Derrick Rose's play covers up potential player-coach feud

Derrick Rose's play covers up potential player-coach feud

Things started off ugly for Chicago. Jacked up threes and early turnovers led to the Nets taking 20-8 lead early, then it was all Bulls.

Chicago's bench got them back in the game immediately, and then things stabilized as the teams went back and forth to enter the half tied. Chicago opened the third with a slew of turnovers, but their defense held Brooklyn down so that they couldn't take advantage.

After they got their out of their system, they dominated Brooklyn the rest of the way and the rout was on. Derrick Rose had a string of three buckets in a row where he looked explosive and attacked the hoop. The media story is that he looked like the old Derrick, and he certainly looked closer.

However, the return to the "old Derrick" is probably a bit overstated. He did have some excellent drives, and he did do a better job of knocking down some mid range push shots. However, he still took seven threes out of 15 shots. He still didn't really show you explosiveness in transition, and the explosiveness he showed stood out more because it all happened in one close stretch of play, but it wasn't consistent throughout the game.

It was a good step in the right direction, I'm thrilled to see it, but Derrick knows [and said as much in the post game interview] that he still has a ways to go to get to 100%. Still after seeing the past few games, it was refreshing to see Rose blow some guys up off the dribble even if only in small bursts.

Tom Thibodeau calls Taj Gibson's view a bunch of crap

Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah both cited a lack of trust on the defensive end as a reason for their lack of defense.

Tom Thibodeau said

"That's garbage. That's garbage. Trust, it's work. It's work. That's how you build trust. You got to know what you're doing, you got to be tied together. You got to work at it. It's a cop out."

Taj Gibson responded (From Nick Friedell's twitter):

Gibson responds, understanding that Thibs is entitled to his own opinion: "That's what I see on the court. I've been here for a while I know what I'm talking about. Joakim knows what he's talking about, he was the Defensive Player of the Year"

"Of course he's going to know what he's talking about. We're on the court, though."

After Thibodeau kinda/sorta called out Rose twice, he went on a rant on Taj Gibson's opinion (and if you saw the video, it really did sound like a rant) that the Bulls had trust issues. His "that's garbage, trust, it's work. It's work" was really said with a real negative sound in his mouth IMO.

After the Bulls simply destroy the Nets, things are likely calmed down a bit, but we've now seen Thibodeau starting to go after guys a bit in the media. Something he's never done in the past. I think if wins don't continue to roll in that there might be a little bit of discontent brewing.

As long as the Bulls are title contenders, everyone will put up with the crap, but it sure feels like Thibs might need to start getting cautious about how hard he pushes, especially when it comes to his public comments. I think guys will put up with almost anything in private, but in the media they don't like to be embarrassed.

Taj Gibson didn't need to trust anyone out there

He just decided to dominate the entire Nets offense by himself.

The Bulls started off the third period something awful, turning the ball over, taking horrible shots and could have easily fallen into another hole. They didn't, because Taj Gibson seemed to block every shot the Nets through up over that poor start to the third and Brooklyn couldn't take advantage of those opportunities.

Gibson chipped in a solid offensive night as well, punctuating it with a nasty dunk which should have been an and one.

Pau Gasol still frustrates me

Much like Carlos Boozer, the Bulls have a lot of turnovers when running the offense through Gasol. They frequently lose possessions trying to feed him the post which nullifies some of the offense he's able to bring.

He also is very slow moving and there were two possessions nearly back to back where Gasol had a three step lead on Garnett and couldn't beat him to a loose ball causing a Bulls turnover and then on the other end a play where Chicago would have forced a turnover, but Gasol couldn't beat someone to the ball despite being much closer as well.

Unlike Boozer, Gasol clearly gives a crap about defense, and he protects the rim down low. However, his lack of foot speed at times is a real hole in the Bulls defense. He's not a low effort guy, but his limitations cause legitimate problems and are a part of why the Bulls defense is less dominant this season.

This isn't to say Gasol hasn't been great, he has been great in many ways. You also can't complain about the salary, for the money, Gasol's fricken amazing. However, the Bulls need to still find ways to work within Gasol's athletic limits, provide him help in areas he needs it, and find better ways to feed the post.

Niko-suave much better than three-co-la

Whichever of Stacey's annoying nicknames you hate less, Nikola Mirotic continues to play well. His end stat line wasn't too impressive, but he was a big part of the run the Bulls made in the late 1st to get back in the game.

He's been nothing but solid since getting bigger minutes. He got hosed by the refs several times in this game, and as the game ended what I found interesting is that Mirotic was talking with the refs as the camera's panned out, perhaps seeking explanation, building his rep, building familiarity.

I don't know what he said, but I like the approach, it wasn't a complaining, but looked like a discussion, and I think he's been the victim of a lot of rookie calls and this type of thing will help him avoid that.

Also worth noting, while it may have only been in scrub time, McDermott did appear to get a tiny bit of burn at SF with Nazr, Bairstow, and Mirotic on the floor at once. Maybe that means nothing or maybe it means Thibodeau might consider getting Mirotic some burn on the wing when the full complement of big men is available.

Jimmy Butler played under 35 minutes?

Who are you and what have you done with the real Tom Thibodeau!?!

Butler threw together another fantastic game and looks very smooth with the mid range jumper. Nothing new to see here, Butler's giving you great offense and defense every night.

Let's see if the Bulls can do something

Chicago hosts Portland on Friday. The Blazers have dominated the heck out of the Bulls in the Thibodeau era. I think, off the top of my head, the Bulls are 1-8? against them over that stretch.

They then play a couple intriguing road games against Miami and Atlanta, two of the better teams in the East in a rare Sun/Mon back to back.

They catch a break with a game against the Knicks before taking on Memphis, Toronto, and Washington.

Chicago's not at some awful point right now (13-8), but with six of their next seven against legit teams we'll find out just how legit the Bulls are as well.

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  • I agree with your comment regarding Gasol's defensive limitations but it doesn't answer the question as to why the Bulls' defense is down somewhat this year. After all, they basically swapped Gasol in and Boozer out, so how would that change make a difference in the performance of the defense? Even with Pau's limitations it would seem that at the worst it would be a wash.

  • In reply to bjb57:

    It may take time for Gasol to gel.

    Noah is playing a different position, too.

    I think if you play Gibson and Noah together for stretches, the D should improve.

    Rose needs to improve, too. He is capable of so much more defensively.

    Finally, Deng is gone after about a half season last year and Dunleavy is below average defensively.

    When you are starting Rose-Dunleavy-Gasol, you can't expect big things defensively.

  • In reply to Granby:

    "It may take time for Gasol to gel." I would say he already has - he's playing his best in years!

    "When you are starting Rose-Dunleavy-Gasol, you can't expect big things defensively." Apparently you are correct about this, Granby. However, I do not get why. I mean, Noah and Butler were both defensive stalwarts last year. Gasol and Rose should both be upgrades. And Dunleavy should be about the same. So where is the fall-off coming from?
    1) Noah playing out of position a lot;
    2) Focus has to be the rest, does it not? And effort. There appears to be a certain amount of laziness on this team, on both ends of the court.
    3) Thibs better keep his tranquilizers handy!
    4) Both the D and the O could use a guy like Afflalo.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Has the team perhaps become lazy due to Thibs demanding they bring everything they have to each game for the last 4 years. In his first 2 years the team only allowed 110+ points 3 times (excl. OT's). They have allowed that many this year. Maybe Thibs can no longer motivate them like he used to. The team would always bounce back from a poor defensive effort with a really good one but even last year we didn't see much of that.

  • In reply to Jamie W:

    It's only going to get worse.

    High-intensity coaches like Thibs, Skiles, Doug Collins, they can only last so long with professional players before the team starts tuning them out.

    The current Bulls team is mostly veterans, they're not going to put up with being worked liked dogs and treated like college kids.

    Thibs may have taken them as far as he can, if they don't win it all this season it just might be time to go to a "players coach" if you will. Someone like PJax, Pops, Kerr(?), Doc, I don't know.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Worth noting that pretty much no coaches last longer than Thibs has so far. It's not just hard nose coaches. Thibs has been will have been with Chicago or five full seasons after this year.

    That means he'll have made it a minimum of five seasons. What percentage of coaches do you think coach for five or more seasons in one place? I'd guess it's pretty small.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    That's certainly true for coaches overall, but most coaches haven't had four consecutive successful seasons like Thibs has had.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I've seen Doug Collins only be able to take the Bulls so far. Then I saw Skiles turn the team around and then burn the team and himself out.

    I know we've seen signs of cracks in the wall over the last few months, from Thibs and the players. Now maybe it's all just the media blowing things out of proportion, and as a Bulls fan I hope that's all it is.

    Hopefully Thibs will lead the Bulls to a championship in June, and all the BS talk back and forth will be water under the bridge. Rose and Noah are the leaders of this team, and as long as they are buying what Thibs is selling, all will be good with the rest of the team.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    How many non hard nosed coaches do you see who are successful for extended periods of time?

    I'm not entirely disagreeing with what you're saying, but I think it's over simplified logic. Rick Carlisle was a coach who is absolutely hard nosed and prone to burn out, then he won a title in Dallas.

    Its still 95% about the talent, the Bulls really haven't ever had legit talent to win, so of course they haven't won.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    The difference between guys like Collins, Skiles and Larry Brown is that they are so neurotic they burn themselves out which usually leads to losing the team.

    Thibs never seems to waiver in his beliefs, in his systems and like the block head that he is he just plows forward almost without any regard for his current circumstances. That is why he has already lasted longer than those others.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Granby.., you see it the way I do. You can add in that Noah often plays on maybe 1 leg.

    I think for the playoffs Thibs better know the various combos to use if he wants great "D". I think he will. You and I will be here to tell him if he doesn't.

  • In reply to bjb57:

    It makes some difference because Pau is playing a lot more minutes than Boozer, but yeah, it definitely isn't the whole answer.

    The Bulls have also been missing one of Taj/Noah for much of the season and have used Mirotic instead. That's also not helping things much.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    But Mirotic never starts so that doesn't explain the decline in the starting lineups defensive results. If anything it should be better than last season if you believe that Rose is better than whoever started last season(Hangdog/Augustin) and Gasol is more effective than boozer

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Random thought that I haven't tried to check: is it possible that the Bulls have played a noticeably skewed schedule so far this year? In particular, a quarter-season schedule heavy on good offensive teams, such that we would expect the Bulls' defense to look better the rest of the way even if they don't put in more effort/trust/work/whatever?

    I imagine the current defensive issues are more a product of a larger amount of turnover than in previous years, injuries limiting core players, and a lack of practice time to overcome the roster turnover, but I just thought I'd throw that out there.

  • Good to see Rose looked aggressive for at least a stretch.

    He needs to build on that.

    Yes, still too many 3s.

    I think 2-3 3s per game is more than enough to keep defenses honest. He needs to take a few step or two inside the arch, one or two dribbles and drain the 17-18 footer.

  • Rose looked better but he still didn't look like the Rose I remember. I will say that many of the threes he shot were wide open looks and good decisions, the kinds of threes you want him to take and make, but I still didn't see him breaking guys down off the dribble like he used to. Maybe that guy is gone.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    The first couple weren't good, but I agree by the end they were better. The first couple he took with a hand in his face and had to rush his delivery and was shooting off balance.

    I don't like those looks or Rose. I want him only shooting Kieth Bogans style threes. Wide, wide open.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    The funny thing is that 3-7 doesn't look that good while you are watching it and doesn't sound that good when you hear about it, but that's 42.8% which is an elite 3 point shooter.

  • Rose did take too many 3's for my liking, but a lot of them were wide open and after he did his driving and kicking/finishing.

    I agree what Doug said about forcing Pau the ball and posting up. The offense works better when there are some passes before he gets the ball in the high/low block. It gets defenses scrambling a bit more. I think he's fine defensively, but Taj is a better fit next to him. Joakim looks like he's getting used to chasing around 4's all the time. His help defense is incredible and that's where he really excels (at slowing the pick and roll).

    Sorry to beat a dead horse, but we need to get off the Afflalo/other SG bandwagon. The Bulls roster is set this year. With the emergence of Butler, there isn't a need to plug in another guy. Dunleavy has been playing well and he is getting such open looks.

  • In reply to bpmueller:

    All set with Butler, nobody is arguing that, but Dunleavy, while a good player, is not a starter on a championship team. This 13-8 team that couldn't beat GS at home needs an upgrade and has a wealth of big men from which to make a deal for an upgrade.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    AND,, we don't have a sub for Dunleavy against the better, more athletic teams.

  • In reply to bpmueller:

    Dunleavy is playing well only for a non entity, we have a right to expect a lot more from a starter. We are lucky if we get one good game from him a week, the rest of the time he is just taking up space. He is fine as a backup but he is just another guy as a starter, which is maybe one step above useless

  • In reply to bpmueller:

    Roman and Bigway,
    I agree with you two about Dunleavy. He is not a starter on a championship team, and yes, we should expect more from a starting SF. But lets remember Dunleavey was signed at $3mil per year to be a backup - and that's who he is talent and skill wise.

    It's up to management to get two legitimate high-quality starting wings on this roster. They've got one in restricted free agent Jimmy Butler. And after Dunleavy its Hinrich (playing out-of-position at SG), Snell and McDermott. The wings are the glaring weakness with this roster!

    Bulls drafted extremely well in 2011 with Mirotic and Butler. However, the last 3 drafts (2012-14) have not gone well for Bulls with Teague, Snell, McDermott.

    Potential "College Player of Year" Nicknames for Doug McDermott:
    Jimmer McDermott
    Doug McMorrison
    Jimmer McMorrison

  • In reply to Edward:

    Spot on!!!

  • In reply to rakmessiah:

    unfortunately, most of these guys think that we have an unlimited salary cap and should have a perfect guy in every starting and reserve position, it is entertaining to hear all the complaints though.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I think that we are all saying the same thing.

    I don't think that anybody is complaining about Dunleavy himself, he's a decent player and a good dude to have on your team in the correct role. Like you said, it is up to management to provide the best roster which allows guys to play the role they are best suited to. We need another starting wing so that Dunleavy goes back to be a rotation player not a starter.

    I haven't said anything about yet, but I too have been pondering the fact that the Bulls are heading toward 3 straight draft busts. I like your nickname suggestions, but I'm sticking with McPillsbury(turnovers and doughboyish) until he starts hitting his 3 pointers in a Korveresque fashion.

  • C'mon Douggie, gimme some butter with that roll, and please stop hating on the NBA's best commentator.....and im not talkin bout the funk!

  • I think Thibs is getting frustrated by the lack of effort by this team. That is the only way I can explain the slow starts. Everyone seems to be in slow motion.
    Maybe the poor defense is because when people get by Gasol they just score. When guys got by Boozer, he would just push them in the back so that they had to hit foul shots.
    Lastly, do the Bulls have any money to sign anyone? Seeing that AK-47 is being traded and released. He would be a good effort and defense guy to bring in off the bench. Snell and McDermott aren't getting it done.
    Oh, and play the Bair!! Bairstow looked good last night with good effort and rebounds. Looked like an actual NBA player.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Urgh, I do not agree on your view of Bairstow last night. He played with effort, but he looked overwhelmed to me. He was so slow he caught a ball two feet from the basket and no one within six feet of him and couldn't get the lay up on the glass before someone closed out and stuffed the hell out of him.

    He probably had two or three similar opportunities like that. He's too undersized to play as slow as he plays.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I agree with you Doug. Imo, Bairstow and his Lobo buddy, Snell, are simply not NBA players. If anyone misses my point on this let me put it in a more gentle, constructive way- THEY BOTH SUCK DONKEY BALLS!

    If the Bulls plan on a championship run, which I believe is GarPax's expectation, they need to have better players at the end of the bench because of the chronic injury histories of some of the current rotation players. For whatever reason, McDermott is also not a contributor and Nazr is essentially a walking tree, whose main role it seems is whispering in Rose's ear about where in town to get the best slab of baby back ribs.

    Last night I saw parts of a couple of other games. Two castoffs, Dante Cunningham and Jeff Adrien were productive players for their respective teams. These are veterans who know how to play and can contribute greatly in limited minutes. I am confident that there are other veteran players out there, who would cost very little, that are better and would be more productive than mopes like Bairstow and Snell.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    even though he is very undersized I love Adrien's toughness and physicality, 2 traits that the Bulls are lacking this year. Also a couple of games ago John Luer started for Marc Gasol down in Memphis and he got 20&12, I've liked that guy since we witnessed him abuse the hell out of the bozohole during his rookie year in Milwaukee.

    On that same note, did anyone notice that Monta Ellis scored only 2 points on 1-11 shooting the other night against Memphis. I assume that he was shut down by the guy that I still think is far and away the best man on man defender in the league Tony Allen, the same Tony Allen who I wanted the Bulls to get instead of Ronnie Brewer however many years ago. That is impressive not only for holding him to only 2 points, but he only let him get off 11 shots as opposed to the Bulls(Jimmy Butler) letting him get off 30 something shots for 38 points. another example of why I still think the Bulls are playing Butler out of position at SG. Although, I guess that it doesn't really matter all that much until we get another starting caliber wing, like say Jeff Green or Afflalo.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    He's kind of like an undersized, less skilled Aaron Gray. But I do enjoy the Bull in a china shop activity even if it doesn't produce enough/any positive results.

  • Rose is still holding back trying not to fully extend that hamstring. He is clearly avoiding contact on defense, and happy to go half speed in transition. But the good news is he is getting better, and says he feels great, so perhaps by tomorrow night he will be ready to fully push it and see how it responds. Hamstrings can linger for months if you don't carefully build strength and flexibility back up. Thibodeau is not happy with the effort on the defensive end or in practice. I wish he would just chill out until March and then see where they are

  • Agreed about Thibs, players may be tuning him out a little and I am a little worried it becomes an issue...At the same time though, players will deal with it and still have that ultimate goal in mind, they won't let a coach get them from playing well and going hard at that goal toward the end of the season.

    Another solid game from Gasol and Butler. It was clear besides Rose's bursts of offense, that Gibson was the key to the turnaround in the 2nd half, well done Taj.

    Rose was 3/7 on threes, can't complain here...He will shoot less of them in February, March and April when he really turns it on...D-Williams not much of factor, maybe Rose's defense wasn't all that bad? Just saying, it's not like he's getting torched on D every night, he's just slower and not giving as much effort due to the hammy, all good.

  • I think Rose is having an internal debate with himself. He knows he has to dial it back a little bit, but he hasn't quite figured out how he wants to do so. One game it seems like his approach is he will go at 75% speed on 100% of his minutes and other games he decides to go 100% speed on half his minutes and coast on the other half. Perhaps it is all physical, rather than mental. Who knows? But the fact that it is a bit of a mystery is concerning. He has time to figure it out but the Bulls will not be special unless he is special and he hasn't been so for very long thus far this season.

  • Doug your point about Gasol's defense is contradictory. How can you say unlike Boozer he gives a crap about defense and then say he's the problem? The only thing I can say for Boozer is,because he was unwilling to play defense he was usually well positioned to grab rebounds, that could be a major part of the problem.

  • In reply to mikeb31588:

    He cares about defense, but he's physically slow and has significant limitations. When he is around the rim guarding his man, he's okay, but he doesn't rotate nearly as fast as Taj/Noah, can't get out and guard anyone on the perimeter, isn't very good on the pick and roll, etc..

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Our 2 glaring deficiencies on D are inability to guard pick and roll and inability to stop dribble penetration by our guards, both of which lead to a ton of wide open shots, particularly 3's.

  • I am glad that you brought up the frustrations of Gasol. Today is a good day to do it, since it comes after a solid win so you can critique him in a friendly fashion. Like you I am thrilled to have him, especially at the price that we got him, and quadruple especially since he replaced boozer.

    As I've commented before, even when he is performing well, he looks pretty bad while doing it. Really the only thing that he looks good doing is hitting that mid range jumper from the circle area, he strokes it and looks good doing it. Everything else looks sloppy to downright ugly. While he can definitely get you some buckets in the post, he is not a physically dominant post player. As you noted the Bulls create a lot of turnovers simply trying to get the ball into him in the post. Truth be told they seem to have a problem getting the ball into the post no matter who they are going to, Taj, Butler, or even Rose on occasion.
    The other thing with Gasol in the post is that he simply cannot dribble the ball, with each single dribble he gets closer to a turnover than a bucket, by the third drible we are toast. Like every other Bull he just needs to get his post play in the flow of the game not by force feeding it, and when it comes he needs to make his move quickly or get rid of the ball. By the time the defense has time to react he is no longer likely to score the ball.

    Also, as you mentioned he has very slow feet and reaction times so he really doesn't go to the ball on offense or defense, and this creates problems for the entire Bulls team. There is nothing that can be done about these problems, but the rest of the team needs to be more aware of them in order to work around them.

    He is simply not an elegant or graceful athlete, kind of an ugly duckling. Even though I think that he is actually a bit soft, we would still be dead without him. A guy like him you take the good with the bad, because you know he is a good maybe even great teammate not a slug of a player and joke of a human being like the bozohole.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Agree with everything you said.

    For his sub seven million he's a steal at the pricetag, and he does give the Bulls some valuable offense that they need.

    I think you nailed it, the Bulls need to simply adjust to his limitations on both ends, because his strengths are things the teams need, and when they learn to work around his limitations it will be even better.

    Always worth remembering (myself included of course) that the Bulls starting five has still barely played together and has very little continuity developed yet, so these things will hopefully come by the end of the season.

  • I think using the phrase "player-coach feud" really overstates the situation. Friedell did the same thing today. If you listen to their tone of voice when they talk, they're just being straightforward. I think Thibs is very straight with the players, and he expects the same in return. And so they give it. Thibs and Noah are fine, and so is Derrick. It's pretty obvious there's a LOT of like and respect there for Thibs from the players.

  • I just noticed in the box score that Rose didn't get credit for any blocked shots last night. I guess the official scorer was relying on Neal and Stacey for his info as they refused to get the call right even after showing the replay several times. Rose clearly blocked one of the shots that Taj got credit for in the 3rd quarter, they showed the replay several times and you could clearly see that Rose blocked the shot first then Taj swatted it again after Derick got to it and grabbed the rebound. I think that Taj got credit for one of Gasol's blocks also.

    Nice comeback game by Taj but why does everyone including the official scorer have to embellish the results. We still gave up 15 offensive boards even though we managed to overcome an 0-7 start on the boards to win the overall battle for the night.

  • First of all I want to say I'm very proud of Gasol. Unlike boozer this guy is a real factor out there and the only thing I see lacking in his game is a lack of hustle. But in my opinion he makes up for it with what he gives you offensively and he's been doing a damn good job protecting the rim and blocking shots. Boozer really didn't give us much of anything.

    Also Derrick Rose looked great. Rose knows he can easily dominate a game by attacking the rim but I think he's trying to add a consistent 3 point shot to his game and he can only build that by taking 3's. Everyone only wants to see Rose be a running back or a one trick pony, but if he manages to start nailing 3's consistently he would truly become unstoppable.

  • There's no doubt Thibs has stepped up the amount of displeasure he shares with media in regards to his player's performances. But in this case, its hilarious for no other reason than the two sides are essentially arguing the same side. Building trust is really just a made up word for the process that takes place when new teammates work, practice, and play again and again together. It wasn't like Taj was saying, 'we need to practice never lying to each other', or the traditional meaning of trust. Taj was just using a figure of speech that basically meant, ' we have lots of new players, we need to work together and build teamwork' ... This is clear especially if you listen to the audio and hear the guy ask Thibs the question.

  • Regarding the debate as to what is causing Rose's recent passive play. Taj Gibson is quoted in Sam Smith's article:

    Gibson had to laugh when reporters were following up the theme of the week that Rose doesn’t drive to the basket enough anymore playing a 13th game after two years out and thus is a shell of what he once was.

    "Derrick, he is the same person, he's the same player, I think," said Gibson. "You guys (media) are so critical of what he does. He's playing with hamstring injuries; that stuff is tough. Track runners sit out after getting their hamstrings hurt. They sit down. He's still out there playing through all that stuff. He's just grinding as a player, getting better. And he's only going to get better."

    So here we have it from a teammate in the locker room. Derrick Rose is playing with an injured hamstring. We all knew Derrick's comeback season would be filled with ups and downs, so lets relax and be patient with him. Derrick is playing injured.

  • In reply to Edward:

    well, sit him down a couple games and let's get by this injury.

  • In reply to Granby:

    A couple games? Hamstrings are not that simple, they take a month or more to heal. Who wants to see Rose sit out until late January? NOBODY!

    So that is why Rose is playing injured and trying to not reinjure it by playing passively. What would definitely reinjure a hamstring is going full bore. This is what track sprinters have to do when they race, they cannot coast. When Rose plays like his explosive self, he is similar to a sprinter. So Rose can't be explosive right now - he'll definitely reinjure his hamstring if he does.

    Remember the play where Rose injured his hamstring? He was going full-bore exploding to the lane when he fell and had to leave the game.

    So we just have to wait it out and be patient. Rose is doing the right thing, he knows he needs to get and stay healthy for the playoffs. The regular season is meaningless as Bulls will make the playoffs regardless. We all just need to chill.

    Taj Gibson's track sprinter analogy is very accurate. AND we now know the truth about Rose's health from a teammate who probably lies on a table in the training room getting treatment on his ankle while Rose is on the next table getting treatment on his hamstring.

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