Bulls hire associate head coach in Jim Boylen

Easy there, folks. Jim BoylEn. With an "E". Not our former friend, Jim Boylan, to whom's coaching was once compared to a cup of pee-pee by the one and only Doug Thonus.

Jim Boylen is a lifer, having been an assistant coach all over the NBA since 1992. In fact, he began his coaching career at the stellar age of just 22 with Michigan State, and moved all the way up to being Gregg Popovich's third in charge. That takes some skill.

The 50-year old will join Fred Hoiberg on the sidelines next season, forgoing the choice of remaining in San Antonio, which rises one question: If Fred Hoiberg can convince anyone to leave San Antonio, will he be a secret weapon for future free agency pitches?

... Okay, fine. I'm getting ahead of myself here. But even so, this is a nice hire by Hoiberg and the Bulls.

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  • Is he hired as the lead assistant tho? I remember SA wanted to keep him too.

  • I am surprised of how Fred was able to convince Jim to join the Bulls on a lateral move. It appears our new coach has some serious sales skills and this is very good news for the Bulls.

  • Another thing to think about is that the Hoiberg and the front office was able to convince an Assistant with some options to move to the Bulls. Let's not forget all the negative stories about the FO and Reinsdorf especially about how some assistant(s) were worried that offices were bugged and the Ron Adams firing (contract ended). I guess the damage to Bulls Management wasn't all that bad.

  • I'm glad it's Boylen with an E and not Boylan with an A. When I first saw it I almost flipped out. Thanks for clearing that up. lol

  • I agree with E over A. The guy we really need to poach from the Spurs staff is their shooting guru, Chip England or something close to that.

  • In reply to BigWay:


    That guy is extremely huge on their staff down there

    He's the real coaching MVP

  • I immediately thought of the Jim 'Boylan' that was an assistant under Scott Skiles and reacted w/, "Noooooooo!". Thankfully, this was just a coincidence. Apparently, this wasn't just a 'lateral' move for Boylen as I heard he was offered an 'associate head coaching' position. Let's all hope this keeps our Bulls defense the same or better than it's been these past years under Thibs (w/ exception of last year). Read article below:


  • In reply to EDouble:

    Yeah, it looks like he'll be getting a promotion. Hoiberg also mentioned he wants Boylen to help him transition to the NBA and take over defense. So it seems like an opportunity for him to show what he's got in order to be a head coach down the line. Good pickup by the staff though.

  • Glad to see a "defensive-minded associate head coach" paired with Hoiberg who is primarily offensive-minded.

    Hope Hoiberg and Boylen can work together well. I also hope Boylen can impart to the Bulls organization some wisdom learned under Popovich.

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