Bulls Beat #367 - Hoiberg

Bulls Beat #367 - Hoiberg

I discuss the Bulls hiring of Fred Hoiberg, Jim BoylEn, the NBA finals, and LeBron James

Bulls Beat #367 - Hoiberg

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  • 1) If the Cavs win this Finals, it will be a nice win for Lebron. However, remember that MJ NEVER lost a Finals, nor even went to a game 7!! Lebron has lost 2 Finals and should have lost a 3rd - game 6 against the Spurs 2 years ago was a gift for Lebron, he did not earn nor deserve it.
    No way Lebron is even close to MJ.

    2) Lebron has been the beneficiary of several gifts from the refs this playoffs. In game 4 against the Bulls, Blatt calls the bogus timeout, but the refs "don't see it"! Or didn't call it!! No credit to Lebron for that snafu. The Bulls should have had the FT and possession with 1.5 seconds left. If the Bulls hit the FT, game over! Bulls up 3-1.
    Then, in game 5, the refs give the Cavs 2 FTs and eject Taj, even after reviewing the video. A truly assinine call! 2 points to the Cavs, plus possession. Should have been a double T and Jump for the possession. Cavs won by 4. But for that crappy call, the Bulls might have won the series in 5.
    Of course, losing both Love and Irving were 2 huge blows. Losing Pippen to an injury would have cost the Bulls some of their rings, too. Maybe the refs were trying to balance things out a bit.
    MJ also got his gifts. But he was 6-0 in Finals, Lebron is 2-2, and lucky he is not 1-3!

    3) It does not take a lot of blown calls to swing a game. One offensive foul that is called as a defensive foul per quarter would have swung many of the playoff games. Maybe most.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Actually Lebron is 2-3, 2 losses with the Heat and 1 loss with the Cav's(swept by the Spurs, I believe). So if he loses this year, he's 2-4, which should put to rest the better than MJ debate for a few years. Magic lost 4 times also, but he won 5. I'm sure Wilt lost several times while winning twice, and Jerry West lost 7 or 8 times, winning only once.

  • Im glad your keeping the blog doug!

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Mort's writing the blog every day, I'm just posting hte podcast once a week.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I meant podcast lol

  • Lebron James head and shoulders better than Kobe Bryant? I have to disagree with you there Doug. I'll admit that Lebron is the more superior physical specimen, but Kobe is hands down more talented. Perhaps it's all just a matter of opinion or maybe it's because Kobe's getting old that people seem to forget how great he was, but to say Lebron is head and shoulders better is simply absurd. We can revisit this convo when Lebron gets his 5th ring.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    I've thought Kobe was the most overrated player in the NBA for most of his career. I don't know that there was a single year in his career that I thought he was clearly the best player in the league.

    I think there has been at least 6-7 years I would say LeBron was clearly the best player.

    Kobe gets a lot of props for winning rings as the second best guy on his team.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    That made sense for the first three rings when he played with Shaq, but after Shaq left Kobe basically D Wade'd the Lakers to two more championships. He might have gotten 6 if it was for the Kwame Brown and Smush Parker era.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Kobe was clearly the best player on the second repeat title team that went to 3 or 4 straight finals (or was it 4 of 5). Those teams had Gasol or Bynum as their second best player. Prior to Lebron's ascendence, I'd say that Kobe was clearly the best player in the league for a few years, the years between Shaq and Lebron.

    Also, he was clearly the only player that even came close to being "the next Jordan", as he based his entire game on mimicking Jordan. There is no doubt that he is the second best shooting guard in NBA history, so it's pretty hard to call him overrated. I say all this as someone who was never a fan of Kobe's at a minimum due to his prickly personality, and that's being kind.

    Is it possible that your dislike for both Lebron and Kobe has something to do with your coming of age as a Bulls fan in the Michael Jordan era, and you instinctively react negatively to whomever the next guy is that challenges Jordan's supremacy.

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