Hassan Whiteside surpasses JaVale McGee as scrubbiest player to triple double the Bulls

Hassan Whiteside surpasses JaVale McGee as scrubbiest player to triple double the Bulls

By the end of the game it looked like Chicago was simply trying to pad Whiteside's block stats. He needn't worry about whether that last shot was a goal tend or a block for #10, because the Bulls would make sure he got a couple more.

The in thing to do when the Bulls lose to a struggling team is to blast the effort. I don't think the Bulls set a season high in grit against Miami, but they didn't sleep walk through the game either. Luol Deng scored 15 on 15 shots, Bosh 20 on 20 shots, that's not bad for Chicago defensively.

Dwyane Wade scored 26 on 18 shots, but in the fourth quarter he went through a stretch where he was superstar Dwyane Wade and just knocked down step back, heavily contested, long twos one after the other. I'm living with that shot at this point in Wade's career, and if he makes 4/5 of those in a row then hats off to him.

Chicago lost this game with their inability to score. Derrick Rose had been shooting 50%+ from the three point line over his past six games but was 0-6. Gasol, Snell, Butler, Hinrich, and Rose combined for 1-15 [with Snell getting the one] on the night from downtown.

Brooks and Mirotic combined for 6-9 from three which was perhaps the only offense Chicago had going for it that night, but the Bulls didn't go to them much. Instead, they kept feeding the post when it was crystal clear that neither Taj Gibson nor Pau Gasol was going to get anything done against Hassan Whiteside.

Whiteside really had a monster game on defense, and the impressive thing is he showed tremendous patience, not buying all the pump fakes and trickery, the Bulls tried to get him to play over aggressively to draw fouls, but were largely unsuccessful in doing so.

In the end, you'd like to think the Bulls could hold Miami down to 90 points or so, but what you can't do against any NBA team is shoot 35% from the field and expect to win. The Bulls lost this game on poor shooting plain and simple.

Bulls can't cope with athletic big men

This is a game the Bulls needed to finish with Joakim and Gibson. I'm not sure if Jo's ankle was kicked up limiting his play, but Hassan Whiteside just destroyed the Bulls.

He destroyed them because Pau Gasol had no answer for his athleticism while defending him, and the Bulls found no one who could score on the other end. Whiteside has virtually no offensive skill outside of the dunk, but that didn't stop him from scoring all over Chicago.

Pau couldn't box him out, couldn't keep up with him, and while the Bulls were trying to make a late game push Whiteside had dunk after dunk because Gasol simply couldn't deal with him.

It was a time for Noah, particularly given that the Bulls were getting nothing out of Gasol on offense. That said, with Noah's recent play it's hard to argue it would have helped any, but at some point you had to try IMO.

No spacing = no shooting

The Bulls had no spacing on the floor, and because no one was hitting shots, the Heat clamped down on the paint even more. The worst thing about Rose, Snell, Butler, and Hinrich combining for 1/14 from beyond the arc was that most of the looks were wide open.

Hinrich airballed a wide open corner three. Snell was 1-4 [and thus the champion of the group for at least hitting one] but took his shots with no one in his zip code. The Bulls were getting high quality looks from beyond the arc but simply couldn't make Miami pay for it.

If they hit a few of those threes the whole game is different, beyond it being a nail biter at the end in terms of score, the Heat wouldn't have been able to sag five guys into the lane to shut down the drive.

So how good is Jimmy Butler?

Jimmy Butler started out this season like an MVP. He's still putting up solid games. He's still filling out the box score in a wide array of areas, but he's also giving Chicago plenty of games like this one.

He contributed five boards, a couple assists [impressive to have any given the Bulls shooting woes], a couple of blocks, but was just 2/8 from the field. The Heat don't have a good perimeter defender to stick on him, he should have been living at the free throw line or killing guys in the post.

This was a game I'd have expected Butler to play really well in offensively given his matchup, but he simply couldn't do it.

The NBA seems to have adjusted to Butler, and we'll now see if he can adjust back to the NBA. If not, the Bulls still have an excellent player. He still contributes in all phases of the game. He draws fouls, defends, rebounds, passes, and plays the right way.

However, pretty good chance he's more Luol Deng than James Harden.

Taj really is a black hole, and that's usually not so bad

On many occasions Taj Gibson fighting in the post is no problem. He keeps fighting until he scores or draws a foul and frequently does so with efficiency. He scores on plenty of baskets where I think the smart play would be to pass the ball back out.

Then there are games like this one. Games where he doesn't have it going on, and he keeps fighting and fighting anyway just to get stuffed repeatedly. At the end of the day, this is who Taj is. Once he gets the ball on the inside he morphs into Eddy Curry.

That ball isn't coming back out. Frequently good things happen, sometimes they don't. Taj was only 3/10 from the field with six of his seven misses being shoved back down in his face, many by Hassan Whiteside. Still, he got to the foul line on four other possessions which was big for Chicago.

It's not the best, but it's not the worst either. It just feels like the worst today. It'd be easy to say he has to make better decisions down there, but he scores on many of those decisions I don't think are so great. It's just his game.

Kirk Hinrich gives you nothing in 4/5 games

It shocks me that Kirk still has fans. He has the occasional good game, and I always give him credit when he does, but this guy is killing the Bulls in four out of five games. He has the lowest PER of any player in the NBA with over 25 mpg.

For players with over 25 minutes (157 total guys), he's in the bottom 30 in virtually every advanced stat category. Do you know how challenging that is? Most guys are specialists at something so they compete in some area.

His defensive rating, offensive rating, vorp, TS%, win score, and PER all rank him as god awful. You'd think he'd at least have a good defensive rating, but no, he's not good there either. He doesn't set up the offense well, he doesn't shoot well, he doesn't defend well, and he contributes in virtually no other aspect of the game.

Yes, he tries hard. Yes, he hustles. Yes, he cares. However, the game has passed him by. He doesn't have the athleticism to do what he used to do anymore, and he doesn't have the skill level in terms of ball handling or shooting to make up for it.

Classic trap game

The Bulls had just beaten two Western Conference playoff teams. They have the Warriors on the road on Tuesday. Anyone else think they were overlooking Miami a bit? Who knows.

Day games are always a bit weird, and it seems the Bulls typically don't play well in them. The players are often out of rhythm because their sleep pattern has to change so much for the game.

It's easy to think of reasons why the Bulls may have struggled in this one, but in the end, there have been too many games like this. Games where the Bulls are heavy favorites and simply drop the rope. Too many of those have been at home.

I'm not sure what's happened to Chicago there, but if they don't want to finish in a 4/5 matchup with Cleveland in the East. That's not how you want the first round to go. They need to get their stuff together or they're in serious danger of that happening.

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  • I have given up on Thibs not playing Hinrich. But I just hope Thibs can treat Hinrich with the same standard as Mirotic, snell, mcdermott. He pulled his rookies when they make a mistake, if he does the same with hinrich, i will be ok with that.

  • In reply to handushk:

    Believe it or not, Thibs actually did just that twice last week when Hangdog got so lost on defense that he couldn't even find himself. Thibs noticed called a timeout and immediately removed the Hangdog, I was shocked.

  • Doug, I don't think the Bulls will be playing the Cavs on first round as I believe the Cavs will leapfrog to second seed by the end of the regular season the way they are playing now. To me, Cavs are now legit and favorites to win the East along with Wizards. My gut feeling is that the Bulls will remain the 4/5 seed and will play the Raptors on the first round. This last game showed how weak the Bulls are against more athletic teams, specially on the front court, and teams have scouted the Bulls and know about it. Our only chance is to have Noah at 100% Rose playing like his MVP level.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    That would actually be the best case scenario for the Bulls, the Hawks first, the Wiz/Cavs in the 2-3 hole, and the Bulls/Raps in the 4-5 hole. That would at least give us a 25% chance of making the ECF even if we will have no chance of advancing once we got there.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The closer we get to the post-season, the more unlikely it seems the Bulls will get very far. An ECF appearance is probably a best-case scenario at this point. So I agree the 4-5 sot is probably ideal; preferably 5 since they can seem to win at home.

  • If there's one upgrade to make to this team, it's replacing Hinrich. Ideally with a starter caliber player who would bump Dunleavy to the bench, but even if it's a bench player, any player is better than Hinrich. I mean, literally, statistically, any player is better than Hirnich.

    I know some disagree but Paxson and Forman aren't stupid. Between them and the coaching staff who watch the games more intently than we do, there's got to be concern that Kirk just doesn't have it anymore. Thibs probably tells them "we have more than enough" but at some point here, GarPax needs to take Thibs' toy away and give him a player that he simply has to play. It's like in the movie "Moneyball" where the manager continually insists on playing Pena over Hatterburg, so Billy Beane trades Pena away, and then the team takes off.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Exactly! The FO should trade Hinrich - then Thibs can't overplay him!

    Altho it is really hard to see why any halfway intelligent coach would play him more than 5 minutes per game. Kirk had 2 pts in 24 minutes and Brooks had 17 pts in 21 minutes! What's the obvious move to make here?

    Nobody except Brooks was special for the Bulls on Sunday, and only Rose and Brooks looked halfway decent.

    5 pts for Butler in 42 minutes? Since his bereavement issue, he hasn't even been worth the $11 million per contract the Bulls offered him!

    Trade Kirk, Snell, the Bulls' 1st round pick and a piece for Afflalo, then sign Nate cheap.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Hard to believe but Hangdog(along with Niko) led the Bulls in plus/minus at plus 1, the next best Bulls were minus 4(Brooks)and minus 5(Gibson). Maybe it was a misprint, but thats what ESPN has in the official boxscore.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I'd like to agree with you, but those 2 guys who aren't stupid, did just sign Hangdog to a 2 year contract using the room exception. Supposedly they asked him about taking the vets minimum and he refused so they caved and gave him the room exception. I wouldn't have made any offer, but if he refused the vets minimum, I would have called his bluff and said take it or leave it.

    You know that things are bad when you are so useless that Tony Snell who is only incrementally more awake than a dead man is overwhelmingly preferable to even your staunchest supporters.

    As Doug essentially said, Hangdog is now so bad that he has no more value on the court than a corpse would, maybe Thibs can get him a part on that TV show the walking dead instead of playing him 25 minutes per night.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Not true, BigWay. Kirk scored 2 points more on Sunday than a corpse would have.

    Of course, Kirk makes millions of $ more than a corpse, so as a cost/benefit ratio the corpse still wins.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Yes, but wouldn't the corpse play better(and smarter) defense?

  • In reply to BigWay:

    It would if D Wade tripped over it. However, it's more likely that a Bulls player would have stumbled over the corpse on Sunday.

  • While I still think the Bulls are championship contenders, I no longer consider them the favorite, as I once did. Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah look too far removed from the great players they were in the past. As for the 3-point shooting, while I wouldn’t expect them to be a combined 1 of 14, Rose, Snell, Butler and Hinrich are simply poor to average 3-point shooters. Rose takes way too many. It’s a bail out shot for him. He should drive the ball more.

    As for the Heat, I thought like everybody else. How good can Hassan Whiteside be? Afterall, could the whole league have whiffed on this guy? Even though it’s a small sample size, I’m cautiously optimistic. He’s certainly in the right organization, and he’s got Alonzo Mourning and Juwan Howard mentoring him. As Doug mentioned, what was especially impressive is that he wasn’t biting on any of Taj Gibson’s head fakes. While I’m not naïve enough to include Miami amongst the top eastern conference teams, I feel they can become a team no one wants to play in the first round. If I had my choice, Toronto would be the team I’d want to play.

    Doug, if you want to avoid Cleveland, you might want to stay in the 4-spot, because I can easily see Cleveland moving up to the 2nd or 3rd seed. At #4, Chicago would be out of Cleveland’s bracket in the first two rounds.

  • This is still a very good bulls team. Butler and Heinrich are somewhat in the physically burntout stage with Heinrich also being mentally. Team fatigue is a factor no one seems concerned to acknowledge. Soon more new injuries can be a major factor for players trying to heal. It takes tim to recover after the surgeries this team has faced. Newer players are not getting playing time to develop and recovering Gipson, Noah, and Heinrich are not physically sound. Stauskas is available and maybe cheap. Maybe player development should be team goal at this stage and not necessarily winning every game. Butler's minutes are certainly a fatigue factor with no relief in sight. Players are human and not participants of a video game.

  • 1. Whiteside was amazing. Makes me think that Kentucky's 7'0" Cauley-Stein has a shot in the NBA.

    2. Hinrich is terrible. He is beyond useless. When he aired that 8 footer in the lane by probably 2 feet I figured Thibs would take him out... but no.

    3. Chicago could not get stops in the 2nd half. Doug, the Bulls shooting was bad, but I think it was more about not getting stops on D. The Bulls were within 7-11 points forever in the 4th quarter, but they could not stop Miami. Maybe one possession, but never more than that so they could not wipe out the lead.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Look if we want to be honest with ourselves, despite the general feeling that Gasol has been some kind of a godsend, the Bulls are essentially unable to get stops anytime that Gasol is on the floor. He is simply the big soft hole in the center of our defense(2 blocks per game not with standing), thus my rationale for calling him the Krispy Kreme Pansey.

    This is simply not changing and will only get worse in the playoffs when teams actually strategize specifically to attack your weaknesses. The last three games nobody particularly attacked the Bulls biggest weakness, pick and roll or pick and pop targeting Gasol, which they certainly will day in day out in the playoffs.

    On top of not getting stops, the Bulls constantly shot themselves in the foot on the offensive end when they appeared to be one play away from breaking thru the Miami lead. Unfortunately, they seem to be a team filled with "mistake making" players who do so at the most inopportune times.

  • This game made LeBron regret leaving for Cleveland. I mean, did he know Whiteside had this much game? Wow. LeBron-Wade-Bosh-Whiteside sounds much better to me than whatever the hell is going on in Cleveland.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Whiteside was in the D-League earlier this year. The Heat picked him up after Memphis cut him. Any team could have had him. Whiteside was playing in China or Lebanon at this time last year. If he was on the Heat and demonstrated these skills while Lebron was there, there’s no way Lebron would have left Miami.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Yea, who knew that Hakeem Olajuwan was still capable of playing at that level. Oh wait, that was Hassan Whiteside, the same Whiteside who has been out of the league for 4 years after only playing in 20 career games prior to this season. I guess that 23 & 16 game that he had against the Clippers last week wasn't a fluke.

    It is nearly impossible to believe that the hundreds if not thousands of people employed by NBA teams couldn't find a roster spot for this guy. How smart can these people really be, he was even in a couple of training camps this past preseason and still didn't make a roster. Can't we just trade Hangdog and Nazr for him, throw in Snell if you have to.

  • The positives for this season:
    1. Gasol is a big improvement offensively over Boozer and his length also makes a difference.
    2. Derrick Rose appears to be healthy now and is slowly but surely coming along.
    3. Butler has improved a lot this year offensively.
    4. Mirotic has promise
    5. The team looks good on the road

    The negatives for this season:
    1. Gasol is not much better defensively than Boozer and at times are even worse.
    2. Even though Rose is coming along he still has a ways to go before he's back to MVP level, and he also hurts the team at times with his threes.
    3. Noah has regressed
    4. Taj has regressed
    5. Hinrich is done
    6. Thibs is doing a horrible job this year in my opinion
    7. Defense has fallen off
    8. Rebounding has been inconsistent
    9. No one on the team can shoot threes other than Dunleavy
    10. The team looks bad at home
    11. So far McDermott has been a disappointment for 2 picks

    I'll stop here but the list goes on. The point of all this is to show just how much the bad out weighs the good right now and something has to change.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    6. Brooks has been awesome and hopefully Hinrich will play less as the season goes on.

    7. Snell has actually been about as good as I could imagine. Now, he has not been all that good, but he's not the reason for any single loss IMO.

    Negatives - Taj has been one of the better two way players. He is what he is. I don't think he's regressed, maybe he has not gotten a ton of minutes due to the surrounding talent.

    Also, McDermott has been injured, so unfair to judge him. But, honestly, did we all expect that much in year one from him? The pressure will be on next year if Dunleavy is gone.

  • In reply to Granby:

    For this year, I expected McDermott to be someone who could come off the bench for 10-15 minutes and hit some shots. Right now, he isn't even that, and they need that, this year IMO. We could really use another 3-point shooter, well, he should be the guy. I think he still could become that if Thibs plays him as Doug suggested. I don't see how McD could be any worse than Hinrich, but he will actually improve while Hinrich will only get worse.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I concur with your expectations for McDNP.

    The hinrich situation is even more aggravating when Thibs goes to a 3 guard rotation and the corpsedog plays the SF position which he has done quite a bit lately with Dunleavy out. Of course McDNP was also out, so to be fair Thibs had fewer options available to him.

    Neither Snell nor the Corpsedog can guard the SF position, as Snell was more or less abused the last few nights by Parsons and Deng. McDNP hasn't shown much of anything offensively or defensively so far but he simply cannot be worse than the corpsedog or Snell for that matter despite everybody going gaga over him not completely sucking @ss for a couple of games.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Actually, I think that Taj has been better lately than he was early on, at least in the effort department, which matters most to me as it is the one thing that you can control yourself. He could play smarter which is on him and the coaches.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I noticed that too about Taj. He appears to be doing more of the blue collar work, and not whining. Is it since the Bulls team meeting?

  • In reply to Granby:

    McDermott was expected to be able to contribute this season, that's why the Bulls gave up two high 1st rounders to get him. He was one of the primary reasons people were saying Chicago is improved offensively before the season started. His 2 major selling points was that he is a natural scorer and was NBA ready after 4 years of college. So far he hasn't lived up to any of that. Pre-injury he wasn't knocking down shots and looked lost on the court like a typical rookie, not one who's NBA ready. The injury only made things worse. I know it's not fair to judge players that are injured but it's a song we've sang one too many times on the Bulls. Injuries are apart of the game and actually impact a players value even if they make a full recovery. So as far as I'm concerned it's just another problem not an excuse. I guess that can be negative number 12.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Pretty good job overall, however, Brooks is our best 3 point shooter this year, and might be hitting them at a career high rate. and Butler doesn't seem to be better when playing with Rose, which is a big problem going forward.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You have a point, I actually think Butler plays a little better with Brooks not sure what the stats are. I guess it's because Brooks is more of an outside threat than Rose even though Rose takes more attempts. I think Rose and Butler can co-exist but they need a consistent shooter on the court to even things out. That's where I feel Dunleavy's absence is missed the most.

  • Doug you better be careful, some people on this site might mistake your honest critique of virtually all the Bulls players as a whiney bitch fest and suggest that you are ruining their enjoyment of the site. It is simply not fair to critique the Bulls play, all the players are great, nearly perfect players virtually all the time. A loss here and there is nothing to worry about as everything will be perfect by the time the playoffs roll around and we sweep our way to the title.

    Thanks for saying just about everything that I would have said so I didn't have to incur the wrath of the cry babies riding the Krispy Kreme Pansey train.

  • with dunleavy out, thibs needs to give mcdermott some minutes. this team needs a shooter to space the floor for butler and rose, especially now that butler is getting doubled when he has a smaller defender. mcdermott needs to see some time with rose on the floor to get him some open looks. I can't watch hinrich and snell miss wide open jumpers all night.

  • A few random thoughts:

    1. I watched some of last night's game again this morning and what caught my attention was a Whiteside block on Gasol when he attempted a left-handed hook shot. Whiteside actually laughed at Gasol after the shot was blocked. Perhaps that is why Taj and Niko tried to get rough with him just a little while later.

    2. I think it's fair to say that many of us were surprised at Kirk getting a two-year extension. (I was so upset I actually considered calling a crisis hotline.) Especially when the Bulls had to bribe another team five years ago with a first round pick just to get rid of him. My theory is that Derrick Rose lobbied hard for this signing. Reinsdorf, who values loyalty more than anything, probably told GarPax to retain him no matter what. Yes, Hinrich is more done than my wife's pot roast, but at least he is loyal. (You may recall that Rose always gave Hinrich major credit for showing him the ropes.)

    3. Perhaps even more surprising is why Thibs plays Hinrich. It truly defies the known laws of the universe. When he gets on the court it is like the other team being on the power play in hockey. Five skaters against four. The guy can't shoot, lacks athleticism, is overrated as a defender, makes head-scratching mistakes, and is ugly. Have I about covered it?

    4. I thought Taj was terrific against Dallas. Controlled the paint, made shots, and played with tons of energy. That was good Taj. Bad Taj thinks he is Hakeem O. and will force up shots with three guys draped all over him. Having said that, I would still start him over Joakim Scissorhands at the four. Taj my be a knucklehead at times but at least he knows how to dunk a basketball instead of throwing line drives at the backboard.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Maybe thats why the Krispy Kreme Pansey started a scuffle with Whiteside in the last few seconds of the game when Miami was just dribbling out the clock. It seemed very strange that he would pick that moment to show his only emotion of the entire game. I thought it was just frustration at being blocked on back to back possessions and generally being abused by Whiteside at both ends of the court, but maybe it had something to do with the laughing that you detected. I thought that Whiteside was just very happy to get his triple double. You could tell when they interviewed him after that game that he is just another NBA player who never went to class even in Highschool.

    I agree that has Taj played with a lot of energy lately, especially on the offensive end, but as Doug noted the results just weren't there last night. To me he definitely was forcing the action against too many guys(as you say, Olajawon style), but given that Brooks(maybe Niko) were the only other guys putting out any noticeable effort maybe he felt that was the only option to get the team going.

    It is scary and sad to see how bad Noah is at the offensive end this year. How hard is it for a right handed 7 footer to make a right handed layup, it is beyond comprehension that he simply cannot hit these shots. However, the solution to the question isn't Taj over Noah at PF, eventually, it has to be Noah over KKP at center.

    "Joakim Scissorhands", unfortunately a very apropos nickname, even if it does mock my favorite player. I have to caution you that there are some people who think that these type of nicknames are childish and personally offensive to them and ruin their enjoyment of this site. So be afraid, be very afraid.

    Unlike Doug, I thought that Rose was very passive again, especially in the first quarter, which unfortunately then sets the tone for the entire team to get off to a passive start, which they never seem to overcome. Rose has to be aggressive from the get go, to get the team going, that should be obvious to him and everyone else by now. As Thibs says, attack, attack, attack. If he feels that he isn't capable of doing that then maybe he would be better off taking a night off, as the team might actually respond better to his being out than to his being passive.

  • Unless you think this Bulls team is a true contender(which from the sound of things many posters don't) then I am not worried about win/loss relative to playoff position i.e match-ups.

    What I really want to do is see what we have in Niko and try to develop McD with meaningful minutes to find out by seasons end if he looks promising or at least can hit threes or is just not looking like an NBA player ready to contribute anytime soon.

    Again, I like an entertaining team to watch more then jumping the gun to "contender" concerns. Right now you have a PG who turns the ball over and can't shoot threes. A SG who can't shoot threes albeit a good and entertaining player. A broken down war horse in former franchise pillar Joakim Noah. You have to suffer through 27 minutes of Klank Chokebrick etc. etc.

    I was really hoping for a more entertaining team to watch then this bulls squad overall, but Gasola nd Butler have been worth watching fairly often at least. And Niko looked good before his minutes were cut and then he was blamed for "slumping."

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Again, for your personal safety, I must warn you that as of yesterday the principal has informed me that you are not allowed to use nicknames to make fun of players or other children on the playground. I'm told that this is childish and ruins the other kids enjoyment of the playground. You may get a timeout if you persist in using the phrase Klank Chokebrick to refer to Hangdog, or the corpsedog or the player formerly known as Kurt Heinrich or something like that, just ask Vinny Del Bimbo.

  • BTW, while we've been mourning the Bulls swoon, the Sacto pick has now fallen into the top 10, which means that we would not get it. Charlotte, Detroit and Brooklyn are now slightly ahead of Sacto, although with Brandon Jennings now out for the season that might put the breaks on Detroits rise, or maybe not as they have the guy that we should have kept instead of the corpsedog, DJ Augustin to replace him. Brooklyin looks to be tanking the season, Charlotte is now in the playoffs. Utah in the west is starting to catch Sacto. They simply have to start winning more games for us to get that pick. WTF did they fire that coach, he seemed to get Cousins.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Atlanta has a pick swap with Brooklyn, they're not tanking, they're just legitimately bad.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Atlanta swapping with Brooklyn, is that from the Joe Johnson trade?

    I think Sacramento will drop down to the 6th worst record by season's end. It makes no sense for Sacto to win any games if they cannot make the playoffs, so tanking and keeping their draft pick is logical.

    Two more chances for Bulls in 2016 and 2017.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Yeah, from the Joe Johnson trade. Billy King traded all his picks for the next 5 years so he can assemble the most expensive team in the league and still not make the playoffs. Yet he still has a job somehow.

    I don't think the Kings are even really tanking, they're just not good enough to stay afloat in the West, and having a bad coach doesn't help. Sinking too much lower will be hard for them though - the bottom 5 in each conference has already pretty much given up on the season. It'll still be enough to keep the Bulls away from the pick though.

    They're going to need to hire someone who gets Cousins to buy in for the Bulls to get that pick. Given the Kings history of not so smart decision making, don't count on it.

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