Bulls follow up best game of year with worst

Bulls follow up best game of year with worst

If the Bulls / Rockets game was the best and most fun game to watch of the year, the Bulls / Jazz game had to be the worst.

I don't know if I've seen a game where more balls were half way down and rolled out than this one. It was like someone put an invisible cross bar on the rim. It's hard to complain about a whole lot in the game except that the Bulls simply couldn't score.

Derrick Rose was abysmal, but he wasn't playing stupid. More than half his shots were int he paint. He only took one three. His mid range jumpers were largely close mid range jumpers and not long twos. It was the type of shot selection that you'd like to see out of Derrick for the most part.

Nikola Mirotic couldn't throw the ball in the ocean. He was just one for seven on the night and missed four threes which were largely wide open, good looks that we've come to expect him to make.

Kirk Hinrich was 0-5 and joakim Noah was 0-3.

Those four players combined for a 4-30 performance and scored a grand total of nine points on those 30 shot attempts. That's simply too much bad offense for everyone else to overcome, not that anyone else was all that much better, they just weren't that bad.

After a couple great games, Gasol had one of those down games where he was destroyed athletically, and the Bulls seemed to lose every loose ball around him. He contributed 13 points on 13 shots which made him not nearly as abysmal as the rest of the offense.

It's hard to say Butler had a bad game with 16 points on 13 shots with 11 boards, three assists, and two steals, but it wasn't giving Chicago the points he has in the past, and they desperately needed those points last night.

Aaron Brooks didn't have it going, but he hit a couple threes and some free throws to keep his overall scoring rate above abysmal on a bad shooting night.

Taj Gibson had a nice night in the box score, but seemed on the verge of imploding again with the refs. I'm surprised Taj doesn't lead the league in technical with how dramatic he is after every non foul call on offense or foul call on defense. He's also developed a bad habit of chatting with the refs rather playing transition defense.

Tony Snell actually gave the Bulls a nice contribution last night, I don't know if anyone will notice since it was such a crap fest of a game, but he really hustled on the court and had a nice offensive rebound play where he outworked the Jazz.

It'd be easy to blame the game on low intensity or lack of effort, but I'm not even sure that was the case. Throughout most of the game, the Bulls played really strong defense. They finally dropped the rope in the fourth quarter, but they were right there despite god awful offense most of the way.

On offense, they did most of the things you'd like to see. They shot open three point looks, they got into the paint a good amount [but just couldn't hit], they tried to feed Gasol in the post, but he was just awful down there where he was 3/10 down low and 2/3 on the perimeter.

In short, it was just one of those nights. All I can really say is I hope you didn't watch.

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    Let's give Utah credit for play some really good defense, and out hustling the Bulls. Every shot the Bulls took was contested, and the Jazz kept Butler, Rose and Brooks from getting into the paint for the most part. They also played the passing lanes well, for steals and breakaway layups. Although, the Bulls scored only 32 1st half pts, the Bulls was in the game due to the Jazz scoring only 36 1st half pts. However, in the end the Bulls were beaten @ there own game. Tough D, rebounds, and low post scoring.

    The Bulls can use low energy as an excuse but from what I saw it was more like a beatdown especially in the 2nd half. It's not like they Bulls dominated their last meeting either barely winning by 2 pts.

    The Bulls may not see the Jazz again this season, but their style of play is what the Bulls should expect to see during the playoffs, and they had better be able to make adjustments or the season will end as a disappointing one.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    I agree the Jazz played with tremendous effort, but this has happened so many times this season to the Bulls that it can't just be chalked up to the other teams effort, it seems to expose a fundamental flaw with this Bulls team.

  • " It was like someone put an invisible cross bar on the rim." Someone did. It was me. I go to one Bulls game all year and that was the Brooklyn Nets clunker after a 7 game winning streak. Yesterday I purchase NBA League pass so my son can watch Bulls games while away at college. Sure enough, after their best game of the year another stinker. Bottom line, when I spend cash on the Bulls they tank. (Erik) Murphy's Law.

    Seriously, the Bulls need to do something about Derrick Rose. I have had the haterade out lately, but this kind of performance (25% shooting over the last 6 games) can't be tolerated. I would like to see Thibs bench Rose. Have him play fewer minutes against 2nd team talent until his game comes back. Coach K did it at FIBA. I just don't see why the team should suffer waiting for Rose to figure it out.

  • Rose did take a lot of shits in the paint :)

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Now that is an awesome typo.

  • and I was at the game, lol, worst game i've ever been to, wow that was painful, kept waiting for something to cheer for and ya not really anything besides a couples minutes when Rose made a few layups and AB did something, well that sucked!

  • Klank Chokebrick starting for this team, and playing 24 plus impactful minutes..? And continually inserting this offensive train wreck on this Bulls team the other players and overall team offense isn't supposed to be effected negatively?!

    Well the chickens came home to roost last night(and pooped all over Thib's lapels) as Klank not surprisingly had one of his three out of four "off" nights. 0-5 with 1 rebound and 1 assist in 24 plus minutes. You might as well be starting some D-league scrub. This is offensive cancer, and the patient died last night.

    Again, for the season Hinrich is shooting 39% from TWO point land and averaging 1.something rebounds per game in basically 28 huge minutes per game. NOT acceptable.

    Seriously Thibodeau is just pouring water on the offensive fuel of the Chicago Bulls which needs to build if they are going anywhere this post season. I really wouldn't have Kirk Hinrich anywhere near my rotation if I'm a supposedly contending ball club. He STINKS. Get it trough your head(s) Chicago as in Gar/Pax and Thibodeau your offensive dolt coach.

    Yes, Thibodeau runs some good offensive plays at times and understands basic NBA concepts of running an offense, but in utilizing players and developing roles and plays for those players I'd argue - he sucks. What could Tom Thibodeau's possible contribution be to coaching Derrick Rose right now with the futile and dysfunctional way his game is operating? Either Rose is completely insubordinate i.e you have to reduce his minutes or bench him or you as in Thibs are a big part of the problem. Period.

    And Derrick Rose, hey when things are going this poorly offensively you have to change up what you're doing offensively. Klank needs to go to the end of the bench, and Aaron Brooks needs to start with Rose getting the ball handed to him in motion/plays where he has specifically designed things he's supposed to do. That is the complete opposite of just shoving him out there at the point with the ball in his hands and saying, "here ya go, make something happen." IT IS NOT WORKING,

    I would argue that if somebody who knows how to utilize players was dealing with Rose's impasse offensively they definitely would come up with some radical short term at least adjustments i.e solutions. If Derrick were playing for Pop, Phil, Terry Stotts, Rick Carlisle this would not be happening. At minimum Rose would maybe be playing a little less, but his averages would be at least 17-18ppg on 47% or probably higher shooting. He has shown he can be dynamite in the mid lane and post and pull up J's when teams have just not threatened help on him which is stupid as hell on their parts.

    This shit with Rose right now is a huge concern for me. Huge. His body of work is going to look nothing like a second or even third wheel of an NBA champion let alone an alpha as in No.1 The Bulls need to wake up and make some significant changes with the way they are using D-Rose or come playoff time they could get bounced in the early rounds IMO.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I have never, never, never understood the Hinrich love this organization has. No other coach in the league would be playing Hinrich ahead of Brooks and giving him more minutes. And Thibs handling of Rose this season is basketball malpractice. But this is also the same head coach who refused for 3 years to remove Boozer from the starting lineup, something Byron Scott did after a handful of games with the Lakers. Brooks should start, Rose backs him up until (or if) his game improves and Hinrich is relegated to E'Twaun Moore minutes.

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    As I wrote the other day, coaching is a big issue for this team. Warrior, you nailed it about Rose. He needs coaching, and if he won't listen, he needs benching! It is ridiculous that a guy getting paid ten times a scrub salary shoots like a scrub! 25% over the last 6 games? Bulls could have that for $1 million or less per year.

    No player always brings high intensity. OK, that's reality. At least most of them decided to take the same night off.

    However, when there is a guy like Kirk, and BTW add 4 PFs to his stats last night, it can demoralize other players. This is just basic psychology. After all, why should I knock myself out if a starter is loopy?The coaches need to recognize this.

    Also, there seems to be a contagious disease going around the team - BOCHOB - Body on court, head on bench! Such as, failing to block out for the RB, lazy passes, sloppy ball handling, stupid fouls, off-balance shooting.

    The coaches have champioship talent, but they have a lot of work to get it up to the potential.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Maybe BOCBOB would be better - Body on Court, brain on bench!

    The now classic example of the Kirk foul on the 3-pt shooter with 2 seconds left in the Dallas game. In some ways worse than the debacle last night.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Sounds like you guys are very close to endorsing my recommendation(facetious as it was) of about a month ago that someone in Chicago has to find a way to permanently remove Hangdog from the equation.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I could live with maybe 5 minutes per game. Maybe.

  • Snell has had a couple games now where he looks like a guy that deserves at least a small role in the NBA. Yeah, he still has a lllooonnnggg way to go, but seems to be coming out of his mopey stupor.

    As far as the game goes, I can understand (even expect) an individual player having a terrible game now and then...but it boggles my mind how an entire team of professionals can be that dreadful all at the same time.

  • I love Derrick Rose because I know the kind of player he's been and the amazing things he's capable of. I don't know if he's in a really bad slump, rusty, or just struggling to effectively change his game, but whatever it is he looks terrible and it's having a negative impact on the team. Half the battle in basketball is all mental. That's when you have scoring droughts, turnovers, or changes in momentum. Worst of all it's contagious. When you have a guy that goes 0 for 9 in the 1st half that's discouraging for your fellow teammates especially when your supposed to be the star player, the one they turn to for an answer. I understand why rose wants to keep shooting but he's also been having some terrible shot selections. So it's a lot more than just a slump, I just don't see no kind of swagger to his game. It just doesn't seem like he's having fun, and I certainly don't see the killer instinct he used to have. Those injuries must have really tore him apart mentally because thus far he's been a shadow of his former self.

  • Somebody stated Brooks should start and in effect take Derrick's place. In other words Derrick Rose should be Aaron Brook's back-up? That was not my point at all. Hinrich over Brooks is the problem. Brooks needs to play with Rose not Klank(with Rose), and since Brooks is too short to play SG then Derrick would and has moved over to the two when playing alongside A.B.

    More recently Derrick's defense has been.. not good. But in the past I thought at times he actually did a good job guarding smaller two's like Wade. Seems hard to believe in Derrick defending two's now though or any other position as he often looks terrible as a player period. Granted he has had excellent stretches offensively which lead me to think he is not seriously injured, but right now at least Rose is playing "out of position" in a role that's just not suited for his offensive game. Not to mention there was a stretch of games where Brooks looked very effective as a PG as in creator for other's shots. Especially if you have practiced specific plays with him in mind at PG.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Obviously, Derrick has to start, and thus has to be the PG. However, you are right about pairing him more with Brooks and less(like never) with Hangdog, who may have promoted himself to the POS(pieceofshit)dog with his performance this year.

    At this point, especially when Dunleavy comes back the POSdog should be a DNPCD every night except to appear alongside Nazr to mope(sic) up blowouts.

  • "Taj Gibson had a nice night in the box score, but seemed on the verge of imploding again with the refs. I'm surprised Taj doesn't lead the league in technical with how dramatic he is after every non foul call on offense or foul call on defense. He's also developed a bad habit of chatting with the refs rather playing transition defense."

    Could not have said it better myself, I thought that he was going to get tossed in the Houston game, and to me getting him out with about 4 minutes to go in the game was the turning point in the Bulls winning.

    I don't know what happened to him, but he hasn't really been the same player/person since his new contract kicked in and he "discovered" that he was a dominant low post presence. He still seems nice enough off the court, still mostly humble, but his on the court behavior has really become a distraction and detriment to the team. Maybe 4 years spent practicing against boozer is 4 years to many. The arguing with the refs while making no effort in transition D has got to stop. If I were Thibs I would immediately take a guy out of the game every single time that they do that. Taj isn't the only guy who does it(Gasol, Noah, Rose) but he is the worst.

    I would simply have a zero tolerance policy on this one. Glad that you brought it up, so I don't feel like the only one harping on this point. As a team we are developing too many bad habits(see Roses lack of effort against Beverley on the boards) which might be hard to break just because the playoffs start. That is a good part of the reason that we have had so many of these really bad games against really bad teams this season.

  • Also, I'm not sure that you can say that the Bulls played good defensively the whole game. Utah had 28 points with about 2 minutes to go in the first half(the Bulls only had 30). That means that they scored 69 points in one half plus 2 minutes, thats not good defense even if the other guy gets a hot hand.

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