Bulls Priority Draft Board - Slot 10

Bulls Priority Draft Board - Slot 10

With the Bulls holding the 22nd pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, several targets are of interest who might, or might not, be available at that range. In some regards, sitting at #22 is high enough to potentially grab a slider who under usual circumstances would have gotten chosen higher, maybe even significantly so. Additionally, it's a good spot to be in for the college seniors who have gone through the ordeal of being picked apart more so than celebrated, due to their four years of exposure.

So with that in mind, I've created a priority draft board that will consist of 10 players who could potentially fall into the Bulls' draft range.

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Only, I won't be filling it out alone. This is a team sport.

The rule, yes just one, is quite simple. You type in a name in the comment field for each slot, beginning today with slot number 10, the least prioritized of the 10 names. Tomorrow, I'll add the name with the most votes to the list, and then we continue to do number nine, and so on.

The result, hopefully, should locate the player Bulls fans are thirsting for mostly.

The names, ranked randomly, are:

Rashad Vaughn - SG, UNLV (Freshman)

Jerian Grant - PG, Notre Dame (Senior)

Tyus Jones - PG, Duke (Freshman)

Justin Anderson - SF, Virginia (Junior)

Delon Wright - PG, Utah (Senior)

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson - SF, Arizona (Sophomore)

Montrezl Harrell - PF, Louisville (Junior)

R.J. Hunter - SG, Georgia State (Junior)

Sam Dekker - SF, Wisconsin (Junior)

Terry Rozier - PG, Louisville (Sophomore)

Happy voting!

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  • Nice idea, Morten!

    R.J. Hunter

  • Harrell , Louisville PF

  • fb_avatar

    R.J Hunter

  • Justine Bieber. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd-WmO-1I70

  • fb_avatar

    Tyus Jones

    You gotta add Richaun Holmes Bowling Green. He's #1 fav in my draft list. #2 Jerian Grant.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    Sell me on Richard Holmes... I've seen you mentioned him a few times here. I haven't heard a thing about him and he's projected to go in the 2nd round, what makes him worthy of drafting at #22?

  • In reply to GimmeDat:

    Richaun not Richard. The scouting reports look good. NBA size. Great motor. Good shooting mechanics. Prolific shot blocker. Runs the floor well. Would look good in a Bulls Jersey next to the geriatric bigs.

  • Rashad Vaughn

  • Tyus Jones

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    My 1st choice would have been Jerian Grant, but with his size as a pg and overall lack of decent pg's in this draft I seriously doubt he falls to us but if he does then I take him over Jones.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    On second thought I'm keeping Jones over Grant simply because of Grants age and this Bulls team is already too old as it is. We need some young legs on the roster especially with all the uncertainty surrounding Rose all the time.

  • I always say go BPA, but I havent been as invested in this years draft class vs previous years. PG is a position of need, but outside of Grant, I am not really to fond of anyone. And i think our drafting of a SF will be determined by if we keep Dunleavy or not. I am a fan of Sam Dekker and think he could be really good for us off the bench. So he is my vote.

  • My least favorite on this list is Sam Dekker. Obviously he brings something to the table to be involved in winning on such a grand scale as his team dominated on the NCAA level. I loved what he did against Kentucky. I have to say though some of his tourney magic to me was Senior magic you see so often. Probably a great guy and teammate, but with no prolific scoring in three seasons, and two out of three years with poor three percentage with corresponding unimpressive free throw shooting percentage in all three years I would have to pass on this guy. Albeit a great collegiate career at Wisconsin.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Don't really like Dekker either. Don't see that funky shot working in the NBA, but to be fair he isn't a senior.

  • Rashad Vaughn

    Bulls already have wings with roll player potential sitting on the bench. No need to add another one that will never be a plus starter.

  • Nice idea to add some fun to what feels like a boring draft with the Bulls picking so late. My vote for the 10th slot is Justin Anderson.

    Pretty good list of names even if I hadn't heard of half of them prior to the beginning of draft season.

    Isn't there one Euro-stash sleeper type worthy of being on the list? The next Niko or Asik (even though he was a 2nd rd pick) perhaps?

  • Ideally if we can get close enough, Devin Booker would be my star selection. He may be there at 17, i would love to trade up for him.

  • Tyus Jones

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