Bobby Portis brings donuts, will wear #5

That's how you make friends, Bobby.

This is why I was hoping for Portis. Supreme confidence.

Hoiberg keeping an open mind is exactly why he was hired. Major difference from Thibs in that regard.

This is the hope, especially with the Noah injury and Gasol's age.


This was expected. Question is what type of guard they'll go for. Preferably a point, but if someone good comes cheap, this has to be the priority.

And finally:

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  • Yeah, Bobby Portis at these press conferences kind of looks bug/wide eyed which superficially might make him look a little comical/hard to take at first glance. However, I've seen him in more informal settings both interviews and on court/court side where he looks perfectly fine. Maybe the spotlight is just not his best arena right now, but give the kid a break he's only just turned 20.

    Also, Fred Hoiberg was somewhat photo bombed in reverse by that large package of donuts or whatever Portis brought out with him as an apparent piece offering for some anti-Bulls bombast via twitter as Miami/LeBron fan in the past. Hint> Fred, it's OK to be a little assertive as in put the package down so your not appearing to be hidden behind it. Trying to like this guy, but part of him seems a little passive for a head honcho aka NBA head coach. I know nitpick 101. I certainly think he deserves a chance given his courage through personal adversity and his legit accomplishments in basketball.

    Lastly, Portis choice of number 5 obvious nod to his self-comparison to Kevin Garnett. Bobby seems like a genuine hard edged guy rather then putting on some facade of phony toughness. yet without the instigator aka punk aspect. Maybe the Bulls "nice guy" squad could use somebody like this to set the tone a bit. Though as a rookie unless he looks like a future stud people may not give a crap. Myself, if he goes off in summer league, despite McD and Teague deceptions, I will watch.

  • Side note: if the Bulls legitimately regarded Bobby Portis as a lottery talent(as did many NBA outlets some having him as high as 13 on draft boards) does that mean if he shines in summer league and pre-season that the Bulls will start thinking about a trade of Taj Gibson to free up the log jam, and convert talent to another position of need being wing/guard? Of course most rookies not matter how good they will be have limited impact in year one. Therefore if Gar/Pax sincerely view the team as contenders this would seem like a no-no in moving Taj..?

    Stiil, Portis has a lot, lot to prove before we reach that rubicon...

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    This seems like a stand pat kind of situation for now. Apart from Portis being unproven this is also a sell-low point for both Noah and Gibson.

    One of the reasons Hoiberg chose to come here was the roster as composed. He's not known as a guy who wants to restructure an organization to succeed. He's a make the most with what you got sort of guy.

  • One other note with some saying the Bulls are willing to go into luxury tax territory why not swing a trade or position oneself for a talent like Wesley Matthews(ACL I know/example only) rather then settle for 35 year old war horse Mike Dunleavy as they are said to want to resign..? Though Gar Forman says don't expect the Bulls to do much externally this summer so as usual probably Hinrich re-up and Dunleavy assisted living resign will probably do it for Los Conservatos.

  • Speaking of opt outs/opt ins. It appears that the only 2 name brand free agents opting in this summer are Roy Hibbert and Luol Deng, which I guess says something about what they think they are currently worth in free agency. So I guess the Bulls continue to look smarter and smarter on the Deng deal, even as they look worse and worse on the Butler deal.

    I was kind of shocked that David West opted out of his $12.6 million.
    Actually, I thought more guys would opt into their last year this summer and go to free agency next summer with the huge cap bump, but for some reason no else did.

    Not surprised at all to see the Magic cut Ben Gordon loose rather than pay him another $4.5 million(or the Lakers declining Jordan hills $9 million option). At least they(MJ and the Bobcats) were smarter than the Bulls were with the POSrich by giving themselves the option rather than giving the player the option, what a bunch of morons. Why the fuck do the feel the need to keep kissing his fucking ass.

    Too bad Thibs didn't get a new job so we could have pawned Hangdog off on Thib's new team.

  • From Matt Moore, CBS sports while discussing Danny Green as a free agent.

    "You can get him on a reasonable $13 million-ish deal that won't even graze your cap in coming years"

    So apparently, $13 million per will be chump change when the new TV money floods in. Which is why I keep pushing the Bulls to pursue Rudy Gay who will make $13 million per for the next 3 years.

    However, supposedly Sacto wants to pursue Eric Bledsoe from Phoenix. With Phoenix signing Brandon Knight to another 5 yr $70 million deal, they might be willing/ready to trade Bledsoe. Do they have any idea what they are doing. First they overload on PG's and then the unload them all. Trading Rudy Gay for Bledsoe seems like Sacto's only option, with Bledsoe a better deal/fit for Sacto than anything the Bulls can offer for Gay.

    Even though it wasn't a priority need even before drafting Portis, I would have liked the Bulls to take a look at Ed Davis, or Brandon Wright, or Jordan Hill in free agency. Not sure what those guys are looking for, Davis might be the only one available with the MMLE. The other 2 would likely need the MLE or perhaps more.

    CSN speculated about Rodney Stuckey, who would have been a great pick up last year instead of PeiceofShitrich. Now we are stuck with the POSdog for another year, and his money could well prevent us from using either MLE and or resigning Dunleavy. While I don't care much if we lose Dunleavy, doing so because we have to pay Kraptain Klankaroo $3 million should enrage everyone as well as being a fireable offense for GarPax.

    Does anybody know definitively whether or not we can use the full MLE before resigning Butler and then still have enough cap room to fit Butler into it. I believe that using the MLE hard caps you at the tax apron, estimated at $84-5 million this year. Everyone seems to be reporting that we will only have the MMLE left after we sign Butler. We have $65+ million committed to 11 guys including Portis. A full MLE deal would put us right about $71 million for 12 guys. Signing Butler would then seem to put us over the tax apron $85 million.

    So it looks like that $3 million to Hangdog basically fucks us from being able to use the full MLE, consigns us to the MMLE or perhaps neither if they bring Dunleavy back. and we still need to add this years version of the Brooks, Augustin, Nate type guy. I wonder if we could make a trade with OKC for Augustin now that they drafted Cameron Payne.

    We also have to think hard about any new long term commitments that might rob us of max money in the summer of 2016 to at least give us a wing and prayer shot at Durant. As well as keeping on eye on having max money the following summer. Perhaps we luck out and Gasol opts out next summer.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Agreed, signing Klaptain Klanckaroo for the second year was very unwise. Come to think of it, signing him at all was stupid!

    However, if Snell and McD tear up the court this season, all will be forgiven. I would not recommend betting on that.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    they should trade hinrich with a second round pick and see if they could get Rodney Stuckey who some say has interest in signing with the Bulls or Gary Neal wouldn't be bad. a true combo guard and not looking at hinrich masquerading as an awful shooting guard. It's too damn painful to watch him taking minutes at the wing spot. Even Jeremy Lin would be better.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    That trade should be done in a heartbeat if available!

    However, it will also be wise for Hoiberg to see what he has in Moore. Maybe he and Snell can eat up most of Hinrich's minutes.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I believe that Stuckey is a free agent(unrestricted?) and the Bulls blew all their second round picks this decade in the McDNP trade.

    Also, I doubt that anyone wants Hangdog at all, so a second round pick wouldn't be worth picking up his $3 million contract. It would likely cost us another first(again).

  • By the way, for a guy who supposedly weighs 246, Portis still looks like a stringbean. I guess that's OK as it leaves some room to pack on some quality weight and strength.

    Portis also appears to be well spoken, thoughtful and respectful. Not typical of a guy who comes from a broken home; no father, single mother with multiple children from multiple men and abusive boyfriend(s).

    It is a credit to his character(and to a lesser extent his mom's) which should bode well for his career as a Chicago Bull and a professional athlete. It doesn't look like we have to worry about any Tyrus Thomas/Eddy Curry/Eddie Robinson issues with Portis. He seems like the perfect replacement for Gibson and/or Noah down the road.

    I'm actually quite interested to see Portis and Niko on the court together, at least in the preseason to see how well they might work together.

  • With 20/20 hindsight, Bulls should have traded away Noah and Taj when they were younger and had higher value. Instead, they've been somewhat handcuffed by D-Rose. For the two years prior to this last one, they thought he would return so they held onto the guys who gave them the best chance to win with him. Now that it's clear that they didn't have a chance to win those years -- including last year, with D-Rose still feeling his way back -- and now with those guys in decline, they shouldn't have tried to win those years and reset for the future, which really starts this coming year. I really don't remember anyone here saying they shouldn't try to win and I think it's even harder if you're running a team to give up on winning, especially when you have a MVP type of player.

  • Next year the cap is expected to go up to about 89 million, and then up to around 108 million. The 108 million number will put the 30% maxes around 36 million and the 25% maxes around 27 million.

    Those numbers in comparison today are expected to be around 22 million and 16 million this season coming up. It's not quite doubling things but isn't far off.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yeah, those numbers are a little bit high (because you just estimated and used 25% of the cap instead of 25% of BRI, but I know you already know that) but pretty damn close, which is why I am convinced that the owners will be opting out of the CBA after the 2016-17 season.

    JMO for now, but I'm pretty sure they will lower the max salary and raise the Rookie Scale, MLE, BAE, Vet Min, so that salaries are more evenly distributed.

    Just like 2011, the players can't afford a prolonged lockout because so many of them spend their money like drunken sailors on a weekend leave.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    In light of those numbers, I wonder if Jimmy Butler isn't fooling himself by thinking that he is going to be worth that kind of max money if he signs a short term deal. It seems to me that the only reason people think that he's worth the max now, is that it won't be anywhere near the max a year or two from now.

    I certainly wouldn't pay Butler at that level. It will be very interesting to see how teams throw money around the next 2 summers. I think that there are going to be a lot of bad deals made in the next 2 years before teams adjust to the new levels of cap space.

    That's why the owners wanted to spread or smooth the cap increases over a several year period while still paying out the full 50% of BRI. Essentially keeping a lower lid on max salaries and raising the average salaries for the rest of the players. But the players, clearly believing in trickle down economics rejected that offer preferring to max out the max players this summer and next.

  • Free Agent question: The Bulls still need some depth at the guard position. So are the Bulls going to(be able to) pick up a three point shooter at guard? Jason Terry who while 37 still shoots a good percentage on volume threes in limited minutes(and can actually play defense). Gerald Green was OK last year, but the year prior shot 40% on a crazy volume of threes. Also C.J. Watson and Marco Belinelli available.

    I hope to god the Bulls are not really going to give any minutes to washed up Klank Hinrich..? And resigning soon to be 35 Mike Dunleavy at SF to tie up free agent money and take away minutes from rcent draft picks in McD and Snell? How much money will Dunleavy occupy and could the Bulls get one or two three point shooting guards who are younger and likely better defensively? I'm not sure Aaron Brooks back is the answer though I'd prefer him over any playing time for Klank all day every day.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I like the Gerald Green idea.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Actually, I wonder if the Bulls should even sign any free agents using whatever form of the MLE is available to them. Since MLE contracts have to be at least 2 years, maybe even 3 they will be committing money to the summer of 2016 and maybe 2017. Even with Noah and Hangdog off the books next summer and the huge cap increase the Bulls could jeopardize having max cap space in those summers by using the MLE this summer. Not sure about the exact numbers but it will be close depending on what happens with Butler.

    In fact, I think that all but one of us(Bulls fans) will be rooting for Pau Gasol to opt out of the third and final year of his contract next summer in order to give us max cap space.

    So whats the best course, spend the MLE money this summer to give yourself the best shot this year, or save the money for increased cap space and a shot at guys like Durant and Westbrook in 2016 and 17?

  • Free Agent signing starts at midnight so where is the prerequisite Free Agency blog post guys..?? I know we are not doing anything with the big time guys, but what about loading up with some guards(depth) we need and specifically guys who can shoot threes for us?? Gerald Green, Belinelli, Terry, Watson etc. etc. And are we better off giving minutes to McD and Snell then spending on Dunleavy at 35 as opposed to getting some three point shooting at the guard spot where we don't have depth/need guys? Or even bring back Aaron brooks over letting Klank Hinrich see the light of day/the court.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Good questions. I do not know the answers, maybe no one does. But for sure the extra year the FO gave Hinrich is going to limit the moves they can make this summer.

    If even 2 of the group of McDermott, Snell, Moore and Portis hits this coming season, and Hoiberg does his magic on O, the Bulls will contend and may even take down the Cavs.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Heck, free agency starts at 9 o'clock out here, so maybe I can get a head start.

    My sense is that the Bulls make no moves other than scraping the bottom of the barrel for veteran minimum pg's and maybe try to bring Dunleavy back on a one year deal.

  • For the Dunleavy detractors, rumor is now that Cleveland (ie. Lebron) is showing significant interest in adding Dunleavy, for what it's worth. May be a ploy to drive his price up, but I don't think anyone in Cleveland fears the Bulls right now enough to play those games.

    As far as potential FAs, anyone think Corey Brewer could be a nice add as a wing player off the bench? Better than Snell right now, but I doubt the Bulls would do that.

    I have no idea who they'll grab as a backup guard, but as stated above I also would like it to be someone a little bigger for defensive purposes and the playoffs.

  • In reply to JC 2012:

    Brewer is likely too expensive for the Bulls, and he's another wild card guy who gives you athleticism and defense on the wing, but really cannot shoot straight. Perhaps a taller, more athletic, less physical Ronnie Brewer

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I hear you, I've been in favor of any additions being 3 point threats and maybe he is too pricey but they absolutely need another wing defender on the team. Maybe they can find a bigger backup guard that can match up against some 2s and 3s, who knows.

  • Alright it's out there that Gar/Pax aka the Bulls offered Jimmy Butler 5 yrs/90 Mil Max money. Reportedly Butler has postponed meetings with other teams to conclude how many years to sign imagining two as TV deal kicks in or does he want to do an about face, and take the fat paycheck now i.e security.

    I'm assuming most Bulls posters are on board with paying Butler this money rather then losing him. If they could somehow dump Noah's salary with somebody's exception(?) salary wonks(?), and probably have to give up that King's pick then that gives us room to sign Jimmy and make other moves without being tied up by three big salaries in Rose, Butler and Jo....??

    If the Bulls freed up some money knowing they could pick up some decent free agents or one bigger fish anybody on board with this?? Of course nobody would want sabotage i.e backstabber D-Wade likely since he can't shoot threes(shot .289 or something last year), but other interesting targets out there..??

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Once they sign Jimmy, they would still be over the cap($67 million) or very near it even if they get rid of Noah for nothing coming back. They might gain the use of the MLE vs the MMLE if Jimmy's contract puts them over the tax($81 million) and that will be very close.

    So dumping Noah gains you very little or perhaps nothing cap wise, at least that's the way it looks to me at first blush. The best use of Noah's cap space would be in a trade if you could get a player of similar value back, like for instance Rudy Gay who just happens to make the same $13+ million this upcoming season that Noah does.

  • It just pisses me off that with opportunities out there and a washed up Noah aka bone on on bone we are saddled with his sandbag contract doing nothing while good players are available. #Gar/Pax do nothing

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I don't know how many good players really are available. How many of these free agents are just going to resing anyway? Even if the Bulls had money to go after a big name, I don't know who they would get. I don't want Monroe. I don't think Aldridge wants Chicago. Gasol isn't leaving Memphis. Love isn't picking the Bulls. The big money guards don't want to be a backup to Rose, and who are the available small forwards? Danny Green is the only one I can think of that would be starter worthy, but while younger is he really any better than Dunleavy? People can disagree with me, but I feel the right coarse of action is to let this team try one more year before breaking it up. Or at least until the trade deadline.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    As I pointed out above, eliminating Noah's $13 million contract doesn't give you $13 million to spend, that's not how the cap works. By that reasoning we are also saddled with Rose's contract when other good players are available, as well as Gasol's.

    The only way that you might be able to finagle some cap space out of Noah is dumping him for nothing before you sign Butler(who only has a $5 million cap hold until he signs) then signing someone else into the cap space before you sign Butler. However, I have no idea if that is legal under the CBA. It kind of seems like a loophole that they wouldn't allow.

  • I feel like the Dunleavy signing is locked up now that LeBron wants him. They can't let him go to Cleveland. Mike shooting open threes all game long would be deadly! As for other targets, I saw that Bellineli and Caron Butler are the guys if they can't get Dunleavy back, Gary Neal and JJ Berea(sp?) are their guard options. Both could be nice options, but JJ is a guy I've always admired from a distance. He always plays hard and never backs down.
    I just wanted to say about Hinrich that while I wish he opted out, I don't think its as horrible as you all say. Yes he is getting way more money than he should, but I really doubt the team was looking to make big signings this year anyway. I'm hoping that he is delegated to an end of the bench guy, but if he does have to play, then you at least know what you can get. I'd rather have Hinrich for one more year than another Bairstow that is taking a roster spot but you know is not good enough to ever play.

  • I don't know how much the Bulls are planning on shelling out for Dunleavy, but if I could replace the soon to be 35 year old with one or two three point shooting guards who are not aged say a Gerald Green for example that would work for me. I'm assuming a guy like Danny Green someone is going to pay him a lot more money then a Mike Dunleavy i.e then we could pay him.

  • According to K.C. let me show ya my Johnson Belinelli is a back up plan if Dunleavy signs elsewhere aka Cleveland. Also Stuckey, Gary Neal, and J.J. Barea are on thier MMLE rent-a-player list.

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