Bulls Priority Draft Board - Final Slot

Bulls Priority Draft Board - Final Slot

*Drum roll*

The winner of this year's Bulls Priority Draft Board is...

Jerian Grant!

The point guard out of Notre Dame ripped the title away from Delon Wright, and will now undoubtedly become the Bulls' pick at #22. Well, maybe. Let's hope, because you really can't go wrong with Grant, can you?

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I honestly thought it'd come down to Grant, Hollis-Jefferson, and Anderson. Montrezl Harrell at four, and Delon Wright at two, surprised me, as did Terry Rozier going 7th on the list.

Now comes the big question: Did we miss out on some huge talent currently NOT featured in the Top 10? Give me your sleepers in the comments below and let's see what gem we left under a rock. I'll kick things off and say Kevon Looney.


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  • This is not pure science since it is impossible to quantify psychological factors such as drive, work ethic, and killer instinct. MJ had talent, but he also had all of the other factors. He was one of the hardest working guys ever to play the game. If you see all of that, grab it!

    Injuries have killed some top talents, but they have also caused others to fall in the draft and turn into steals. This is part of what makes it so fascinating.

    How did Gilbert Arenas and Michael Redd fall to the 2nd round? Simple really - nobody knew!

    I remember all of the analysis on the top six players the year the Bulls drafted Stacey King. Who turned out to be the best? Shawn Kemp, drafted way below all of them! If Krause had hit on that one, the Bulls would likely have won more titles, even without MJ.

  • Cameron Payne fits the profile of a guy who could become an Allstar. But it's always part talent evaluation, part throwing the dice.

  • If we end up with one of Grant or Wright, i will walk away happy from the draft.

    I'm good with either selection and happy that Bulls confidential sees it that way as well.

  • In reply to Mark Karantzoulis:

    Agree completely. My fear is that they select Tyus J.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I also think the FO will lean towards one of the two, tho I doubt Grant is still there. Rondae could be really good, too, at a position of need.

  • If you are going purely on potential and ceiling, I think Christian Wood would be a good get. He'll take time to develop but he could be a star.

  • Sleepers: Joseph Young, Jordan Mickey, Michael Frazier.

    BTW now K.C. "slip er' the" Johnson of Chicago Tribune says Bulls seeing McD and Tony Snell as rotation guys with decaying bigs/age in Gasol and Noah along with Taj's ankle surgery may go big. Targets: Montrezl Harrell, Jarell Martin(LSU), and Kevon Looney. Though hard to see Looney as an immediate fallback/depth player as his weight/development is viewed as project/years away territory.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    If this rumor is true, it would be interesting. I did hear that Jarell Martin has a promise from someone. Don't know a lot about him, but I've seen a few on tv that really like him.

  • Side note: eve of draft, rumors aplenty. Now it's Bulls interest in Justin Anderson according to S.I. reporter. I would nix this he averaged 7 ppg his first two seasons with low rebounds and poor three point shooting except this year as in one year wonder. Hopefully Anderson rumor is just that.

  • As for other guys, Pat Caughington (I know I butchered his name) is a guy that I see no downside to. 22 may be to high, but I love this guy.

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