Bulls Priority Draft Board - Slot 2

Bulls Priority Draft Board - Slot 2

For the second time during this voting process for the Bulls Priority Draft Board, there has been a tie. It's between Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Delon Wright.

It's about the worst time for a tie too, especially for these two in particular. Just a few days ago, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson would have been my favorite to win the whole ting, but recently, in part due to all your comments, I've been finding myself taking extra looks at Delon Wright. So I did something absolutely deplorable. I flipped a coin. That's where we're at. Seriously.

It came up Hollis-Jefferson.

This, ladies and gentlemen, means we will find a winner tomorrow between Jerian Grant, and Delon Wright - Two senior point guards.

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Next up is slot number 2, with two point guards going at it:

Jerian Grant - PG, Notre Dame (Senior)

Delon Wright - PG, Utah (Senior)

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson - SF, Arizona (Sophomore)

Montrezl Harrell - PF, Louisville (Junior)

Justin Anderson - SF, Virginia (Junior)

Sam Dekker - SF, Wisconsin (Junior)

Terry Rozier - PG, Louisville (Sophomore)

Rashad Vaughn - SG, UNLV (Freshman)

R.J. Hunter - SG, Georgia State (Junior)

Tyus Jones - PG, Duke (Freshman)

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  • Both Seniors, both 23 years old, most likely Grant will be gone by 22 nd pick. I submit Grant for slot 2.

  • In reply to Chicago Aces:


  • In reply to Chicago Aces:

    Yep, of the 10 guys on this list, Grant and Decker are the 2 most likely to be gone by the Bulls pick, which is why I put him at 3 yesterday. I'm almost down to flipping a coin between Wright and Jefferson. I guess it comes down to position, do you want the best wing defender(and second best defensive player overall to WCS) in the draft or a 2 way PG/combo guard to backup Rose and Butler. Very tough call, I hope that they are both there at 22 just to see who the Bulls chose.

  • Delon Wright

  • Delon Wright

    Would love to get Grant but don't think he'll get passed Houston or Washington. Delon Wright would fill a hole with Brookes gone but we cannot forget Moore and whether he would be a better backup than Wright at least to start the season.

    I think the draft will be the first indication of what way Fred will be heading

  • fb_avatar

    We've all got it wrong! The player the Bulls should draft it RJ Hunter (If he drops to #22). RJH will be the best pro out of this bunch and it's not even close. I can see this kid being among the top scorers in the league. He has range, midrange, and can drive to the hole and score. He'll be an All Star in 3 yrs, and maybe a key component on a championship contending team.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    Didn't he just shoot 30% from 3 in his final college season. His stroke looks great, actually he looks like Steph Curry, but he might be a shooter who can't shoot, we seem to have enough of those guys.

  • I want a PG in this draft. Put me down for Grant, Mort.

  • Put Wright down for the 2 spot.

    Grant is tenacious and a leader on the floor. He's not afraid to take big shots either.

  • The Bulls could very well end up taking Grant or Wright. It's questionable whether either projects as a real shooter or scorer at the next level. Between these two I think I'd have to go with Grant due to his athleticism as opposed to Wright's lack thereof. Though Wright's instincts are exceptional.

    I still like Joseph Young, Terry Rozier, and probably R.J. Hunter as my favorites. Still, Grant could end up being a very good pro. And while taking time to develop a Kevon Looney has some physical attributes that could make for a solid NBA PF down the line. I also wonder who will take the three point specialist Michael Frazier from Florida in the second round. His combine measurables were nice in athleticism.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Is Grant really more athletic than Wright or is he more physical. At first glance he reminds me of Derrick Harper, which wouldn't suck at all for the 22nd pick.

  • Side Note: apparently my last post vanished, and yet I persist in mock draft blather.. (sigh). Anyway per K.C. "you can call me Johnson" of the Chicago Tribune both Grant and Wright are high on Gar/Pax's board. And Rashad Vaughn who recently shot up mock boards seems of interest as well while Terry Rozier is the dark horse. Conspicuously missing was R.J. Hunter.. awww. And Joseph Young seems a non-entity. boo-hoo. He's still listed as a second rounder so can't blame a G.M. for reaching like that aka sticking your neck out. Unless a second rounder is traded for/acquired which ain't happening.

  • For you guys into analytics read this from Draft Express. It's an eye-opener in my opinion.


  • Bulls need to be knocking down the Kings doors asking about D. Cousins. I don't give a damn what the cap limitations or better or worse offers are out there. If that guy is on the block, the Bulls need to be on the phone.

  • In reply to Chicagosportsguru:

    Cousins is a knucklehead.

  • Jerian Grant

  • Wright for the 2nd slot

  • fb_avatar

    Wright for the 2nd slot.

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