seem to fit a need for the Cav's. Would they do it for any of our big men? What about you Bulls fans, Taj, Noah, the SOL.? They have Mozgov, don't need Gasol, they have Thompson and Varejao, don't need Noah or Taj. I guess we have nothing to offer them.

    Since we already have a surplus at PF, despite Taj's surgery I'm going with Harrell at 4, even if at this point I would trade Taj for him straight up.

  • From Chad Ford's NBA Draft Tier consensus poll among NBA teams.

    8 of the 10 guys that Mort listed fall into this tier, the only guys missing are Grant and Decker who made tier 4. A few of these guys(Jefferson, Jones, Hunter and Vaughn) got some votes for tier 4 and a some(Rozier, Harrell, Wright) for tier 6

    Tier 5, rotation/role players, not likely to start for contending teams, but could become valuable contributors.

    Justin Anderson, SG, Virginia

    Montrezl Harrell, PF, Louisville

    Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, G/F, Arizona

    R.J. Hunter, SG, Georgia State

    Tyus Jones, PG, Duke

    Terry Rozier, G, Louisville

    Rashad Vaughn, SG, UNLV

    Delon Wright, PG, Utah

    This next group is one of the smaller Tier 5s we've had and shows the drop-off in talent as we get into the 20s. By pick 25 or so, teams really struggle to come up with players they think can make the league.

    This area of the draft is typically reserved for rotation players: They're unlikely to start for good teams but could become solid role players off the bench. A few teams had Hollis-Jefferson, Hunter, Jones and Vaughn in Tier 4, but that's not quite enough for them to make the cut. Rozier, Harrell and Wright got a few Tier 6 votes.

    Based on these evaluations, Grant and Decker are the best players of those listed by Mort for his poll. We've already eliminated Decker, so Grant and then Jefferson are the best guys left.

    The more that I think about it, I could see the old Bulls going for Jefferson, not sure about the new Bulls under Hoiberg.

  • Harrell

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