2015 NBA Draft Prospects (2nd Round)

This draft, I feel, has some good role player potential in the second round this year. I feel there are so many similar wing players could go undrafted and be a stick for some team such as Ray Rice or Wesley Saunders that have a chance to make the league while many second rounders will not stick. Below are a few write-ups for a few players even though currently we do not have a second round pick

The one thing that stands out to me this year is how many 2nd round and undrafted prospects the Bulls have worked out this year. I mean the Bulls usually due their due diligence, but it is unheard of how many second and undrafted players they are working out while not having a second rounder.

Below are a few prospects I did write-ups on.

1)  Cliff Alexander (6’9, 240 lbs., PF, Kansas, Freshman) – Got booted off Kansas team for being ineligible and it did not have to do with academics. Alexander presents nice size and can rebound the ball. However, last year, he showed he was and is very raw offensively and in his basketball IQ. Alexander, to me, is an overrated prospect. While he is a good athlete, he is not nimble enough to play power forward, does not have any offensive game, and outside of rebounding, is not a good defender. Right now, at his best, he would be Reggie Evans.

2)  Richaun Holmes (6’10, 245 lbs., PF, Bowling Green, Senior) – A very underrated prospect in my opinion. Holmes at 6’10 is a very good athlete with some high flyer moments. Holmes is a very good athlete, has a post hook move, can shoot to mid-range, is developing a 3 point shot, can block shots, has solid lateral quickness, and can rebound. Holmes did put up solid numbers, but did so in a weaker conference. While he does many things well, does he do anything downright good? With the right coaching, I think Holmes could be one of the top 15 players from this draft. Personally, I would be tempted to draft him if I have a late first-round pick.

3)  Rakeem Christmas (6’10, 240 lbs., PF/C, Syracuse, Senior) – Solid prospect with some good defensive talent. Christmas at the college level scored this past year with his back to the basket. He also blocked near 3 attempts a game while getting 9 rebounds a game. Christmas is an old school low-post player, but prefers to play center. At 6’10, I feel he is slightly undersized for center and while he averaged near 3 blocks a game, he did so in a zone. In general, I worry about many Syracuse players because very few work out. Add in to the fact, that he does not always play hard, and I would rather draft someone such as Richaun Holmes.

4)  Tyler Harvey (6’4, 180 lbs., SG, Eastern Washington, Sophomore) – It is a dogfight between Harvey and Michael Frazier as a better shooter in this draft. Harvey has more fluidity and can score off the bounce more. Frazier has more size, is a better athlete, and can play better defense. Harvey shot near 41% from 3 on almost 10 attempts a game! Yes, I said 10 attempts a game. I don’t think he will be able to do much else, but this cat should stick in the league for a while just as a shooter, that can handle the ball.


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  • I don't understand why Holmes isn't projected as a late teens pick. I haven't heard anything bad about him. I would take him ahead of Portis, Looney, or Harrell.
    Larry Nance Jr. is another guy that has looked really good to me. Don't be suprised if he becomes a solid pro.

  • To however was pining for Holmes here a few weeks ago, thanks for bringing him to my attention, because he's going to be a steal.

    Also a big fan of Christmas, I think he has great athleticism/size with some skill to boot, can definitely be a good backup big in this league.

  • It's hard to argue with Tyler Harvey's numbers. I believe this is the school that produced Rodney Stuckey. I certainly would be interested if the Bulls managed to grab this guy.

    Also, speaking of second round, recently projected second rounder Joseph Young was listed as the No. 28 pick on NBA TV's mock draft last night. If he is projected in that range in tonight's draft then I don't think anyone would be shocked by a team grabbing him at No. 22. Meaning a club wouldn't feel like they would be labelled as reaching or "taking a risk" as in sticking their neck out. Blah, blah, blah again I know the Bulls are not taking Joseph Young, but somebody is getting a terrific young talent for the late first round.

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