Finally a Mike Dunleavy update, too bad it's not a good one

Finally a Mike Dunleavy update, too bad it's not a good one

Mike Dunleavy noted on Tuesday that he might be out until after the all-star break in the first real update that's been given about his health since a couple weeks back when it looked like he would return any day.

From the trib:

“Mike Dunleavy finally acknowledged Tuesday what the Bulls haven’t or won’t — that he could be shut down until after the All-Star break.

That may be what ends up happening, but I hope not,” Dunleavy said after sitting out practice for a second straight day and revealing he would miss his 17th straight game Wednesday at Houston. “I want to play as soon as I can without risking further damage, whether that’s the game before the All-Star break or this weekend.”

Dunleavy originally injured his right ankle Jan. 1, jamming ligaments in more of an explosion injury than a rolled sprain. As he walked out of the United Center that night, the veteran forward thought he would return the next game. Instead, he landed in a walking boot.

Dunleavy quickly shed that and, every three or four days, thought he would play the next game. But a bone bruise developed, and while Dunleavy can shoot and move laterally without issue, running brings discomfort.

“What (Pistons guard) Brandon Jennings did with his Achilles, that’s pretty much what I did, but not as far back,” Dunleavy said. “The first thing I told the trainer was, ‘I can’t believe I didn’t tear my Achilles on that.’ And then we went into the other stuff that happened and it was just a major, major bruising of the front part of the ankle, ligaments were stretched or sprained.”

I can't say it surprises me that Dunleavy has been out for quite some time seeing the initial injury. It didn't look good. It looked like the type of injury that went way beyond sprained ankle, and we see that it did go way beyond sprained ankle.

Dunleavy sure looks crucial to the Bulls right now. He adds the shooting they really miss on the floor when he's not around. That's one of the reasons why trading him would be a double edged sword for Chicago. They might get the upgrade they want on the wing, but they'd lose the only reliable shooter they have on the floor.

Looking for Doug McDermott to take his place? Not likely.

Rookie Doug McDermott remains out of the rotation despite practicing for almost a month after arthroscopic knee surgery. Thibodeau called the first-round acquisition “a work in progress.”

“I’m doing everything I was before other than playing,” McDermott said. “I’m studying the playbook, watching film. I just want to be ready.”

For Tom Thibodeau's sake, Doug McDermott better suck donkey balls whenever he gets a chance to play, because if he doesn't I'm going to lead the slap Thibodeau brigade.

McDermott could provide so much of what the Bulls need, and the guys playing in front of him are stinking up the court. Even if McDermott is Hinrich-bad, he'd still only be replacing Hinrich which would make it a wash.

If for some reason he manages to suck even worse, there's still a pretty finite amount of damage that can be done, and the Bulls are getting their asses kicked anyway. They're 5-9 in their past 14 games. They're playing at lottery team levels right now.

There's little harm in trying something that on paper looks like a good idea, even if it doesn't work because nothing is working now, and I'd imagine that McDermott will at least manage to put some effort on the floor given his lack of chances, something which seems missing from about half the roster at times.

Bulls look to rebound come back tonight

Dwight Howard is out for the Rockets, but the Rockets have played really well without Dwight Howard. Can't remember who said it on twitter [which means it must be true], but the Rockets are 11-5 without Howard while the Bulls are 7-9 without Dunleavy.

Still, Houston missing the big man has to be a big boost for Chicago. They match up pretty well against James Harden, and while Josh Smith has played some quality basketball for the Rockets, I'll take my chances on him having a bigger role in the front court and see how it works for me.

Derrick Rose has looked awfully good with large amounts of rest. If you want to be more hopeful than my last Rose article was yesterday, one great sign is that on two or three days rest his splits are actually pretty outstanding as is his shooting percentage.

This gives some credence to the idea that he simply doesn't have NBA conditioning yet and may continue to improve as time goes on. We'll simply hope for the best. The Bulls entered their last multi-day rest break in a similar boat.

They were losing, desperately needed a win, and going up against a high quality team. They came out and annihilated the Spurs. Let's see if they can sweep the series with Houston tonight.

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  • Can't wait for Hinrich's 30 minutes, 2 points and over dribbling tonight!

  • In reply to juice44:

    Hey, DJ Augustin only had 25 & 13 last night against Miami, so that's probably only 23 & 12 more than we can expect from the corpsedog.

  • Couple of points: 1) Houston, you look at some of their numbers and they're not bad. Bottom line: when your two best players are both me first guys in James Harden(shot 9!!! three point attempts per game in last year's playoffs shooting a kill shot .296 - need I say more) and Dwight "I shoot 52% from the line, but that won't hurt my team in the playoffs" Howard. Rose is do for his version of a good game maybe the Bulls surprise.

    2) Mike Dunleavy at 34 years old am I really surprised a spindly, non-athletic (white)guy has injury issues to begin with? I went back and checked NBA champions at the SF spot and nearly all had athletic guys in their prime and/or were former studs who still represented in rebounds, steals etc. AKA not Mike Dunleavy.

    Really, with what Dunleavy has to offer physically I just don't see him in a championship rotation let alone as a core player of 25 minutes and up. Maybe he makes a cameo in one game here and there and hits three or four threes for you in a hurry Eddie House style and then gets the hell off the court before he causes you any real damage. I wouldn't think twice about trading him because if your playoff hopes of spacing rest on the overall physical liability of having this guy on the court then you are screwed anyway.

    3) The trade deadline Feb. 19th being essentially two weeks away you wonder if the Bulls seeing themselves as contenders(?) will make any moves? Answer: highly doubtful. There aren't enough minutes for Mirotic with Taj, Jo, and Gasol, but there isn't enough of a body of work to convince you that Niko can handle that roll of PF in the near future including the playoffs..? Though I would argue that if Niko isn't your future starter then that leaves you offensively cramped at the PF position including money wise so either Taj or Niko would go especially considering the state of your guard rotation since Thibs will only give 19-20 minutes to Aaron Brooks and Hinrich is "The worst 25 minutes and up guard in the NBA."

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Good observations but you can't make sweeping generalizations like that. Isn't Kyle Korver an unathletic white guy past his prime? Do you not think a team could win with him as a starting SF? Of course, Dunleavy isn't Korver, but he's not so different and would be a great key rotation player on a championship team. He's not a starter, though, I've said it all year.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    We'll see come the playoffs, having Korver didn't do the Bulls any good, although most of us believe that Thibs didn't know how to use him right. Can't really say that Korver has had any major impact anywhere at anytime prior to this season. So is he a reason for the Hawks success or along for the ride.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I don't think it's fair to say Korver hasn't had an impact before. The Bulls sure won a lot more games with him (even when Rose was out) than without him. Utah also fell off big time after he left, unless you think that was on Boozer. ;)

    He was a liability in the playoffs against Wade/LeBron because he couldn't guard either guy, but most teams don't have two hall of fame wing guys, they have someone you can put him on and have him do a respectable job. I think the Hawks are legit.

    On the other hand, Dunleavy ain't no Korver.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Warrior, good analysis on Dunleavy. In fact, I would say excellent analysis, but for the fact that it is basic and obvious to all except the FO and Thibs.

    Dunleavy was never signed to be a starter, not at less than $3 million per. I totally agree with you, if he is the starting SF for the Bulls, they are not winning a title.

    And, of course, if Hinrich is starting SG, or even a 20 mpg backup, they will not win it all.

    So, who could the Bulls get in a trade that might allow them to challenge? Could Afflalo be the piece? I thought so when the team was 25-10, but I am no longer convinced of it. Now I think they need more.

    Now I am tempted to trade the Kings' pick and a piece to them for Stauskas. It's a bit of a gamble, but a reasonable one. He could turn out to be a key piece in the future.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I'd take a flyer on Stauskas but if he stinks for the Kings, I don't think he'd suddenly be a star elsewhere. Maybe he could be a nice bench piece.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Maybe I'd trade the corpsedog or Snell for Stauskis, but we already have one McDNP not playing so why give up anything of value just to get another McDNP, especially one who is likely a worse shooter and athlete than the one we already have. At this point the Bulls probably like Snell better than Stauskis.

  • Side Note: agree completely with Doug on playing MCD(sounds like a life threatening disorder but anything's better then Dougie Mc-auuuuhhhhhh<gagging and vomiting sound). And I would argue Thibs playing Hinrich and Dunleavy over McD and Nikola Mirotic is a huge error in judgement if winning in the playoffs now or ever is your goal because it ain't happening with Klank and Old Yeller(DunLeavybreaks). Anyone arguing that Mirotic hasn't shown signs of being a good player and has been robbed of needed minutes.. really?

  • As far as Atlanta and Kyle Korver as somebody posted, no I don't think you can win a championship without two really strong guards. You could argue that Detroit based on statistics had two somewhat weak guards offensively, but I would still regard that duo as significantly better then Jeff Teague and whoever.

    Also, Korver, while yes he is having an amazing year shooting threes still his rebound and steals totals for 33 minutes played and career wise I do think he will hurt you on the court when it comes to championship level basketball. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if come playoff time the Hawks prove the Thibs/Bulls regular season theorem and have an early exit in rounds one or two. Especially considering they have little playoff experience(together).

  • As for this SF argument, I don't think you can narrow down one position and say you can't win without that. It used to be said that you needed a dominate center, but teams are winning without. Teams couldn't win with the PG being their best player, but nobody would be shocked if the Warriors won.
    To me, Dunleavy is about on the same level as Sean Elliot. Spurs won with him, so the Bulls are capable of winning with Dunleavy. I seriously doubt that they will win this year, but it won't be because they have Dunleavy.
    As for McDermott, maybe they see in practice that he just isn't that good. Last year, people got mad that Snell was getting any playing time because he wasn't good enough. This year, people are getting mad because McDermott isn't playing enough even though he was horrible when he did play.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    As horrible as he was, we are only asking that he play instead of the corpsedog and Snell. It really is a what have you got to lose situation, how much worse can anybody be than 2 of the worst players in the NBA, players who frankly shouldn't be in the league at all. Snell better save every penny of his NBA money because he's making the minimum for the rest of his life, not the NBA minimum but the Federal minimum wage.

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