Chicago Bulls trade targets and assets

Chicago Bulls trade targets and assets

The Chicago Bulls look to be putting everything together lately. Just about everything is going well for the team right now from offense to defense to injuries [including the Hinrich injury which hopefully forced Thibodeau to see how much better the Brooks/Rose combo really is]. That said, the Bulls still feel like they're one wing player short.

Jimmy Butler is playing a ton of minutes which could be lessened some to keep him healthier and better rested come playoff time, and Chicago continuously shifts the closing lineup to try and find the right balance on the wing or find the hot player.


Nikola Mirotic - Bulls fans will cringe at the idea of trading Nikola Mirotic, and Chicago probably won't do it. The problem is there are no targets good enough to be worth throwing Mirotic into the equation whom will likely be available.

He'd be the piece if the Bulls could bring back a star player, but none of the star wing players right now are remotely available.

Taj Gibson/Joakim Noah - The Bulls could afford to trade on of the two as long as everyone stays healthy. However, that's a big risk to take with Chicago's current front court. An trade would likely need to be a three way as well since the team giving up a veteran wing we need probably doesn't want a veteran big and is more looking for youth.

Also, much like with Mirotic, I'm not sure the caliber of wing player on the market matches the value of these players which makes trading them a bad idea most likely.

Mike Dunleavy - His main value is of an expiring contract. The type of team willing to give us the wing we need probably has no need for Mike Dunleavy the player, because they're likely rebuilding. That said, Dunleavy could provide some good veteran mentorship for half a season as well. He doesn't add much to the equation though.

Doug McDermott - The Bulls traded two first rounders to move up for McDermott, but he's now out for awhile with knee surgery and likely won't have enough time to help them with this playoff run. There's a fair chance Chicago will have two 1st round picks next year (Kings and the better of their own and Cleveland's), and seems unlikely Chicago has room for all that youth.

In short, moving McDermott for a veteran combined with Dunleavy's salary seems like a trade that would interest a lot of teams who'd be willing to roll the dice on a younger talent and rookie salary.

Tony Snell - I doubt he has any value round the league, and might even have negative value since he's guaranteed for next season. He's mostly contract filler at this point, but some team might be interested.

Picks - As noted, the Bulls likely have two picks next season, and they don't need two picks + McDermott + Mirotic as young players on the team while trying to win a title. If they keep McDermott then they might consider trading one or both picks for the right player.

The Targets

Kevin Martin - I've discussed him several times on the blog before. It's believed Minnesota would be open to moving him as they tried to put him in the Kevin Love trade. He's presently out with a wrist injury, but is due back in a week or two.

The good:
Martin provides great shooting, can draw fouls, and score off the dribble. He would give the Bulls an absolutely elite offensive wing group. Rose + Martin + Butler is a metric ton of scoring power. The fact that he's a great shooter means the Bulls wouldn't lose the threat Dunleavy provides on offense.

The bad:
Martin doesn't bring a whole lot of defense, and the Bulls might not need what he does bring so much anymore. Chicago isn't desperate for scoring right now and may not have enough shots to really accommodate Rose, Martin, and Butler in the backcourt.

Potential deal:
Dunleavy + Snell for Martin means Chicago gives up very little to try it out.

Arron Afflalo- The Nuggets aren't going anywhere, and there's a good chance Afflalo opts out after the season is over. As such, they'd be wise to get something for him if they can.

The good:
Afflalo is generally regarded as a good shooter/defender. He's the 3D guy that team look for. He'd give us some dribble creation, upgrade our athleticism, and is a solid professional that would fit in with our culture.

The bad:
Afflalo hasn't shot the ball well this season, nor did he two seasons ago. He was good last season, but two out of three poor seasons might be cause for concern. He'll also likely opt out on the Bulls this year, so the question is how much you pay for a rental?

Potential deal:
Mike Dunleavy + Doug McDermott is probably the only deal that really works under the cap. The Nuggets don't have enough waivable players to do a 3 for one with Snell and a minimum salary guy. Would the Bulls give up McDermott for a rental?

wilson Chandler- He has two years left on his deal and is a player that Denver may or may not be willing to unload. He's probably not a long term fit for them, but he's on a fair enough contract and is a quality player with a season left, so they don't have a strong need to cut bait.

The good:
Chandler would give the Bulls another athletic wing defender, and he's a decent enough shooter [though not great]. He wouldn't require a whole bunch of shots, but would be a threat on offense and improve the defense quite a bit.

The bad:
Moving an elite shooter for a non elite shooter might screw up the floor spacing for Chicago and also leave them with quite a bit less shooting overall.

Potential deal:
Dunleavy + Snell + picks or Dunleavy + McDermott might both be tempting for the Nuggets.

Jeff Green - The Boston Celtics may be willing to shift virtually any veteran talent around after moving Rajon Rondo and entering a clear rebuilding phase. Green's got one year left on his deal and is in his prime, but may not be a guy they'd want to resign post 30 when the deal is over.

The good:
Green's a solid defender who can do a bit of everything on offense. He also helps the Bulls considerably with their perimeter athleticism compared to Hinrich/Dunleavy/McDermott.

The bad:
Chicago loses a bunch of shooting moving from Dunleavy to Green and the overall court spacing might get considerably tighter. He's been a good volume offense player for the Celtics, but the Bulls don't need that really and don't have lots of shots for him.

Potential deal:
Green's salary means the Bulls need to include Gibson [not worth it to me] or do Dunleavy + McDermott + Snell. Boston would need to waive two players to make the final deal work but would likely be able to figure out a way to do it.

Nick Young- Young isn't really getting the playing time in L.A. that you might expect he would after signing a four year deal. He seems to be the next generation J.R. Smith, quality three point shooter, enough athleticism to drive [but doesn't], and general all around idiot.

The good:
Swaggy P can shoot, create off the dribble, and would upgrade the Bulls athleticism. He's more or less a pure off the ball player similar to Dunleavy and could play the same role for the Bulls while providing more firepower.

The bad:
He's signed for three season after this one, and if the Lakers were already willing to trade him that's a sign Chicago probably doesn't want to deal with him for three additional years. His defense, decision making, and attitude are all suspect.

Potential deal:
Dunleavy + Snell or just Dunleavy for Nick Young - The inclusion of Snell is optional and based more on whether the Bulls want to unload his guaranteed salary in 2015/16. The deal only goes down if L.A. already feels they've made a mistake with Young which should be a concern for the Bulls grabbing him as well.

All in all, I'd rather get Martin whom I feel provides similar things with better foul drawing ability, more professionalism, and one less year on his deal even if his overall salary is higher.

Lance Stephenson- Lance was a guy many wished the Bulls chased this off-season. He'd provide a terrorizing defensive element to the Bulls team and is a bull in the china shop when driving through the lane. He's struggled mightily this season [as have the Bobcats] which might make him available.

The good:
Lance compares to Jimmy Butler in many of his strengths. He can drive, draw fouls, is physically tough, and plays great defense. His contract only has one more guaranteed season on it as well.

The bad:
His attitude issues are well known and caused the Pacers to blanch at signing him to a big money deal [though the still offered him a five year 45 million dollar deal]. He's struggled badly this year and was reportedly not in great shape either. Beyond attitude, you'd wonder if his lack of three point shooting shrinks the court too much.

Potential deal: Dunleavy + McDermott + Snell are all needed to match salary. Lance is a guy I'd probably pass on. The attitude issues are a bit too overwhelming to overcome given that he's also playing badly right now. You'd have to hope for a reversal in attitude and play, and even then his fit is dicey. He'd make the Bulls defense absolutely ferocious, but I'm not sure that's enough.

Odds of the Bulls making a trade?

My favorite trade is the Arron Afflalo possibility. It addresses several needs for Chicago if the Bulls can lean on his historical success from beyond the arc and ignore the couple of recent seasons where he was subpar. If he shoots close to 40% from there it's a steal for the Bulls and probably helps the Nuggets too.

If Chicago was interested in acquiring Kevin Martin then they probably would have already done so this summer.

The Jeff Green deal is one I could see Chicago considering, but I think it's marginal for Chicago at best given how much shooting they lose in it. The same can more or less be said of Wilson Chanlder. In either case, the Celtics/Nuggets might rather just hang on to their guys.

The risks of Swaggy P and Stephenson seem to outweigh the benefits in my opinion, and the Bulls pride themselves on character guys so it seems unlikely they'd go out on a limb with those knuckleheads.

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  • Nice article. What would you think of Afflalo or Chandler? Nugs are going nowhere.

  • In reply to piggy7:

    Added sections about both, can't believe I forgot them. I was racking my brain this morning trying to figure out who I forgot because I knew there was a big name out there I hadn't remembered.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    speaking of guys that you forgot, what about Hangdog, you never mentioned him as part of any trade.

    At a minimum he is $2.9 million in matching cap space, actually depending on how that 150% plus $100,000 rule works he could be nearly $4.5 million in matching cap space.

    I assume that you think that the Bulls would never consider trading the prodigal son, or maybe that no one else in the league would be dumb enough to want the remaining year on his contract.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I agree with both.

    I don't believe the Bulls would trade him or that anyone would want him.

  • In reply to piggy7:

    Jeff Green is the one player that would put the Bulls over the top. The Bull are missing that one good wing player that you need to run the floor for you and can guard other small forwards. Plus he's averaging like 18pg Dunleavy is only giving you 7pg Jeff Green is the way to go

  • Actually I think you're completely wrong about the martin thing. Martin is efficient, but he doesn't have an always wet/hot jumper like kyle korver. He isn't a high efficiency shooter. He seems to be a guy who needs a certain number of touches in order to be effective.

    With Rose, Pau, Mirotic, Butler, taj, and even Brooks on the roster, we don't need another offensive player like Kevin Martin. If we need a wing, we need a guy like Trevor Ariza. Just someone who doesn't need a lot of touches. Who can stand in the corner/wing and hit 3s.

    There just aren't enough Basketballs on the court.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    Martin's an incredibly high efficiency shooter. Though I agree about the touches with him. I'm not sure you have enough to go around unless you bring him of the bench to get most of his offense there, but then what have you solved?

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    What about Gerald Henderson as a lesser version of Aflalo. He does not seem to be part of Charlotte's long term plan even though they just resigned him last year. He is struggling this season with reduced playing time due to the arrival of Stephenson.

    While not a great 3 point shooter, he averaged 14-15 ppg over the previous three seasons. He makes $6 million per, with a player option for next season, and at 27 is a couple of years younger than Martin or Aflalo and likely won't require a newer bigger deal when this one expires.

    Could be had for some combination of Snell, Hangdog or Dunleavy. Better defender than Dunleavy or Hangdog, probably doesn't require the ball in his hands a lot, but can put the ball on the floor and get to the rim, not a bad overall shooter, likely better with better teammates.

    Best contract, easiest get, least upgrade?

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I actually think you point out the most realistic trade that could be beneficial for the Bulls. If he is really not in Hornets long term plan, I agree this would be one trade that may actually happen and would be nice to see...

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Not sure I'd rather have Henderson than Dunleavy. I think you want Dunleavy's shooting if your upgrade is Henderson. Not because Dunleavy is better, but because the Bulls need to keep a shooter in the lineup.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I agree he's incredibly highly efficient, but I'm not sure if he can maintain that efficiency without touches.

    It'd be tolerable to bring him off the bench, but I'm actually more interested in 3 and D guys just because they can add a lot of other things without needing the ball. Also, they'd be able to add spacing/3pt shooting.

  • fb_avatar

    then we need Iggy

  • In reply to knecht:

    Hard for me to imagine the scenario where Golden State is absolutely rolling, but they decide to trade Iggy for something that doesn't help them a ton. Same with Harrison Barnes whom I considered including but didn't.

    Also think Iggy doesn't give you enough floor spacing, I think whomever you get back probably needs to shoot.

  • In terms of assets, Taj is the most move-able piece, if needed to bring back an Afflalo or Iggy or someone better than Martin. Depth is very nice but you need to plan on your 8-man playoff rotation, and you generally risk that your key players will be healthy come playoff time. You never saw the Heat investing heavily in Wade's backup even though Wade was injury-prone, instead they do everything they can to make sure Wade is healthy for the playoffs and roll the dice on that.

    That leads to not really needing four, starting-caliber big men. If you trade one (Taj is the most likely), you'll still need a big man who can give you 10-15 quality minutes or possibly more in case of injury, something the Bulls don't have right now. But you can find guys like that. Bulls had Greg Smith for a while last year, who can do it when healthy, or maybe Nazr three years ago, even a Drew Gooden could give you 10-15 quality minutes against other team's scrubs if needed. Laugh at Gooden, slowest player ever, if you want but point is, there are guys on other rosters who can fill that role who can probably be had for low cost. If you can upgrade your 8-man playoff rotation by trading the ninth guy, you do it.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I agree with you in theory, but I don't think those guys provide enough of an upgrade. I also don't think there are a bunch of guys they could get to fill in that 10-15 minutes, if there were, I'd think they'd have already grabbed one.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    You mean like they could have done with Ed Davis for the vets minimum this past off season.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Why does Ed Davis come here into a jammed front court rotation when he could go to LA and get a ton more minutes? He's a guy who needs playing time to stay in the league.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Maybe he figures if he hooks on with a winner it would upgrade his profile. I don't know what happened with him in Memphis, maybe your right and there were just too many guys ahead of him. But Davis is exactly the kind of guy that you need on the roster in order to be able to trade Taj.

  • Doug after all the comparisons it seems like the best thing to do is leave things as is. Let this team jell, they haven't really played together all year. We really have all the parts we need right now. We can big or small. We have several players who can play two or more positions. Besides, I think it would be great for the players if they knew who they're going to war with right now.

  • In reply to yesanditcounts:


    It seems to me the subtraction of what Dunleavy brings isn't being fully recognized. He's the only pure outside shooter. To me, we need Dunleavy and someone else. There's only 14 on the roster, so there's room for one more.

    Can't we find an athletic wing capable of doing little more than guarding LeBron for 8-10 mins a night in the D-League, Europe, Waivers, etc?

  • Jeff Green is averaging 18.9 ppg on slightly more minutes than Dunleavy who is averaging 7+ ppg. I think he is way under that lately, as BigWay has posted. I do not see how the Bulls lose shooting with Green replacing Dunleavy.

    Dunleavy will be a decent backup if the Bulls get Green for Taj and a piece. SF upgraded at both starter and backup. I agree with Roman, the Bulls ought to be able to pick up a halfway decent 4th big somewhere. BTW, Green's salary is just over $9 million, about $1 million more than Taj's.

    Afflalo is averaging 14.2 ppg this season, so Green has higher production. I understand that both are OK on D, but I do not know who is better. Both are signed for an extra year, but Afflalo can (and likely will) opt out this summer.

    Either one of these guys is a needed upgrade!

  • In reply to rustyw:

    If the FO wants to keep Taj for the season, then Afflalo seems to be the best choice, but NOT for McDermott.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Actually, given Casper's performance this season it is hard to argue that you are losing shooting at all. You might be losing the threat of shooting, if other teams are defending Dunleavy as they do a legitimate 3 point threat. I don't know, are they. I think that there are now even stats available for that from the new enhanced video analysis.

    However, if you take away that one 21 point quarter, how much shooting has he really given us this season. I'm a bit surprised that he is averaging 4.3 3 point attempts per game, making 1.7, in almost 30 minutes per game.

    Again, over the last 5 games(all victories despite his not best efforts) he has put up a total of 17 points, 13 rebounds and 5or6 assists, like I said even Snell could give you that if he started and he's not even awake when he plays.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I think the spacing he provides is meaningful, and his on/off splits have generally backed that up both of the past two seasons [they are ridiculously good with him on the floor].

    When you don't have a lot of shots left, the guy who provides the biggest threat without the ball becomes more valuable than another player who provides a threat with it.

  • I cannot see the Bulls trading away McDermott. After trading away two first rounders to move up and take him, there is no way they trade him away for a half-season rental. Buying high and selling low is not a recipe for sustained success.

    The only deals I would be interested in if I were the Bulls brass would be centered around a package of Dunleavy, Snell, and pick(s) for either Kevin Martin or Gerald Green. It honestly may be best to just leave the team the way it is currently constructed assuming no injuries or superstar players available on the trade market.

  • In reply to Motoman:

    Didn't it ultimately cost the Bulls 3 second round picks in addition to the 2 first rounders to get McPillsbury.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Yes it did!

  • Do the Bulls do a deal, just to do a deal? Or do they do a deal ONLY if the right player is available?

    Most of these scenarios seem like doing a deal just to do a deal. Yes, we know Bulls are weak at SF, but none of the guys listed seems like the answer, imo.

    With Butler, Gasol, Rose, Noah in the starting lineup, a replacement SF needs to be of similar caliber to make an impact/improvement. And I just don't see that from this list of potential candidates.

  • In reply to Edward:

    If they move Taj, it absolutely has to be the right player, if all they give up is Snell, Dunleavy or Hangdog, than just making a deal might be addition by subtraction.

    What about going after Tyreke Evans, would he be worth giving up Taj(hypothetically since the Pells don't have a need at PF)

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Not a big fan of Evans, and I don't think he provides anything the Bulls really need either.

  • The two obvious questions that come to mind in a Bulls trade: 1) How best to enhance the roster at it's weakest point? 2) Who is(are) the best player(s)available for said position/need? The weakest points IMO are Klank and Dunleavyalone(no bias of course with the mocking nicknames) aka guard/wing.

    So a guard/wing three point shooter with no serious drawbacks which negate their positives. Trevor Ariza as a good rebounder for his position, proven clutch playoff three point shooter, and size and defensive acumen at the wing would have been a great get. He's with a contender (pretender) in Houston so he's not available.

    Aaron Afflallo is a good character guy by all accounts dating back to UCLA. While his limited playoff three point shooting has been poor, that is a small sample set most of which occurred before things really got rolling for him in his career. His two point percentages in significant volume were terrific. Basically he moves more of Jimmy's minutes to SF, and Dunleavy is removed from the equation or remains as an instant offense three point bomber in certain points along the playoff path.

    Jeff Green myself I would pass on simply for the fact that his three point shooting for his career in only one season did he give you volume shooting at a good percentage. We need a guy who can shoot threes as Derrick and Jimmy neither are volume three guys.

    Kevin Martin in both of his playoff appearances he played six games or more, and either his volume three or two point shooting in both appearances really hurt his team. I've never thought a flopper and kind of junk offensive game guy would translate well in the playoffs. Efficiency true enough, but his unorthodox, floppy package I just don't have a good feeling about the guy. And that is partly based on his presence I'm just not crazy about the guy as a team builder. That said, if the Bulls replaced in effect Dunleavy for Martin I would be excited about the obvious upgrade though Martin like Leavyalone is about to turn thirtysomething as in 32.

    Thaddeus Young can not shoot threes. Not interested unless he's a steal.

    One team that has a glut of wings(and young draft picks in general) is Utah. Alec Burks is a question mark turning into an answer this season as a three point shooter. Only 2.5 attempts per game at .380, but validating free throw percentage which has jumped to .822. Also inconsistent mid range game, but shot .480 last year on nearly nine attempts per game. He definitely has the handle to slash and certainly can hurt you in transition. Kind of a long shot Bulls would take notice of him or that Utah would move him, but still..

    Nick Young can shoot volume threes at a good percentage .382 for his career and 45% this year on over five attempts per game. Problem is he does little else for you and is a known black hole and kind of a lunkhead. Still in only 25 minutes he has that kind of bomber potency. Maybe if Thibs can get him at least passable fundamentally you pick him up.

    Overall: I like Afflallo, but would settle for Martin, Young, or Burks. Though I have my doubts the Bulls will tamper with this team. IMO we definitely need another three point shooter to succeed in a playoff run to the Finals. A guy who isn't an overall negative as in Klank and to a lesser extent Dunleavy.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I guess the real question is do you part with Taj if it comes to that? He's starting to board better again and look like a beast both mid range and down low. Of course Niko is coming along nicely. We may need his(Taj) services, but we also without doubt IMO need another three point weapon. What to do Gar/Pax?

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Ariza just had the contract year syndrome last season, that and a PG named John Wall. Ariza is shooting 17% from 10-16ft and 27% from 16-3pt. That makes "Klank" look like Steph Curry. He's had a 10% drop in FG% since last year and is attempting 8 3PA on 33%. Just like Lance, it looks like we dodged a bullet in the offseason.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to RoadWarrior:

    signing ray allen fixes your worries ... after all-star break he will sign somewhere ....

  • With the Bulls drop in defense this year, I would not even consider trading Noah, even with his slow start and injury concerns.

    If you are going to trade for a wing you definitely do not want to lose shooting with both Butler/Rose relying so much on drives and cuts. I think a Rose/Butler/Green lineup would struggle at times.

    Afflalo would fit best as he plays within the team. He has such a low usage rate, one of the most impressive things about Jimmy. Kevin Martin would also be a good fit but he doesn't upgrade both the defense and offense like Afflalo.

  • In reply to Jamie W:

    If you are not trading Taj then whoever you get is replacing wing minutes that now go to the invisible man(Dunleavy) and the walking, sulking, moping fuckup(Hangdog) so it would be hard for that guy to make things worse than they are now.

    If you can get an actual NBA player for some combination of Snell, Hangdog or Dunleavy it is a no brainer to make the move, unless of course, hangdog really does have the videotape.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I would trade Taj as long as we got a decent bench big that could give you 12 decent minutes of the bench. The only way to balance a Hinrich trade would be to add a draft pick, otherwise I don't see him leaving anytime soon. I don't think any teams would see benefit in Snell, he doesn't seem like much of a locker room guy.

  • I don't see the Bulls making any moves at the trade deadline. It would make more sense to just stand pat and see how things play out this season. I think the team as currently constructed has more than enough to get the job done or at least make it to the finals. It would serve them better to wait for the off-season when they have those picks and can put together a decent package when better options are available. One thing is clear, they're going to have to move one of those forwards. It's just not enough playing time to go around and Taj and Mirotic are both too good to rot on the bench. The likely candidate seems to be Taj but you never know, if they win the championship this year that could change everything. Guys might not mind taking less minutes for a chance to win.

    Having said all that I think the best thing to do would be to package McDermott and picks for a legitimate wing and future picks. It just looks bad because they gave up 2 picks to get him and pride of the organization could be in play.

  • You covered all possible trade options. But thw Bullies are not trading McDermott and certainly not Mirotic for any of the guys you mention. Dunleavy I mean what can he really get for the Bulls? I can see the Bulls trading if possible a 1st rounder if they can get a big time wing scorer.

  • By the way, the Bulls now rank third in rebound differential at plus 3.2 per game. Kind of hard to believe given how bad we were to start the season. Still think that we are giving up too many offensive boards, but maybe that will get better as well.

    I have noticed that one of the reasons that Mirotic is so good of a defensive rebounder is that he is the one guy on the team that really works at boxing out his opponents, just like we were all taught to do, but most NBA players don't bother to anymore.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Good point about Mirotic boxing out. I have noticed this too.

  • What about gerald green he seems like a good player for the bulls hes athletic and can shoot the three

  • In reply to Bulls7:

    Green's a good target as well if he's available. If we could get him for the Kings pick and our pick and matching salaries it'd be a nice get.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Would you rather get Gerald Green for both pics and pieces? I think I would prefer Afflalo for the Bulls' 1st rounder and pieces. What do they save in salary with Green over Afflalo, about $1.5 million? For that $1.5 million they keep the Kings pick! Seems like a no-brainer.

    Either way the team keeps Taj and the SG position is upgraded, which gives at least a slightly better chance at the title. Dunleavy can come off the bench in select spots.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Since no one wants to trade Taj for Green, I was thinking along the same lines.

    Hangdog, Dunleavy, Snell(or no Snell) and both #1's. Don't the Celtics have to take that, they are in piling up first round draft picks mode. Maybe we don't have to give up both picks, I think just the Sacto pick(11-14) should be enough.

    We get to keep Taj and add Green as our starting SF, end up with a nice solid 8 man rotation, with Moore and McPillsbury(when he gets back) as our 9th and 10th men. That would be a heck of a top 8.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Ooops, I was thinking about Jeff Green, not Gerald. Isn't Jeff the better get. I guess that the answer might depend on where you'd rather have Butler start SF(Gerald) or SG(Jeff)

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Unfortunately Hinrich has the right to veto any trade he's in, and he has a trade kicker. I'm guessing he's not going to okay a trade to the Celtics, and Dunleavy + Snell isn't enough salary to match Jeff Green.

  • Someone commented on Ariza and his lousy numbers this year, and it's a moot point as he's not available, but two of the last three post seasons his numbers including three point shooting have been excellent. I'd love to have him on the Bulls come playoff time if he were available(but he's not).

  • Only players I see the Bulls possibly trading are Klank, Dunleavy and Snell. If they could even gain a slight upgrade for any of theses three they should pull the trigger.

  • "That said, the Bulls still feel like they're one wing player short."

    Can you source this assertion?

  • In reply to Granzo:

    no, that was a silly remark. The Bulls are happy with what they have, just the fans who want a perfect team

  • In reply to Granzo:

    Sloppy writing on my part, I meant "this team" feels like its one wing player short. Not management feels that their team is one wing player short.

    I don't know managements view on the topic.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Thanks. I wish it were that easy for people who write about climate change, the war machine, banking deregulation and tax law to admit to sloppy writing. Messier subjects, higher stakes. To be continued!

  • Why the Fuck was Gasol on the floor with .5 of a second left in the game(nevermind 3 bigs), when the defense is supposed to switch everything and all he did was stand in one place like his feet were made of concrete or set in it. I thought that Thibs was a genius, hasn't he noticed that Gasol moves about as fast as an antarctic glacier in the deep of winter. Nevermind that Rose and Noah blew the switch that allowed Watson to get open by about 20 feet, actually Rose blew it(Noah switched Rose didn't and Gasol stood there and watched them), but what should we expect from Mr too cool for school. I just can't wait for how good he is going to be playing in a couple of months, because it has to be better than what he's doing right now.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    didn't Noah blow the switch? Rose went to Noah's guy and Noah did not cover Rose's guy????

  • In reply to Keep:

    no, you were right, looked like Rose did not switch

  • In reply to Keep:

    It was a very messed up play, even on the replay it is hard to figure out who really messed up, it could have been a combination of all three guys. Wonder if it gets addressed in the press today.

  • The person tht wrote this article should get slappedin the face! ASAP......

  • Afflalo is the only player worth trading for. And I still don't think you make the trade. Dunleavy is pretty much perfect offensively for the bulls. This season he is shooting 40% from three which is good for 9th amongst qualified SF this season. Defensively the bulls have Thibs, the best defensive coach the league has ever seen. Oh yeah and two seven foot towers and the best perimeter defender in the league. If the bulls don't win the ray allen sweepstake then you think about Afflalo. And if Afflalo is available for draft picks and guys at the end of the bench then make a trade. I would give up a first rounder nazr, baistown, etwaan moore, old socks, and tony stell for afflalo. Maybe you throw in a championship signed ball once the bulls win the title to sweeten the deal.

  • In reply to bullinthesouth:

    I disagree about trading away a 1st round pick for a 3-month rental of an unrestricted-free-agent (UFA) such as Afflalo.

    It's just a bad risk with an UFA. You'll have nothing at season's end.

  • 8 best guys is a myth. San Antonio had 9 guys play at least 15 min per game in all 23 of there playoff games last year. Bonner played 6.2 min/game in 22 of there playoff games as well.

  • fb_avatar

    They need to lock up Noah not trade him. He's the best center in the league. You don't trade him unless You can get Kevin Garnett 10 years ago. Or someone that will make an immediate impact. Don't trade butler either. You never know if rose will get hurt again.

  • In reply to Rizzo44:

    Noah is a free agent in the summer of 2016, I actually doubt that he will be worth resigning by then, only a season and a half from now.

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    I would say that there is a 90 percent chance that the Bulls do NOT make a major trade for any of these players. The biggest move will be a bench player with very little going back the other way.

  • fb_avatar

    the Celtics have traded rondo the are obviously rebuilding, but I think your looking at the wrong player. What about Avery Bradley they drafted young and smart so the obviously have his replacements in mind. Another option in my opinion would be Gerald green shooting 39 percent from the 3 pt land and better on catch and shoot and he is extremely athletic and with thr right coaching I believe he can become a very good defender but hes not a terrible defender as it is. he will be a free agent at the end of the year and I don't believe his salary is very high right around 4 mil. Possibly Dunleavy snell and the sacramento top ten protected and I think the subs would bite on that they have a ton of guards and small forwards and are obviously looking to unload some of there guys like green and possible dragic. he is my favorite option if it is a possibility the only negative I see is his bad rap for his attitude but I think with that veteran team one good ass chewing from noah and hes fine! your thoughts

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