Bulls Beat #355 - Doug plays

Bulls Beat #355 - Doug plays

I disccus the Bulls last two games and wonder why Doug McDermott can't get on the floor.

Bulls Beat #355 - Doug plays

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  • If you look at Aaron Brooks numbers he's still shooting 45% from three on 3.4 attempts per game. Two point percentage is almost 45% not great, but not terrible either. Nikola Mirotic three point shooting .355 and two pointers .445. At 34 minutes per game he's got 8 rebounds, 1.2 blocks and 1 steal.

    Brooks and Niko(Brooks for this season only) to me looked like game changers in winning impact who had their minutes dramatically cut in follow up games. While I don't think Brooks is a starting PG on a championship team, I certainly think he seems to be an emotional player where playing very well and then dumping him was not good for Brooks or the team. Likewise Mirotic even if you don't want him at SF he still is your possible future and showed enough not to have the rug pulled out from under him. Since then his play and shooting has been spotty no question.

    Bottom line: despite the hype, it became apparent weeks ago that this team viewed as a championship team is beyond wishful thinking as in not happening. And many posters have said as much. That being said, not seeing what you have in Mirotic and McDermott at this point is a big mistake.

    Suppose you would have kept Niko at 23-25 minutes per game after his impacting games that definitely spurred wins. You might by now know if you have the replacement for Taj or want to trade Mirotic himself clearing the log jam of bigs and getting that scoring wing. Or trading Gasol if he changed his mind but he'd probably want to choose his team which would hurt getting the best player/deal most likely considerably.

    Myself despite the low pedigree label or Nate Robinson syndrome as applied to Aaron Brooks, I think his play honestly was very good both entertaining and winning you ball games. Now he may not recover even if he gets all of Kirk's minutes. That's somewhat on him but it's also somewhat on the Bulls/Thibs.

    At this point I could see short term struggles for Niko and McDermott and them feeling the pressure where as before I think it would have been easier to integrate them. Now you are probably not doing McD any favors if you play him more then 15 minutes per game unless he starts playing well right out of the gate. Niko you might ease him in with 21 minutes one night 18 the next 25 the next night up to a 23-26 minutes per game average.

    The problem is now with the uncertainty of what the Bulls do have does it make trading Taj too big a risk? Other wise possibly we could have gotten a solid scoring wing for him or taken a chance on an up and coming player.

  • Side note: For those questioning last year's "Loaded" draft as in loaded with crap, look back three and four years to 2011 and 2012. A lot of guys who looked like misses have now emerged as solid or better player i.e contributors. A good example would be Khris Middleton who in his third season has gone from a 6 points a game after thought to a highly efficient well rounded double digit scorer.

    The problem is not relying on the draft as a crucial source of incoming talent, the problem is the "one and dones" which makes the NBA farm systems in essence and hurts the quality of waiting franchises and depleted NCAA teams both big time.

    To me, the game and the fans don't owe these young guys a living at the expense of watering down the quality of the game(s). Three years of development in college unless players are phenoms that feel they can come in right away. If a top 30 ranked player by franchises gets a "career ending injury" in college then create a pool from NBA teams and pay him $1-2 Million which most ordinary people would kill for.

    But the One and Dones have really taken a LOT of the value and excitement out of what used to be a franchise changer in the NBA draft. Yes as a draft geek I am biased, but nonetheless the point is true.

  • I thought the Bulls played really well against the Pelicans. When Rose and Noah both have it going that's when the team is at their best. Even though Noah didn't put up big numbers in the box score, I felt his defense and energy was solid. It also was nice to see the bench actively involved.

    Aside from Anthony Davis, the Pelicans really are a terrible team. Some could say the Bulls only won because Davis got injured, but then again most of our losses come from the scrubs of the NBA.

    Hinrich was on the wrong side of the highlight reels yesterday. I actually thought he was ok on defense though. My question is how many shots do you have to brick, air ball, or get stuffed back at you before it clicks in your head that your a terrible shooter? It also amazes me how the announcers give him so much praise. Even when he shot an air ball from three that landed in Gasols hands they called it a pass. I almost fell to the floor laughing.

    Tony Snell had a solid game. The best game of his career in my opinion. I got my fingers crossed we can see more of that. The team also played good defense as a whole. maybe their starting to feel the pressure now that Taj is on the trade block and thibs may be on his way out. Overall good win, now lets try and string together a couple more.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Nice post, but the NO broadcasters were actually joking about that Hinrich pass. I just got finished watching the game this morning and I was impressed by the job those NO broadcasters did. Head and shoulders above those two D-League clowns, Funk and King. They called the game pretty straight. For example, when the Pels player got away with a foul or travel they were not shy about saying it. Hinrich, the scrub that he is, did make a nice defensive play that led to a turnover and they called it as such.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Now that you mention it they were actually pretty decent announcers, definitely not your typical homers. I won't say that they sounded neutral like a national TV broadcast, but they never really got under your skin with homerism. The corpsedog is still living off his reputation of 5-6 years ago in most announcers minds.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    100% with you

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Maybe the game turned when the corpsedog went down with another handgodnail? Not sure if he played at all after Davis went out. He definitely didn't play in the 3rd quarter/second half when the Bulls blew the game open. Bigger game changer Davis or the corpsedog?

  • In reply to BigWay:

    That's a good question. I think Hinrich is a classic case of causing more harm than good, but what are your options? GarPax sealed the teams fate by letting DJ Augustine walk and resigning Hinrich for well above his market value on a 2 year deal. He's been so horrible this season I have a hard time seeing any team taking on his contract unless he's packaged with picks. With all the injuries that's happened Thibs has had no choice but to play him. On the bright side Snell showed some promise yesterday and Dunleavy should be coming back soon. McD also had a nice little run at the end so maybe that could earn him a little PT.

  • You are dead on about M & M! Both this season and the future are reasons M & M should have gotten more court time to develop. And that is still true. It was and continues to be shortsighted to not give them the court time they need.

    IF M & M do develop over the next 30 games, and that is a big IF, the Bulls might have a shot. What if they trade Kirk and Nazr and Bairstow and their 1st round pick for Afflalo? He becomes the starting SG, Dunleavy moves to the bench and strengthens that unit, and Butler is SF.

    If Gasol and Taj start, with Rose, then the bench is Noah, Dunleavy, M & M, Brooks, and Snell. That team might challenge for the title.

    The Bulls will not win a title with either Kirk or Dunleavy starting and getting 25 mpg - those two are simply not talented enough.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    If there's some way to get Afflalo without giving up Dunleavy or Taj or anyone like that, while still making salaries work, I think everyone here is on board, but I don't think the salaries work in your scenario. Afflalo starting and Dunleavy coming off the bench would be pretty darn good. Replacing Dunleavy with Afflalo, as has been suggested, doesn't really help the team much.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I believe someone, BigWay as I recall, pointed out that the Bulls can give back less in salary - there is a formula for it, I forget just what. I would not like to see them trade Snell just when he seems to be rounding into an intriguing player.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Bulls need to send 4.6 million in salary to bring in Afflalo, and they must have a minimum of 12 players on the roster afterwards (so can't use more than 4 players unless someone also comes back with him), and Denver can't have more than 15 afterwards (which means if the Bulls sent four, they'd have to waive three).

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Thank you.

    So, Kirk, Bairstow, and Nazr would not be enough, right? I really would prefer to see them keep Snell. I suppose if Dunleavy is back but hurt, they should include him and keep Bairstow, so that would be only 3 players.

    Does Denver trade Afflalo for Kirk, Dunleavy, and Nazr, plus the 1st? Do the Bulls?

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Kirk, Bairstow and Nazr make $4.685 million, so that might just be enough. Would Denver take back that trash to pick up a #1 pick?

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I was ok with the move to trade-up to get McDermott, eventhough I had my eye on two other players with their two picks. I watched Doug in all of the Summer League games and I was convinced he was going to be a starting three in the League.

    However, after watching him play in regular season games I have been concerned that he is actually too short. This could impede his ability to get his shot off and is certainly a liabilty on defense.

    Last night he was guarding Babbitt and he looked at least two, but more likely, three inches shorter than Babbitt. Eventhough Babbit is credited with being 6'9" on the ESPN website and McDermott 6'8". Look at the last four minutes of the game and see if you agree with me.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I've contended that McDNP was too short/small to play small forward from day one, if he makes it at all it will be as a shooting guard. His actual height as a human being, not his fake NBA height is 6'6.25" which is great/tall for a 2 and small/short for a SF. To be honest, I'm not sure that he even looks that tall on the court.

    His shooting stroke is world class with range. That is a definite talent. In that regard he looks vastly superior to Mirotic, who frankly outside of the Memphis game has been a big disappointment with his 3 point shooting. The question is does he have the athleticism to be able to use his shooting ability and can he defend anyone at any position. I guess that we can only hope that he looked so outclassed as an athlete so far due to his knee injury.

    As unimpressive as he has been I still agree with everybody that we have nothing to lose by giving him some decent minutes. In fact as long as Dunleavy is out I would give him a start or two to see what happens. Disappointed as we all are, we still have hope that he can eventually be our newer/younger version of Kyle Korver. However, as long as he remains McDNP we cannot determine that he isn't McPillsbury.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Saw an article recently that said the Nuggets are holding out for a #1 pick for Afflalo. So it seems that they are open to moving him, but so far no one appears willing to give up a first for a guy who can opt out of his final year on his contract. Beyond losing a first, the question becomes how much is Afflalo worth to you going forward, as a player and moneywise. I still think that Gerald Henderson is an Afflalo type player who costs less and is signed for a couple of years. Not sure if Charlotte has interest in moving him or what they want in return.

  • By the way if anyone sees the corpsedog around town with a walking boot, make sure that you "accidentally" trip over it, or run it over with a shopping cart, drop a bowling ball on it, whatever it takes to get this miserable mope off the court and our TV screens for the rest of this season. Hopefully the same crack medical staff that nearly spinal tapped Deng to death will over diagnose(amputation perhaps) this injury, keeping him out at least as long as Deng was down.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Turf toe could be the best thing that happened to this team. Thibs will be forced to give Hinrich's minutes elsewhere. In the short run, there will be some detriment as Doug points out but in the long run, it could get some valuable development time to players we need to develop quickly.

  • So now we know what it takes to get Butler's minutes under 40(he "only" played 34), a 35 point blowout. Maybe thats the formula, the Bulls margin of victory has to be greater than the number of minutes that he plays.

  • I can't understand why in the world Thibs didn't put McD sooner, the game was over in the third, at least put him there to run around and see what he looks like

  • Some thoughts on Doug's blog:

    - McDoug scored 4 different ways against the Pelly's scrub players. I think that's the ceiling of the type of player he could be, to the tune of 18-20 points per night in a starting or significant role. As a floor, he might not be able to do more than shoot, but I still can't believe he won't be a good shooter and I think he will have a long NBA career for at least that. He will always struggle defensively.

    - It's gotten to where I generally don't mind seeing Snell out there on the defensive side. He doesn't look athletically over-matched by much of anyone. He looks like a legit 6'7". If he can sink some threes, he'll have a career.

    - Hinrich, lol. He has done everything else like an old dog this year, there's no reason to think he'll be a quick healer. I think it's exciting that he's out, not to say I'm glad he's hurt.

    - You live with a game where you lose on Aaron Brooks turning the ball over. He's been another great veteran minimum salary guy but there's a reason he was available.

    - I would trade a first for Afflalo if it were to work out financially. I would have traded Taj earlier in the season but at this point I think it's too big a risk if Afflalo leaves after this year, since that move probably doesn't put the Bulls over the top, Taj or no Taj. Still I'd risk the first and go for it, it's wide open this year.

    - We can talk about trades or even what a double-sided coin Gasol has been but it comes down to Rose and Noah, ok? The other guys are good players, all have some flaws, but this isn't a championship group without those two all-stars playing like all-stars, if not MVP/DPOY levels. Looks less likely by the day but both have shown signs.

  • I hate to say these words. But could Dunleavy be the Bulls MVP? Why? Because 16 games ago, a lot of people were talking about the Bulls being title contenders and were complaining about Dunleavy. We were excited about Mirotic's increasing play and DRose appearing to get better while being ecstatic about the new Jimmy Butler. We saw Gasol providing a much better inside or post threat than any player the Bulls have had since DRose arrived. We hoped that Taj would play better after injury in Portland and that Noah would just play better after recovering from injury. Aaron Brooks was the new loveable back-up point guard adding an offensive threat like other pick-ups and maybe even proving better than DJ and Nate. Dunleavy had just got injured in a January win against Denver and we went on to beat Boston and then beat Houston at home on Jan. 5 without him and many were questioning whether we could get rid of him. After all, we had good wins already against Memphis, Portland, and now Houston. We had lost to Golden State and Dallas but in tight overtime games at home. The Cavs were struggling and we had beaten the Raptors and the Wizards on their courts. So it was smooth sailing for us through the Eastern Conference with that Houston win on January 5.

    But with the loss to Houston on Feb. 4 without Dwight Howard on Wednesday, the Bulls were 5 and 10 over the last 15 games since that January 5 win against Houston and full panic had set in and rightfully so. In a true problem-solving mode, I asked what changed? Did Butler start to wither from too much responsibility or is he still recovering from a bereavement? Did DRose think that he must now be the MVP again even though he is not (yet?) physically equipped to be the MVP and start shooting unbelievably horrible shots? Did Mirotic (being touted as the rookie of the year) become afraid and hit the rookie wall? Have teams figured out the Bulls with Pao and recognized how to stop them better on offense while better capitalizing on defensive problems with him in there? Do the Bulls just miss Dunleavy so much that he is a crucial player?

    My initial answer to all those questions were that only the last two questions seem to be the key changes. While the Bulls continue to beat the major teams in the league, they have laid some major eggs even before the 5 and 10 record through the Houston loss. They have lost to the Celtics and Indiana at home early in the season and played horribly against teams they should beat. They were doing it more with offense than defense. Although their defense was not horrible. It was just not as good as it had been.

    If the Bulls had been 10 and 5 instead of 5 and 10 during that stretch, we would not be as worried. But they have 5 key losses during this period that just should not have happened. The Utah loss started it. And the Orlando loss was just salt in the wound. Both of the Washington losses were bad but the second one was a beat down that should not have happened. And there is no way they should go to overtime much less lose to the Lakers. But the Miami loss was just inexplicable to me. I know Hassan Whiteside is playing well but he outhustled the Bulls bigs and Jimmy Butler had no help against a highly motivated DWade. So giving the Wizards the first game, those are 5 horrible losses that if the Bulls had won, would we be in panic mode? Let's talk about their 5 wins during this time period: San Antonio, Golden State, Dallas, Milwaukee, and Boston. And then add yesterday's win over New Orleans. The Bulls are still able to beat top teams even on the road. They just don't have the energy any more on defense. And their offense has become stagnant with DRose jacking up more shots at a terrible percentage and having less and less assists.

    I hope they don't lay another egg with Orlando today. But if getting Dunleavy back will improve the defensive rotations and give more support for Butler who blames himself for the Bulls declining defense, then let's do it. Also, if Dunleavy's size and three-ball threat will get more movement on offense to have less DRose jacking and more DRose assisting, then I'm all for it.

    Yes, Noah needs to get better but 19 rebounds shows it isn't lack of effort. I'd take the Bulls that we were also excited about on Jan. 5 which was the best offensive team in the DRose era and the defense was somewhere around 10th -15th. The focus is really on getting their defense back whatever that takes. And Thibs is the man for this job. But if it means getting Dunleavy back and less Hinrich, then let the Dunleavy for MVP chants start. I guess I have just started to get delirious during this losing streak.

  • Before the season started McD was often compared to Kyle Korver, however McD rebuked the comparisons and stated he was more than just a shooter and had a more polished all around game. That may have been true at the college level but in the NBA he could only hope to have a ceiling like Korvers. He just doesn't have the size advantage he had to dominate at the college level, and lacks the speed necessary to dominate at the NBA level. The talent is there and he has potential but I think it will take at least a couple seasons before he has the conditioning he needs to be consistent in the NBA.

    I think Snell could be the true X factor for the Bulls this year. He has the potential to be that extra wing we need so badly. Lately he's been showing promise and now that he's been getting minutes there's been a lot of improvement particularly with his defense. Earlier in the season he didn't play with a lot of confidence and often looked timid, but now he looks a lot more comfortable out there and I would play him over Hinrich 10 times out of 10.

    Speaking of Hinrich his injury could be a blessing in disguise. It may sound terrible but the only time I get excited for Hinrich is when I hear he's injured.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    could be a blessing in disguise? absofinglutely! I rather play 4 on 5 than have to watch his dead man walking act.

  • fb_avatar

    Well we will find out shortly if the Bulls ( w almost a week off rest over past 2 weeks) being able to practice and make adjustments to fix this team.........

    It all starts w a revenge game vs Orlando........bad matchup for us, but If we can't figure a way to neutralize vucevic and win this game easy, then championship dream is in real jeopardy.

    First quarter is going to be huge......let's see what kind of energy they come out with.

    My prediction........Bulls will be in a dogfight as that's how they play bad teams

    They need to do what the Cavs do to bad teams. Put them away in the first half......look what they did to the lakers?

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    In reply to Jim Odirakallumkal:

    Dog fight coming in the 2nd

    Hopefully Butler isn't hurt too bad. Bulls need a a huge 3rd quarter or the young Magic will steal this game in the 4th if it's close.

  • no kirk and a back to back hopefully means we will see some doug mcD tonight. Losing Dunleavy has hurt the bulls spacing but also moved jimmy to the SF position. He seemed to be able to reliably take smaller SG into the post and overpower them when driving to the hoop. Getting him back at the 2 might improve the offensive efficiency. Getting some spacing might also cut down on the turnovers that lead to easy buckets and poor defensive numbers

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    In reply to piggy7:

    Typical Bulls......should have put these clowns away after a 32-16 first.

    Second unit just played like dog shit on both ends, and now we in a dog fight

    Free Dougie Free Dougie Free Dougie !!!

  • Since Neal and Stacey seemed more concerned about how many Bulls were getting double doubles than they were about how badly the Bulls were playing and that they were about to lose to lowly Orlando again...here are some fun facts from CSN Chicago, double doubles and other nonsense.

    - Pau Gasol now leads the NBA with 33 double-doubles this season (Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins is second with 32).

    - Gasol's 12 straight double-doubles is the most by a Bulls player since Michael Jordan's 15 (March 18-April 14, 1989).

    - Gasol is the first Bulls player with consecutive games of 20 points and 15 rebounds since Marcus Fizer (April 12 and 14, 2004).

    - Gasol has reached a double-double by the end of the first half four times this season (Nov. 10, Jan. 3, Feb. 7 and 8).

    - Sunday was Derrick Rose's 50th career double-double (44 with points/assists and five with points/rebounds). Rose also has one career triple-double.

    - Rose's 11 assists Sunday was a season-high,

    - There are now 47 players that have taken 200-plus three-point attempts this season. Rose has the worst percentage and is the only player shooting under .300 (.297).

    - Jimmy Butler now has 29 games of 20-plus points this season (leads the Bulls). D.J. Augustin led the Bulls last season with 16 games of 20-plus points.

    - On Sunday Butler (27 points, five assists, six steals) became first Bulls player with 25 points, five assists and five steals in a game since Rose on Dec. 25, 2010 (25 points, eight assists, six steals). He's the first to do it while shooting over .500 from the field since Ron Mercer on Jan 23, 2001 (39 points, seven assists, five steals, 16-25 FG).

    - The 72 points allowed to New Orleans on Saturday are a season low, and matches last season's low (Jan. 10, 2014 against the Milwaukee Bucks).

    - The Bulls are now 9-10 without Mike Dunleavy this season (23-10 with him).

    Wow, Pau Gasol, Michael Jordan, Boogie Cousins and Marcus Fizer, all on the same page, who knew. I always remember Fizer as more of the bozohole type without the hole. Oh for the glorious Ron Mercer days. Rose the worst 3 point volume shooter in the league, gee who would have guessed that, certainly not Rose himself. Interesting and amusing stuff.

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