Bulls Beat #366 - He Gone

Bulls Beat #366 - He Gone

I discuss Tom Thibodeau's firing, Fred Hoiberg as a prospective coach, and the Noah/Taj trade rumors.

Bulls Beat #366 - He Gone

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  • Just noticed the Pelicans hired Gentry yesterday. Hadn't seen the news prior to the podcast.

    It's probably in Thibs best interest to sit out a season now, and it's interesting that the Pelicans didn't even want to interview Thibodeau.

  • Doug, we all knew what we were going to get out of Thibs if he was the coach next year. We know he cannot beat James, because he has no offense creativity to outsmart James. Thibs offense and subs are very predictable. So, bringing an offensive, creative minded coach in Fred H., will do wonders for the Bulls. Fred is known to have outstanding communication skills and has similar styles than Kerr. He holds practices with music, jokes and makes practices enjoyable to the players. He brings the fun (not the play your ass off until your knees fall off) of playing to the players. Look no further, this is exactly the style of Steve Kerr. When everyone enjoys working with each other, we all know it brings success for companies. The Bulls has talents and with a great leader and creative offense schemes, this is the greatest hope we could ask. Finally, I am sure Thibs defenses schemas were brainwashed into core players for the past 5 years, so I don't think the defense will have much setbacks. So, overall, I have high hopes that the upcoming years will be better than the last 5 for the Bulls.

  • Some comments:

    1. Perhaps statistically LeBron didn't perform up to his standards but he clearly broke the Bulls back in the series. Not only with the buzzer beater in game four but his all around play (passing, rebounding, scoring, defense). He also probably out-coached Thibs.

    2. Gar made it clear that "player development" would be a priority next season. Translation- more Niko, McDermott and Snell. About January people will be nostalgic for Thibs' lock-down defense.

    3. Why anyone would hire Skiles to a multiyear deal is a mystery to me. Good coach but flames-out wherever he goes. In any event, he will certainly help the Magic for maybe the first two years before the players tune him out. A Thibs "mini-me."

    4. Wouldn't it be hysterical if during Hoiberg's first press conference he states "as a fellow Iowan, I have followed Kirk Hinrich's career from the beginning. I always admired his grit, intelligence, and leadership. He will be a big part of this team."

    5. A team I would nominate for being "in hell" is Sacramento. They will not get a "game-changer" in the draft. I predict they will be better but not enough for the Bull's to cash-in on their first round draft pick.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I haven't seen how many years Skiles signed for, but I think if you hire him on a three year deal you did well. I think Skiles burns out in year 3 or 4 historically.

    It's unlikely he signed for more years than that.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I'm a bit surprised that he even got another NBA job given that burnout factor and that his gigs seem to end badly.

  • Love to see what Hoiberg could do for the Bulls in a year or 2.

    Player development was indeed a big problem for Thibs.
    1) Butler should have played more his rookie season, and he only got in more in his 2nd year because of injuries.
    2) Mirotic was the worst. He needed to play at PF, which almost all of us saw after March (like Butler, only played more because of injuries). Instead, Thibs cut his minutes and changed his position! Lunacy!
    3) Snell should have eaten a bunch of Kirk's minutes. Moore should have also. Failed to develop either of these guys.
    Lousy, inferior coaching. Too bad.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I can't agree that player development has been an issue with Thibodeau. The Bulls young players have all developed really well in general.

    The ones that failed have not been significantly successful elsewhere (Teague washed out of the league, Johnson reinvented himself several years later but still only as a role player).

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    From a Bay Area Bulls Fan:

    Good to see you're still continuing the podcast, Doug. It makes me feel closer to the Chicago sports scene while I ride the BART each morning to work. But still, I have to disagree with you Doug.

    It's almost as if you totally dis-regarded all that 'rustyw' had to say. Any development which any of the 'young' players who played under Thibs was simply due to either injuries to his favored players (Deng, Hinrich, etc.) or them being traded (Deng). It was just like Brad Pitt (Billy Beane) trading away the manager's (Art Howe) favorite players so others players would have to play. I wish they did the same w/ Hinrich. Even though Butler was moved to SG, I very much doubt he would've improved like he did this year if Deng was never traded.

    Sorry Doug, but I believe if Thibs ever got a situation like Stan Vangundy did w/ the Pistons, they would all be veteran 'try hard' players like Hinrich.

  • Doug, I'm glad you mentioned that you have to take Woj's columns with a giant grain of salt. Some GarPax hater types are already running with Woj's comments -- "See!!! It's all about the egos of these guys!"

    You'd have to be an idiot to blame only one side in this mess or to think of Thibs as any sort of martyr here. It's a shame they couldn't work it out and both parties are to blame IMO, because they actually worked together very well. GarPax was good at getting the kinds of players Thibs likes to coach, and Thibs was good at coaching the types of players GarPax gets. I do think the Bulls FO handled its public statements poorly and came off looking pretty bad. I also think it doesn't much matter.

  • Brad Stevens made the transition successfully. I think he's the only one though.

  • I've been busy, but have to say that Gar/Pax press conf. and Jerry's post mortum both just fed into the whole unprofessional environment rep the Bulls F.O has been labelled with in recent years.

    And now Gar Forman fresh off of an emotional roller coaster ride and dispatch of the head coach makes another emotional move in hiring an old friend from Iowa State where they coached/played together..? From listening to Hoiberg's interviews I just find the guy to be very dry as in charismaless see Thibs. Good thing Gar/Pa are 'Top 5', or I'd be worried.

  • Also if Noah comes back as a major minutes guy next year regardless of what he's making that is going to be a major sandbag for offensive 'savant' what will we call him(hoiberg) Berg similar to(Thibs)?

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