At least the Bulls can't play down to anyone in the playoffs

At least the Bulls can't play down to anyone in the playoffs

As I predicted yesterday, the Bulls, going up against a crap team that they should slaughter, might struggle. A furious rally got them to OT, a furious collapse got them to double OT, and they fell to a pathetic Lakers squad.

Derrick Rose gave the Bulls pretty much the same game against the Lakers as he did against Golden State, but this time he missed the game winner, the Bulls lost, and people will pick on the fact that he was awful instead of cover it up and celebrate the same dumb ass isolation play into a long step back two for a guy who hasn't hit the broad side of a barn all night.

The Bulls will lose two of three times they rely on that. Derrick was 7/26 with five turnovers. He's still trying to play the hero without the skills to do so.

Jimmy Butler was as much of a hero as the Bulls had. He was 9/17 for 35 points, but he left the game with a minute to go in double overtime. It didn't look too serious, we'll see if he plays the second half of the back to back tonight.

Joakim Noah gave the Bulls a lift on offense overall in a near triple double with nine, 17, and nine, but let's be honest, his defense was somewhat embarrassing against Jordan Hill who scored 26 points, many of them against Noah.

The Bulls overall looked lazy and uninterested and have proven once again in a game where the team looks lazy and uninterested that things won't go well. They got dominated on the glass early, gave up second shot opportunities and overall failed in the areas we've seen them fail in over and over.

Nikola Mirotic started at SF and played poorly. I've been on the fence about playing at SF. There's definitely lots of problems doing so because of the different defensive assignments and offensive role. As a floor spacer he does much more to help the spacing at PF.

In the end, the Bulls lost to a Lakers team that's actively trying to lose so they don't miss out on their draft pick which is top five protected.

That is pathetic.

What's more pathetic is that I think we all saw it coming.

I'd have to say there's really a chance that Thibs has lost this group. They just don't seem to play hard or smart frequently. The players get up for a game they care about, but then once it's just a ho hum game they go back into slumber mode.

At least there won't be any teams to play down to in the playoffs.

Chicago gets a chance to redeem themselves against the Suns tonight. The Suns are fighting to hang on to that final playoff spot in the West. I guarantee they won't come out lazy. We'll see if the Suns are a good enough opponent for Chicago to bring out their B game or if they'll just stick with the D- game and hope for the best.

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  • This is beyond frustrating. These guys just are not playing hard. I think part of the problem is that Rose has not accepted the fact that he just not what he was yet.

  • I have said this many times. Thibs is one of the best if not the best defensive assistant coach in the NBA but he is not a good head coach. He is not good in adjustment, minute management, chemistry management, exploiting match up. All the key differences between a head coach and an assistant coach IMO. Why didn't we exploit kyle korver defensively when we played the hawks? isn't that what kill us in the playoff few years ago when we played the Heat?

    1. The bulls have completely abandoned the midrange game. Everything shot is either in the paint of a 3.
    2. I hate when Noah comes to the 3 point line or near the 3 point line to receive the ball. This basically just waste a few seconds on the clock without any result. Defender will just sag off him to protect the passing lane.
    3. I have been a supporter of Tony Snell, at least comparing to the rest of you. But how can he be so bad at shooting 3 when he is supposed to be a shooter.
    4. I don't understand why we never go under the screen or hedge the pick and roll. This become a big problem when it is against Gasol as he is too slow to recover.
    5. Why don't we play more pick and roll?

  • In reply to handushk:

    As I said when we drafted Snell, it was a myth that he was a shooter, he shot 42% in college at a non major program, why anybody thought that made him a shooter is beyond me.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I think Gar Forman got seduced by Snell's performance in the 2013 Mountain West Conference tournament. Snell won MVP and shot over 50% from 3pt.

    Similarly, Jimmy Butler won MVP of the Portsmouth Invitational in April 2011 shortly before Bulls drafted him.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Another Snell article before the NCAA tournament began:

  • In reply to BigWay:

    A Jimmy Butler article about wining the Portsmouth Tournament MVP.

  • I'm too far ahead in time zone to watch games (2am start generAlly) so i pribably have no idea what is going on but isnt it possible that rose is killing the chemistry? I mean if u was on a team and there was some guy who sucked but thought he was by far the best player on the team id be pissed

  • This game convinced me that Thibs has "lost the team", in that this group of veteran players has decided that the regular season is relatively meaningless. Guess what? They are right. These guys busted their asses for four regular seasons. What did they get for it? A record of 4-5 in playoff series. Yeah, I know about Rose missing 3 years worth of playoffs.

    The players have decided that they cannot care about all 82 games the way that Thibs does. In doing so they are now like all the other teams in the league, for the most part. We'll get over it. The question is, will Thibs or will his head explode because his players aren't giving their all against the Hornets or some other such team?

    There are only two questions now. Will the Bulls be healthy come playoff time and do they have the talent to prevail against the top teams in a 7-game playoff series? Who knows about the former and I have my doubts about the latter.

    To a certain extent I tip my hat to the players. The NBA regular season is a garbage product with relatively few games where the top teams play with full rosters, focus and intensity. Thibs has been great at getting the Bulls to care more than pretty much any other team about relatively meaningless games during the regular season, but it looks like those days are over. Who cares?

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    In reply to bjb57:

    I guess you're right about that, but I would still like to see a better effort on the defensive end, and team chemistry seems to be in question. Can they turn it on during the playoffs?

  • I really can't figure this Bulls team out. They're like a glass half full. At times they look like they can beat anyone in the NBA, and other times they don't even look like a playoff team. I stopped watching the game after the 1st quarter because it was late and I had to get up for work early, but by the end of the 1st you already knew what kind of game this was going to be. Something seriously has to give with Rose and these turnovers. Never-mind the 1-7 at three, but those turnovers kill any and all momentum the team is trying to build throughout the game. Speaking of threes, good god the Bulls are a horrible three point shooting team, why do they take so many? Like handushk said, they've completely gotten away from the mid range game. If they were to substitute half of those attempted threes for two's then they still would have won this game. I get that Thibs has instilled this whole shoot when your supposed to shoot mentality in the team, the problem with that is you have too many guys taking shots they suck at. Whenever someone frequently shoots airballs obviously that's not their shot, so why keep having them take it. Maybe as a coach you wanna make the argument for repetition builds consistency, but isn't that what practice is for? The Bulls shouldn't look like they're having a practice session in the middle of an actual game.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    "Shoot when [you're] supposed to shoot mentality in the team, the problem with that is you have too many guys taking shots they suck at"!

    That is true, Ajay, every player needs to focus on the stuff they are good at! And, of course, avoid the stuff they suck at. For example, Rose needs to shoot more mid-range jumpers, especially when his 3s are not falling.

    I cringe when I see Pau dribbling in the post because it often is a TO. Noah and Taj have a tendency to do that after a rebound. Why? Just leap up and put the blasted ball in the hoop! Pounding it with three opposing players around invites a TO.

    Lots of stuff to work on. However, laziness was the big problem last night. Even the announcers were critiquing the Bulls' positioning on D and their lack of effort. Like when a Laker drove right between Noah and Pau for a layup! The announcers claimed that playing so lazy was not 'respecting the game.'

    When they turned on the energy at the end of regulation, they made up 9 points in 1:29. Wow! I couldn't believe it. They were trapping and scrapping, forcing TOs. It turned into a very exciting game. Then, after they were up 5 with 2 minutes left in the first OT, they seemed to revert to lazy. Go figure.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    You are right about Noah and Taj, they constantly violate the first law of being a bigman, when you grab a rebound you don't bring the ball down low where everybody can swipe at it, you keep it up high, stay big. AAU ball at it's best, everybody is a pg.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    IMO the most frustrating play of last night was when Taj was sprawled out on the floor and tried to dribble while getting up. I sat there literally with my mouth open because a Laker was standing right over him when he tried to do this. Of course, this led to a turnover, and I think they scored. However, I was so stunned I can't remember as I thought I was going into shock.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    I too gave up after the first quarter, as it has become obvious when the Bulls start like this, they finish like this. I just checked the score and went to the postgame analysis on TNT.

    Can't really comment on the totality of the game, but I did catch some highlights. The Bulls as a team of "mistake players" was on full display with less than a minute to go in the first overtime and the score 106-104 Bulls. Noah got an offensive rebound, dribbled out of the lane then tried to pass to Rose who for some reason was hanging out at the half court line, Rose took his eyes of what was a less than great pass and bobbled the ball into the backcourt before being fouled(no bailout call). Could have run off another 20 seconds of gametime and maybe even made it a 2 possession game, instead we get a stupid turnover. Thats this team in a nutshell.

  • I would have to agree with Doug as I also think Thibs lost the players. This game was just pathetic, where even a high school team would have beaten the Bulls given their efforts on defense. They were coasting until the last couple minutes and desperately tied the game to push to OT, but again, dismantled at the end. More pathetic is that Thibs played the starters over 40 minutes and I can say this is one of the games I would rest all starters and give a chance to the bench to do the job, bring energy and show off. Thibs doesn't get it and it is getting annoying and so predictable that I wouldn't be surprised if the Bulls get their butts kicked on the first round of playoffs against the Raptors (I am predicting the Bulls will finish 5th, Raptors 4th, Wizards 3rd, Cavs 2nd and Atlanta 1st) when all set and done, given what we've seen from the league thus far.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    That sounds about right. As I've said recently that would be the best case scenario for the Bulls, at least we have a 50/50 shot against the Raps and maybe even against the Hawks, although they just might be too well coached. That makes it about 25% to make the ECF against either the Wiz or Cavs neither of whom we have much if any chance of beating.

  • This team has no identity and it doesn't have the talent to even coast through the regular season. The 2014-15 Bulls wouldn't even make the playoffs in the West. It's time to stop thinking of this team as a title contender no matter how well they play or don't play against the Suns tonight. A team with this many problems and this many non-basketball related storylines that doesn't have LeBron in his prime does not make the finals let alone win a championship.

    It does seem like most of the players are just doing their own thing. Deciding when to play hard and when to let a hapless Lakers team shoot 59% in the first half. The Bulls turned into Pau instead of turning Pau into the Bulls.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    "The Bulls turned into Pau instead of turning Pau into the Bulls." Well stated.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    You are not suggesting that they are soft are you, perhaps as soft as a Krispy Kreme Pansey.

  • Consider this folks:

    Last night Kevin Harlan quoted Thibs saying that the Bulls play better with Hinrich on the floor. I immediately sensed that this was total bullshit. This morning I checked Hollinger's database and Hinrich has the WORST value added score in the entire NBA- a negative 53.2. Meaning Hinrich gives you that many less points than a "replacement player" would give you in a season.

    It seems clear to me that if you play Klank and Snell major minutes at the wing positions you are going to have big problems. Snell is also one of the worst players in the league statistically. For example, watch last night's game again. Several times you can clearly see the defending player giving Hinrich significant space and cheating towards the paint. In other words, Hinrich on the floor makes it more difficult for other players (e.g. Rose or Brooks) to get into the lane for high percentage shots. So, not only is Hinrich a putrid offensive player he makes other players worse.

    I am getting weary of so-called "experts" saying the Bulls are the best team in the East. Yes, they have some very good individual players but if if you watch them as often as we do you see the glaring weaknesses on display. I won't name these experts (Barkley) but these people get paid big $$$ for being basically rodeo clowns.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Couldn't agree with you more on everything you said, but hey I'm just bitching and moaning all the time and too negative.

    While Dunleavy doesn't always give you a lot, at least he doesn't have a negative impact like the corpsedog and his somnambulant understudy Snell. and as Doug said yesterday, how much worse could McDNP be than those 2 guys.

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    In reply to hgarbell:

    Don't believe the hype with what basketball analysis say. Before the season began I thought the Bulls had a championship contending team too, but now I'm not so sure.
    To me it seems like the Bulls are not having fun playing together. Having fun is a huge part in building team chemistry. They play too tight.
    I still haven't given up on Tony Snell yet. I can see his confidence building. The problem I see many times when Snell is in the game is they don't give him the ball when he's wide open. Rose will bypass him and either shoot the clanker-shot, or attempt to drive and dish. I still think Snell should be more aggressive and attack the basket more, but giving him more playing time has helped.
    The Bulls should have let Capt'n Kirk go after last season. I would rather have seen DJ Augustin out there for the same price as Kirk. Aaron Brooks has been a pleasant surprise and his play is a lot like Augustin's but you can never have too much of a good thing imo.

  • I like to call it BG's curse, once you fall in love with the step-back 20 footer, you can never be taken seriously again.

    The best case scenario for the bulls if they keep playing this inconsistently is for the Cavs to move up to the third seed. The bulls are not going to be able to fall to the sixth seed unless they really give up.

  • Play Mirotic, Snell, and McDermott and for god's sake no more Hinrich. See what they can do instead of running our starters into the ground all February long. They will still make the play-offs and may have fresh legs for a run while the rookies adjust to the league.

  • In reply to Sluggers:

    Common sense, Sluggers. Unfortunately, it's not so common anymore.

  • Derrick Rose you magnificent bastard! Not only did you manage to go 7/26(seriously, how the hell does anybody even manage to do that) as Doug mentioned, but once again your barrage of costly turnovers nearly eclipsed your assists. In a nustshell - well played sir!

    Minus the sarcasm, Derrick Rose.. sheez, I mean what kind of basketball player has this guy become? Shooting 31 frickin percent from three and your jacking up nearly six backboard breakers per game? As a point guard your assist to turnover ratio has to be one of the worst in the league. Way the hell under 2:1 which is just awful and kills your team. Well at least he has his defense and solid steals number to fall back on.. wait what!?

    Let's face it. Derrick Rose whatever you think of him talent wise he is playing like a f-ing clown that any knowledgeable NBA fan would just laugh at and dismiss out of hand. He stinks. And while Thibs with his god awful use of his players and offensive non-leadership as in not giving players defined roles or enough comfort set plays for each player - still much of the blame for Derrick's horrificness has to be on him.

    And by the way when I hear that Nikola Mirotic had a "bad game" yet only saw 12 stinking minutes of court time I have to say nobody is in a position to succeed when they get such a short leash. Yes he can't always play the three, but myself I think he can play some minutes there especially if you set your defense for situations where teams are obviously trying to go at him. Miami aka Riley was always a team extremely adept at this. Bottom line: Mirotic as your future you can't dismiss him in 12 minutes it's just not the right way to develop key players and it's not fair to that player whom you expect great dividends from going forward you have to INVEST Thibs you human door stop.

    Back to Rose though, even when Thibs is done here what can we hope to see from this huge salary drain slash lead weight to the team's success going forward? Years of this Derrick Rose is going to be like living with a inoperable raw nerve that rarely takes a day off from injecting misery into your life. Seriously Derrick you and your bush league play how can anybody respect the way you play? Right now dude from an old school perspective of winning and smart basketball you just suck ass. You're season is becoming a joke and we(the fans) are the punchline.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Think about it. All the time Derrick missed while getting paid millions and millions of dollars. And forget this season, in the next two years he will be getting paid over $40 Million. Maybe one of the greatest heists in Chicago sports history.

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    In reply to RoadWarrior:

    LMAO! I like your sense of humor. Well said.
    I'd like to see Niko play more mins too. Thibs is too inconsistent in the way he plays him, and frankly I give Mirotic credit for making the most out of his playing time.
    I'd still like to see him take more shots, instead of that pump fake and drive. When he's "on" his shot is a beautiful thing to watch.
    Before the season started, the Bulls strength was supposed to be their depth, but injuries to McDermott, Rose, Noah, and Mike Dunleavy has derailed that premise some. The good news is due to those injuries, E'twaun Moore, and Tony Snell is playing instead of riding the bench.

  • I'd also disagree that Thibs lost the locker room, he never had some of these guys, Gasol in particular. Gasol's comment the other day about how he didn't think practice was all that hard was very telling. Gasol just isn't capable of playing that hard anymore. He can't move laterally at all, so if a rebound doesn't fall into his hands, he isn't getting it. And he can't move to protect the room either and keeps getting caught half a step into no man's land. Until Gasol comes off of the bench, the bulls are going to continue to look lost on defense.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    slowly but surely people will come around to the fool's gold that is the Krispy Kreme Pansey, I suspect right after we are ousted from the playoffs a round or 2 earlier than expected.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I think that's the softest nickname I've ever heard anyone get before. Krispy Kreme Donuts literally melt in your mouth. Like Kobe says about the Lakers, their softer than Charmin lol

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    In reply to bullshooter:

    Pau Gasol is that Old Dog that you can't teach new tricks to. He is what he always was. He's been a Godsend on offense, and a pretty good shot blocker, but his defensive coverage was never his strong suit.
    Noah has to learn how to cover up for Pau's weakness on the defensive end, but he's beginning to defend like Pau and that's the real problem imo.

  • I am really getting tired or writing negative comments. But here goes:

    1) I agree with others here that Thibs has lost this team.
    2) Derrick Rose just can't play anymore. Can't shoot, gets stripped going to the basket, no defense and too many stupid turnovers.
    3) Despite his double-doubles, Gasol gets pushed all over the court like a rag doll.
    4) Kirk Hinrich - 'nuff said.
    5) Tony Snell - D-League.

    I can go on and on...

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    In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    Once the season ends The Bulls trade Derrick Rose for All Star snub Damian Lillard. Hooray!

  • fb_avatar

    I could see this loss coming seconds after the GSW game. The Bulls look old, and lack team chemistry. Thibs is losing his grip on the team. And then there's Rose and Noah... UGH! I don't care about their stats, they are killing the team from the eye test. Every game the Bulls fall into a 10 pt deficit when Rose is out there in the 1st qtr.

    Once the season comes to an end I would look to trade Derrick Rose while they can still get a quality player for him. I know I'll get bashed for this but let's be real here. Rose is killing team chemistry, and will likely be the reason for Coach Thib's departure. I'm getting tired of watching the franchise baby this guy. 2 yrs of waiting for The Return, 3 mths into the season and Rose still hasn't decided whether he's a shooter, a playmaker or worthy of being the starting PG.

    This team does not have much of a window left to prove they can compete for a championship. Make a trade, bring in a shooter, or play McDermott finally. The team can't shoot!

    This is a frustrated rant, so excuse me if my points are vague, but losing to the Lakers is like open heart surgery. I despise that team.

  • You can complain about Thibs or Gasoline but itreally comes down to Rose. Bulls aren't going anywhere with him playing like this. If he doesn't make a vast improvement by season's end, we can forget about winning the East.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    DYAC. Gasol.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    DYAC?, sorry I'm not a texter or social media guy. Though as ex military I'm usually pretty good with acronyms.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I actually thought that you purposely typed Gasoline as in he is an accelerant that lights our defense on fire. Gasoline, Not a bad nickname for those who don't care for KKP.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Lol. You know that one, right? ;-)

    DYAC = Damn You Auto-Correct! But maybe Gasoline is how we should refer to him.

  • This loss was very frustrating but like many have said, it was easy to see coming. One positive from the night was that Jimmy looked good and was getting to the line. I really think Dunleavy will help space the floor and should (theoretically) help Butler/Rose get to the rack.

    I think Thibs is a good coach and I don't think he's lost the team, but he may be on his way. I think one of the biggest issues defensively for the team is personnel. Gasol and Noah are both 5s, but playing together frequently. Taj and Gasol should be playing more together, and Noah and Mirotic should be as well. That way they are all playing their natural positions, and Gibson/Noah's defense should help cover the weaknesses of Gasol/Mirotic. Noah's been so much more limited defensively because he's out of the paint and can't be the big defender on the pick an roll. Gasol is too slow to cover so the PG can recover defensively. It's just an awkward fit. To me, this is painfully obvious and needs to be addressed. There's no need for Pau to play ~37 min/game. Give Mirotic more time and stagger the minutes so Jo and Pau can start, but for a majority of the game they are not playing with each other.

    I have been encouraged by Thibs' ability to go out of his comfort zone and play Snell. The guy might not be very good, but he's taking some strides defensively and looks a little more confident getting to the rim. He had a few nice drives. Come playoffs, at least you know what you're getting if you need to play him. Same with Mirotic at the 3. I don't think it's a great idea, but at least he's tinkering with it to see what works. Too bad Dougie McBuckets can't get a few minutes of burn here and there.

  • In reply to bpmueller:

    Slowly but surely.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to bpmueller:

    Well said... Noah should be coming off of the bench and maybe Taj should start, but the Bulls problem is on the defensive boards whether Taj or Noah is playing the 4. They give up too many tip backs and 2nd chance opportunities.

  • Damn it......Bulls had that win in first OT, and Rose F****** it up once again with his ball handling and poor shot selection .

  • fb_avatar

    I normally just read the comments on here. I like reading everyone's perspective, but I can't help but rant a little myself after watching last nights bad (not surprisingly) performance. There's a few things I continue to notice about this team that really frustrate me. For one, does anyone else notice just how much our big guys (especially Noah) continually fall down during games. It seems every time Noah for instance drives to the basket or attempts a rebound in traffic, he falls down. Same can be said with Gasol and Taj. I feel like they think they're going to get foul calls but they're just not. Too many times these guys are flailing and to the ground while missing some sort of point blank shot, and the other team just runs the other way with it while our guys are still getting off the ground and complaining to officials.

    Another thing, we talk about how Jimmy has regressed quite a bit this month, but what about Taj all year. It doesn't even look like he can get off the ground anymore. He gets stuffed at the rim by the defense or just the rim itself so many times. He's become very bad at finishing. His mid range game which was potent to start the year is gone. He doesn't even attempt it. He tries to bully his way every time he has the ball and it doesn't work. He is the one being bullied and it really bogs down the offense which is already a pretty bogged down offense.

    Speaking of the offense, it always seems like the Bulls play better with the faster western conference teams. That type of offense seems to fit this team better, where they play faster and more free. Unfortunately, that's not the offense they run. They walk it up and force it into the post which only works against some teams.

    The more and more this season progresses the more I think we learn how good this team actually is. Sure they had success to start the year, but that's not always a predictor or how good the team is. Hell, the Kings started the year looking like a sure playoff team and now look. I think we may be learning that this team just isn't very good. They're built up and known for what they were in the past, but most of the players have peaked. Noah isn't a DPOY this year. Taj isn't a sixth man of the year. Rose is not an MVP or all star. He doesn't affect winning like he used to and I don't know if he can. Not this year at least. I think the narrative reads instead of the Bulls "playing down to their competition", they really may just be playing to their competition as a not so good, middle of the pack team.

  • In reply to BullsVsSpurs:

    Interesting point, it has always really bothered me that NBA players seem so easy to knock to the ground, especially the bigmen. I really don't remember seeing Wilt and Kareem on the floor, ever. Don't they realize how bad it is for their bodies to be constantly hitting the hardwork. If I were the commissioner, I would make it a technical foul to fall on the ground if a foul is not called on the opponent, this would eliminate all the ridiculous flopping that goes on.

  • Just saw the boxscore, Thibs really must be a moron. Butler played a Wilt Chamberlain like 49 minutes, Gasoline 44, Noah and Rose 42 on the first night of a back to back against one of the worst teams in the league with one of the fastest paced teams coming up in Phoenix. I guarantee that Pop would have cut those numbers in half for his guys.

    Mirotic started but only played 12 minutes, albeit a nearly invisible 12 minutes in the boxscore. Did he start the second half? Pretty disappointed that he couldn't do any damage against Ryan Kelly, who is also a PF playing SF.

    Again, tell me why we brought Nazr back instead of signing a guy like Ed Davis for the vets minimum.

  • Put this post under the category of "beating a dead horse." Of course, I'm referring to Hinrich (somehow Hinrich and dead horse seem to go together). I posted earlier that Hinrich was dead last in Hollinger's NBA database (342 players) for "Value Added."

    Just because I am in a bad mood I would like to report that Hinrich is also DEAD LAST of all NBA players in the "Extra Wins Added" metric in that same database. It is mind-boggling that Thibs believes playing Klank major minutes (27 last night) makes this team better. It's like living in a bad dream.

    McDermott and Niko need more minutes. Perhaps they will struggle somewhat, but really how can they do much worse than Hinrich and Snell? By the way, Snell who looks and plays like he is on ambien, has somehow managed to develop the ugliest looking three-point shot on the team, and perhaps the league. It looks like a wild turkey that has just been shot on one of those hunting shows that are on Saturday mornings.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Thibs is sort of a dying breed in the league. The sort of damn the stats that guy helps our team when he's out there, in the face of every statistical measure which says otherwise. Analytics aren't everything, but they should be considered. What's more, Thibs doesn't seem to have a great eye. Doesn't he notice when Gasol can barely run up and down the floor anymore or when Jimmy's just spent out there?

    Less minutes, more analytics and less of a focus on grinding regular season wins. That's what's winning championships now. Not to mention shooting, which the Bulls also don't have.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Thats why I've changed his nickname from Hangdog to the corpsedog. either way he is a dog, but now he helps us even less than a deadman would.

    Could you please forward your data directly to Thibs, maybe it would help him figure it out.

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    I know the Bulls rallied last night from a late deficit, but it seems mostly that a 7-12 point deficit (which is sure the happen immediately in the 1st quarter) is almost impossible for the team to come back from. They may cut it to 7 at some point but will probably give up a 6-0 run right away. They say in the NBA every team makes their run, but not so much this team. It all starts in the first quarter. It's frustrating to be down almost every game right away. I don't know how many times I've seen this year where the Bulls are down 12-8 early in the first, and it just gets worse from there. Playing from behind every night is no way to play.

  • Hey everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. Just like BullsVsSpurs above, I love getting insight on other people's perspectives, and sometimes even the comedic factor regarding nicknames... Bozohole, Hangdog, Capn Klank all come to mind... Haha.

    The overwhelming majority of comments I've read on here and RealGM are all pointing fingers at Rose, which kind of baffles me. Yes, he should be held accountable for his poor shooting percentages and high turnover rate, BUT who else is going to score? Noah is a shell of himself. Did you see where he had that lob attempt at the rim and he could hardly jump over a piece of paper and missed the ball? Gasol is 34, and while a double double machine, he's absent from many plays. As Charles Barkley has said, Butler is the Bull's best player, and I wholeheartedly agree. However his scoring has regressed and his reluctance to force the issue is diminishing. Might be because the refs have stopped giving him calls. I'm not sure.

    The main point I wanted to make here was that this is 2011 Bulls all over again. Rose is the only one who can score consistently. Hinrich last night vs the Lakers in 27 minutes only scored 2 points, and held a staggering -16 for the night. Tony Snell, 10pts, but 1-5 on threes, most of which he was WIDE open. The 2011 Bulls and 2015 Bulls have similar problems. No production from the two guard spot. Remember how many games we lost by less than 6 or 7 points, and remember when Bogans would put up maybe 5 points in a substantial amount of time? Where is the accountability for Tony Snail, as I like to call him, or Hinrich? If they had just played productive minutes, even league average statistics for their position, the Bulls would have won that game.

    The problem is a personnel issue. Gasol and Noah are both 5s who don't belong on the floor together, and we do not have a legit 2 guard, perhaps with the exception of MDJ returning and letting Jimmy play the 2. My solution would be to trade for Wilson Chandler. Other teams have addressed their issues and as a result prospered, see Mozgov, Green, etc. I'd also place some of the blame on Thibs and his stubborn rotations. Is Doug that awful that he can't crack the rotation? I'll admit I was never a fan of the draft pick, and he has looked lost out there at times, but what value does Hinrich add to the floor? If anything he just makes other players worse because his respective defender hardly plays D on him.

    What do you guys think?

  • In reply to Hopslam:

    Kudos on the Tony Snail nickname. Ironically snel in dutch means fast. I think there must be something going on with McnonBuckets behind the scenes so any criticism might be completely unjustified. It's tough to see these non players on our bench who contribute zero.

  • Here is an interesting article on the Hassan Whiteside story. Man I hope this guy doesn't blow up and stay in Miami.

  • I blame the majority of the teams problems on the coaching. I honestly believe that Steve Kerr, Popovich, or even Bryan Shaw could coach this team better than Thibs. In my observation he's just not a good coach despite the reputation. He has guys shooting threes that's terrible three point shooters. Everyone playing out of position, point guards trying to guard forwards, centers trying to guard stretch 4's, giving certain players too many minutes and others not enough, hasn't established any roles on the team so everyone is just all over the place, not using his players skill sets to their potential, poor offensive scheme, poor communicator, etc. I could literally keep going on. No matter how well the Bulls do from here on out I'm sticking by to what I've said. The Bulls need a better coach, and maybe its too late to do it mid season but by the start of the next Thibs needs to go.

  • It appears that the issue is Rose vs Thibs. Right now Rose is uncoachable.
    In addition to the other problems, is that once Rose sends his man into a big or on a PnR switch, Rose doesn't pick up or block out the big's man. He runs out for the outlet pass. This leaves Bulls extremely out of position for the Defensive rebound.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    You are right, nobody really blocks out in the NBA, but our guards and wings are generally killing our bigmen in this regard. All they have to do is make a half ass effort to keep their bodies between their man and the rim(stop losing sight of where their man is on the floor) and that would solve half the problems in giving up too many offensive rebounds.

  • Quick note: Interesting story by Yahoo's Wojo(Adrian Wojnarowski) on how the demise of Mike Malone came about. A rash move that could spell doom for the Bulls hopes of landing the King's No.10ish neighborhood pick in this year's draft. Hard to believe with all their young talent and three established scoring vets that the Kings as in owner Vivek Ranadive is willing to throw away an entire season just to grab another mid lottery pick. If they do hire a George Karl and jettison Tyrone Crobin then maybe, just maybe the Kings live up to their talent and climb back out of the bottom ten cellar dwellers and relinquish that No. 11ish pick to the Bulls.

    Other piece of news indirectly relates to this story: none other then mainstream PR firm ESPN NBA Countdown in Sage Steele relates networks belief that significant discord between Tom Thibodeau and "management" aka Bulls front office as reported by local source K.C. Johnson means he will be gone by season's end. Of course that means Jerry has to swallow remaining two years of Thib's deal which means they will pay Thibsy a sweet $9 mil or so to walk away and work double time pay for some other needy franchise.

    I just wonder if Malone is someone the Bulls should go after. An up and comer with a high intensity, hard edged.. style.. uh.. never mind.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I think Thibs gets traded rather than fired. Maybe to LAL.

    They never should have fired Skiles. Makes him accept a buyout or keep working! He would have caved when he couldn't stand it.

  • The ESPN guys calling the Phoenix game commented that "this isn't the Bulls defense". At this point what else can we conclude except that, yes, this is indeed the Bull's defense...mediocre on a good night; below average all other nights. The closer we get to the post-season, the reality of the 2014-15 Chicago Bulls becomes more apparent. Not only is the defense severely lacking, but the offense is not nearly as efficient or potent as we were originally led to believe. The clock is ticking, and there isn't a great deal of time left to straighten this mess out.

  • Elias sports reports that the Suns outscored the Bulls by 21 when Rose was off the floor last night. Just coincidentally the corpsedog was minus 21 last night in only 11 minutes. Of course, I already sort of knew that watching the game as the Bulls were outscored 14-2 in the first 4 minutes of the 2nd quarter with both the corpsedog and Snell on the court before Thibs removed them. Then the corpsedog killed our rally in the 3rd quarter(even though he actually scored the bucket that gave us our only lead of the second half) and extended that into the first 2 minutes of the 4rth when Thibs again called a timeout to get him out of the game. So apparently the corpsedog was so bad last night that even Thibs noticed it.

    You hate to blame a loss on one guy, they had plenty of problems last night(like giving up an entire games worth of offensive rebounds in the last 6 minutes) but in this case it wouldn't be too hard to give it to the corpsedog. Maybe with an assist to Taj who grabbed one whole rebound in 20 minutes while producing a minus 20. The Bulls 4 main starters, other than Mach Schnell(credit to Dreverts above, always remember that phrase from WWII movies) were all solidly in the plus category.

  • How about signing Kevin Garnett after the Nets release him !

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