Even on a minutes limit, Derrick Rose will add to playoff success

Even on a minutes limit, Derrick Rose will add to playoff success

Throughout the course of the season, Derrick Rose has struggled mightily from the field, putting up 776 shots to score just 846 points. He's been a high-volume, low-efficiency shooter, which is just about the worst possible scenario for anyone with a scoring mentality.

And yet, his presence will help to improve the Bulls when he hits the floor again.

Rose, while inefficient, remains highly creative in the open floor and can be downright unpredictable in half-court settings. A string of moves and acrobatic finishes (let's not forget that he can still do those) will do wonders to force defenses to re-adjust, even if it's something he can't pull off consistently over 48 minutes. Rose in an aggressive mode, will force opponents to zero in on his whereabouts, leaving a pretty stellar supporting cast somewhat ignored. Imagine for a second Rose dancing with the ball at the top, with Jimmy Butler lurking on the baseline. Or maybe Pau Gasol sneaks a few steps backwards to make himself available for a lob-play. Hell, even Mike Dunleavy might not see his defender glue himself together with him in the corner, giving him more space to move freely.

When Rose plays Chicago is 29-17, a winning percentage of 63%, and that includes games such as him playing nine minutes, or playing without Mike Dunleavy and/or Jimmy Butler. So from a winning perspective, Rose isn't hurting the product. With a healthy team around him, Rose should be able to fully maximize the attention he receives by playing a constant decoy. This is where the beauty of Rose's game comes in. If he drives the lane, and the entire point is for him to swing the ball out to the corner for Butler, who in turn makes the extra pass to Dunleavy on the wing for an open three, and the defense sniff that out, Rose is capable of seeing that and taking the score himself. He leaves opponents to constant guessing or second-guessing themselves on every decision they make when he's involved in the play, even on the perimeter when he begins dancing with the ball and the defense starts to gather around the hoop in fear of the crossover move.

Obviously, having Rose play exclusively on the ball is not a good idea. He's at his most effective when he combines that with moving off the ball and seeking out mid-range jumpers. His percentages this year doesn't back that up for a scoring perspective, but the way the whole defenses change when the Bulls are seeking out scoring plays for a on-the-move Rose remains as uncanny as ever.

The underlining goal here, with all the Rose/attention talk, of course is Jimmy Butler.

Butler is so adept at moving off the ball, and likewise on it. He's a 6'7 bulldog who is not only highly efficient, but also long and athletic enough to go through stretches where he completely dominates the paint either through post-ups, cut-throughs, lobs, and forcing himself to the line. Butler is shooting 63.4% at the rim on 276 attempts this year, but what's most impressive is that only 56% of those makes are assisted. That means 44% of the time, he creates these opportunities himself, and for a long while he did this without Rose on the floor. Butler should be able to pick and choose his spots considerably more carefully when Rose returns, possibly increasing his already tremendous efficiency.

Finally: Nikola Mirotic. Rose has yet to play with this version of Mirotic, who is kicking butts and taking names. This is another long and skilled player who can get to the line and squeeze out free points, who is capable of playing either on, or off, the ball. The offensive versatility in having Mirotic, Butler, and Rose out there, possibly with Gasol and Dunleavy, should present opponents with a huge headache in terms of making the proper defensive adjustments over a seven-game series. Theoretically, the Bulls have four guys in the rotation who can go off for 25 points any given night, but in a myriad of ways. That will always be hard to defend against.

In short, Rose presents a ripple effect that the Bulls currently do not have, but sorely need.


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  • My only fear is that Rose comes back and falls in love with the three point shot again. No driving, just going 1-9 from three. If he plays like he did before he left, then I think the Bulls have a real shot at winning something.

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    Good piece! I couldn't agree more.

  • Two point Derrick Rose is still a good guy to have out there. This year though especially three point and assist Derrick Rose has been someone where you don't see good results in production.

    If the Bulls in Thibodeau and the staff bring out post bigs with quick hitting screens and slipped screens on a circling, cutting moving without the ball Derrick Rose I think that guy could be highly effective. More so coming off the bench with no pressure and all upside. Do I think the Bulls will use this approach? Nope. Thibs will largely have Derrick with the ball creating his own game which has huge pitfalls. And as far as Derrick being able to play significant minutes in round 1, I think it's a wait and see more then a sure thing.

    Bottom line: Do I think Derrick used properly could have games with big scoring of 20 or more with decent efficiency? Yep. Will that happen..?? Also, pairing Rose with a three point threat and bang bang cutter like Tony Snell and Dunleavy(extended half court and transition) might be a nice option rather then a ton of minutes with he and Butler who are both guys who stand and dribble. Of course with those two(Snell and Mike) your rebounding suffers and sometimes defense also. Meaning bigs will have to hit the glass hard.

  • I hope it turns out this way, but we haven't really seen this team take flight with Rose this year except a handful of games. It's a long shot they'll figure it out but the exciting thing is that it is possible.

  • Side note: NCAA Tourney "crickets chirping" it is silly how a four or five game run can elevate a questionable prospects stock in the draft. Case in point Wisconsin's Sam Dekker. Now at 13 on Problem is both his free throw percentages over a three year sample and three point shooting are highly suspect. Not interested. Also, as I suspected, Joseph Young is back on the board at No. 45 and will climb to mid upper second. Again, this guy is going to be a steal as I suspect a Lakers or Rockets will swoop him up unless a Miami makes a "trade" i.e Riley punks someone's ass to get him. Wish Bulls would make a move to get this pick/guy.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Sam Dekker is a poor man's Chandler Parsons. Might be ok as a late first rounder as a role playing guy, but at 13 some team will regret making that pick.

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  • The Bulls are definitely gonna need Rose. It's a pretty steep mountain to climb towards a championship. Barring an upset the Bulls are gonna have to beat the Cavs, Hawks, and possibly the Warriors. Unlike the Bulls those teams already got their $hit together. So all the inconsistencies, turnovers, and lackadaisical starts to games has to stop now. I don't know if Rose coming back helps or hurts the team in that regard but he is required if the Bulls even hope to advance beyond the second round where they'll more than likely be facing Cleveland. We need Rose to be an allstar again. he doesn't have to be a superstar or MVP level, all we need is for him to play like an allstar. For Rose that means running the pg position, setting up plays for your teammates, drawing double teams, guarding your man, knocking down open shots, minimum three point shooting, and scoring off the fast break. Every since Rose has been out the Bulls have had zero fast break presence. We are consistently outscored by the other team off the fast break. other than Jimmy and sometimes Mirotic ( when he has a chance to play good minutes ) No one else on the team can lead a fast break. I think that's one of the major things that's missing in the Bulls offense, so my hope is they can get back to doing those kind of things.

  • If you try to be objective, which I'm not most of the time, if you go into the playoffs with:

    1) a key player coming off an injury with limited minutes
    2) a team playing erratically, with losses to the Bucks and Pistons in the last 10 days
    3) a odd head coach disliked by his bosses who still hasn't established roles for all his players and is loathe to making adustments

    then you would think that team had little chance for success to make a good run. I just don't see it happening for the Bulls. Classic case of not hittinng on all cylinders.

  • Rose will definitely make the team better, even with limited minutes. His presence is going to be important when facing elite PG's, where he has typically excelled when challenged. We could see flashes of his dominance agains Irving and Wall. But without Rose, these elite PG's will eat the Bulls alive. I have hopes this team will bring their best when against the wall, but would consider the Bulls a big underdogs against the Cavs, unless a miracle happens where Rose goes back to his MVP level.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    It's not just the Cavs either, when you think about it the Bulls are just underdogs period. Even though I favor the Bulls in a series with the Wizards, they've yet to prove their actually a better team as they nearly got swept in the 1st round last year and this season they're currently tied. They also have yet to beat the Hawks and the last time those teams faced each other the Hawks ran circles around them. The Hawks are one of the teams I fear because their a more tight-knit group than the Bulls are. In a lot of ways the Hawks are the Bulls that many was expecting this season. Then there's who ever comes out west will be more than a handful. I got my money on the Warriors. The only top team they've proven they can beat convincingly is the Raptors who the Bulls resemble at times. I'm not trying to downplay or hate on the bulls but that is our reality. I believe the bulls do have a shot, but even with Rose it's a slim shot all things considered.

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    Happy Easter everyone.

    This afternoon we are going to find out a little something about the Bulls. We are going to see how Snell and Niko fare in a near playoff atmosphere in a hostile environment. I also think Niko is going to see sometime w LBJ guarding him, perhaps more then just a little.

    I expect the Bulls to lose by double digits as the Cavs are looking for some revenge, and the Bulls are not playing great at all.

    I will call this a success if we can keep th Cavs under 100 points.

    107-89 final

    Hope I am wrong and we have a great chicago Sunday w a BULLs, Hawks, and Cubs wins !

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    I also have very low expectations for today's game. If the Bulls can lose by single digit and keep the Cavs under 100 points, this is a good result. A Bulls win is only happening if the Cavs sleepwalk on this game.

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    In reply to BullsDynasty:

    Well the Bulls kept the game to single digits and held them under a 100 points even w Kyrie going off.

    Can't say myself or my wallet are too upset this morning

    If rose can't slow Kyrie down, Bulls have ZERO chance against them in the playoffs

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