Goran Dragic, Reggie Jackson, and Arron Afflalo on the move in busy trade deadline

The Chicago Bulls stood pat as I expected. They didn't have the pieces to make a deal this time around, at least not one that benefits them, so they did the smart thing. It was still a busy trade deadline though.

Goran Dragic to the Heat

The trade:
Goran Dragic + Zoran Dragic -> Miami
Justin Hamilton, John Salmons, Danny Granger, 2 1st rounders -> Phoenix
Shawne Williams, Norris Cole -> New Orleans

The Miami Heat have a starting five of:
PG: Goran Dragic
SG: Dwyane Wade
SF: Luol Deng
PF: Chris Bosh
C: Hassan Whiteside

If they had anyone on the bench and Dwyane Wade could stay healthy then they might just be dangerous. As it stands, it's a team I might not want to play in the first round if they can get some continuity and health. It's a huge short term win for Miami, but I don't want to be the team paying Goran Dragic a shit ton of money next season which appears to be where Miami is now at.

Dragic is a good player, perhaps an all-star caliber player, but he's not a star player, he's not a max caliber player and yet might get offers at that level anyway. With Wade's knees not likely to hold up for any length of time, the Heat don't appear ready to win now and Dragic seems like an awfully dicey guy to build around.

For Pheonix, the picks won't come due for awhile (2017 top 7 protected, likely with declining protection afterwards and 2021 unprotected 1sts), but this seems like an okay haul for a guy they weren't going to be able to keep. It was probably a bit disheartening because I struggle to see them making the playoffs (even with their other moves).

New Orleans was reported to be looking to buy out Williams which means they're effectively getting Norris Cole. That's maybe a good swap for Salmons but likely doesn't move the meter much one way or the other.

Arron Afflalo to Portland

Arron Afflalo, Alonzo Gee -> Portland
Victor Claver, Thomas Robinson, Will Barton, 2016 1st (lotto protected), 2nd Rounder -> Denver

This is a classic move that helps both teams. The Nuggets weren't going to keep Afflalo past this season, so they get some future picks even if the Portland first doesn't pro-rate out as amazing and their second probably has no value. The rest of the players are more or less irrelevant.

Portland gets a quality player that helps them in the arms race in the west and can give them a lift the rest of the season. Portland has historically been willing to pay luxury tax because Paul Allen doesn't run the team as a business, and they can likely afford to keep him next season if they choose.

Denver also fits in the Portland players into trade exceptions so they create a large trade exception for Afflalo.

Reggie Jackson to Detroit, Enes Kanter to OKC

D.J. Augustin, Enes Kanter, Steve Novak, Kyle Singler -> OKC
Reggie Jackson -> Detroit
Kendrick Perkins, OKC protected 1st, Detroit 2nd, Grant Jerrett -> Utah

This is an interesting one. OKC hasn't had much depth so they bring in a bunch of bench guys. Kanter seems like the big move here for them as an upgrade over Perkins.

D.J. Augustin has been really solid in a back up PG role so he'll help them as well. Maybe Singler/Novak can add something to their bench.

Detroit gets a quality player in Jackson who was having an awful year for OKC. The question then becomes whether Jackson is better than he's shown this season or whether last season was a fluke. It's a decent risk for them as they give up nothing of long term value to take the shot.

What the hell was Utah doing here? I'm waiting to see if there are picks flying around in this deal (none reported yet), because they get Perkins for Kanter and that just seems like an awful deal. I guess they dump Novak's extra year of salary in the move, but it wasn't that much money.

Just seems like Kanter would have been worth a hell of a lot more even if he did demand a trade.

(edit) -- The Jazz got a protected 1st for Kanter and a 2nd rounder which is something. Seems like that protected 1st has to be pretty far down the line. Still seems like a pretty pedestrian haul, but makes more sense now.

Brandon Knight to Phoenix, Michael Carter Williams to Milwaukee, Lakers pick to Philly

Brandon Knight -> Phoenix
MCW, Miles Plumlee, Tyler Ennis -> Milwaukee
Lakers pick (top 5 protected) from Phoenix -> Philadelphia

Brandon Knight was having a great season. The fact that he was traded seems to indicate that they didn't feel he was part of the future and would get overpaid in free agency. They get a quality player in Michael Carter Williams back, so the deal might help them in the long run.

Plumlee and Ennis might have some value as well in terms of adding some depth going forward. Ennis hasn't played but has three cheap years left while Plumlee's fairly pedestrian.

Philadelphia continues their perpetual rebuilding plan by grabbing the Lakers pick. Maybe it works out for them if the Lakers draft #6 this season. If not, they'll likely get it next season when it is 1-3 protected, and the Lakers aren't overly likely to jump out of the lottery.

Still a dicey move for Philly to dump a for sure quality player for a pick that could end up in some pretty different places.

Phoenix replaces Dragic, whom they couldn't keep, with Knight. A nice lateral move for them in that sense. It will allow them to stay in the running and if they keep Knight going forward they won't go into some crap rebuilding mode possibly.

That said, they gave up a pretty awesome asset in order to land him making it a high risk proposition for them too.

This trade is definitely not a win/win/win. You've got two young players and a prime draft pick moving. Each team is giving up something of long term value to get something else of long term value and how the individual pieces develop will determine how well each team does.

Honestly, I'm not sure I like this move for anyone. Philly's in the tank, but if they ever want to get better they need to keep some of their young quality assets. Knight seems like a better fit than MCW on Milwaukee to me, and Phoenix paid a steep price to basically make a lateral move though depending what protection and everything else is on those Miami picks they might combine to be worth more than this Lakers pick.

Isaiah Thomas to Boston for Thornton and Cleveland 1st

Isaiah Thomas seems like a guy on a nice value contract. You have to like the pick up for Boston to collect a young asset on a good contract. They give up Thornton who has no real value and a late 1st round pick in 2016 from Cleveland. Given they had 12 1st rounders over five years and this pick stinks, it certainly looks like a good move.

For Phoenix, they simply had a glut of guards, so they move Isaiah Thomas and get a 1st rounder back. Seems unlikely that they get a great player out of that pick slot, but 1st rounders always have value, and Isaiah Thomas was causing them an issue in terms of guard glut.

I don't like this move for Phoenix all that much though. I think they lose talent they're unlikely to get back here.

K.J. McDaniels to Houston, Isaiah Canaan and 2nd to Philly

K.J. McDaniels started out the season pretty well but hasn't done much recently. Isaiah Canaan and a future 2nd doesn't seem like it has a whole lot of value to anyone. I'd give the edge to Houston in possibly improving their situation somewhat, but overall it should have pretty minimal impact.

Pablo Prigioni to Houston for Schved and two 2nds

Pablo Prigioni -> Houston
Alexey Schved + two 2nd -> New York

Mostly a nothing trade. Prigioni's okay, and two seconds probably don't amount to much given where Houston's seconds will likely land, but I don't see this a much of a move for either team.

Kings/Wizards swap Sessions/Miller

In kind of an odd swap, the Kings/Wizards moved Andre Miller and Ramon Sessions for each other. They make similar money, play the same position, but Sessions has an extra year. Maybe the Kings just wanted to save the money, but it feels like Sessions at one extra year and 2 million doesn't seem bad.

From my perspective, Andre Miller has an annoying habit of kicking the Bulls ass, so I'm happy to see him leave the Wizards. Overall, I'd think Sessions is probably the more valuable of the two guys, but sort of an odd move for both teams.

JaVale McGee to Philadelphia

McGee + 1st rounder via OKC -> Philly
Rights to some dude who will never play -> Denver

The Nuggets create a giant trade exception for McGee and dump his salary which was pretty lousy. The 76ers get a 1st round pick for picking up the salary and were below the league minimum so don't actually lose any money in the short term by picking him up but will have to pay him next season.

Seems like a reasonable deal for both teams, I'm not sure the pick is really worth the amount of money Philly is eating, but if I'm Denver I'm also not so excited to dump a guy and give up a pick to do so. Nice move if you're a Philly fan to get a pick for nothing, but nothing special here either way.

Garnett for Thadeus Young

In a move of two teams swapping expiring guys the Nets come out ahead by getting Young. The Wolves get the chance to parade out Garnett in what might be his final season and tie him back to their franchise. The move is ultimately a nothing move for both squads though.

Gigi Datome + Jonas Jerebko to Boston for Tayshaun Prince

Gigi Datome, Jonas Jerebko -> Boston
Tayshaun Prince -> Detroit

Maybe this is similar to the Garnett move where Detroit wants to just get back to their roots. Boston saves a shade of money on this deal (assuming no cash is involved to cover it), and all of these guys are expiring this year and none have much future value.

To the extent anyone still belongs in the league going forward it's likely Jerebko, so Boston maybe has some edge in future talent if one exists.

Either way, it's mostly a nothing move.

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  • Looks like Shawne Williams and Kendrick Perkins are going to get bought out.

    Williams is a nice athletic stretch 4 who is shooting about 40% from 3pt range. Might be interesting to get him but he would eat into Mirotic's minutes. I think he might be a Boris Diaw lite.

    Wojnarowski is reporting Bulls are a "VERY significant contender" for Kendrick Perkins. I guess I wouldn't mind Perkins as long as he's OK sitting on the bench and pulling him out in the playoffs when the matchup (ie. Wizards) calls for it. This would also put Nazr Mohammad on ice for the rest of the season.

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    I guess that when/if Nene makes both Gasol and Noah cry in the playoffs we could send Perkins in there to start a fight with him, maybe he could just scowl him to death.

  • My general thoughts on the trades:
    1. Heat-Suns-Pelicans - Heat may have become a top 4 contender in the East with this trade especially if Wade is healthy. The fact that Heat want to give Dragic max money is crazy though.

    2. Blazers-Nuggets - Afflalo goes to a contender and provides a nice guy off the bench.

    3. OKC-Pistons-Jazz - Thunder addressed all their needs in one fell swoop. I think I would have taken Lopez and Jarret Jack deal from the Nets but Thunder get two nice shooters in Novak and Singler. OKC will be very dangerous in the West - this might be the year that Scott Brooks finally is exposed and Thunder are forced to fire him.

    4. Suns-Bucks-76ers. This was a fantastic deal for the Bucks. They are quickly going to be a great team in the East. Antetonkompo, Parker and MCW are three nice pieces that all have all-star and possible superstar potential. I understand the 76ers bold strategy and 76ers keep kicking the bucket down the road but this deal seems like the wrong one. At some point, you need to stick your spike in the sand and start the upswing. This deal delayed a 76er turnaround at least 2 more years. This is a head-scratcher for me for the Suns. A top 5 protected 1st rounder, Plumlee for Brandon Knight? Wha?

    Celtics-Suns - I don't understand why Celtics made this deal. Why give up a 1st rounder for a PG when you already have Smart. I guess the Suns made up for the previous bad trade and got a 1st round pick out of a bad offseason signing.

    Rockets - 76ers - Its a meh deal even though I like KJ McDaniels and am surprised he couldn't find any minutes on the 76ers.

    Knicks-Rockets - Meh trade
    Wizards-Kings - Meh trade

    Nuggets - 76ers deal was a win/win for both teams.

    Wolves - Nets: Nets get a chance to take a look at Thaddeus Young up close and personal. Might be a building block if you don't have to pay him a lot of money.

    Celtics- Pistons: Meh trade

  • Word is Bulls are among contenders to land Kendrick Perkins when/if he is bought out. Perkins at the minimum would be much better than Nazr. Still Perkins in a Bulls uniform makes me wanna barf. His face is stupid.

  • Dragic got traded but he didn't get the memo.

  • I wouldn't mind getting Perkins. He would be a great help on the defensive end against teams that feast on the Bulls weak interior defense. However you know Thibs is gonna feed him a ton of minutes and may actually bump Mirotic out of the rotation, and McDermott really does become McDNP.

    Miami got really good with their trade for Dragic. They needed a point guard in the worst way and now they have one. They're gonna have to pay a hefty sum to keep him but between him and Whiteside they're building a strong young core. All the Heat need now is a bench and they're a top 5 team in the East. It would be hilarious to see Cleveland get knocked out of the 1st round of the playoffs to the Heat.

    One deal I think is a bit of a wild card was Reggie Jackson going to the Pistons. That's one of those deals where the team either takes one step forward or two steps back. The Bucks also got a lot stronger in my opinion.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    I agree that it is a great move for Miami for the rest of this season. However, Dragic is already 29 and will be looking for a 4 or 5 year max deal going forward. He is a first rate true point guard(who can score), something they haven't had in years. If Whiteside is the player that he's looked like so far this season going forward then maybe its worth it to them as long as Bosh and Wade stick around.

    Maybe Perkins will set a pick on the corpsedog in practice and break him in half, that would make signing him worthwhile, or maybe he can just scowl him to death also.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    LOL at the thought of "Perkins setting a pick on the corpsedog in practice" .

  • you didn't want to trade Tony Snell or McDermott for veteran wing help, great, now play them. Other elite teams are getting stronger and the Bulls have major weakness in wing scoring and floor spacing/shooters. You see teams surrounding their star players will shooters or other scorers. What do the Bulls do? Nothing. Tony Snell was Gar Forman's guy, he personally scouted him and wanted him drafted. Now get the message to coaching to play the young talent and see if he can stay consistent, if not then go get veteran wing upgrades. The Bulls will never be able to match the scoring firepower of these other top tier teams with this kind of mindset. You especially need to do this because you know what's coming playoff time, the double and triple teaming of Rose and forcing the rest of the team to beat you. Let's be honest, the Bulls haven't looked that great as a playoff team overall.

  • I agree the FO has to change its mindset to produce a champion. They seem satisfied with winning seasons that tease fans and keep us on edge. So it seems like the new additions will possibly Perkins and Ronnie Brewer. Who knows maybe Thibs will see the errors of his ways and not wear out Butler and Gasol. Maybe he'll give significant minutes Snell.
    mirotic, McDermit

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Maybe indeed....

  • Sam Smith actually has a cogent article over at Bulls.com about the state of the Bulls. Excellent thoughts on Noah and Gasol individually and as a tandem. almost no demented basketball Yoda speak. Worth checking out as it echoes what most of us have been urging all year.

  • Doesn't matter if the Bulls made a trade or not. Or whether they sign a player soon to be released. As long as Aspergers Thibs is content on playing Captain Klank 30 minutes a game the Bulls are doomed.

    They way he allocates playing time to some players while not playing others is basketball malpractice. If a coach can't see with his own eyes that a player stinks to the level of Hinrich then how are we supposed to trust his judgement on anything else.

    Thibs should put his ego and stubbornness aside and look at the real numbers, not the bullshit 13-5 stat he came up with. Hinrich's player efficiency rating (PER) is 336 out of 346 players. No player in the bottom 28 plays as many minutes per game (27.0) as Hinrich. The next closest player to Hinrich is bustout Lance Stephenson ranked 317 and playing 29.9 mpg. But even his PER of 8.97 is over 25% better than Hinrich's (7.11).

    Call me obsessive, but just the thought of watching that bum tonight and for the rest of the season missing shots, making poor decisions and letting the guy he's guarding blow past him puts a damper on the games.

    Here is a story I have never disclosed. Back in 2005 my son enrolled in the Chicago Bulls Academy in Lisle and ended up on a team with a then prominant Bulls insider. He told me that head coach Scott Skiles said the stupidest player on the team was Kirk Hinrich. That was something I took with a grain of salt at the time. But that statement always stuck with me and the more I watched Hinrich play over the years the more I realized Skiles was dead on. Needless to say old Captain Kirk hasn't changed much since.

  • Kirk Hinrich deserves the lifetime David West award from Bill Simmons, an award given to the guy who is called underrated so many times that he becomes weirdly overrated.

    I wonder how much money Kirk Hinrich made strictly by being white. White NBA players endear themselves to fans and media, since most of them are white while most players are black. It's only natural to want to see someone like yourself succeed. As a white guy, I probably root more for the white guys, unconsciously if nothing else.

    Furthermore, it has always been assumed that because he's white, he's a good shooter and a smart player, since that's it what takes to survive in the NBA for most white guys under 6'9" or so, even though Hinrich has never really been either of those things. Then you would hear raves about his defense but I think it's because it took so much effort and sweat on his part to keep up with more athletic players, then people would mistake his being really busy with being productive, even though he was never any kind of great defender, just pretty good. You'd also hear how "tough" and "gritty" he was and while I think he has always been those things, I think he got a few more "gritty" points for being white.

    I suspect that the exact same player with the exact same traits, stats, etc. but with black skin would have been out of the NBA years ago. I'm almost sure he would have made less money.

  • Bulls shooting .444 from the field this season. Tonight vs Pistons Klank and Dunleavyalone in 36 minutes combined put up these numbers: 3 for 9 from the field, 1 rebound, 0 assists, and 0 steals. Tom Thibodeau you are f-ing killing this team you dumb bastard. When will you get it??!!

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    To be fair Hinrich didn't have that bad of a game. In my opinion he played much better than Rose. Hinrich was 3-4 from the field and 1-1 from three in 17 minutes. Rose was 2-9 from the field, 0-3 at the three, and had 6 turnovers in 31 minutes. Make no mistake Rose is the reason the Bulls lost this one. He just never really showed up. Dunleavy was also abysmal.

  • Rose' inconsistency is certainly expected after 2 yrs out of the game, but until he can consistently produce, the Bulls will be inconsistent too. Before injury, a bad game for him was 15 pts on high volume, but now its less than 10 on somewhat high volume (at least he recognizes an off day, and seems to control his shooting numbers somewhat). The real inconsistency in his game that is killing us is the TOs... Before injury, he would seem to have an occasion high TO game around 5, nowadays that is common place. No matter of his shooting game, he absolutely must take better care of the rock!

  • OK getting up at 6:45 a.m. to shovel snow for people to get to work not fun. Losing two posts due to lack of sleep and mishitting tabs.. "priceless" as the commercial says.

    Final version: I understand someone saying 34 year OLD Kirk Hinrich didn't have a bad game. The problem is: PRODUCTION MATTERS. And in his "VETS" obsession this concept appears all but lost on Bulls Head Coach(for the time being) Tom Thibodeau.

    Yes sorry to break it to you Thibsy, but committing 4 fouls in 17 minutes is awful and hurts your team. Not to mention 0 rebounds, 0 assists, and 0 steals as in the tri-fecta of awful. Kirk Hinrich in 27 minutes per game is shooting 39% on TWO point field goals with 1.9 rebounds per game. Those numbers in production and efficiency are KILLING THIS BALLCLUB!!

    And 34 year OLD non-athletic partner in crime Mike Dunleavy continued the 0 for inspired theme with 0 assists and 0 rebounds to go along with 1 more rebound then a dead man. Again, this total lack of production occupying meaningful NBA court time KILLS the Chicago Bulls both in entertainment and any chance of winning. And for the season in nearly 30 minutes 34 year OLD Mike Dunleavy with 3.6 rebounds and 0.4 steals is AWFUL as in shouldn't be on the court for anywhere near this many minutes.

    And yes Derrick Rose with 6 turnovers killed the Bulls vs the Pistons. But at least in Rose you have a guy who in 31 minutes per game is scoring 19 ppg on .471 from two point range on an impactful 11 attempts per game. That is at least a legit NBA player. Though his assists per minutes played and steals are pedestrian at best. Not to mention his AWFUL assist to turnover ratio emphasis on turnovers. 29% from three doesn't help either, but at least his heaves per game are dropping.

    Really Tom Thibodeau with his INCOMPETENT allocation of player floor minutes in 34 year OLDS Kirk Hinrich .371 two point percentage and 1.8 rebounds per game(gack, vomit, gack) and Mike Dunleavy 3.6 rebounds and 0.4 steals in nearly 30 minutes per game( double gack) is KILLING the Chicago Bulls.

    At least Mirotic in steals, blocks, and rebounds per minute is at least viable and was a legit looking NBA player and difference maker before his minutes were unceremoniously gashed. And honestly when I hear how guys who won you ball games and played well like Brooks and Mirotic are now "playing poorly" and had a "bad game" when they get the rug pulled out from under them with inconsistent, capricious minutes then if I were them i would say, "hey f-ck you you too."

    The sad thing is now with killed momentum and lowered morale I wouldn't be surprised if in increased minutes Brooks and Mirotic will now play relatively poorly. Unless you give them sizable blocks of minutes overall on a nightly basis then after a spell, though unfair as it is, it's on them. No need to worry though because as long as Tom Thibodeau is the head coach of the Chicago Bulls no such dilemma will exist. No, the Bulls and their beleaguered fans will be held hostage to the IDIOTIC whims of 30 year assistant coach Thibsy as Klank Chokebrick and Mike Dunleavyalone will continue to suck the life right out of this ball club. Thibs I HATE YOUR DO YOUR JOB HYPOCRITICAL ASS as in you are not doing your own job, but rather sabotaging this team with your sheer incompetence. And on making Bulls fans lives miserable.. WELL PLAYED SIR!!

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    It’s funny all that Boozer exasperation last year that figured to be alleviated with his removal, simply transferred to Hangdog. So no relief for the remote throwing types.. but i found a perverse comfort in hearing of Coach K's own frustration with Boozer. You guys see that a few weeks ago? Ha. It really started to bug K to the point that he made fun of how slow Boozer was... "to do EVERYTHING." Krzyzewski came in the locker room one day dressed as Boozer. Track suit. Gold chain. Side lid. "I'm Carlos, and I do everything SLOW." He was walking slow, talking slow, pretended to go for a rebound slow. The Booze wasn't amused.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I only meant Hinrich played better than Rose statistically for one game. I'm not at all saying he's a better option than Rose. Hinrich simply has no impact even when he is performing well he never poses a threat of any kind. I believe the reason Rose played so terrible was because he missed practice. He just never seemed to get in a rhythm and was pretty much useless in the second half.

  • Side note: anyone who says with all the frenetic player movement this deadline that the Bulls couldn't have come to the table(trade deadline) prepared to make hard choices as in moving some core pieces and salaries to make this ball club(shooting a lousy .444 as a team) better, think again.

    Otherwise if it's true that the Bulls "have the pieces they need" then that without question has to include Nikola Mirotic and either Tony Snell and or Doug McDermott. Because they sure as f-ck aren't Kirk Hinrich and Mike Dunleavy. So Tom Thibodeau is in essence incompetent and literally sabotaging your ball club. It's gotta be one or the other.

  • Amen! That was the best sermon
    I have heard in 5 years. Amen again

  • I agree that this loss is mostly on DRose who had a horrible game. I cannot get over the turnovers lately with him when the Bulls are losing. It just doesn't seem like I have seen a game this year where Butler plays absolutely great as he did last night and DRose does the same. Name a team that wins the game when their supposed superstar player goes 2 for 9 for 8 points with 6 turnovers in 31 minutes. And when someone named Dinwiddie starts for the first time as a point guard and essentially manhandles the former MVP, you know your chances to win are not good.

    Yes, Dunleavy had a bad game. He does that sometimes and is not consistent. But I think his spacing does help the Bulls. He didn't really play that much any way with only 19 minutes. Yes, despite Hinrich's numbers (shooting 3 for 4 and even hit a 3 pointer) looking okay except for the 4 fouls in 17 minutes, it just shows that Thibs is going to continue to play him more than Snell and Mirotic and Brooks which makes no sense to me.

    I think you do have to be happy with the play of Noah, Taj, and Butler in this game. Detroit has some big players with Drummond and Monroe. Bulls need to get ready for such players in the playoffs like Nene and Gortat. Noah battled and so did Taj essentially going man for man with Drummond and Monroe. With Pao's contribution that meant we outperformed their front line. And Butler alone evened out their wings (Butler and Caldwell-Pope).

    So this game was lost basically at the point guard position with Dinwiddie having a +19 while on the floor and DRose having a -19 while he was on the floor. Plain and simple that was the game. And that also includes too much play for Hinrich instead of Brooks. If Thibs is still going to play Butler 39 minutes, then play Snell and Niko more with him rather than Hinrich so these guys can continue to develop. If DRose is having a horrible night, let Brooks play more and team him up with Snell, Butler, Taj, and Niko off the bench.

  • Kirk Hinrich DNP and Bulls win again (Phoenix). Not sure why Hinrich was listed as inactive.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Maybe the FO ordered the trainer to make Kirk inactive - for the rest of the season!

  • fb_avatar

    Besides the Cleveland games, the bulls have looked horrible at home. Watch the Bucks be leading at the half and given the Bulls everything they can handle in the 2nd.

    Why can't this team jump out on these inferior opponents and cruise w the young guys in the 2nd half ?

    Even last year w the boozer, we still had a bunacho of blow outs

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