Bulls Beat #358 - Jimmy down

Bulls Beat #358 - Jimmy down

I discuss Jimmy's injury, the Bulls playoff seeding chase, the Thibs situation, and what we've seen recently from all the players.

Bulls Beat #358 - Jimmy down

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  • Thanks for your very positive and upbeat comments. They reflect how we all feel about the Bulls chances in the playoffs.
    The games Thibs coached against the Wizzards and the Thunder were his best coaching attempts of the year. If we combine them with the minutes Mirotic, T-Snell, Mac-D, and Moore are fimally getting we may have the beginnings of a Championship team.
    This is valuable time and finally our coach looks like a potential keeper allowing these guys towards having defined roles. Finally, lightning must have struck Thibs in one of the snow storms
    Playing also defense against players like Westbrook gives young players like T-Snell invaluable experience and makes the team stronger and more confident,

  • In reply to penwit1:

    I agree with you, penwitt1. Snell, M & M & M all appear to have solid-to-great potential for the future. Not just future seasons, but also for the future this season!

    If Rose, Butler, and the Bigs are healthy for the playoffs, these 4 other bench guys could make the Bulls champs this year. We'll see. In the playoffs, I also could see Butler at starting SF and Snell at SG, Dunleavy off the bench.

  • If AB could add just 5 more assist attempts to his game simply by reviewing tapes he would see an always open T-Snell and Mac-D also. AB could be a keeper for years ahead. He just lacks the consistency to see and respond to expand his court vision.

  • The Bulls may lose several games because these guys have never really had court time. But, the confidence they will gain will be enourmous. The coach will finally be able to recognize how to utilize his bench which he hesitated to use at all. These guys are teaching Thibs to be the coach we in Chicago wanted all along.

  • Who knew?!? They key all along was to play Nazr.

    Bulls offense looked completely outcoached and outclassed. Bulls continually overdribble beyond the 3pt line and pass around the 3pt line which creates nothing. Seems most of the shot clock is gone by the time Bulls ever get inside the 3pt line.

    When Noah gets the ball near top-of-key 20-30 feet from basket, Spurs defense ignores him and he is a zero offensive threat. In contrast Nazr enters and scores 8 points in 6 minutes by going below the 3pt line, and oh having an actual jump shot helps.

    Spurs offense penetrates much more quickly, both off-the-dribble and with entry passes, which creates their openings both inside and on the perimeter.

    There are now several former long-term Popovich assistants head coaching in the NBA. In 2013 Mike Budenholzer and Brett Brown were given the reins in Atlanta and Philadelphia, and last month James Borrego was promoted to head coach in Orlando.

    If Bulls own assistant coach experiment (Thibs) doesn't work out, there is no need to fret. Thibs is a good, but flawed coach, not a great coach by any measure.


  • In reply to Edward:


  • In reply to Edward:

    Exactly what I was thinking all game long. I mentioned in the game blog the Spurs offensive(and defensive, for that matter) scheme's look like PHD level MIT students while the Bulls look like GED level state prison students. If Thibs goes, the Bulls should look to the Spurs coaching tree, if there are any of them left. I know that Mirotic could use that shooting coach/whisperer that they have.

  • It seems like the same coaching mistakes are made over and over again. The great coaches seem to reinvent themselves. I agree with you Edward and we both know Thibs is replacable every so often so other coaches cannot anticipate their plays.
    There seems to be no noticible set plays at Sf and why did he play Deng and Butler so many excessive minutes as if they were part of a video game instead of being human and needing a blow--meanwhile the bench is underutilized each year.I guess you know Thibs is not my favorite coach.
    Every game T-Snell is wide open but once he passes the ball it rarely comes back to him as if the team only has 4 players on offense.
    I agree that Thibs is a good coach, but too often he is outcoached. In todays game his offense was creating their own plays and only had 5 assists during the whole first half. The season is nearly over and the team on the floor don't know the plays or the system they are engaged in.

  • Excellent podcast Doug, I more or less feel the same way about the Bulls this year. It almost seems like the Bulls are destined to get Washington in the 1st round but I believe with Butler and Rose back we can beat them. The thing I don't like about a potential 1st round series with the Wiz is that they play physical and dirty basketball against the Bulls. The last thing we need is for anyone to get hurt in the first round. Other than the threat of injury I think the bulls should be able to beat them in 6 games.

    I figured we would lose to the Spurs. They're a healthy hungry team right now and not to mention they probably wanted some revenge from the last time we beat them. I don't think we're gonna beat the Grizzlies either but then again I said the same thing about OKC so you never know. But I agree with the guys above. If nothing else this is giving some invaluable experience to the younger players on the bench and that can only make the team better in the long run.

  • I didn't know Nazr had any life til today. Those plays worked and should be part of the team arsenal. Like Edward stated the "key" is designing plays around the strength of the bench. Nazr does not belong on the bench all the time. He can be used effectively while giving Noah and Pau a blow. After 4 years roles should be defined, there could be plays set for Nazr and for whatever bench player coming on a game.

  • A player coming into a game would immediately be on alert knowing he would be involved according to his strengths offensively or defensively.

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