Bulls Priority Draft Board - Slot 3

Bulls Priority Draft Board - Slot 3

Admittedly, it wasn't by a huge amount of votes (two), but Montrezl Harrell is the next one to go. Never in a million years did I expect him this high, but given Gibson's injury, Noah's decline and Gasol's age, I reckon a young big man isn't the worst thing in the world.

We're now down to our final three, which include two point guards and a defensive-minded wing, here at the Bulls Priority Draft Board.

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Next up is slot number 3, with these remaining names:

Jerian Grant - PG, Notre Dame (Senior)

Delon Wright - PG, Utah (Senior)

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson - SF, Arizona (Sophomore)

Montrezl Harrell - PF, Louisville (Junior)

Justin Anderson - SF, Virginia (Junior)

Sam Dekker - SF, Wisconsin (Junior)

Terry Rozier - PG, Louisville (Sophomore)

Rashad Vaughn - SG, UNLV (Freshman)

R.J. Hunter - SG, Georgia State (Junior)

Tyus Jones - PG, Duke (Freshman)

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  • Harrell would have been a good pick if the Bulls could have found a trade partner for Taj. However, I can't imagine some team coughing up something of value for a 30 year old with chronic ankle problems. Perhaps I'm wrong.

    So what to do? Grant has probably the most offensive potential among the three but most draft boards have him in the 15-20 range. RHJ has the most defensive potential among the three left. Wright is probably the best two-way player among the three.

    If one of these three were clearly the best player that would be my choice. But there is very little that separates these guys IMO. That is why I would draft Wright as he meets an important team need. That is to say, a back-up point guard with size who can guard ones and twos- and can do it at a high level. A great fit.

    However, I won't cry in my pillow if they draft either of the other two guys. I will cry in my pillow if the Bulls don't find a way to keep Hinrich off the floor.

  • Rhj

  • Delon Wright. But that was not an easy pick.

  • Delon Wright

  • RHJ

  • fb_avatar

    If the bulls found a way to get any of these 3 players w their pick. I would be ecstatic.

    I believe all 3 could come in and immediately produce.

    RHJ would come in w high energy, the ability to guard multiple positions, and length kind of like a younger smaller John Henson.

    Grant would come in and become a backup for Rose who could be a potential double digit scorer off the bench. Some nights he could get hot and go off for 20 + .

    Wright would be the ideal player as a genuine 2 way true point guard and has a very high basketball IQ.

    I believe in certain situations of Hoiberg wants to go small he could really befuddle some teams on offense w a run and gun version Wright/Grant + Rose + Butler on the court together. Probably would cause havoc on defense w those 3 attacking passing lanes and switching off and sneaky doubling on post players!!

  • RJH. But I think any of these picks would be good. All are solid players and have high basketball IQs.

  • Great final three - I would be thrilled with any of these. I guess I'll vote for Wright with the next one.

  • Grant is likely the best player right now, the one most likely to contribute as a rookie. However, he along with Decker are the 2 guys on this list most likely to be picked ahead of the Bulls, so he is my choice at 3 among the remaining 3.

    My gut feeling has been toward Wright since the season ended and I started reading about the draft. However, Jefferson has been coming on strong the more that I hear about him. In a general draft discussion that I read yesterday(ESPN or Grantland?) they guys agreed that WCS and RHJ were the only 2 guys likely to be selected in the first round as defensive players, everybody else was getting picked on the basis of their offense. They seemed to say that as a compliment, but is it reallly.

    So for my top 2, I'm hoping that the Bulls have a choice between Wright and Jefferson. Although, like others I certainly wouldn't be upset with Grant or even Rozier or Harrell for that matter. To the extent that he was in consideration at all, I wonder if Taj's surgery has any impact on the Bulls drafting Harrell.

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