Bulls Beat #344 - Rotations

Bulls Beat #344 - Rotations

I discuss Derrick Rose's injuries, the Bulls rotations and the last couple of games.

Bulls Beat #344 - Rotations

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  • Klank shoots 25% on volume threes with 4 attempts and two rebounds in 31 minutes. Joakim with 4 rebounds and 7 points in 32 minutes. Gasol's shooting implosion .267 on 15 attempts. Overall rebounded by 10. Not good.

    Jo is averaging 8 ppg on the lowest field goal percentage of his career. Of course his minutes are down(5 per game) but still not off to a great start by any means. We'll see how his knees hold up in the weeks and months ahead.

    When Derrick is out available minutes for Aaron Brooks with great offensive numbers is down to 19 minutes per game. Kirk with his horrid offensive numbers is holding steady at 28 minutes per game. Thank goodness his stellar defense makes that a wise choice(ha, ha).

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Noah has become virtually useless(as tits on a whore) on offense. I am sure that he isn't the same physically due to the knee surgery, and it looks like he might never be. However, I think playing power forward has really killed his offensive game such as it was. If I were Noah in this offense, I would be crashing the glass like a madman(or Dennis Rodman) on every possession, it is the only way he can give us a positive impact on offense while playing with Gasol.

    Playing with Gasol has also diminished Noah's defensive and rebounding game, especially with he reduced athleticism due to his surgery. As I said before I am surprised that Noah wasn't the bulls #1 recruiter of Gasol, he had to know it would negatively impact his game, as in bye bye all star, DPOY, and all NBA first or any team.

  • The lost to the Pacers yesterday shows how important Rose is for this team. The offense just doesn't flow and nobody gets into any good rhythm, since Rose requires so much attention from other team's defense that the game becomes easier for other Bulls players. So, as I keep saying, the Bulls will go as far as Rose can take them. A sad but truth statement.

  • Well it didn't take long for Gasol to silence the prisoner of the moment crowd. Anyone think that we might have won this game with Melo helping Jimmy out instead of Gasol looking old, slow and apparently too short against the ultimate stiff Roy Hibbert.

    Unfortunately without Rose the Bulls don't really look any better than last season. However, even not having Rose is a good excuse going up against a team missing 4 of their 5 starters.

    Can we still blame boozer for letting a guy(Scola) whose shoes never lose contact with the floor kill us for 21 & 11(on 10 of 12 shooting). Didn't the Bulls give Noah the scouting report on Scola, he has made a career out of hitting those wide open mid range shots despite not really doing much since coming to Indy. On top of that Scola physically neutralized Noah on the boards. Then 2 other guys who were either in the D league or somewhere even worse(Price & Hill) burned us for 21 points each.

    There is simply no explanation or excuse for another pathetic effort like this. Hard to even enjoy another good/great night by Jimmy Butler when everyone else was simply pathetic. Does anyone know if Taj Gibson was officially excused from the game, or did he just DNPPD(players decision) again. Taj needs to stop talking and start playing.

    Despite their 5-0 road record the Bulls are going to get their asses handed to them on the upcoming west coast trip if they don't bring a whole different level of effort. Maybe somebody will then find Taj Gibsons head.

    Your right Doug, today is a tough day to do a podcast. Its hard to find anything to be positive about after a performance like last night while heading into the dreaded circus trip. I just don't know what to make of this team.

  • The biggest diappointment for me this year has been the very uneven play of the M&M boys. Even more so than Rose's continuing injury problems and Noah's regression from last year's all-NBA level of play.

    I suspect most fans thought that M&M would be valuable contributors out of the gate. Doug M. was a four year player and the son of a coach. Skill-wise he often looked like a man among boys his last two years in college. Mirotic has been a pro for several years in Europe, and won several high-level awards. Yes, I know there is an adjustment period in the NBA. And perhaps Thibs usage of them is part of the problem. But I really expected more, especially from Mirotic. I suspect he will round into form eventually, but if he doesn't show much this season I can see fans really getting on his case because of high expectations after three years of waiting and the cap room he is eating up.

    Another disappointment is Snell (I won't even discuss Klank). I was pleasantly surprised at his Summer League performance and was hopeful he could be an effective rotation player. But, reality bites. Sure, he has improved somewhat but in the esteemed and memorable words of a poster whose name I can' remember, he "sucks and blows."

  • We all love Noah's hustle and competitiveness but that only goes so far in a league ruled by star talent. IMO, Noah is as much of a fake all-star as Luol Deng. How can a player who never learned to shoot a basketball be an all-star? It is the dearth of good centers (thank you long-term effect of 3-pt rule) combined with Dwight Howard moving to the Western Conference.

    As to his current poor play it is unclear which is hurting Noah more: his knee or playing out-of-position at PF. Despite the fact that Noah does it better than most centers could, centers are never comfortable playing defense out on the perimeter, they want to be back in the paint, all their instincts are to protect the paint and rebound. Centers will never be able to defend the perimeter over the long-term.

    In other words, it is a fault of coaching/management to expect the DPOY Center to guard a stretch forward. To expect Noah to perform well out-of-position is a recipe for failure, just like asking Taj Gibson and Mirotic to play without a center. When healthy, Noah can do it effectively in short spurts, but to ask him to do so for an entire season(s) is ludicrous.

    Remember that steal and breakaway dunk by Butler? That steal was created by Taj defending Scola on the perimeter which was the first time all evening Scola was defended on the perimeter, Scola was caught off-guard.

  • In reply to Edward:

    You are right about Taj causing the Butler steal, unfortunately it was the only play he made all night.

    I totally agree with you all of your take on Noah. I thought that Noah playing out of position was bad enough when he did it all of last season covering up for boozer and complained about it regularly. At least he played center when paired with Taj which included all of the 2nd and 4rth quarters. This season he is doing it almost full time and it was planned(by the acquisition of Gasol). and he is even less suited to do it because of his knee surgery.

    There is nothing that can be done about this problem and the resultant centerless combo of Mirotic and Gibson as I don't see any chance that the Bulls sit either Noah or Gasol, it isn't politically feasible.

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