Bulls Beat #343 - Improvements needed

Bulls Beat #343 - Improvements needed

The Chicago Bulls are 5-2, but they've played a weak schedule and have obvious flaws.

Bulls Beat #343 - Improvements needed

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  • I agree with Doug, as I'm sure judging from comments many other posters do, that Kirk Hinrich should not be seeing any significant minutes on the court. Last night Klank bricked to the tune of 0-7 with 1 rebound in 28 minutes occupying time on the court.

    You know, when you think about it, teams with championships even if they are ranked league wise as bottom tier in rebounding, nonetheless their ranking of opponents rebounds when playing them is usually very high. And the disparity between their rebounds and opponents rebounds is either to the good or if negative usually no more then 1 to 1.5.

    Right now, granted it's very early, but the Bulls rebounding disparity is nearly 4 rebounds to the negative between the rebounds they board every night and what their opponents get against them. That is death as far as winning consistently against good teams let alone championships.

    So now you connect that fact(fine if you disagree with my view of the stats/data on rebounding) or point then, but championship and excellent teams in general, teams like the 1991 Bulls who rank middle of the pack in team rebounds, they have such high efficiency that they just don't have as much to rebound in the first place. Once again though like both recent Miami champions they ranked No.1 in opponents rebounds against them limiting them to 39 per game with a positive disparity of around 2.

    So here comes one Klank Chokebrick. Notice I have no bias towards Kirk(hah!). But when you take into account that the guy is averaging in nearly 30 minutes of court time a measly 1.7 rebounds per game or slightly more then a dead man. On top of this his two point field goal percentage, which personally I think is extremely important when there's volume in that area(he attempts/bricks nearly 5 per game), Klanks 2pt shooting percentage.. wait for it.. .333 again on a significant nearly five attempts per game.

    So, on the one hand you have a guy who is an abyss of rebounding for almost 30 minutes of court time nightly, and on the other hand you have a guy with his awful efficiency is amping up opponents rebounding opportunities in a major way by being such a klank artist. In other words Kirk Hinrich brings you the worst of both worlds.

    If Kirk does not improve significantly these numbers, then he is winning poison. And if Tom Thibodeau doesn't see this, and find a way to get Aaron Brooks, Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, hell Doug McDermott somebody other then Klank on the floor then he's despite being an defensive savant, but offensively and overall team scope of winning the man is being an idiot.

    Other then that though, I do think Kirk is an all around good person whose smart enough, good enough, and gosh darn it, people like him.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Actually the most recent Miami championship team was No. 5 in opponents rebounds against not 1. Still, they limited them to barely 40 rebounds per game which obviously is darn good.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Being forced to Watch Hangdog essentially sucks any and all enjoyment out of watching the Bulls at all. Nevermind watching a guy like Tony Wroten who I wanted as Hangdogs permanent long term replacement for over 2 years now absolutely destroy him.

    As Doug likes to say, Hangdog makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    You're right, rebounding is not everything to a championship team if you excel in other areas. So far this is the worst rebounding Bulls team going back as far as the records allow, the 1973 season. The energy/effort at this point in the season looks more alarming. What will they be like going into the playoffs.

    Regarding the Heat/Mavs finals, it was no fluke Lebron choked.

  • Not sure where you are getting your stats from, your dreams or boozers. He did not average 19 plus points or 10 plus rebounds even in 2010 as you stated. He averaged 17.5 & 9.6. Most of that damage was done in the first 2 months when Noah went out with an injury. After that he went steadily down hill for the rest of that season as well as the following 3 years.

    Gasol definitely has issues that affect the entire team, especially Noah, but there is simply no need to exaggerate anything that boozer gave us at any point in his Bulls career to make the point. Especially after a night in which Thibs substitution of Gasol for Noah in the last 2 minutes of the game cost us the opportunity to win the game, well that and Taj Gibson's continued refusal to ever box anybody(Olynick) out.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Other than that lots of good stuff in today's podcast, especially the Hangdog stuff. I just don't get why everybody changes their mind when he makes a couple of extra shots for a game or 2. He is simply and totally nauseating to watch, and has been during his entire second stint with the Bulls, and even at the end of his first stint. Hangdog is the poster child for what is wrong with the vision of the entire Bulls management structure from Reinsdorf to GarPax and Thibs himself. They fall in love with guys who simply do not have the physical talent to win in the playoffs, or even in the regular season without a superstar to carry them.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Boozer 2010 per 36 Gasol 2014 per 36

    19.8pts (51 FG%) 19.2pts (49.5%)
    10.8 reb 10.2 reb
    2.8ast 1.8ast

    Don't think Doug was exaggerating anything. Boozer was still overpaid and his defense sucked but still had a positive impact on the game his first Bulls season.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    May not have said it clearly enough on the show, I was attempting to compare stats per 36 minutes.

  • The Bulls is yet to have a full 5 starters playing, and have not had time to address their rebounding issues as there has not been practice time due to schedule. Championship teams do start slowly on defense and pick up later on close to the post season, so I am not too concerned about rebounding at this point. What I am really impressed is how the offense is playing and how easily anybody on the team can at any give day score big and put the team in a position to win.

    So, no need to panic as we still have over 70 games left. My goal would still ensure the team, including Rose is healthy coming March.

  • I'm sure many on this site have played BB in high school or college. If we play for any length of time most of us will sprain an ankle. In my experience, it takes 2-3 weeks to recover from an ankle sprain.

    So how can Rose be expected to return in just a few days? Especially when his entire game relies upon athleticism and explosion.

  • I think it depends on the severity of the ankle sprain obviously. I've sprained ankles that were good in a few days and also some that weren't good for a couple weeks.

    The real thing is Rose needs to be smart about when he comes back. I don't think missing 2 weeks with an ankle sprain is panic worthy, but it's definitely worse when you come back and reinjure because you weren't really healthy yet.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yes, that's what I was trying to say. Unless the sprain is very minor coming back in a few days is unusual. If there is swelling and discoloration, no way should Rose try to play again so quickly.

    More importantly, we saw it with our eyes that Rose was not himself when he returned. No way should Rose, trainers or FO allow Rose to play when he is so obviously not healthy. Last thing they should want is for Rose to play injured. Didn't they learn anything from 2012?

  • Why are there no good Bulls podcasts? By people who actually watch the games (which this person clearly does not) and have knowledge of the game (also lacking here).

    This podcast should be called BullsFantasyPodcast: insights from the box score and highlights.

  • In reply to xfib:

    Huh? Who are you talking about?

  • 1) Rebounding. Coaching needed here!

    Rodman was a great rebounder because he was so aggressive. You never saw him waiting for the ball, he went after it! This is basic.

    Sometimes guys are trying to tap the ball to someone else, which is usually a 50% chance, when they could simply leap and grab it themselves with two hands. This is either stupid or lazy.

    Box out. Don't these players already know this? If not, the coaches should run drills on it. Basic, basic, basic.

    It's a bit more advanced, but players could educate themselves about ball trajectory. Dr J knew where the ball was going before it ever came off the rim or backboard, then he moved to where it would be. It's like how the balls move around the pool table. It doesn't take a genius, but it does take some practice and then in-game concentration.

    2) What do all great athletes have in common? The ability to concentrate, to focus. I see that lacking, in rebounding, but also in taking care of the ball. Yeah, there will be turnovers because the D makes a great play. OK, we live with that. But passing the ball to a player in a crowd? Or dribbling into a crowd (Rose used to do this a lot.)? Or making a lazy pass? The player(s) doing this do not have their head in the moment.

    3) Noah should play where and how he did last year. If Gasol needs to start for psychological reasons, then so be it. Bring Noah and Mirotic off the bench after 6 minutes. Playing Noah and Gasol together seems to be devaluing Noah's talents.

    BTW, I was hoping the Bulls would try to get Afflalo from Denver. Well, between his games Wed and Friday, he scored 2 points in 53 minutes of court time! Hmm. Think I'll change my mind.

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