Kirk Hinrich loses game with one of the dumbest fouls I've ever seen

Kirk Hinrich loses game with one of the dumbest fouls I've ever seen

It's no secret that I'm not a particular fan of how Kirk Hinrich is used on this Bulls team. It's not that he's a bad guy or even a horrendously bad player. At this point in his career, he's not a big minute player which is fine because he's not paid like one either. However, he somehow has the trust of management and the coaching staff regardless of what gaffes he makes.

Last night, he lost the game for the Bulls. Flat out lost it. Bulls win if it's not for Kirk Hinrich making an idiotic foul on Monte Ellis. There's no excuse, no wondering whether the ref should have called it. Ellis didn't go up after he felt contact but was already in mid jump when Kirk grabbed him.

Beyond the fact that it was a legit foul, it was an obvious situation where Monte was going to go up. There was no question that he was legitimately going to shoot there, there's no reason to even attempt a foul at this point. Besides the fact that he's well off the three point line, not a great three point shooter, and Pau Gasol is there to block the shot anyway, you simply have to know he's shooting because the clock is about to expire and he needs to get a shot off.

It's one of the dumbest, most boneheaded plays I've ever seen by a guy who's supposed to be in there to make smart plays for you. Dirk Nowitzki apparently agrees:

"In my 17 years, it was one of the dumber fouls I've ever seen," Nowitzki said in a matter-of-fact tone. "You wait all the way until he dribbles to the 3-point line to grab him, so that's obviously a tough one, tough play. I saw coach [Tom] Thibodeau was just shaking his head."

You know a play is bad, when the mild mannered Nowitzki starts trash talking you over it.

Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?

The Bulls did enough to beat the Mavericks, so for that I feel pretty good. They tightened up atrocious first half defense, hit key shots down the stretch and played well enough to beat an elite team except for Hinrich's gaff.

They did so while really getting a fairly poor performance from their three main offensive options. Pau Gasol scored 29, but it took him 27 possessions and three turnovers to do so. Rose had 18 and 10 assists on 22 possessions with seven turnovers. Butler 23 with 24 possessions.

Overall, not an efficient night for your big three. However, the rest of the crew all chipped in with efficient offense (even Hinrich whom I blasted above), and the Bulls found ways to score efficiently despite their main guys struggling a bit.

They largely contained Dirk for most of the game, forcing him into a fairly pedestrian night, and Monta Ellis got loose for 38, but it took him 37 possessions to get there which means he was defended pretty well.

Beyond Hinrich's idiocy, the Bulls also likely win the game if Ellis doesn't drill a defended three from three steps beyond the three point line. Given Ellis is a fairly lousy three point shooter, and that was a much more difficult three than normal, you take your chances with that look and walk out of the building winning six out of seven times.

In many ways it was a tough loss for Chicago, but given the East is so bad, their record is somewhat irrelevant. I'm just hoping for improved continuity, improved health, and for guys to find the right gear by playoff time.

The good new for Chicago is they did enough to potentially win against an elite team while not playing really good basketball. The Bulls haven't played a lot of good basketball this year and still sit at 11-7. I think I've seen maybe three total halves of basketball where I felt the team really peaked.

Unlike previous seasons, this team has head room to find another gear in the playoffs and isn't beating teams by outworking and out hustling them. They're winning by out talenting them.

Derrick Rose plays 37 minutes, finishes game

Maybe I shouldn't be so happy about it, but Derrick Rose played 37 minutes and finished the game without injurying himself. Yeah, it's not a high bar to set, but for Rose that's been somewhat of a challenge. Those are real game minutes for a star player and not double OT minutes, but it's more than he's done.

He's now completed three straight games, and we can begin to hope that his current injury woes are behind us. Derrick still looks like he's going at half speed to me. Either that, or he's still playing hurt. Personally, I think he's scared to go full speed still.

Watching Russell Westbrook come back and annihilate people immediately makes me a bit jealous. Rose comes back and dips his toe in the water like a kid at swim lessons for the first time. Of his 20 shots, 11 of them were threes. He's not really looking to create off the dribble a whole lot, he's not pushing the ball in transition a whole lot, and effectively he's not giving you a whole lot of what want out of Derrick Rose.

It's not panic time yet with Rose. I figure he's still got the superstar in him. We saw it against New York, we saw it a bit against Detroit/Toronto. We've seen him this year cruise past guys in transition and off the dribble in dominant fashion. I suspect he's just overly cautious right now.

If he's still playing this way in March then perhaps we have a problem, but for now, I'm happy to see his minutes up and him finishing games.

Loose notes

Joakim sprained his ankle, but returned to the game. Hopefully it doesn't swell up on him too badly today.

Nikola Mirotic is a bad ass, and the Bulls need to find a way to keep him playing when Gibson returns.

Doug McDermott was inactive for the game with a knee injury which he deemed "very minor".

The Bulls will have to travel to Charlotte for a game today. That's a game you'd expect them to win normally, but will be much tougher on a back to back after a double OT and travel thrown in.

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  • Westbrook followed up with a 6-20, 7 turnover game so there's that. The only playoffs teams the Bulls have been are the Raptors and the Clippers and the Clippers have played poorly so far. Although we have mainly faced non-playoff teams and had injuries, this month should allow the team to find their bearings against better competition.

  • In reply to Jamie W:

    I think the Bulls competed well with Dallas tonight, they should have won, so that's a good sign even if it didn't show up in the W/L column that way.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I thought their defense was atrocious for most of the night, which to me is not competing well, regardless of what the scoreboard says.

    They basically could not defend the pick and roll all night, particularly when Nowitzki was involved. Every time that I looked up Rose or Hinrich was getting a face massage from Dirks elbows because they switched onto to him and Noah or our other big men were unsuccessfully attempting to guard one of Dallas's midgets at the 3 point line.

    When they weren't getting abused by the pick and roll any number of the Dallas guards were simply blowing by our defenders with easy penetration to the rim resulting in layups or dishes out for wide open 3 pointers(15-30). You are not winning many if any games giving up 50% from the 3 point line on 30 attempts while throwing in a boatload of your own turnovers(7 by Rose alone).

    We held our own against Dallas's frontline, but got killed by their midgets, Barea, Harris, and Ellis. Despite all of this we had the game won, up 105-100 with about a minute left(should have been 106 but Butler missed another free throw) possession of the ball when a 2 point basket seals the victory, the Bulls in their infinite wisdom decide that this is perfect time to try a corner 3 point shot by Gasol. A bucket there and even Hangdog couldn't fuck up the game.

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    In reply to DougThonus:

    Lol hi Doug

  • Westbrook followed up with a 6-20, 7 turnover performance so there's that. Only playoff teams we have beaten are the Raptors and Clippers. Although we have mainly faced non-playoff competition and had injuries, this month should allow the Bulls to find their bearings against better competition.

  • Thibs came out already and said he was calling for someone to foul. And took the blame. Not saying the timing wasn't still horrible. But it wasn't all on him

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    I have some trouble believing this and think Thibs was just deflecting blame because he has a history of defending guys in the media.

    The Bulls don't regularly foul in this situation, so it would be odd that he would choose to do so now.

    However, even if so, the foul was still inexcusable. Every player knows you have to foul before the guy is going to shoot, Kirk had to foul him in the backcourt, not by the three point line.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Thibs was definitely trying to protect his player. He acted like he didn't make it clear to foul in the backcourt, and if they made it to the front court then don't foul. I doubt they ever discussed purposely fouling even in the backcourt.

  • Thank you Doug. You nailed all of it, including the headline. There are plenty of game-winning plays, such as last-second shots, in the NBA. But rarely are there game-losing plays or "would have won except for this dumbass" in which a player makes a braindead play despite in solid position to win the game. Hinrich did it here and, to his credit, took full responsibility. Thibs tried to take the blame but Captain K said no, "I was me, all me" basically.

    At least it wasn't a playoff game, or like the Spurs tragic loss to the Heat two years ago when Saint Pop made the dumbass decision to take Duncan out of the game. Nonetheless, very hard to swallow a L that was a W.

    Speaking of dumbass coaching moves, how about Thibs playing Gasol 50 minutes? How much will he have left in Charlotte tonight? Someone tell me again why we have two useless bigs on this team in Nazr and Cam? Stacy King seems to love Cam, but clearly Thibs doesn't trust him whatsoever, as this was the kind of game in which he should give some spot minutes to save Gasol and guard two Cs in Wright and Chandler who have no O game except for dunking.

    Regarding Rose, yes, he is still going at half-speed. What the hell! Take the ball to the rim! Stop relying on that suspect 3-point ball. Where has his midrange game gone? He also makes the junior high mistake of making passes in mid-air and got a couple TOs this way last night.

    But in a game where no starter really played that well, except for flashes from Gasol, there was Niko. Dude can ball. He's got outrageous skills for someone his height.

  • In reply to Curious E:

    Funny that we both posted the same thing about the Spurs coach pulling Duncan with seconds left in the game. And we posted at the same time!

    Great minds think alike - or whatever.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I saw that! Hilarious. I agreed with your post. Boneheaded decisions are made all the time. It's all about having that short memory to be successful.

    Remember when MJ dribbled the ball off his foot against Orlando to lose that playoff series after he came back from baseball? Well, he either quickly forgot about it or used it as motivation. Either way, he kicked the league's ass for another 3 years after that ...

  • In reply to Curious E:

    It's hard to find quality big men. If there was another big man available that could play better than who we have then we'd grab him, but there isn't.

    I generally agree with everything else you said though.

  • In reply to Curious E:

    Indy pulled Hibbert out against Miami two years ago when all they needed was a defensive stop to win a playoff game. LeBron drove in for a layup without one of the supreme rim protectors in the game - duh...

    And, yes, Pop also out-thought himself, worrying more about the open 3 since Duncan cannot move so well away from the hoop.

  • In reply to Curious E:

    Gasol was forced to play 50 minutes and Mirotic played extra minutes in the first half because Noah was a moron in the early part of the game picking up 3 silly, ticky tacky cheap handsy fouls on guys he wasn't even guarding. As a result Gasol and Mirotic had to play almost the entire second quarter, I think that Thibs actually tried Snell at PF for a nanosecond. Gasol and Mirotic are a disaster defensively, made even worse when Thibs ties to combine them with Dunleavy and Hangdog in his pre civil war era lineup.

    Noah seems have a game like this from time to time where he just runs around like a loon committing stupid fouls. He managed almost all of the second half without committing any stupid fouls. Other than Rose's pathetic lack of effort this was the biggest reason that the Bulls fell behind by a dozen points at halftime.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    "Gasol and Mirotic are a disaster defensively, made even worse when Thibs ties to combine them with Dunleavy and Hangdog in his pre civil war era lineup"

    Surprisingly, the stats show a completely different story. Kirk - Butler - Dunleavy - Mirotic - Gasol is actually our best defensive lineup out of all lineups that have played at least 20 minutes together:

    Hinrich-Butler-Dunleavy-Mirotic-Gasol 0.86 ...... 25.8 min
    Hinrich-Butler-Dunleavy-Gibson-Noah 0.89 ...... 45.2 min

    The only other lineup that has Mirotic and Gasol playing together that has a corresponding lineup with Gibson and Noah in their place is much better with Niko/Pau instead of Taj/Jo:

    Brooks-Butler-Dunleavy-Mirotic-Gasol 1.14 ........ 23.3 min
    Brooks-Butler-Dunleavy-Gibson-Noah 1.29 ........ 18.0 min

    Finally, our far-and-away most used lineup is our starting 5 with everyone healthy:

    Rose-Butler-Dunleavy-Gasol-Noah 0.98 ........ 143.0 min
    Rose-Butler-Dunleavy-Gibson-Gasol 1.00 ...... 22.9 min
    Rose-Butler-Dunleavy-Mirotic-Gasol 0.86 ....... 16.8 min

    Mirotic and Gasol don't have reputations as good defenders, but they make an outstanding pairing at PF/C because:

    - They combine for almost 4 blocked shots per 36 minutes

    - Gasol is 10th in the NBA in Def Reb % at 27.6%; Niko is 11th at 27.1%

    Overall, the Bulls as a team are 16th in the NBA in Def Reb % - of the top 10 offenses in the league, all but three of them have an Off Reb % of over 25%.

    A lot of people underestimate defensive rebounding, but it is a HUGE part of having a good defense. That's why the Mirotic/Gasol pairing is so effective on defense, even though they aren't what anyone would consider defensive stoppers.

    Every offensive rebound you allow means another point for the opponent on average. Every shot you block is a point your opponent didn't score (on average).

    Gasol and Mirotic both have Defensive Ratings of 100, which is the lowest on the team (Noah is at 101, Taj 105)

  • Kirk hinrich may be one of the dumbest player in the league. This is not the first time he made a bad foul and he won't be last time. He routinely gives up And one in a fast break or just run in a shooter. Too frustrating

  • Not so bad a Popovich pulling his 7-footer in game six of the Finals against Miami a year and a half ago with less than a minute to go. One rebound would have won that game. Of course, so would another made free throw.

    Players and coaches both do stupid things at times. So do refs. And presidents. And we have to live with it.

  • If both are at peak level, Westbrook is a better player than Rose now, we all have to accept that. Also, Westbrook hasn't been out for over 2 years nor has he had surgeries on both knees, so he should return to form much more quickly than Rose. Finally, OKC needs 30 points a night from Westbrook to win games, they have nothing without him and without Durant. The Bulls don't need 30 points from Rose, in fact the way they're playing offense these days, they're better if he just fits into the offense.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Maybe I'm biased but I've never been a Westbrook fan and am part of the mindset that thinks he could be overrated. Sure he looks ridiculously athletic and strong at times, but still think if OKC traded him instead of Harden they would be in better shape. I always thought Sam Smith had a perfect trade scenario mentioning Westbrook for Rondo. That would seem to make perfect sense, let Russel be the man in Boston and Durant have a perfect PG for that team, cause Durant should be the go to guy in most critical situations and at times Westbrook doesn't even look for him!

    I still think at 100% healthy D-Rose is better than Westbrook, but that could be done as you implied, simply due to Derrick's health issues.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    The Bulls don't need 30 from Rose, but they do need Rose to play like Rose and not like he is. He's just hoisting threes and jogging the ball up and down the court. No explosiveness, no one man fastbreak, no breaking guys down off the dribble.

    He's playing like Andre Miller with bad shot selection.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I'd love to have Andre Miller instead of Hangdog, and have said so many times in the past.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    It's hard to admit as a Bulls fan, but I've always had a sneaky suspicion that Westbrook is the better player, even pre injury.

  • Doug did basically hit it all here...I would have liked to see maybe Niko in for Noah a little bit. Chandler wasn't really much of a factor, maybe it could have worked out with Niko and Gasol in the overtime periods, especially after the Noah ankle twist...

    It's tough to watch Rose now sometimes, but I am all in with him, seriously. People wanted him to take it easy, now he is. He will rise when need to, but I do wish he had a little better shot selection at times, but no big deal at this point in the season.

    At the end of regulation, I thought they could have got something closer instead of the Rose 3 pointer, almost 2 seconds left is enough time to get a solid 2 point shot, maybe there was just nothing open and the Rose 3 was a final option, would have to watch the play again.

    Butler either was exhausted or simply had an off day, cause you didn't see him as much in the overtimes when we have been used to him being more effective toward the ends of games. Once again, he may have been just conceding to Rose and Pau, which is fine.

    All good Bulls fans, this game was a victory for us when everything said and done!

  • In reply to Keep:

    I agree this game was a victory for Bulls fans. The Bulls were able to match up offensively with the highest scoring team in the league, straight up. This wasn't a case of the Mavs having an off game, or the Bulls having a rare instance of extremely great shooting. To top it off, Rose wasn't even the highest offensive contributor. The Bulls went head to head against one of the West's best teams, and were in it through the very end.

    If Rose can get himself into rhythm, and these guys can build some good chemistry, I don't see any other elite team in the entire league, that would be heavily favored to win a 7-game series against Chicago.

  • In regards to Klank has there ever been a long term poster assessment of Hinrich that hasn't included the phrase "boneheaded?" Seriously? Myself I have noted repeatedly that Hinrich will foul a three point shooter's fake for easy bail outs particularly at the end of games. Yet the Bulls want this guy as a core rotation player and end of game guy. Whatever.

    Speaking of at the end of games, that game should have been over long before D-Rose's last second heave which proved to be an air-ball. Still, that futile shot is emblematic of a bigger issue. Do we really want a guy who's shooting .321 from three taking 11 shots from behind the line? Granted last night he shot 36%, but still that's a lot of his game centered away from where we know he's really effective.

    Derrick this season is shooting five three point attempts per game which is only slightly less then his two point attempts. Many basketball coaches and players will say that unless you're a just a terrific shooter or specialist gunner, offensive game should come from the inside out. Early on this season Rose was hitting several mid range and mid lane one handers he can usually make and going in for layups. Now, you have him going 6-20(with seven turnovers no less).

    It wasn't that long ago Rose was shooting over 50% from the field where when you're scoring 18ppg in limited minutes is a good thing. Now, he's back to Iverson Rose, and that's not a good thing. When a guy who can't shoot long range gravitates toward "the easy way out" my contention would be that is weak and harmful to your offensive game and your psyche. Whether Thibs voices any of this to Derrick I seriously doubt it. But he should.

    Side Note: Jimmy Butler with seven assists and no turnovers is awesome. However when you combine that with 0-3 from three and 55% from the free throw line that is somewhat lessened. For the season Butler is now shooting .286 from three on 2.6 attempts per game. Either as your 'star' SG or SF, I wold say in Today's NBA a guy who can not shoot the three in any volume that's a serious drawback. I certainly will be interested to see what Jimmy does in this year's playoffs. Right now I personally from a post season perspective have a hard time considering Jimmy Butler as a "max" guy. If he can shoot 35% or better with any volume this playoffs then I'll change that view. We'll see.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    It is hard to rag on Butler too much given all the other juicy targets on the Bulls, but he also missed a key free throw in the last 2 minutes(in addition to a blown layup on a fastbreak). The Bulls would have been up 109-105 when Hangdog made his asinine play and won the game 109-108 saving Hangdog some hatred.

    The other thing about Butler last night is that he simply could not keep up with Ellis anywhere on the court with or without the ball. Which supports my contention that he is still best(especially defensively) as a small forward. His game is based on physicality not athleticism. We saw the same thing last season in the playoffs against Bradley Beal. This again reiterates our desperate need to get a much better wing than Mike Dunleavy.

  • Sorry for multiple posts, but one other note. People keep referring to Popovich and the "bone headed" late substitution of a rebounder in what would have been the championship clincher against Miami two years ago in mitigating gaffes in decisions Thibs and other coaches make..

    Here's the thing. If you want to point to that as proof that any coach is capable of stupidity and thus is a "pass" for critiques of coaches like Thibs for his gaffes let me say I think that is a real misnomer and somewhat lazy thinking. Why? 1) If not for just brilliant player development and offensive play calling and system coaching the Spurs would have never been in the position to win a championship that on paper many would say they had no business winning anyway. 2) If not for repeated gag job missed free throws that move would have been a non-issue.

    If people really want to equate one bad decision of just a masterful coaching job overall including defensively with unproven playoff coaches gaffes like Thibs then so be it, but I would say that is a dubious argument at best.

  • Roadwarrior, what u are saying about Pop is all we are trying to say about Thibs. An overall GREAT coaching job shouldn't be brought down by an occasional Choakrich or Bogans. I have read multiple articles that state Thib's defensive system is the most copied system by other teams. Developed a guy like Butler, and Noah and Gibson both peaked under Thibs. Hell look at Pau Gasol, back being a 20/10 guy, he's a better coach than everyone except Pop, bottom line.

  • That being said, this year has been tough for me watching the games. While I'm watching a game, no other game matters. I'm not thinking about how it's only December we need to peak in March. It is so hard to watch Rose not even sprint. I don't think he sprinted once last night. He came out and he wasn't even sweating. After the game a calm head prevails and I see that Doug is right. They played terribly and still should've won the game. And I'm fine with Rose taking it easy now, makes sense. But each game while I watch I will be screaming at him. His defense has been atrocious.

  • In reply to Hendu0520:

    He's at it again in the early stages of the Charlotte game just lollygagging up and down the court like he's Carlos Boozer or Ben Gordon without a care in the world other than collecting their massive paychecks.

  • For me, It is more the principle than the loss. The Bulls are on pace to win 50 games even with last night's loss. Still, everyone should expend the mental effort to be smart! As someone said, the one thing all great athletes have in common is the ability to concentrate, to focus.

    Hinrich did not have his mind in gear - and we all see that. No excuse! There were two seconds left. Keep your focus! This was not on Thibs - he told them what to do, they did not do it.

    At some point, these gaffes could cost a title. (Which it actually did for the Spurs.) That is really why we fans are upset. Fix this garbage!

    And BTW manage the minutes better.

  • I can't defend Kirk on that play. I jumped out of my seat and yelled "what are you doin" at the TV. But, he is a hustler and always plays hard.., always. To call him the dumbest player in the league identifies you as a Hater.., enough said.

    It was a tough loss for me to take because:
    1---lots of guys played a lot of minutes
    2---we gotta game we are supposed to win tonite and we gotta fight fatigue big-time.
    3---I kept thinking Jimmy's havin' the worst game of the season(for him) and we are still gonna win.., ugh.., we didn't.

    Also kept thinkin' the Bears players should be watchin'. As hard as this loss was to take, at least the Bulls hustle the whole game...,AND YOU CAN BE PROUD OF THEM!

  • In reply to rakmessiah:

    Amen to that! I especially agree about Kirk, he hustles and plays the right way all the time, does make some bonehead plays, but there are haters out there who take things way to far calling him "Dumb" or anything close to that

  • I didn't see the game, as I'm out on the east coast, but all I noticed in the box score was Rose's 7 turnovers and those 11 3 pt shots.

    Rose should NEVER shoot 11 3 pointers in a game. He's not Steph Curry. That's just lazy, selfish, and darn right irresponsible. The Bulls can get better shots. Rose is just not that great a shooter. He should shoot a low volume of 3s like LeBron and Wade did so well in Miami - their efficiency numbers were off the charts good.

    Instead of Rose 3 pointers, Bulls should dump it down to Gasol, have Butler drive and get to the line, or have Rose get to mid-range or get layups and floaters around the hoop...

  • In reply to Granby:

    Steph Curry may perhaps go down as the best 3pt shooter in history and even he shoots to much sometimes. He had a 1-10 and 0-7 game earlier in season. So what does that say for Rose.

    Rose said after the game he was taking what the defense was giving him. What made him MVP was taking what he wanted by getting to the rim. Lazy is a bit harsh he obviously still has a lack of confidence in himself. To be fair though 4 of those 3's were at end of quarter/OT buzzer. The plays for those 3's were horrible, what was Thibs thinking, complete offensive breakdown. Can't get much worse when you shoot 28ft three pointers out of a timeout.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Actually every time that he tried to dump it into Gasol or Butler he committed a turnover.

    The Bulls were at it again last night, acting like Gasol and Butler are Shaq or Moses Malone. Neither of those guys are dominant go to post players. While Gasol is a post player he is soft and easily neutralized by any team with half a brain defensively. Force feeding Butler in the post doesn't work either, as we saw last night, he really was ineffective in the post going against the midget Monta Ellis.

    The Bulls need to get there postups in the natural flow of the game, not by disrupting the entire flow of the offense waiting for someone to sumo wrestle his way into position. That does nothing but create turnovers.

  • The Hangdog thing is so obvious and you covered it perfectly. Kirk Hinrich the $68(career earnings so far) million moron.

    You touched on Rose, but kind of give him a pass. I'm not so kind. His effort level was absolutely pathetic, if that is all he has to give then don't play or retire. He looked like he didn't give a shit on both ends of the court, like it was a game day walk through. He couldn't/didn't guard anybody on the defensive end. The Mavs either destroyed us on pick and roll all night, or just plain blew right past our defenders with dribble penetration, which led to layups and 30 3 point attempts, most of which were wide open. On offense, other than banging in a few 3's, and the last one was pure luck, a shot put instead of an actual shot, he was a turnover machine, as he has been since returning from his latest injury. You may be right, maybe he is afraid to play, but this level of effort will be intolerable to watch, almost as bad as watching Hangdog himself.

  • I haven't seen anyone in the media mention the play of Devin Harris. He shot 6-6 on 3s, 7-10 overall, with 8 assists.

    Dallas shot 15-30 on 3s, 50%
    Bulls shot 8-26 on 3s, 30%

    On the Bulls' last possession I don't understand why both Gasol and Noah were in the game when Bulls obviously needed a 3pt shot. Should Mirotic have been in?

  • In reply to Edward:

    both great points...I actually was hoping for a play for Dunleavy, thought he had best chance to hit a 3 at that point, but Mirotic would have helped as an option as well for sure

  • In reply to Keep:

    Agree, wasn't Dunleavy out there all of both Overtimes? He was non-existent, ignored, and total, what, Decoy? If he is not good enough to be considered an option, why is he out there???? And I am NOT blaming Thibs.., I am directing this comment at those who put this team together. We need another quality #3 on this team...., to win a championship.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I agree with both of these points, and thought about both during the game but didn't remember today when doing the write up.

    I couldn't understand why Dallas didn't just foul Gasol while he was holding the ball in the post on that final possession with his back turned for 3 seconds while the bulls had 8 to get off a three point shot.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Maybe Hinrich's foul dissuaded Dallas from making any intentional fouls?

  • In reply to Edward:

    Gasol was inside the 3 point line, thus he would have only gotten 2 free throws.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I was silently screaming the same thing at the end of regulation, the end of the first OT and the end of the second OT. We need a 3 point shot and both Noah and Gasol are on the floor, and Mirotic is glued to the bench. Gasol actually took a 3 point shot(his first and only) from the corner in the final minute of regulation with the Bulls up 105-100 when a 2 point basket would have sealed the victory.

    I mentioned it above, Dallas beat us with their 3 midgets, Harris, Barea and Ellis. What does that say about our team?

    The Bulls have 2 fundamental problems on D, they guard pick and roll like they are all watching film of Carlos Boozer, and they are not guarding the 3 point line this season, both of which lead to everyone being out of position thus causing rebounding problems.

    I am worried, very worried, I don't see things getting better.

  • As someone who always wanted to trade either Ben Gordon or Luol Deng for Monta Ellis and regardless of what the efficiency experts think, wouldn't you rather have Monta Ellis putting up 38 pts alongside Jimmy Butler rather than against him. What do you say Ben Gordon fans.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Did the Bulls show any interest in Monta at the time? Season before Gordon left Ellis scored 20ppg on 53%, highly efficient for a small SG. His stint with the Bucks hurt his stock (that's what Jennings does) that's why Dallas has got him for 8m/yr and he's showing what he can do with a system in place.

    Nevermind Ellis, I think most fans would be happy with a starting calibre player alongside Jimmy.

  • People have been talking about D Rose going half speed. I believe this is very true. I've seen him in the beginning of the year really push it at times but he's pulled something a few times early in the year.

    I also heard in the media that he said after the game before Dallas, "wait until you see me in two weeks." Thus, I think the training staff have told him to just go half speed running and full speed laterally defense wise to build up some in game muscles.

    I think he will be back to old derrick type Rose and believe he is just buying some time so to speak why his body gets used to playing actual games. I also don't think this is his choice but something a trainer said would be good big picture wise...

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