Maybe I was wrong about Tony Snell

Maybe I was wrong about Tony Snell

The Bulls earned a much needed blow out at the United Center last night, crushing the struggling Kings. The man perhaps most responsible? Tony Snell.

Pau Gasol led the Bulls in scoring with 26 and had a brilliant night. Derrick Rose was an efficient 10/17 from the field for 23 points and chipped in seven assists. However, it was Tony Snell's career high 24 points on 9/11 shooting that really pushed the Bulls over the edge.

With Jimmy Butler sitting the entire second half with a strained shoulder that appeared to be hurt running into a brutal DeMarcus Cousins pick, Tony Snell picked up the mandatory 40+ minute wing player role and gave the Bulls 41 minutes.

His 24 points was a new career high just two games after falling a basket short of his career high. In those two games, Snell was on fire beyond the arc shooting a combined 9/12. Snell looks like he's taken a bit of arc off of a three point shot that actually had too much arc to improve form.

It remains to be seen if he can add some consistency to his shot, but he's shooting 36.5% from the three point line now which is passable and only a few percentage points away from pretty good. It's worth noting that he typically only shoots wide open threes which makes him more of a Bogans type shooter even if he gets his percentage up.

However, it's not his torrid three point shooting stretch that gives me pause about his career prospects, as noted, I just compared him to Bogans, but it's his defense and basket slashing. Snell's defensive awareness has improved tremendously over the past year and while he's not a lock down defender, gone is the guy who consistently went to the wrong spot.

His aggressiveness on the court has improved tremendously, and this was the one area that I had a really high level of concern with. In his rookie season, his mentality was very passive on both ends of the floor, but that has completely turned around this season.

He's aggressive defensively, aggressive at chasing loose balls or rebounds, and when he gets the ball on offense he makes quick, good decisions. He shoots if open, cuts when there is a seam, and passes if he doesn't have anything.

He rarely tries to do too much, and because he's making quick decisions he puts pressure on the defense despite pedestrian offensive skills because the ball doesn't stick to him to give the defense a chance to pause.

I'm not saying Tony Snell is destined to become a star, but he was a player I had completely given up on and considered a bust. I'm rethinking that view. He's shown some significant strengths recently, and if he can continue to improve a then he could fill that 3D role he was drafted for.

I thought with his combination of size and skills that he compared well with Courtney Lee, a player the Bulls could surely have used over the years even if he was a pure role player. Recently, Snell's started to look pretty similar. Let's see if he can keep it up and whether or not Tom Thibodeau will give him the chance.

Either way, Snell's improvements come at a good time for Chicago if they want to consider a trade. While I like what I've seen from Snell, if Chicago wants to trade for immediate help then Snell now looks like a young cheap asset instead of a long shot.

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  • It's about time Snell had a hot streak from downtown. I didn't think it would take a season and a half. He won't stay light outs by any stretch of the imagination, but I think he's rounding into a guy who could be a rotation player. That's saying a lot for a guy who spent the aforementioned season and a half of basketball not looking like an NBA-caliber player. Has he played well enough to earn angry blog comments when Thibs inevitably buries him on the bench again? Miro's situation is unbearable, especially with the string of bad games and general regression we've seen from Taj. These guys have to see the floor if they're going to get better.

    A larger and larger part of me hopes Thibs is moved on after the season.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Hard to believe that Snell now has something in common with Wilt and Michael, apparently, he can score 24 points even in his sleep.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    LOL! There aren't too many players who can play in the NBA while sleeping, but Snell is one of them.

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    In reply to Hunter:

    I wouldn't keep time on Snell's progress, remember it's not easy for a Rookie to adjust to Thibs yelling "Move The Ball!" 2 ft from your back when you want to shoot it. Thibs talks too much from the sidelines, and that can shake a rookies confidence. Luckily for Snell, he plays with a veteran core group who encourages him to keep shooting, and a teammate like Jimmy Butler who's gone through the same abuse from Thibs as Tony. Hopefully, Snell has earned more mins on the court.

  • Don't worry, when Capt Klank gets back, coach stubborn will relegate Tony to the bench.

  • In reply to juice44:

    I don't think so. Thibs was favoring Snell over Klank even when Klank was healthy. If Snell keeps getting to the right spots and nailing his jumper, Thibs isn't going to pull him.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Let's hope, I only want to use Hinrich in this fashion;

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    In reply to juice44:

    This is SO TRUE. I wish management would trade Kirk for a future 2nd rd draft pick.

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    He's growing into an NBA player. Him, Niko and Doug all fall in the same category. They have to experience time on the court and play through mistakes in order to find their role as teammates.

    Next step for Snell is to add consistency to his 3 pt shot, and to be able to nail his jumper with a hand in his face. Hopefully, Thibs will allow Snell more consistent time on the floor.

    Doug McDermott's the next man up. Give that kid some playing time!

  • Nice that he is getting some confidence on the jumper. i thought he had a nice stroke out of college but he looked horrible shooting the last two years. Confidence is everything. He also has a pretty good knack for moving without the ball as a cutter and finishing in traffic. He really reminds me of a poor man's Luol Deng, because he can score multiple ways but struggles off the bounce, has good length but is not an elite athlete, and is a decent team defender and decent on the break. Let's see how he handles Lebron on Thursday.

  • For the past month or so, there's been a general sentiment on this blog that Tony Snell doesn't suck. Part of that is because we're forced to watch Klank for 25-30 minutes a night, getting to see what a truly sucky player looks like. Kirk might be in the right spots but he looks outmatched out there. Snell does not. He's long and athletic and is finally figuring out what spot to be in. Now if he can add some decent three-point shooting, well, he's an NBA player, a rotational 3-and-D guy that the Bulls were hoping for when they drafted him. Still would rather have Dieng or Plumlee but Snell is no longer the worst pick ever.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Was he worse than Teague? I guess just by virtue of being picked 10 spots higher.

    Too bad we can't put Doug McDermott in Tony Snell's body, then we'd actually have what we've been looking for all these years.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    With Teague, I don't think we really missed out on anyone. I'm sure you can find a second rounder who has been better but it's not like there was an abundance of better players where Teague was drafted. But when Snell was drafted, there were 2-3 obviously better players that even us fans identified. To me, that's a big difference.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Yea, you're right, but with perfect 20/20 hindsight, I looked it up and Draymond Green(who I would have thought was a first rounder) went with the 34rth or 35th pick to GS, but nobody had him anywhere on the Bulls radar.

  • I've been saying for a while now that Snell could potentially be the true X factor of the team this year. He's still not too far removed from D league status but he's been showing signs of an NBA player.

    I'm hoping Butler's injury isn't anything too serious to make him miss playing time. This team is something else, one guy comes back and another injured.

    I miss Taj Gibson. Whoever that guy is they got out there wearing his jersey plays more like Othella Harrington. And Noah has just been completely abysmal. It's sad because these are the two guys that carried the load last season. It's almost hard to believe they could regress so much.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    I agree with you about Taj, maybe he's in the same boat as Noah. I believe that he turns 30 this year. Taj was always undersized for a PF but made up for it with hustle, length and athleticism. He like Noah was a guy who could not afford to lose a step or even an inch for that matter.

    As a 30 year old he doesn't have the stamina to kill himself on both ends of the court or all game long. Even when he does give it his all, usually on the offensive end(certainly not in transition D), he seems to come up just a bit short of success, which is likely caused by natural age related loss of athleticism. I agree with you, it is sad to watch for both guys. Although Noah still seems to try harder than Taj.

    As a side note to Noah being abysmal, he only played 17 minutes last night due to getting the primary assignment on Cousins which basically had him in foul trouble most of the game. However, by my count Cousins(who admittedly had an off night) didn't score a single field goal on Noah, just a couple of free throws. He(cousins) scored all his field goals(5) and likely shot over 50% with Gasol on him. Jason Thompson also scored 6 quick points on Gasol in the early going when Noah was on Cousins.

    I was surprised and somewhat unhappy that Thibs put Noah on Cousins to start the game. You would think that Gasol being the much bigger man should have been able to match up better with Cousins. I guess that Thibs was right even if it did put Noah in foul trouble all night.

    So while Noah looks awful on offense, there is a hidden value that he provides that shows up in somebody else's box score. Gasol gets to have a "brilliant'" night offensively and on the boards because Noah saved him from fouling out or giving up 40 points by guarding Cousins all night. It almost seemed like it might have been worth sigging Nazr on Cousins after Noah left with 5 fouls. Somebody has to do the dirty work and it certainly isn't going to be the KKP.

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    In reply to BigWay:

    Actually, I'm starting to see improvement in Noah's game. I enjoy watching him and Cousins matchup against each other. Cousin always does things to cause Noah to get into foul trouble. This dates back 4 yrs when Cousins was a rookie. They just don't like each other.

    Taj has become a Stacey King highlight poster and that's it. He's a non factor on the boards, and has lost his midrange shot, just when it was starting to drop last season. Fortunately, he plays well with Pau Gasol, and is often in the right places when the defenses are drawn to Pau. If Niko can get back to the way he was playing in early Dec. Taj would be so expendable right now.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    I agree that Noah is getting a little bit better everyday even if the progress is slow. I also agree that Cousins can't stand the way that Noah goes at him and as a result he turns into a flailing flopping monster. Noah who is very handsy on defense(often needlessly so) got caught on every questionable call last night when Cousins initiated the contact. I'd say at least 4 of his 5 fouls were bogus, could have gone the other way, or should have been no calls.

    Funny that you called Taj a Stacey King highlight poster and thats it, because that was exactly what I was thinking last night when Stacey did the poster play with Taj, what about the rest of the game.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    From that perspective do you gamble and trade Taj for Afflalo and hope you can keep Afflalo long term? Then hope Niko can get back in a groove at the 4? Intriguing....

  • Coming on the heels of his last "vaunted" performance in Orlando, I had noted Tony Snell's three point shooting in that game was an awful .287 or something. But I offered that if the Bulls could up Snell's minutes and get him on a short "hot streak" then trade him at the deadline for a legit player that would be ideal. And now this.

    Look, people who enjoy the rise of a young player I get it. Nobody likes that more then myself. And I'm happy to be wrong about Tony Snell as a prospect. Could he end up as a solid rotation three point shooter and decent defense wing guy for a contending ball club? Maybe. But I wouldn't bet on it.

    Why? Ignoring the fact that guys that have the kind of awful college careers/numbers he had usually don't pan out, his rebounding and steals rates are hardly indicative of a quality player on a contending rotation. In fact, Snell's weak college numbers even as a Junior of 2.6 rebounds, .08 steals - in NBA play in 30 minutes Snell would be at 3.8 rebounds which sucks and .08 steals also lame. His one on one defense does look better no question(though it wasn't long ago he was getting scorched on the perimeter by guys like Chandler Parsons).

    Tony Snell may have a five years or longer NBA career, but that doesn't mean he will be a quality player you win an championship with in legit minutes. However, he's showing you enough to make that a legit question which is saying something considering where he's come from in NBA play.

    If it's me, I give him plenty of minutes the next few games and only yank when he looks bad on an entire stretch of basketball. In this way you can probably milk this confidence zone he's in right now. Then you do one of two things: 1) Keep his minutes up over playoff/elite level non-viable 34 year old Mike Dunleavy so he's(Snell) ready to go/contribute post season or 2) You strongly consider cashing in that "value" in trade before the deadline for a legit wing/shooter who doesn't suck athletically and rebounding(cough - Mike Dunleavy).

    Honestly if you don't see the Bulls as contenders this season you probably should play Snell plus 28 minutes the rest of the season and see what he can do. Only problem is "da coach" in Tom "stubborn Lunkhead" Thibodeau will throw a monkey-wrench into this obvious move, by clinging to his precious "vet" in 34 year old, non-athletic, non-playoff viable in rebounds per minutes and defense Mike Dunleavy. And, by the way - that as much as anything else is why I'm glad "Thibs" will be fired at the end of this season.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I also have to say Tony(calling him by his first name - uncomfortable, putting myself out there feeling..) is starting to grow on me as in aside from his performance a decent guy in his demeanor which is always nice and not easy to find on the NBA level. And if he continues playing solid or better then he has delivered us from Mike "Dunleavyalone to rebound or defend this guy." So yess I guess you could sayy, "I'm rooting for Tony Snell"(said rapidly under my breath, walking away quickly).

  • Side note: I mentioned yesterday about George Karl's imminent hiring to begin coaching the Sacramento Kings post all-star break. Hoping Karl who's known for dramatic, quick turnarounds could utilize a potent scoring tandem in DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay, and solid Darren Collison with some nice support vets like Carl Landry. Passing Boston and Denver to escape the NBA dregs "Lotto Zone" of the top ten.

    Fearing are No.11ish pick as dead, but now hearing the faint beeping of an EKG monitor.. dare I hope the patient will be restored to life..? Though cold water dashing ESPN Nick Freidell(aka Clemenza - Godfather reference) is spouting that the team will "want to steer" towards another high lottery pick aka Tank McNamara. Funny how a trivial thing like restoring the early season promise of three solid offensive talents of winning success and culture now seems an inconvenience. Seriously aside from self-interest, with all the losing they have endured and finally were escaping do I want to throw them back into that muck just for one more 8-10ish pick post McLemore and Stauskas? Answer: of course I do, this is the makes no sense NBA.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Karl has to get them to play defense, they have plenty of offensive talent. Cousins has to learn to play on the defensive end with the physicality that he plays on the offensive end, like Nene does. Pau Gasol won't like that very much, but he won't have to worry about it until next season.

  • it had to happen sooner or later, tony had to improved. remember how much jimmy play in the first 2 years? if it wasn't for injuries he wouldn't have played much, luckyly everyone was out for some time, and he earned a spot and now nobody question him
    Maybe we are lucky again and tony can play

  • I have hoped that Tony Snell would be the person who could give Jimmy Butler the help that Jimmy Butler provided to Luol Deng. I don't know how much longer his progression will go. But if he develops more, it helps the Bulls tremendously.

    Still I think the Bulls greatest problem is getting their defense back. Yes, Thibs plays Klank absolutely too much. But he like his defense. And if Snell improves more on defense while not being the zero that Klank is on offense, then that is a good thing. But Thibs is and will always be a defense first guy.

    Yet, I am still surprised by the talk of firing Thibs. National networks seem surprised by it and think that Thibs is a great coach. They seem to think that if Thibs is fired it will suggest poor things about the Bulls front office and the players. The narrative is that the front office is too micromanaging of a great coach and the players don't want to play for a coach who works them too hard.

    While I agree that Thibs needs to figure out how to back off some times, I would still take him right now over anyone else out there. If Thibs is fired, I don't see Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, Greg Popovich or even Doc Rivers or George Karl or Rick Carlisle coming through that door.

    If you are unhappy with this team's performance, I'd pick two areas first before I pick Thibs. First, I would start with the players. Noah seems to be hurt every other year and he is needed so much more as a defensive anchor on this team while Gasol is out there. Taj, as many have complained, is not playing like he did the last two years and it is frustrating. Oh and there is DRose still not shooting efficiently and doubling the number of shots taken versus the assists. Is this because of Thibs?

    Second, I'd blame the front office. Everyone keeps talking about the need for a wing player. And who is it that signed Klank when there could be a better wing or post back-up on this team? And as the Bulls are struggling right now and unfounded rumors about Thibs are coming out, do you hear Garpax nipping that in the bud. No, instead their silence just verifies to the outside world that the Bulls organization is not a great place for an outstanding coach to be.

    So while the Bulls major problem to me is to figure out how they can improve their defensive numbers with the players they have, I cannot imagine a better person to be tackling that problem than Thibs. And I don't think he is an elite coach yet. But under the circumstances, I don't see anyone else out there to replace him. And why replace him when the bigger problems are the players and the front office right now?

  • "Why replace him when the bigger problems are the players and the front office right now?"

    The reasons are obvious. He repeatedly makes foolish mistakes and he lacks the humility to recognize it. These weaknesses will prevent him from ever becoming a top tier coach. And that is the kind of coach a team needs to win titles. It starts at the top.

    1) Grinding players into the ground for regular season wins - they are worn out going into the playoffs.
    2) Failing to develop young talent.
    3) Stubbornly sticking with losing tactics. Like Kirk. Just that example should prove the point. Overusing Dunleavy is another example. Playing Noah out of his natural position is a third. If it isn't working, change it!

    It does not seem that even Ron Adams was able to help him see the folly of all this. Too bad. Nice guy and smart, but too many blind spots. Apparently there is nobody who can help him fix this.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Just because you can point out flaws in the team doesn't mean the FO didn't do a good job, go find a team without flaws. I'm pretty sure Thibs was 100% on board with bringing Kirk back. It's not the like the FO forced Kirk onto Thibs. So you can't just isolate the FO and blame them for Kirk and not blame Thibs. They're all to blame. Is the FO to blame for Noah and Rose not playing well?

  • In reply to Roman F:

    To me the only thing I have against the FO is that they have looked awful publicly in regards to coaches. The ridiculous Vinny Del Negro fight. Firing Ron Adams. And now not squashing this Thibs is on the hot seat nonsense (whether it's true or not). All those things look horrible. From a talent perspective it really is like playing the lottery...they won some and lost some like everyone.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    My response to defensewins had to do with the coach of the Bulls, not the FO! All of my points were about Thibs.

    That's not to say I agree with the FO on everything. (Who does?) The team has need the SG for a decade (Well, it seems like it anyway!) and where is he?

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Alright, I don't disagree with any of your criticisms of Thibs. My point is that I think you can royally criticize almost every coach in the NBA despite their tremendous wining record unless they have won a championship. And even some of those coaches are criticized significantly.

    So all I was trying to suggest is that the players and the front office take just as much blame. And do I think the front office made the decision regarding Klank without Thibs approval. I have no idea. I agreed that Thibs likes his defense. But so do most NBA experts. I also know if the front office said would you rather have Ron Adams back or Klank, I think Thibs would take Ron Adams and the Front office would take Klank. But all of that does not matter as much as the point I was raising about the broader message it sends if the Bulls even talk about firing Thibs right now.

    Despite whatever problems we see with Thibs' coaching, the general national feeling appears to be that even talking about it just sends the wrong message to any future coaches coming to coach the Bulls right now. That is what I'm not sure you are addressing. And the players and the front office which don't seem to be as easy to fire as a coach need to be held just as accountable.

    I am a life-long Bulls fan. I go back to the 70s with Dick Motta and Stormin Norm Van Lier, Jerry Sloan, Chet the Jet and Bob Butterbean Love. I want the Bulls to win championships again. But it does seem like the only chatter about firing Thibs is coming from the Internet. National response seems to be that even suggesting firing Thibs right now suggests that Chicago is not the right place for an excellent coach to go.

    Are the things that you are critical of with Thibs worth a Scott Skiles or a Vinny Del Negro replacement and years of setback with another coach? I guess I just don't see many more coaches that would clearly do so much better. I think he should be criticized and the Front Office should address some of the concerns you have highlighted about his decisions and maybe they have.

    But firing him at this stage or even talking about seems to create broader problems for the Bulls right now than working on the players and the front office. I mean Cleveland's front office got them players that has transformed their team by adding Mosgov, Smith, and Shumpert when Cleveland started to fall apart and everyone was saying that Cleveland's coach was terrible. Now they are sailing.

    That's all I was suggesting about these calls to get rid of Thibs right now. I just wonder if they just seem to be counterproductive under the circumstances.

  • Several of us really liked what we saw from Snell in summer league. Others were skeptical. Both views were understandable - it was a bit of a tossup.

    The Bulls have had guys before who they never developed but who then went on to become excellent players elsewhere. If you spend a pick on them you ought to play them!

    Obviously this lesson applies to M & M. It is also a reason to pick up a guy like Stauskas if he is cheap enough - he just might be a value acquire.

    Earlier I felt Snell might go in a trade for Afflalo. Now I hope not. If Snell is traded and becomes a starting SG, the FO will feel really stupid. BTW, last night Snell was 4 of 6 on 3s but 5 of 5 on 2s! The potential is there. Keep him!

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Corey Brewer scored 50 points in a game, once, the rest of his career he hasn't been able to hit the side of a barn unless he runs into face first.

    I'm happy that Snell made some wide open shots last night, but I'm fairly confident that we won't be playing Sacramento in the playoffs, or anyone who plays defense the way that they don't.

    Same goes for Gasol's brilliant game, it was a beautiful thing to watch, but wake me up when he does that against the Cavs or the Wiz in the playoffs.

  • Snell looked good, he's too damn streaky on jumpshots and he needs to develop attacking the rim and getting to the foul line to balance out his offense. I do think he's a decent passer and an improved defender. He's not much of a rebounder and he gets pushed around with his skinny frame. 3D guy is for the taking if he puts in the work and continues to improve and stay consistent. Doug McDermott is up next just looks unathletic and overmatched when he tries to dribble drive and get to the rim he gets spanked by the athleticism of the NBA. He needs to watch Kyle Korver and focus on his jumpshooting now.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I don't think Snell will ever attack the rim or get to the foul line, so he better get really good at shooting 3s. That will be enough to stay in the NBA. If he can add an inside game, he could be a starter, but I doubt he will.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Like I said earlier, too bad we can't put Doug McDermott in Tony Snells body, we'd have the perfect complement to Butler, another all star and an elite 3 point bomber to call our own.

  • It's looking like Snell may be an off the bench rotational player to spell Butler at SG if he keeps improving. Dunleavy should be an off the bench back up SF (and hopefully McDermott can eventually fill that role when Dunleavy is gone. That still leaves the Bulls needing another starting caliber SF/wing to play next to Butler. So it's great to have Snell playing better. It's great to have Dunleavy back. But the Bulls are still in the same ole situation where they need an upgrade at a starting wing position.

  • Here's an article on the Bulls looking to trade for Afflalo

  • In reply to CN71:

    I've always been certain that they've discussed it, talked about it and figured they probably even asked about it. But with five teams interested, the price is going to be very high for a rental player. Would you give up a first for Afflalo? Earlier this year I definitely would have, at this point, I don't think they win even with him, so I wouldn't.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Yeah you'd want to know he was staying to give up anything good for him. But damn it'd be a nice addition. Essentially swapping Kirk's minutes (and then some) for him this year would be a nice upgrade.

  • Bulls FO drafted Snell largely on his performance in the 2013 Mountain West Conference tournament. Snell won MVP and shot over 50% from 3pt. GarPax thought they had identified a late-bloomer who was developing into a solid player.

    Similarly, Jimmy Butler won MVP of the Portsmouth Invitational in April 2011 shortly before Bulls drafted him.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Certainly all the "Snell is a bust" talk has been premature. We all have very high standards on this blog and live and die every game if not quarter. Many people spout extreme negativity over and over like a broken record but the truth is the jury is far from in on Snell being an NBA caliber player based on his opportunity thus far and if he is to what level. Right now is his time to earn more and more playing time with Kirk out and essentially useless anyway. Fingers crossed he'll take advantage and follow closer to Jimmy's footsteps than NBA bust. Hopefully Thibs gives him plenty of chances.

  • In reply to CN71:

    I still have my doubts that anyone who has the facial demeanor(and all that that entails) that Snell does can ever be a successful professional athlete or anything else for that matter.

    Like Doug, I am happy to be wrong about him, but 2 games out of 3 do not a career make, so today is the typical over reaction to one night's positive performance while ignoring a year and a half of mostly negative/horrendous/non existant performances. Personally, I don't look at his 3 point shot and immediately think of Steph Curry or Kyle Korver. Maybe Shawn Marion comes to mind.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Sam Perkins was a pretty good player, wasn't he? I wouldn't put too much stock in a guy's face.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Isn't it supposed to be a window into one's soul, O.K. I think thats the eyes.

  • Another Snell article before the 2013 NCAA tournament began:

  • I have a theory about tony snell!! well it's more about jimmy butler actually! Jimmy is another son of Ned stark (from GoT) and he can possess people so once he went out he couldn't leave the bulls and he possessed tony snell's body (just like bran stark takes over Hodor in the serie :p )
    Well, more seriously, it was about time that T-snell start using that gift that is his own body!! Honestly I couldn't understand that with his body ( length, wingspan and since this summer the additional bulk not to mention athelicism) he couldn't take advantage of smaller players (he's supposed to be a SG more than a SF) and couldn't find an answer besides his own mind/attitude ( actually reminds me of a imaginary story about a mouse who becomes a lion but whenever he sees a cat he runs :p )!! As doug mentioned if he can give us this effort on a nightly basis he could end up being serviceable to the bulls wether as a player or as a trade bait!! I still want to see him face a trashtalker and see whether he gets back to the sleepwalker we're used to or is there a fighter spirit under his skull

  • In reply to nightwatcher:

    Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog, or something like that.

  • Quote from Pau Gasol today

    "I play the right way. I play hard. I try to help my team win, and right now I’m playing at a high level. Just want to keep going," (as long as I start and finish games).

    Talk about being delusional. I play the right way, I play hard, give me a break. I dare him to go back and look at the Bulls first defensive possession of last nights game and then make that statement to a room full of fans, coaches or reporters and not get laughed out of the room. Within 5 seconds he makes two of the softest pansey ass lazy moronic pussy defensive lapses in the history of basketball, the very definition of the Krispy Kreme Pansey. If that's what he calls playing the right way, and playing hard then he needs to be institutionalized immediately for his own safety and/or get of the hallucinogenic drugs.

    Look you had a "brilliant" game offensively and on the glass(even though the Bulls got killed on the glass again(2nd straight night), especially on the offensive glass), don't let that fool you into thinking that you're perfect or Michael Jordan, especially since you were shooting in an empty gym(Sacto defense) last night.

    I play the right way, I play hard. Hey, John Stewart is retiring, maybe Gasol is auditioning for the role, you know snarky, sarcastic humor.

  • So, I was right about Tsnell--his ceiling is high too high to trade away. Now Bulls need to pick up Staskas and let Hinrich train him loke he did with Rosef. Hinrich needs to be on coaching staff. Nexy the Bulls need to get another big to rest Gasol and noah and Gibsol while they heal,

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