Tom Thibodeau critical of Rose through the media for a second time

Tom Thibodeau critical of Rose through the media for a second time

Unsurprisingly, bloggers aren't the only ones who realize Rose is hoisting up a lot of threes and playing poorly. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau also wants Derrick Rose to get out there and attack. It marks the second time that Thibodeau has been somewhat critical of Rose through the media.

The first time was when he expressed frustration with Rose's injury situation.

When broached on the topic of Rose relying on the three so much Thibs responded with:

"He has to attack," Thibodeau said. "That's the bottom line. Some teams are going under (screens) and some teams will adjust to a blitz. All I know is when he's pushing the ball up the floor and attacking, that's who he is. He can't defer. He can't pace himself. He's gotta go."

Asked if that message has been relayed to Rose, Thibodeau said yes.

"We talk every day," he said. "I'm not going to measure every play. It's an instinctive game. We have to trust him. But I know when he has played well this year, he has been in attack mode."

Neither time did Thibodeau hit below the belt, say something incorrect, or really throw Rose under the bus, but this is the guy who refused to criticize Carlos Boozer's defense or play to the media and would just discuss how great he'd been.

This is the guy for years who would answer questions about Rose's injuries with "we have more than enough to win other guys have to step up, Derrick's working really hard". Now he says Rose has to get out there.

Now he says, Rose has to attack, he can't defer, he can't pace himself, he's gotta go.

And of course, in both cases, he's right. Now Rose has gotten out there, mission accomplished for argument number one. Derrick's played in seven straight games now, and its gotten to the point where I no longer expect him to be hurt after every game or go scramble to find the news the next game to see if something flared up.

This second statement is just as important though. Stepping on to the court is one thing, and make no mistake, the fear teams hold of Rose makes him somewhat effective despite his horrendous shot selection and poor play, so that's been a positive, but he needs to attack.

We've seen Rose in attack mode this season. Against the Knicks, against the Cavs before the ankle sprain, a bit against Detroit and Toronto before the hamstring. We need to see it again, when we do, the Bulls will transform from this pedestrian team that looks good enough to compete in the East, but not the west into a team that can compete for the title.

As for the remarks through the media, Thibodeau will need to tread carefully. I think you can blast a guy in practice all you want, and I think Thibs is harder on Rose than other players in practice, but saying things in the media is a way to cause hurt feelings even if those things are really minor, said in person, and also true.

This is a situation where Thibodeau's typical response would be "he's got to let the game come to him, we trust Derrick to make the right decisions" and then (presumably) ride Rose in practice.

For Derrick's part, it's easy to forget that he had a hamstring injury to start off his second campaign and played very similar to this in terms of not pushing the attack at all. There was a small stretch where the realgm crowd was discussing trading him for Brandon Jennings who had started the season with impressive shooting and dominant play.

A month later, everything fell into place, and Rose begin to play like himself again. Hamstring injuries can be tricky, healing all the way is tough, and trusting the leg is tougher still. Maybe, as frustrating as it is, Rose needs more time for that process.

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  • Brandon Jennings. Really? I would rather have Rose on the bench making 18mil than have Jennings on the team. If Rose is scared to drive, he's not going to overcome it playing this way.

  • In reply to Jamie W:

    At the time, Rose hadn't broken out. This was back in year two and the start of Jennings career. Jennings looked like a more natural passer at the time, and looked like he may have answered questions about his shooting with an initial hot streak from beyond the arc.

    A year later, that looked totally ridiculous, but many things look ridiculous with just a month sample size. We might end up feeling that way about Jimmy Butler's start to this season too.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    That sentiment probably lasted one game, didn't Jennings score something like 55 pts in one game back then.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jamie W:

    "D. Rose gonna be fine!! He's been going through some very stressful times. Patients is key and with that, he'll be back again soon into his style of play"...

  • In reply to Luke Robinson:

    so since you put that in quotes... does that mean you said it out loud.. or what? I'm confused

  • We're better with Rose, even if he's playing this way. But its smart to have him on limited minutes until he can go full throttle. Rose is an "Alpha" type and won't be able to stand getting dogged out for too much longer. I saw one solid drive to the rim against Golden State and its just about doing that 5-6 times a game so he can diversify his shot selection. His passing aint bad, but my god, I can't believe Thibs isn't up in arms about his turnovers. He's turning over the ball way too much right now!!! I'd rather have Rose play this way, save himself for the playoffs, and stop turning over the ball. If turnovers don't stop, then he should come off the bench (Which Thibs won't do).

  • In reply to Villageworker2:

    His ball handling feels really shaky right now and lots of lazy passes.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    He has been atrocious in those area's this year, but I have contended that he was never elite in those facets of his game, even before he started getting injured. You might be able to improve your shooting during long rehab, but you are not likely to improve in those 2 area's which require live competition at a world class level to test yourself. I suppose that there are individual drills that you can do, but I'd bet Rose never bothered to do any. In a sense, maybe he is morphing inot Ben Gordon, the only thing that guy ever worked on was his shooting and maybe his beach biceps.

  • Tom Thibodeau is glad to offer his assistance dealing with the angst about Derrick Rose missing time on the court post forever recuperating from back to back serious injuries to his knees, "He(Derrick) has to get out there and play." Ookaay. And a short while later on questions about weak, over reliance on threes, "He has to attack." "OK, thanks coach." Derrick Rose.

    If some fans are fine with the repeated public voicing of displeasure with Derrick Rose over hot button issues, then so be it. Me? I'm not sure you want your head coach calling out your star player - twice. Voicing disappointment repeatedly to the media on hot button issues about key players to your franchise? I'm not sure that really works. Of course if it's just undisciplined, self-serving "venting" then that's.. fine?

    In light of the controversy Rose has produced with admittedly boneheaded comments do you really want to add to the anti-Rose backlash? Is that really helping to foster a good relationship with your supposed linchpin to a championship player?

    What is it Thibodeau always says, "Do your job." Well how about you do your job, and keep it in house rather then repeatedly going to the public to bag on your star player.

    I wonder, was Tom Thibodeau complaining about Derrick Rose shooting too many threes when the Bulls advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals against Miami? If you look at Rose's three point attempts per game and lousy shooting percentages this season you'll notice those figures are eerily similar to those of the 2011 playoff (death)march. Thoughts Tom? Repeated misguided use of Rose's skills, but yet it's all on Derrick to be "instinctive?"

    You could argue in both cases Rose has been given second and third tier wing players who nobody of a championship caliber covets at least in a major role to open the lane with threes including Jimmy Butler of course who while playing well even he doesn't open up the middle shooting 30% with no volume game from three to speak of. So any comments for management there Tom on that glaring need that has always shackled Rose's game to some extent particularly in the playoffs? .

    Even if Tom did voice his concern or displeasure(rather then offer any effective solutions) with Derrick's perimeter over reliance back in the 2011 post season, the point is the song remains the same. Derrick, when Thibodeau talks about him "attacking," to me Rose is best pulling up with push shots and floaters - rather then drives all the way to the basket where he often gets hammered. Where he gets away with dunks and layups unmolested(or used to) was more often in half court lapses where he'd see an opening, and by the time he was at the rim it was too late for anybody to foul and/or assault him. Yes you'd see him get dunks on fast breaks, but those were breakaways where he was all alone with no close pursuit.

    Again, Tom Thibodeau says the offensive game of his Chicago Bulls players is an "instinctive" one. I wonder if Phil Jackson or Greg Popovich would set an agenda with specific game play that would simply force Rose away from this "easy way out," lazy game, or if they'd just let this problem up to Derrick's Instincts, for years? Sure you can point some blame managements way for no second creator/shooter, but still, you adjust. So either Derrick is being too dense or stubborn to listen, or Thibodeau is somewhat ineffective from an offensive perspective where it involves winning coaching as in PLAYOFF success. Shooting in the low 40's not being that route. So it's gotta be one or the other. Who ya got? Me, I lay that burden of responsibility where it should lie, with the head coach. Wake up Thibs! Do your job!

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    That's all good and well RW, but remember what happened after he called out Rose saying he has to go? He went, and he's on a 7 game streak now. You know Thibs tried pleading with Rose in private prior to going public, right? He exhausted all his options, and the final option, while not his first choice, ended up being the effective one. So he's gone back to that choice for this issue, and again, you can't tell me Thibs hasn't already privately approached Derrick about driving more. If it seems to work, and he's already tried everything in practice, a little call out here and there is fine as long as their relationship off camera remains communicative and honest.

  • His defense looks even worse than his offense.

  • Thibs better tread carefully - as of now I don't think he's really crossed the line. I think just about anyone would say that Rose needs to shoot less 3s and be more aggressive. (He shot 11 3s one game, for Christ sakes!)

    I don't mind Rose playing like this here and there... but I'd like to see him pick up his game against, say, Golden State and Steph Curry, for instance.

    There is just no energy in Rose's game right now and it hurts the first unit. There no killer instinct like he had in 2010-2011. I think Rose playing at 70% pace gravitates down to the other players and the D and rebounding has suffered.

    He needs to play 100% to start and finish the games. If he coasts in the 2nd quarter for a stretch, whatever... Jordan used to get other players involved early in the game.

    Just stop with the 3's and turnovers!

  • Personally, I think Rose should come out and try to score 50 some night when he's feeling it. Be playoff-style aggressive. Let it loose. Put the league on notice that he's back.

  • he's shown in some game that he still has a decent floater and midrange jumper. I understand he wants to limit drives to the basket where he can potentially get hurt but chucking up threes instead of higher percentage shots makes no sense.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    The season he tore his acl Rose shot 72% on floaters, so far this season he has attempted only 5 and made 3. That's his go to move and is a product of him driving to the basket.

  • Rose has responded to comments in the media before. Maybe Thibs realized the best way to motivate Rose is a small jab in the media. If that hurt Rose's feelings than that's his problem and he needs to grow up. Every guy on a team is different, Thibs also knew that Boozer couldn't handle criticism through the media. Also Boozer had every reason to complain and only did once. He is already complaining in LA. I am encouraged by Thibs' comment, at least it shows that he is right and knows what Rose needs to do to improve the team.

  • In reply to Hendu0520:

    "Also boozer had every reason to complain and only did once"


    Not if he looked in the mirror

  • What happened to McDermott's 'very minor' knee injury, expected to miss his 4th straight game and had an MRI. Guess it's just like the lack of information with Noah.

  • In reply to Jamie W:

    Maybe it is just cover to keep him off the court for a while so that he doesn't further embarass himself and the team's braintrust, as that 5 for one draft choice swap isn't looking so great right about now.

  • Fallout in NYC. Knicks players are just realizing that Melo does not play team basketball, shoots too much, doesn't move or pass the ball, and plays defense only when he feels like it.

    Any Melo fan will always have to wonder what might have happened if he had Thibs coaching him. My guess is he'd play the same way.

  • Apparently Noah is out tonight. I find it interesting that they made the announcement yesterday, given that he played against GS after injuring his ankle in both the previous games, but has now had three days off since the GS game. Kind of makes it sound like he shouldn't have played against GS(just like most of us said) so that he could have had more than an entire week to recover and likely been good to go tonight. Interesting decisions that seem short sighted.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    perhaps it just a planned day of rest. When you got four quality bigs one can sit out a game here and there.

  • I still think we will not see a "rose" fast break for another week or two. Hard to sprint hard while your hamstring is not right...

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