Bulls Beat #346 - Circus complete

Bulls Beat #346 - Circus complete

The Bulls finish the circus trip 4-3 as Derrick Rose finishes two games in a row for the first time this season.

Bulls Beat #346 - Circus complete

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  • The 10 of 16 games will be statement games for Jimmy going up against the top guards. In the next 2 weeks he's going up against Monta Ellis, Klay Thompson, Joe Johnson, Wes Mathews and Wade. By the end of December we will know if Jimmy's play has been a fluke or if he really is possibly top 5 in the NBA. I'm actually more excited now to see Butler play than I am Rose. Rose has not had a dominant game in more than 2 years. He definitely looked like 2013 Rose tonight, with the amount of 3's something is still bothering him.

  • In reply to Jamie W:

    Rose has had a couple of dominant games this season, but that is not enough to get to the Finals. The team will need him healthy plus all or at least most of the other key players too.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I must have missed those games, he has yet to shoot over 50% in a game.

  • I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that Rose has been pretty darn bad(a turnover machine) since coming back, and hasn't been able to guard anyone. His shooting has been decent, even though he is jacking up a ton of 3's.

    I had the same question about Westbrook vs Rose when I posted his 32/8/7 line in his first game back in only 24 minutes. How come we never get that.

    Mirotic is getting better and better with each game. He looks like a legitimate NBA player as opposed to the spastic pansy that McPillsbury has been. His rebounding has been particularly surprising. He is actually rebounding in traffic, fighting off guys with one arm while grabbing the board with the other. He has blown away Taj Gibson in terms of rebounding. He is probably already a better offensive player simply because he isn't a black hole, in fact he may already be the best passer on the Bulls, he certainly appears to have the best court vision of any Bulls player.

    Also glad to see that everybody is finally come around to the realization that Taj has been dogging it on the boards and defensively ever since he decided that he was a go to star on offense. I've been harping on this for over a year now.

    McDermott looks to be in a death spiral, he looks totally out of his element, like a little kid trying to play with the big boys. I would almost like to see what would happen if Dunleavy had a minor injury that kept him out for a few weeks so that Thibs could try inserting McPansy into the starting lineup. However, he probably wouldn't last 5 minutes since the other team would simply go at him on every single offensive possession.

    Other than a miracle happening and McPansy suddenly developing into a legitimate NBA athlete, I don't see a solution coming anytime soon. This is my problem with NBA talent evaluators, can't they see when a guy simply isn't an NBA level athlete, before they draft him.

    Again, my top 3 picks if we traded up were Dario Saric, Elfrid Payton, and Zack LaVine. LaVine and Payton are both superior athletes who can't shoot right now, LaVine is otherworldly. Saric is probably on Mirotics level as an athlete, maybe even a little better. Right now McPansy is worse than our worst fears about him were before we drafted him. Frankly, it sad to see him struggle so badly.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    A few thoughts on Westbrook’s return vs. Rose’s return:

    1. At this point in time, Westbrook is clearly the better player. We’re just going to have to live with that fact.

    2. Westbrook hasn’t been out for over two years or had surgeries on both knees. It shouldn’t take him nearly as long to return to top form. Rose likely needs half the season.

    3. Have you seen the Thunder play without Westbrook and Durant? They NEED Westbrook to score 30+. Have you seen the Bulls play without Rose? They don’t need him to score 30+ in fact, it would probably be detrimental to the way they now play offense, which is far better than the “PG is the only real scorer” model that Bulls used to have, and the Thunder has now.

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