Adrian Griffin is leaving the Bulls

Adrian Griffin has been lauded in recent years for his coaching, as one of Tom Thibodeau's lead assistents. That praise however, has snatched him away to Orlando where he'll become the lead assistant to Scott Skiles.

Griffin worked under Skiles in Milwaukee, and has been rumored to Orlando since Skiles took over the head coaching gig there last month. This further changes up the bench, as Jim Boylen was hired from the Spurs a few days ago, and with Andy Greer getting fired along with Thibodeau.

I could imagine Fred Hoiberg isn't entirely done building yet, and with Summer League less than a month away, it wouldn't surprise me to see further unveilings in the coming week or two.

Ed Pinckney and Mike Wilhelm are currently the two hold-overs from the Thibodeau era, making it an all-new look for the Bulls coaching staff next season.

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    The Bulls are cleaning house with their coaching staff. Griff was a good assistant with the Bulls, and would've been a good coach on the sidelines to keep up the defensive intensity. Sorry to see him go, but I wish him well in Orlando. They have a good young core, filled with defensive minded players.

  • Nets dangling Plumlee for a pick apparently, wonder if Bulls could make that happen with their first or a different combination of picks. I believe the Nets' pick is 29 this year (lower from Johnson trade).

  • Once you saw Thibs get thrown out the door and spit on it was only a matter of time for Adrian Griffin. Personally I may not agree with the method in which the FO is cleaning house but I do think it was time for a change. I also think it's time to overhaul the roster as well. This team is still too soft and has a total lack of competitive spirit. We witnessed it all season and the icing on the cake for me was watching these guys quit in playoffs against a Cavs team playing at only 60% strength. It's not that we lost the series that worries me it's that we gave up just like we did against the Wizards and again it took Dunleavy to save us from being swept. I don't even think we would have beaten the bucks if not for Dunleavy stepping up even if he was playing rough. I know that's going a little off topic but I would just like to see some trades this summer that can make us better. Seeing as how we're cleaning house might as well go all out and spray some Febreeze IMO.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    I say it took Dunleavy to keep us from being swept against the Cavs because that 1st game was a fluke IMO. The Cavs pretty much handed that one to us when they thought it was a good idea to try and replace Love with Mike Miller.

  • Can't really get too fired up about this one way or the other. Never been a big fan of his since he and the Big Bum(Ben Wallace) stabbed Noah in the back during his rookie year(the Ron Adams incident, perhaps?).

    New coaches usually get to pick their own staff, occasionally management will insist on keeping one veteran assistant. Unless we secretly have the next Pop working in the video department, cleaning house is no biggie.

  • Would like to see another experienced coach to sit along with Hoiberg - especially one with actual head coaching experience. I love the Boylen hiring because he presents a defensive-minded coach who is into the X's and O's. Would like to see an assistant with head coaching and maybe even playoff experience to help Hoiberg with head coaching in the NBA (which is different than the NBA) and also to help with the offense. With the number of times Hoiberg referenced Iowa State in his presser, I hope he doesn't think NBA stars are going to respond to "well, when we did this Iowa State..." Would also like to see the scouting and analytics areas beefed up.

    I don't trust Forman's recent draft record, who often draft players he has some 1st person reference or connection or someone who is just plain safe (4 year starter from big school). When you are drafting late in the 1st round, you either draft the best player available or the one with the highest upside.

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