Bulls Beat #357 - It's all over

Bulls Beat #357 - It's all over

Derrick Rose needs another knee surgery and while his timeline is optimistc, I'm less optimstic about his ability when he returns

Bulls Beat #357 - It's all over

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  • It always comes down to injuries with the Bulls. At this point playoff seeding is up in the air. Your missing Rose for over a month, Taj and Butler both are out, and there's no telling who else is gonna go down. I don't even feel sorry for Taj anymore, because if you watched the replay of how he landed on his ankle, he's a total moron. Knowing you've had chronic problems with that same ankle how do you land on it so carelessly? That's just what he gets for being sloppy and careless with his body and the Bulls should have traded him at the deadline.

    Watching the Clippers game Van Gundy went off on Paxson again. I love it when he gets on the Bulls front office because he always speaks the truth. Paxson doesn't like him because he know that he's right. I still remember when the Bulls traded Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas and Viktor Khryapa. It made no sense because even in college Aldridge was a stud, how could Paxson take on a project player over a Bonafide star? To make matters worse this was during a time where we needed help in the front court desperately. Talk about wasting a number 2 overall pick. That move was almost as dumb as giving up Brand for Chandler. I've always believed Paxson is the real problem with the Bulls and feel Pippen would make a much better GM. Gar Foreman is just a puppet so I don't consider him a GM. Otherwise he would have done the sensible thing at draft and picked up 2 quality prospects instead of giving away two for McDermott who physically isn't NBA ready as previously advertised.

    As far as this season goes I think we still have a chance. not sure the physical condition the bulls will be come playoff time but as it stands this may be the 1st time in a long time everyonemakes it to the playoffs including Rose. It may be wishful thinking but i get the feeling Rose is gonna go off in the playoffs. I realize now he was mostly just playing it safe this year, at times showing people what he's still capable of doing. now that he's gotten that piece removed from his knee that's been hampering him i think he's gonna feel much better. Certainly the team is better with him on the court. He opens things up for the entire team by constantly demanding defensive attention and double teams even when he's not scoring. So we just have to wait and see.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Wow, really? You are blaming Taj for twisting his ankle because "he should know better"? Haven't you watched Derrick Rose play scared all season long? Looking down when he lands, or avoiding getting high in the air at all, Rose has shown that he isn't physically limited, but rather mentally limited. The human body isn't capable of performing at the highest level physically when the brain has to approve every landing spot, and consider the risk of every move. Why is golf so hard? A big reason is the fact that you are given too much time to think before your shot. A golf swing, like a basketball shot, is all about rhythm and focus. You'd have Taj turn into a guy who's spending 10% of his focus on his freakin ankle? Some say you actually increase your chance of injury when you play conscious of the possibility, I'm not so sure about that, but I do know you aren't able to play at your potential when you're thinking about your landing spot before you've even scored the ball. Hell, I haven't even taken into account the possibility that a player who's thinking about his ankle might not have ever drove to the rim to begin with. Taj's ankle sucks, but saying you blame him for not actively fearing injury, is just plain silly.

  • In reply to Chicagosportsguru:

    Yes i do blame Taj, not for fearing injury but being for being careless with his body. As humans when you repeatedly hurt yourself doing any activity a little thing called learned behavior kicks in. We've been learning this way since we were babies and even animals learn the same. It doesn't always have to come through pain or injury but usually when people continually hurt themselves doing something eventually you learn from your mistakes. Taj problem is he doesn't know how to properly place his feet when landing. This is not the 1st time or second time he's curled his ankle doing this. I guess you just won't be satisfied until he breaks his foot, but that's what happens when people don't learn.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Also, while some of Van Gundy's points are valid, you bring up McDermott as an example of the FO screwing the pooch? Thibs wanted McDermott, grabbing him was one of the few things that both Thibs and his overlords have been in full agreement on. You can complain about Thibs not playing him if you want, they've certainly differed on that front; but McDermott wasn't only a Gar Pax favored decision. And Van Gundy should watch himself, just the other day we found out that Leon Rose, Thibs guy has asked Van Gundy not to do what he JUST DID! Maybe Thibs approves, but Thibs agent is smart enough to know that Van Gundy only serves himself with these comments, he doesn't help Thibs, and he certainly doesn't help the Bulls.

  • In reply to Chicagosportsguru:

    There's a lot of good solid players we could have gotten for those picks. Dario Saric, Zach LaVine, Jusuf Nurkic ( who we actually had ) Elfrid Payton to name a few. Who's to say Doug McDermott turns out to be better than any of these guys? I get McD can shoot but then again so can Mike Dunleavy, big deal. I would have liked to get McD anyway for one pick but two was just too much in my opinion.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Three years ago, we could have had Isaiah Thomas (11.5 points and 4.1 assists in 25.5 minutes as a rookie) or Chandler Parsons (9.5 points and 4.7 rebounds in 28.6 minutes as a rookie) instead of Jimmy Butler (2.6 points and 1.3 rebounds in 8.5 minutes as a rookie).

    There isn't a GM in the world who would trade Jimmy for either of them now.

    Last year, we could have had Gorgui Dieng (4.8 points and 5.0 rebounds in 13.6 minutes as a rookie) or Tim Hardaway Jr (10.2 points in 23.1 minutes as a rookie) instead of Tony Snell (4.5 points and 1.6 rebounds in 16.0 minutes as a rookie).

    Only a fool would trade Tony for either of them now.

    McDermott has played 211 NBA minutes so far, while Nurkic, Payton and Lavine have all played well under 2,000 NBA minutes so far.

    You're more than welcome to write off McDoug right now, I'm sure yolu wrote off Butler and Snell during their rookies seasons as well, saying that the Bulls should have drafted someone else because they were putting up better rookie numbers on their crap teams.

    When you consider that GarPax acquired Butler, Mirotic, Gibson and Snell with picks in the 20s, you might want to wait a year or two before proclaiming that McDermott was the wrong pick.

    There isn't a single NBA team that has had more success with draft picks in the 20s.Period.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I'm a little surprised that you are one of the guys jumping on the Snell bandwagon after his mini blip on the radar over the past 2 weeks. I'm sure you remember that he failed to score a point in an entire month just 2 months ago.

    Don't watch either of those guys regularly, so it's hard to say where they are at. 3 weeks ago every GM in the league would have traded Snell for either guy. Heck, Dieng for what its worth has a PER of nearly 18, way better than even Noah this season. Snell and Hardway both basically suck at 11-12, though they may be trending in opposite directions. Mason Plumlee(another big taken after Snell) is at nearly 20.

    The Bulls have done well with their later picks, the book is clearly still out on Snell, but you have to admit, things looked pretty bad until a couple of weeks ago.

    I think that most every Bulls fan tried to talk themselves into the McDNP pick after it happened, but secretly feared taking him more than any other player in the draft before the pick, because he was the quintessential Bulls draft pick, a shooting version of the corpsedog.

    I asked this a couple of days ago after the Minny game, would you trade Snell for Zack LaVine. I'm certain that Minny wouldn't, but I certainly would, nevermind Payton, Saric or Nurkic.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Hey Guys,
    I missed Van Gundy's negative comments today about Bulls or Paxson. What did Van Gundy say today?

  • In reply to Edward:

    VanGundy said Paxson was so upset with him that you would have thought he was the one who traded Lamarcus Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas. Again he sung praises for Thibs but you can tell he tried to shy away from the subject. But still I liked the Aldridge reference because it's the truth. People get mad at Thibs when the team loses but a coach is only as good as the personnel you give him to work with. He also said he doesn't believe that Rose can lead the Bulls to a championship because he's been so injured. He feels it's not fair that people put that kind of expectations on him and i tend to agree with that as well.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    A cute comment by Van Gundy, and certainly true, but that is really ancient history.

    Why doesn't Van Gundy mention something relevant and current, like the absurdity of playing a 34-year-old washed up backup PG out-of-position at SG when Snell and Moore are better, true SGs, and available.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Because that would be more of a shot at his buddy Thibs than Paxson. Something more relevant would be why bring Hinrich back at all when Augustin was doing such a great job. If we still had Augustin things would run a lot smoother.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Of course it would be a shot at Thibs, because Thibs' lack of flexibility in his rotations are inexcusable.

    As for Augustin vs Hinrich, even the most basic, novice fan knows that Augustin signed for more money in Detroit that the Bulls could offer.

    See, there's this set of rules called "The NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement", and those silly salary cap rules wouldn't allow the Bulls to offer more than the Room Exception of $2,732,000 after signing Gasol and Mirotic.Augustin signed for $3 million with Detroit, an offer the Bulls 100% could not match.

    Basic, simple salary cap rules there.

    Hinrich should be the 3rd string PG behind Brooks.,it's Thibs who keeps effing things up by giving Hinrich more minutes than Brooks, Snell, Moore and McDermott.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I think that you are wrong about Augustin situation, not the math, just he situation. I think that DJ would have taken a couple of bucks less to stay with the Bulls, especially early in the process. There were indications that he was willing to take the room exception from the Bulls. Supposedly, they offered the corpsedog the veterans minimum with the idea they'd offer the room exception to DJ. The dog was insulted and absolutely refused to play for the minimum. The Bulls caved and gave him the room exception, DJ moved on and got a slightly better offer from Detroit. It wasn't a matter of the Bulls matching Detroits offer, DJ wanted to stay with the Bulls. Obviously, it worked out even better than DJ imagined as he ended up with a team with a real chance to win a title or titles if Durant stays.

    Obviously we'll never know what really happened, but that's my sense of it from everything that I read, especially from DJ himself.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You could be right.

    Going back and looking at the dates, the Gasol and Mirotic signings happened a day before DJ signed with the Pistons.

    The Bulls had been trying to get Gasol in a sign and trade, and if that would have happened then Niko would have gotten the MLE and they would have been limited to offering DJ 120% of what he made last season as a non-Bird Free Agent (around $1.5 million).

    They could have resigned Hinrich with his Early Bird Rights, and they would have had the BAE for Augustin ($2 million). As it turned out, they had to go under the cap so they only had the Cap Space Exception of $2.732 million, which they gave to Hinrich (they lost his Bird Rights by going under the cap).

    We'll never know for sure if DJ would have taken the $2.732 million - let's assume he'd have chosen the Bulls over the Pistons at $3 million. The Pistons had cap space, they could have easily offered DJ $3.5 million for two years, or $4 million for two years.

    How much $$$ would DJ have turned down to be Rose's backup?

    Either way, Brooks has outplayed DJ this season thru January, though he certainly slumped in February. But still, his season numbers are almost identical to what DJ gave us last season.

    But if Brooks doesn't pick it up over the final 6 weeks of the season, it's going to be ugly. It's not like the Bulls will fall out of the playoffs, but they don't want to fall further than the 5th seed.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    You're still living through Lamarcus Aldrige for Tyrus Thomas? Wow, you got problems man.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I was only reiterating what Van Gundy said and happened to agree with him.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Well, you should always believe everything Jeff Van Gundy says, he's completely unbiased with no agenda of his own, ever.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I was quite surprised that Van Gundy even brought that up, it seemed very petty even a bit vindictive.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Actually I heard a replay of Van Gundy's remarks on The Score and they were much worse than I expected. A concise, cogent argument against Paxson vs. coaches could be made, but JVG did not even attempt as much.

    First he throws Paxson under the bus in talking about the Bulls being unfriendly to coaches which could have been fine but then cites Doug Collins as an example (what???). Then instead of staying on topic, he fires a shot at Paxson for the one draft he really messed up, when really, Paxson's draft record is the last thing about him to criticize. Then later he's critical that the Jordan Bulls had so many calls go their way. This is the guy some people see as a "truth teller?" Yeah if you hate the Bulls, then this guy tells the truth, because he hates them too, and it clearly goes waaaaay beyond Paxson, Paxson just makes a convenient target because he's the current Prez of the Bulls. Whatever.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Scottie Pippen simply does not have the intellectual capacity to be an NBA GM.

  • Doug, I do feel a bit of negativity from you, but on the contrary, I think there is a silver line behind all this crazy week.
    1) Niko and Snell could potentially be the potential x-factors on the playoffs.
    2) Noah is back playing his game and flirting with triple doubles on every game again.
    3) Rose needs to play his best beginning on the second round and after that, so even if he comes back by the first week of April, plays 3 games before the playoffs, he still has another month to ramp up.
    4) Wizards and Raptors are playing their worst basketball lately, so there is good chance the Bulls end up on second or third place and pick up the Cavs on the second round with Rose playing better.
    5) When playoff comes, Rose goes back to the starting lineup and Brooks assumes a smaller role again.This will boost the team's spirits and depth at the backcourt.

    My biggest concern is getting everyone else healthy besides Rose. Butler and Taj have to regain their health and everybody else has to stay healthy. Let's stay positive and hoping the basketball Gods will keep this team healthy.

  • It's over if we keep playing kirk, just read on twitter from thibs"kirk is battling through injury, we're shorthanded and he is giving us what he has". WTF??
    He plays someone who isn't 100% and doesn't play someone who is. McD isn't a good defender but I don't think kirk gives more on offense than McD takes you on defense.
    He always does this and in the end we regret because the team can't score enough.

  • In reply to mariiito:

    Don't forget about E'Twaun Moore! He would also be preferable to Hinrich. And playing Hinrich at the SG spot (along with Brooks) is completely unforgivable.

  • In reply to Edward:

    The Brooks/corpsedog combo is absolute moronic asinine insanity. Then compound that with Snell at SF and Gasoline at center and you have no chance of ever closing out/winning a game down the stretch.

    I realize that some of that closing lineup was due to Butler's injury and Taj's and Rose's. Never the less, Brooks and the corpsedog should never be allowed on the court at the same time. Gasoline and the corpsedog should never be allowed on the court at the same time.

    If the corpsedog is playing hurt, then do the right thing, put him down, and put all of us out of our misery.

    The unrelenting brickheadedness of the Thibsiot is insanely nauseating.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Completely agree!
    This was like watching the 4th quarters of the first two games of last years Washington playoff series, when Thibs did nothing and watched the offense stall.

    Why would any coach play two backup PGs together??? Especially when there are two better options at SG (Snell, Moore) and Dunleavy available at SF along with McDermott. Brickheaded indeed!

  • I really don't see the big deal about Rose's injury. Initially I was shocked, and filled with thoughts of the end of days. But once we found out he only had the torn portion shaved off, I returned to sanity, read back up on what this procedure meant and immediately felt much better. My brother had this surgery twice, in high school football, and it was only 2 weeks off each time, and that was in football midseason. He went on to wrestle in the Big 10 for four years, and had zero problems whatsoever. If you look at Derricks ACL knee, its held up incredibly well, and hasn't been injured one iota going on THREE years in a month or two from now. Three years with zero recurring problems with Derricks ACL knee?.. a damn good sign imo. Dwayne Wade had his meniscus removed completely, IN COLLEGE. Rose merely had some shaved off, which gives him a much better situation going forward than Wade had at Marquette so many years ago, and he went on to do a few things. Look, I know how bad Rose has looked, how poor his numbers are. But you have to take into account how he's looked on the nights he looked engaged. The few times this season where it seemed as if Rose stopped thinking about where he would land or how much risk a drive might entail. These moments and games, usually against top tier competition, tells me that Rose still has that top gear. The only question is whether he's just too conscious of injury risk because he can't help it, or if he's actively holding back to preserve himself. I'm personally of the belief that Rose, for better or worse, has tempered his slashing and explosion in favor of preservation through the regular season, and that he will play like he's up against some other PG who people say have past him up every single playoff matchup. I mean in most cases, he will be playing a Kyrie, Lofton, etc. There's just not much to take from this regular season that projects to the playoffs. We're used to the Bulls playing in the regular season identically to how they played in the post season. That isn't the case this year. Noah has paced himself, and looks more explosive and engaged recently than he had the first 50 games in. Pau Gasol is one big pace machine the bastard. Even Jimmy Butler hasn't been balls to the wall every game. Thibs, of course, is balls to the wall day in and day out, but he's the coach, and we might actually benefit if somehow he gets worn out and loses his voice before the playoffs start, the screaming maniac that he is. Snell has emerged, Butler has had his all star explosion, and gone on to hold those averages above 20 points now to the point that it is safe to say that he has NOT had a normal 'return to the mean' which was predicted by many after a short rough patch. This situation could be a hell of a lot worse, no one expected Butler to do what he's done, and Mirotic while a touch up and down over the course of the year, has proven to be an excellent addition. Now we just have to figure out how we can get Noah down low to do his thing on the boards without sacrificing the scoring of Pau Gasol...

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    CRAPtain Kirk is a sacred cow. Bulls mgmt and coaching staff are enamored with the guy, an 11 year player who still makes silly mistakes.

  • This Rose mini-vacation could be a blessing in disguise if the Bulls just had a coach with even an ounce of flexibility.

    Instead of running an injured Hinrich and slumping Brooks out there, how about giving Moore some burn to see what he can do if given some consistent minutes?

    How about trying out a big backcourt of Snell and Butler? Run 'em out there with Mirotic and Noah at PF/C and you've got 4 very good ballhandlers, certainly enough to overcome the lack of a "pure PG". The offense has looked pretty good since Rose got hurt as long as it's running through Noah in the high post. Pick and roll with Brooks or Hinrich... not so much.

    How about giving McDoug some minutes? We've seen what Snell and Mirotic can do when given consistent big roles, McDoug surely can't play any worse than Brooks and Hinrich over the last week.

    I've reached the point where I have very little hope of winning it all this year, even if Rose comes back close to 100%. I can see Thibs costing us a big playoff game or two by running Hinrich out there instead of Snell and giving Taj 30 minutes of inefficient offense and lousy defensive rebounding while Niko languishes on the bench, lucky to get backup SF minutes.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    At this point, especially after his performance in this game, I think a great argument could be made that the Bulls would be much better off without ever having signing the Krispy Kreme Pansey. Noah and Gibson start and Niko gets a full compliment of at least 30 minutes a night with most of them at PF.

    Is there anybody out there who still doesn't understand why Gasoline is absolutely a full on Krispy Kreme Pansey after witnessing the softest 4 pt, 2-13 night in the history of the NBA.

    If you still don't/refuse to get it, just go back and watch the tape of this game, featuring DeAndre Jordan(+19) destroying Gasoline on both ends of the court on every possession.

    If you can't watch the whole game, just one play should do it, you know the one where KKP gets the ball inside the circle 2-3 feet from the rim and goes up like an absolute pussy and gets his shot blocked/stuffed down his throat by Jamal Crawford, whose defense is only slightly less world renowned than Ben Gordon's.

    As usual(especially with Chris Paul(+20) going against either brooks or the corpsedog) we got absolutely annihilated all night long on the high pick and roll, directly attacking the KKP.

    In fact one could argue that the KKP was at least partially responsible for Butler's injury. Jordan set the pick while straddling the 3 point line, Gasol was so far away from the play that he had both feet in the paint. Guarding no one, not Jordan and not the ballhandler(?) when he cleared the pick, which I'm sure that Gassholine didn't call out. Even if he did, he was so far from the play that Butler couldn't have heard him.

    Look, I get it, the Bulls had no right to even be in the game with Rose, Gibson and then Butler out of the game. But miraculously on the efforts of Noah and Mirotic they were still in the game, only down 1 with 8 minutes to go after a Crawford(who Snell could not guard) 3.
    They were still within 3 when Gasoline came back in for Noah, but not for long as the Clippers inexorably moved the lead to double digits with Noah sitting.

    Like I've been saying all year the Bulls cannot win a game down the stretch with Gassholine on the floor period, unless they are up 10-15-20 points when he comes back to close the 4rth. F.Y.I. Noah was zero plus/minus, KKP minus 11, which pretty much reflects the last 6 minutes of the game, with the corpsedog giving his all in another 0ffer and Dunleavy contributing another invisible man game.

    The fact that we lost this game doesn't really bother me, but the our white guy lineup(KKP, corpsedog and Casper) sure got it's ass kicked.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Gasol had no business being on the floor late in the LAC game, it was obvious from the opening tap that he was still under the weather and feeling the effects of the virus that kept Hinrich and Gibson out of a few games. If Gibson had been available, Gasol wouldn't have played.

    He missed several open jumpers that he usually knocks down in his sleep, but he still managed to put up 15 rebounds and 4 assists (zero turnovers). Jordan outplayed him by a wide margin, but it's not like he hasn't been doing that to lots of guys lately - he just came off a February where he averaged 16.0 points and 17.2 rebounds, including 20+ rebounds in 4 of 11 games.

    And he only scored 9 points, after scoring 20+ in 4 of his previous 7. Dude's a beast, I'm not the least bit surprised that he had a game like most of the games he's had since Griffin got hurt.

    I know you've been all over Gasol all season, and I really don't get it. Certainly his defensive effort has been lacking a lot of the time, but I've been assuming that he's planning on turning it up a notch in the playoffs (since he had to know coming in that Thibs would play him at least 5-6 minutes too many during the regular season).

    His defensive rating is 102.3, which certainly isn't great but it's not that far behind Noah's (100.6) and it's better than Gibson's 102.7 (which does surprise me).

    #3 in Efficiency
    #13 in points per game
    #11 in Off Reb per game
    #3 in Reb per game
    #4 in blocks per game

    If someone had told me before the season that he'd be putting up those kinds of numbers 60 games in, I would have thought they were crazy.

    And when you said "Like I've been saying all year the Bulls cannot win a game down the stretch with Gassholine on the floor period, unless they are up 10-15-20 points when he comes back to close the 4rth", sorry but you just couldn't be more wrong.

    I'll give you the numbers,Gasol has been downright dominant late in close games:

    Behind or Tied:

    Last 5 MIN <= 5 PTS:
    60 min
    18/27 FG .667
    11/12 FT .917
    10 off reb
    22 tot reb
    7 ast
    4 to
    1 stk
    3 blk
    47 pts

    Last 3 MIN <=5 PTS
    35 min
    10/15 fg .667
    7/8 ft .875
    6 off reb
    13 reb
    5 ast
    2 to
    1 stl
    3 blk
    27 pts

    Last 1 MIN <=5 PTS
    12 min
    3/6 fg
    1/1 ft
    4 off reb
    7 reb
    1 ast
    0 to
    1 stl
    1 blk

    Last 30 SEC <=3 PTS
    6 min
    2/3 fg
    0 ft
    2 off reb
    2 reb
    1 stl
    4 pts

    Last 10 SEC <=3 PTS
    3 min
    1/1 fg
    1 off
    1 reb
    2 pts
    Ahead or Behind
    Last 5 MIN +/- 5 PTS
    108 min
    25/39 fg .641
    26/30 ft .867
    12 off reb
    32 reb
    11 ast
    5 to
    1 stl
    6 blk

    Last 3 MIN +/- 5 PTS
    65 min
    15/23 fg .652
    22/26 ft .846
    8 off reb
    21 reb
    7 ast
    3 to
    1 stl
    4 blk

    Last 1 MIN +/- 5 PTS
    24 min
    5/10 fg
    12/14 ft
    5 off reb
    12 reb
    2 ast
    1 to
    1 stl
    1 blk
    22 pts

    Last 30 SEC +/- 3 PTS
    11 min
    2/4 fg .500
    5/6 ft .833
    2 off reb
    3 reb
    1 stl
    9 pts

    Last 10 SEC +/- 3 PTS
    5 min
    1/1 fg 1.000
    5/6 ft .833
    1 off reb
    2 reb
    7 pts

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I'm not disputing his offense(other than that he's not a low post scorer). However, it seems to have no correlation to our winning games. It especially seems to have no correlation to our overcoming deficits in the final 6 minutes of games. Have they ever overcome a deficit with him in the game at closing time. To me even as good as it looks most of the time(his offense), it seems like fools gold with regard to affecting the outcome of the game in a positive. Which is why he probably shouldn't start and definitely shouldn't finish, just let him pile up stats during garbage time(i.e. the middle of the game)

    We used to win some of those games by overcoming our hideous offense by even more stifling defense. Noah's defensive numbers have to be worse because he plays at least half his minutes with Gasol and out of position. I'd like to see his numbers without Gasol. I still think that Noah and Taj should close games, even though Taj doesn't appear to be what he used to be.

    Heck, it seems to me that even Noah and Niko is a more effective combo. The difference between Noah at center and Gasol at center seems even more noticeable lately as Noah seems to be recovering from his knee and playing with a lot more energy, even though his offense is still retarded.

    Maybe you can find some numbers that say I'm wrong, but thats the way my gut and eyes see it.

    I didn't know that he was still under the weather last night, but his body language didn't really appear all that different, still very hangdogish.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    According to, it's Taj who is killing our late-game defense. Which comes as no surprise to either one of us, obviously.

    With 5 minutes or less to play and neither team ahead by more than 5 points:

    Mirotic - 32 min, 70.1 Defensive Rating, +21 (+32.0 per 48)
    Noah - 91 min, 88.4 Defensive Rating, +56 (+29.6 per 48 min)
    Gasol - 104 min, 94.4 Defensive Rating, +24 (+11.1 per 48 min)
    Gibson - 34 min, 113.3 Defensive Rating, -6 (-8.5 per 48 min)

    That covers 120 total minutes of game action.

    Not surprisingly, Noah at C and Niko at PF would seem to be our best late-game lineup.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Well, I'd be doing cartwheels(if I could do them) if that actually ever happened.

    Of course, I've argued since the preseason that we should platoon our bigmen, Noah with Mirotic and Gasol with Gibson. That gives us the best balance of offense and defense at all times and allows everybody to play their natural positions all the time.

    Maybe that's too simplistic a solution for a genious(or is he a Thibsiot) to figure out or accept.

  • Today's 4th quarter reminded me of the first two games of last years Washington Wizards playoffs series. Bulls offense stagnated and Thibs made no adjustments, just waiting for the players of the floor to "do their job." When is Thibs doing to do his job and actually add something to the team strategy and adjustment wise. The good coaches can do this, haven't seen this yet from Thibs in 5 seasons.

    Playing an ancient backup PG out-of-position at SG is unforgivable, especially with capable E'Twaun Moore on the bench and under contract for next season.

    Butler, Mirotic and Snell, along with McDermott and even Moore, are the future of this team. THEY NEED TO BE PLAYED! Hinrich and Dunleavy are not taking this team anywhere and are both 34 years old. Their careers are over and they were never all-stars in their primes. There is no logic behind Thibs reliance on Hinrich, none at all. DEVELOP THE YOUNG TALENT.

  • It's getting to where Thibs is gonna have no choice but to play McDNP. With Taj out, he mostly needs Mirotic at the 4 where he belongs anyway. With Butler out that only leaves Dunleavy at the 3 where Snell should mostly be playing the 2. With Rose out, Hinrich should only be playing the point along with brooks and never the 2. Which leaves McDNP as the only real backup at the 3. this next game is going to be very telling of the creativity or stubbornness of Thibs. Not to mention it's against the Wizards whom beating the Bulls is their specialty.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Stop it, you're being far too obvious and logical, you've got to start thinking like a genius or a Thibsiot.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    But let's face it, we all know Thibs is just going to play Brooks 28 minutes, Dunleavy 24, Snell 40 and Hinrich 32.

  • Wow, there's a lot of constructive ideas here. Has anyone noticed any set plays for Dunleavy or
    Snell--none for sf.
    Has anyone read the Michael Wallace story about Loul Deng and how the Bulls medical staff approved him to play even though he was still sick. His spinal tap was still leaking and players on other teams recomended other doctors. Could the very same doctors diagnosed Rose's condition wrong before 1st major injury. This team sure has a lot injuries

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Thanks, it is an excellent article. Here's the link.

  • Did the Bulls front office try to hide the doctors wrong diagnoses by trading Deng?

  • Could the Bulls medical staff be giving players like Hinrich the wrong advice for recovery and physical healing?

  • The Wallace writeup is on ESPN dated Feb 27

  • Lots of complaints about Thibs, well good news, he probably won't be the Bulls head coach after this year.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I'm starting to believe that that will indeed be the case.

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