Derrick Rose drama is kind of pointless

Derrick Rose drama is kind of pointless

In the end, it doesn't matter what Derrick Rose said. It matters what he does. The fact that what he does falls short of expectations so consistently is why fans are upset. The fact that he wouldn't promise not to fall short again just adds fuel to the fire.

Derrick's been through the rehab process a couple times already now for major injuries. He already likely knows he doesn't want to make promises he can't keep. Promises for events that are out of his control.

He didn't do that. Fans love the athlete who makes the guarantee. Every year players on both sides of the ball guarantee a Super Bowl victory. It doesn't mean anything. A player guaranteeing something outside of their control has no value.

Rose could have guaranteed he'd return, but it wouldn't actually make him more likely to return, so he didn't. Does he come off as tone deaf in his interviews? Yes. Is he good with the media? No, he is not.

When asked what Rose thought about management putting out a 4-6 week time line he said he didn't care. When asked about Rose's latest comments I don't care.

However, unlike many who've taken a similar view as the one above to defend Rose and say the plan is that he'll be back and not to panic over his words I feel somewhat the reverse.

I don't care because the odds of Derrick Rose coming back and doing anything noteworthy are almost nil.

I do think he'll likely return to the court this season. However, based on his history it is no lock. He takes much longer to return than other athletes with all of his injuries so far.

However, beyond the will he/won't he play, the point everyone is missing is that his odds of playing well seem really, really small. Dating back to his second year when he returned from a preseason hamstring injury, Rose has always played horribly and taken a long time to find his timing and rhythm when returning from injury.

Hell, he wasn't playing particularly well prior to leaving with this injury. In my mind, the Bulls were desperately running out of time to try and figure out how to improve their play, and Derrick's play was one of the biggest things that needed improvement.

Things were generally on the way up for Rose, but he had a long way to go still. If he comes back with 3-4 games left in the regular season [and history suggests you're nuts to think he ever would return on the early part of a timeline] then there's no way this guy finds his rhythm in time to do something.

This may sound like a personal criticism of Rose, but it really isn't meant to be. It's simply acknowledging what has happened in the past over a sample size of multiple injuries (both large and small) and expecting those results to happen again.

I said this past summer that it was unlikely we'd ever see Derrick Rose consistently play at a high level again, but the Bulls needed to bet on him anyway since there simply was no better bet they could make. I still believe that's true only the odds are even longer now.

There was an interesting article the other day in yahoo sports about Josh Hamilton and whether he violated his treatment program and should be suspended.

I disagree with much of the article, but the part I found interesting was this:

Because here is the truth: If Hamilton weren't a broken-down version of himself – if he were playing at the MVP level at which he was capable of playing – Moreno would spend his every waking moment vouching for Hamilton in public and back channeling Manfred for leniency. That a player's ability could factor into potential discipline is damning, and it's something Manfred must ensure doesn't happen for the sake of his policy's credibility.

We judge players based not on their actions but on how well they play. When they are playing well then we'll overlook almost anything, and when they disappoint us we will rip on them for anything. I'm not immune to this either. We project our view of the performance on to the person.

It's somewhat similar with Rose. Rose has always been a god awful speaker. He's always had a bit of a chip on his shoulder about what he'd accomplish. He said he'd win the MVP then went out and did it. We all cheered.

He said he lives and dies on the court, but the couldn't come back from injury and we were mad. He said doubters would be proven wrong, but hasn't done so. His aura of confidence in himself has been the same and focused on his internal belief and not what others believe.

In the end, all of these things he said came from the same place. A belief in himself, and when he backed it up we were all on his side. When he couldn't then everyone got mad.

Now Derrick has disappointed us two years on the court. I don't blame Rose for this. I don't think he could have done anything differently. I know there are those who felt Rose could have played each of the past two seasons, but watching him play the first two months of this season or prior to last season is enough for me to know he wasn't going to help in either of those playoff runs.

With an extra six months of practice and rehab both times he was still pretty pedestrian when he returned and four months into his return we were still waiting for him to play at a high level.

I'm not mad at Rose for hedging his words. I think he's being pretty honest about the process. I think he expects to return. I think he's doing everything he can to return. I think he knows that there's a chance he may not be able to return.

When he does come back I'll likely be frustrated with his pedestrian play, but I won't doubt that he's doing his best. Injuries have stolen Derrick's career. There's a small chance I'm wrong, and that chance is still the Bulls best bet at a title.

More than likely it's already happened though. It's most likely already too late. We'll just watch the end in slow motion over the next two seasons.

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  • What do you think happens to Rose when his contract is up and we have two more years of this type of play and injury?

  • Wow, the cold, dark Chicago winter must really be getting to you, Doug. You need to take a vacation. The main redeeming quality of sport is the hope it inspires in us, a hope that things will turn out for the best. If there is no hope, then why are we watching the games instead of reading a book or playing with our kids? Sure Derrick is probably a self centered jerk who completely understands he's getting $300 million guaranteed whether he plays another game or not. But that's not going to make any of us feel better watching a late west coast game when we have to get up early for work the next day. So stop with all the dark reality because if I wanted that, I'd read the front page. The Easter Bunny is real and the bulls are going to pull it together and go to the finals this year.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    The only thing that's "getting to " Doug is reality. That being said, Doug is not taking the position of there being absolutely no hope; but rather is tempering expectations/hope based on the evidence that has been put in front of us all thus far.

    Rose has actively participated in USA basketball last summer and made it through 75% of an NBA season, but yet resembles Deron Williams more than he does Russell Westbrook. The team as a whole has struggled to find their defensive identity, and their only consistency from one game to the next is inconsistency.

    At this point in the season, it's doubtful everything suddenly falls into place, and the Bulls become a rampaging juggernaut that annihilates every team in their path on the way to a championship. Is it possible? Yeah. Unlikely? Hell yeah.

  • In reply to BullsMan:

    Wow, thats a excellent/powerful contrast, Deron Williams vs Westbrook.

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    In reply to BigWay:

    Wouldn't say that's the best way to put it... Rose is playing on a team with 2 all stars, arguably 3 (Noah in the past) which is why he has somewhat similar numbers, although still better (gotta share the love). Just before all star break we saw Rose take over about 5 or 6 games in the fourth quarter... he was truly getting his mojo back before this meniscus stuff happened, and probably accounted for those last three super bad games he played Was he explosive? I think so, and even checked out his rookie highlights cause i couldn't remember if he lay'd it up as much as he is doing now... he did. Let's not compare him to Deron Williams just yet...please!! And also, Westbrook had meniscus issues too so let's use that as a positive example that he can in fact erupt at the rim like Westbrook :)

    Go Bulls

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Actually, I would agree with every word of what Doug said today, his words echo my sentiments on Rose and the entire Rose situation perfectly. I really could not have said it better myself.

    and I don't even think that Rose is a self centered jerk. He's just a dumb kid gifted with awesome athletic ability who's body has betrayed him, and he simply isn't sophisticated enough as a human being to handle the enormity of his situation.

    I have no animus toward him what-so-ever, but as a fan I will root for him and critique him for what he does on the court regardless of his injuries and to a lesser extent for what he says off of it, even though like Doug, I don't believe that anything he says means very much at all.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Have you read the comment section of this blog? It's filled with (I assume) grown men using ridiculous derogatory nicknames for Bulls players that remind one of 5th grader who is failing all his classes. Perhaps that is rubbing off on Doug's outlook. Meanwhile he does speak the truth. Our chances are slim.

    So I'm sayin there's a chance!

    Go Bulls!!!

  • Not all relationships are meant to last forever. It just feels like the fans are getting tired of waiting for this guy year after year. It's almost like being in a relationship and your partner only makes empty promises. Sure she or he may have their reasons but that doesn't change the end result. It's far easier to break up with the person and start a fresh new relationship than try and hang on and keep hoping for the best. It's almost like being reunited with an ex girlfriend that you used to love in the beginning but as time moved on she starts to reveal her true colors you may not have the same feelings you once did. Personally I like DRose and at one point he was may favorite basket ball player. Heck I used to have 2 of his Jerseys and his shoes. I can honestly say I don't feel the same about him now as I once did but i'm still hoping for the best.

  • I see pessimistic Doug is in full swing again. Yet again, Derick Rose said it, you wrote it, and I read it! I think there is a word for repeating same behavior expecting different results... but I digress.

    So what what Derick Rose said knowing damn well that Derick Rose public speeches are far removed from Shakespearean masterpieces....Yeah he didn't exactly say what everyone wanted to hear but the gist is that he had surgery (3rd), doing rehab and aiming to return this season (according to plan). Isn't it possible, even a slight chance, that he doesn't play this season and playoffs based on unforeseen issue(s)? So a guarantee to play this season, even if he said he is coming back this season, basically a lie?

    Overall, what has this bulls team with Derick Rose (even with his inconsistent play) shown us this season? I'd say this team with Rose has shown that it can beat the best on the road, and lose to the worst at home. In my opinion, In the end, it will come down to our ability to be consistent with defense, health, and continuity.

    Snap out of it Doug - all is not doom and gloom.

  • He should be back in time for the playoffs. Unless the surgeons messed something up this is a relatively easy injury to rehabilitate.

    As Doug writes, the real question is what kind of quality will he display once back. He has been all over the place in the regular season thus far. On a few, rare occasions he has looked like a top 5 point guard. On other, again rare, occasions he has looked like a guy ready to be sent to the D-league if he doesn't improve. Most nights he has looked like a middle of the pack starting NBA point guard. That is fine as far as it goes, but doesn't inspire too many thoughts of championships.

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    In reply to bjb57:

    Perhaps when rose comes back, he will know he will only have a handful of games to get thru and will go all out.

    Perhaps we see the ROY D Rose, the one whose breaking down his defender and attacking the rim to score or set up teammates. His shot will Prob suck, but at least he will have legitimate scorers around him when the defense collapses on him.

    In reality, that's the best case scenario for us fans. I still think it's possible, but first we need to see him on the court prior to the season ending.

    Anyone know when Taj and Jimmy will be resuming basketball activities ?

  • In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    I believe that Derrick himself suggested that he would go balls to the wall when/if he gets back.

    Scoop Jackson wrote a good piece exactly about that a few weeks ago on ESPN Chicago, basically saying that Rose has nothing left to lose and everything to gain by coming back this season and attacking it like he's Russell Westbrook or Kobe Bryant.

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    Well the lynch mob was out ( and for good reason ) for Adrian Peterson afree having a great season the prior year.

    Would Ray rice still be a raven if his skill weren't diminishing by the week ? I doubt it, but who really knows

  • my only disappointment for derrick rose was him not improving his jumpshot during the time he was injured. I understand slowing down and not attacking the rim at will but that lousy chuckin 3s mentality sucks. I would at least hope he started to find that nice midrange shot he had in his second year which he did seem to start going to. He is what he is but the FO should of had backup plan in place instead they keep giving us Hinrich and some vet min pg backup. Why couldn't they get tyrek evans or someone that could replace Derrick's production somewhat instead of going with the burned out vets. This offseason they can't make the same mistake again, they have to get a real backup pg that can play backup shooting guard as well.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I agree about his shot not really improving despite all the time he put into it while rehabbing. I think to a certain degree shooters are born, not made. The best is when someone is a born shooter and also works his tail off, ala Ray Allen.

  • The hope that I hold on to is that Rose doesn't need to be an All-Star for this team to win. I think that if Butler plays at an All-Star level along with Pau, and Noah gives them his elite energy, and Gibson, Snell, and Mirotic produce off the bench, then that should be enough for the Bulls to have a shot. Rose just needs to be average in my opinion for the team to succeed. These last few games show me that they can compete with anyone but just can't finish. I think an average Rose and a healthy Butler can change that.

    Going forward, I'm hoping they bring in a strong backup that can be a replacement if needed for Rose. Whether it's a rookie or a vet, they need someone reliable. I think Gibson could be a big trade chip to either move up in the draft(I think Sacramento would love him or maybe Boston) or to get a vet pg or backup center (the two positions I believe are needed).

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    When was the last time that a team that consists of only role players won a title.

    The closest in recent memory would be the Pistons and Billups at his peak is certainly better than Rose right now, and the rest of their guys were elite type role players at that time, all likely better than our corresponding guys right now.

    There has to be at least one superstar driving force, unless Rose is it we don't have anyone even close.

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    Good piece!
    I somewhat agree with your expectations on why Derrick Rose should be marginalized once he does return for the playoffs, or if he returns for the playoffs. Even before the injury, Derrick was a turnover machine struggling to find his role as the lead point guard, and his shooting was dismal.
    However, I believe Derrick will add something to the lineup once he does return, and he'll relieve AB who has struggled while playing the starting PG pos. I can also see Derrick being much more aggressive attacking the basket when the playoffs start, as he won't have to worry about lingering discomfort in his knees anymore.For Derrick it's going to be, give me the ball and get out of the way.
    The true problem I see with the Bulls lineup, and one that will come back to haunt them during their playoff run are those predictable offensive sets they run, and how other teams know what they're going to do before they do it. Teams funnel our PG into the paint, then dbl team him with bigs, and force him to kick the ball out to the shooters, when he does they anticipate the pass for the turnover. This trend doesn't seem to end whether it's AB on the court or Rose That and Joakim Noah and his errant passes to the cutters. Once he has the ball in his hands on the high post, teams know he's going to force a bounce pass right into the jaws of their defense. They pack it in the lane and dare him to shoot, but good ole Jo continues to force passes for turnovers.
    Then there's the Bulls shooters who are the true wild cards in how far the team goes in their play. Gawd, I can't figure it out for the life of me, how the Spurs seem to drain their wide open shots no matter who they put on the floor, while year after year the Bulls add shooters who'll miss so many open shots. It's so frustrating watching Dunleavy, Snell, Niko, Kirk, and Doug hit one shot and miss 10. These players must become consistent in making shots game after game.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    While he did have 5 awful turnovers last game, the previous 2 games he had around 20 assists on only a couple of turnover total(0 in one game). But in general you are right about Noah seemingly forcing passes into no space.

  • I think the best thing for the Bulls and Bulls fans is to move on from the Derrick Rose era, and I think they probably realize that. It's turned out to be a curse, hasn't it? The worst thing that can happen to a NBA team is to get stuck having to pay max money to a non-max player. I'd argue Rose wasn't worth the max BEFORE his injuries. Sure he was a league MVP and all that and if anyone earned his contract, it's him, I'm not questioning his getting the contract. But he was never really a top-5 NBA player IMO, yet got paid like he was. Not top-5 because it's extremely difficult to build a team around a 6'2" athletic PG, it almost never happens (Isiah with the Pistons is the only example I can think of). LeBron and Durant were obviously better than Rose but so was Dirk in terms of a guy you could build a team around and a guy who would be unstoppable come playoff time, something Rose never was.

    Now with the injuries? Forget it, a long shot just became a moon shot. No, this team is not good enough to win a championship without Rose playing at an all-star level.

    Then you had these stupid fans mad at the FO for failing to build a winner around Rose. I'm mad at those fans for failing to run a mile in less than 4 minutes, people have done it, what's wrong with you lazy bums?

  • In reply to Roman F:

    In terms of individual play, I agree with you that Rose was not a top-5 player his MVP season. The MVP votes that year resulted from the Bull's overall team record. And I also truly believe Rose's comments prior to that season about being able to win an MVP also had a significant influence on the voting, as the media got a raging hard-on about being able to run with the feel-good story of Rose "predicting" the award, and then following up on those comments with the best play of his short career (although not the best play in the NBA).

    I've made the same comments previously that Rose probably did deserve that contract at the time, but now that same contract is holding the entire team hostage. The FO had no meaningful cap space to make any significant moves to improve the team drastically. In fact, I'd say it's pretty amazing, really, when you honestly look at what this FO has done to bring in guys on the cheap, that have had a meaningful impact on the court.

  • In reply to BullsMan:

    His contract without the extra 5% kicker(the Rose rule) might not have been so bad, injuries aside.

  • We are seeing great potential from both Snell and Mirotic. Gasol and Noah are generally playing well. Dunleavy and Brooks and Moore are OK.

    But three starters are out with injuries (counting Taj, who is a starter on some teams). No team can endure that! To have a chance, all three need to get healthy and play well.

    Then, Thibs needs to manage minutes better and disguise the O plays better.

    Tha's a lot of stuff to go right to contend. I hope it happens.

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