Derrick Rose "will win a championship soon" and other fun quotes

Derrick Rose "will win a championship soon" and other fun quotes

Derrick Rose threw down the gauntlet in 2010 when he said he wanted to be MVP then went out and did it. He's shied away from big proclamations since then, but this year said he'll win a championship soon.

Does making a bold proclamation make the result more likely? If you truly believe it, if you commit to it 100%, and if it's not something totally out of the realm of reason then yes, I think it does.

Jason Terry had a picture of the championship trophy tattooed on his arm the summer BEFORE Dallas won the title. The proclamation doesn't mean much, but the belief, commitment and work that go along with it when willing to make it do.

Rose isn't the type of guy who has historically just spouted off arrogant quotes. So while I don't think he's actually correct (sorry Bulls fans, sorry Derrick), I do think the fact that he said it is meaningful.

I think it means he really believes in his health. Whether his knees believe in it in seven to eight months we'll see. However, Derrick wouldn't have come out with something like this otherwise IMO. It actually says more about his confidence in his body to me than any quote he's made about his body, because those quotes he has almost not choice but to say "I feel great even if he doesn't".

It also shows a level of commitment that he's been making and is prepared to make. Again, if he was the type of player who said this stuff all the time without ever backing it up then it'd be easy to ignore, but he's not. It's something to feel really good about.

Other fun tweets

Sam Smith Tweet:

Rose on "new" Rose: “Everyone keeps asking that. I don’t know what more you all want (laughs). Just going to try and play my regular game’’

I do find this one funny because people ask Rose about what he's added to his game all the time and the man won an MVP, seriously what more do we want? I suppose you could always argue for more consistency on his shooting, but Derrick's game, when in form, is probably about as developed as it's going to get.

KC Johnson tweet:

Thibs said there may come time where Rose plays more than normal in preseason: "I want him to build some confidence built off playing well."

There's a part of me that thinks Rose should go hard in preseason to get his edge back, but then I realized that the Eastern Conference playoff race is a joke, and the Bulls seed is more or less irrelevant.

Rose doesn't need an edge on the opening day. He doesn't need an edge back on December 1st. What he does need is to be 100% healthy in May. Not a fan of this philosophy. I do think he should ramp his minutes up to 38 per game by the end of the season, but I don't think you need to try and force that ramp up as early as preseason.

Sam Smith tweets:

Thibs says Pau wants work: "He shared that with our team that he’s willing to make that commitment to work (big minutes)."

Thibs on Pau: "With Phil, they didn’t have very many days off. He played a lot of minutes and that’s what he is used to, 37 minutes a game."

Doesn't sound like Thibodeau is going to be into minute restrictions despite having three starting caliber big men on his team. Here's the deal, if they split up the minutes evenly amongst themselves, there are only 32 minutes per guy.

While I don't think the rotation needs to be exactly 32 minutes per guy, I think the Bulls should try to steer close to that to keep everyone ready and healthy for the playoffs.

K.C. Johnson tweet:

Yesterday, Thibodeau said you rarely see championship teams use 2 rookies in rotation. Today, he said that doesn't mean it can't happen.

I think the difference between Thibodeau and I on this topic (besides him making millions of dollars and me writing a blog, him having tons of professional coaching experience and me watching it on TV, and of course that he makes the decisions and I don't) is that all things being equal Thibodeau will sit his rookies.

If Doug McDermott plays as well as Mike Dunleavy to where it's a toss up then he'll play Dunleavy because he'll value the experience over the rookie mistakes even if other strengths McDermott has balance it out. Even if developing McDermott will help him more in the future.

I do expect McDermott to have a good sized role on the team largely because his competition isn't as stiff.

Sam Smith tweet:

Thibs pointed out the last time 2 rookies were in regular rotation for a title team was Jamaal Wilkes and Phil Smith for '75 Warriors.

I'd have love to have been there to ask what was the last championship team that had two rookies with this level of talent on it? Most championships teams don't have any incoming draft picks this high, and it's really, really rare to have two.

A typical championship team would probably need to hit on a pick in the 20+ range as well as a second rounder to have two rookies in its rotation. The Bulls have two rookies with tons of experience that are both more highly regarded than any rookie that most title teams would have on them.

It doesn't mean that they're both going to be awesome, but his quote is definitely not an apples to apples comparison. There may have only been a handful of teams truly in contention for the title in the past 20 years that had two rookies this good. It's also worth noting that the Bulls probably aren't a championship team regardless of whether McDermott or Mirotic play in the rotation.

His overall point is that the learning curve is difficult though, and I agree with that. It's hard to go from college or Europe to the NBA. There's a lot you have to adjust for and do. That's why I don't expect the Bulls rookies to dominate right out of the gates, but I do think they could both be rotation caliber players on a good team.

The problem with that for Mirotic is there simply aren't many minutes for him to crack the rotation and until the Bulls make a trade, that will remain true.

K.C. Johnson tweet:

Thibodeau doesn't sound high on Snell again. Said he needs to be more consistent.

Well this doesn't surprise me a whole heck of a lot simply because I don't think Snell's an NBA caliber player. Watching him in Summer League his performance wasn't nearly as impressive as the numbers.

I expect he still won't hit threes consistently and won't be an impact defender. The Bulls were hoping to get a 3D guy with Snell, and he seems to have the tools, but his slow release and passive playing style are things that don't likely ever change and stop him from fulfilling that role.

This is part of the reason why McDermott likely gets more of a shot to play. I don't see Snell in the rotation this season.

Sam Smith tweets:

Thibs philosophy: "I’m going to ask them to sacrifice. Some guys are going to sacrifice not starting. Some may sacrifice not finishing."

Thibs on rotation: "Joakim, Pau and Taj. I look at those guys as starters. You have to divvy up those minutes. That doesn’t leave a lot."

Who finishes games, Thibs? "Taj was probably our best fourth quarter player last year. Who we finish games with remains to be seen."

These add up to three things:
1: Noah and Gasol start (Taj sacrifices not starting)
2: Taj and someone finish (Noah or Gasol sacrifice not finishing)
3: Mirotic isn't playing (sorry buddy, no minutes for you)

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    Even if you're right in your assumptions Thibs won't be able to sit the rooks all season long. Especially, if the rooks perform well in preseason. If they don't well they'll sit until the injuries start to pile up in Dec, Jan & Feb.
    1) Joakim Noah recent knee surgery will keep him on a mins restriction leaving spot mins for Niko.
    2) Mike Dunleavy may start, but he's not going to play starters mins. They'll be plenty of time for McDermott to play.
    3) Expect the only players to log heavy mins will be Butler and Rose (that is until Rose gets injured hopefully minor) from overuse.
    4) Increased pressure from management for Thibs to play his rookies will cause a rift bet. coach and management. If the Bulls should go on a losing streak, expect the Thibs hate to escalate.
    5) Injuries will occur due to Thibs tough demands on defense will cause tired legs, and tired legs will keep shooters shots from falling in, so it is imperative that Thibs play his rooks sooner or later.

  • i think mirotic will get minutes when the bulls fall behind and have trouble scoring. thibs has shown a willingness to play small and add shooting when the offense really sputters and they need to go on a run.

  • There just isn't much evidence that the rookies will play much and plenty of evidence and quotes indicating that they won't.

    I don't know what makes people think Thibs will have to play the rookies. He's shown in the past that he will stick with his rotations, stick with veterans and stick with worse players.

    Reading KC Johnson's story, there's also tons of love for Hinrich by Thibs and the FO, so expect Hangdog to get a lot of playing time over McDermott. Hangdog is the exact type of player Thibs would historically stick with even over a better player.

    All of that is on one side. On the other side, we're very hopeful that these are impact rookies and that Thibs will change his ways.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Unfortunately, you are spot on. Thibs every utterance so far indicates that it will be business as usual.

    Doug's point about who will finish games is interesting as he has Taj as a fixture with either Noah or Gasol. That seems like a good call with Noah finishing in games where the Bulls are ahead(defense), and Gasol finishing in games where we are behind(offense)

  • In reply to BigWay:

    By the way, I like that Hangdog moniker, where did you get that one?

  • kind of depressing to hear since we all know wing scoring is the biggest weakness of the Bulls, Dunleavy or Butler won't get you 17 pts a game and the Bulls need an Afflalo or Martin for some volume scoring to compliment Rose and the bigs. Butler needs to be matched next to a scoring wing. Either develop McDermott or trade for a shooting guard.

  • I find it silly to not play Mirotic when he's being paid as much as a #1 overall pick. Fans went crazy when Cleveland didn't play Anthony Bennett last year, and that was Bennett (I literally just had to look up his name again!). So really you're going to be paying Mirotic $8m a year for the final two years via a first-year down payment? What if the dude's a bust? Seems more likely when you drive a truck over a year of his early prime to play a near retirement Pau Gasol.

  • It appears that the only way for Mirotic to get minutes is to demonstrate an ability to play SF, which would necessitate McBucketts getting more(most)of his minutes at shooting guard.

    While I am hopeful that McBucketts eventually proves to be a starting caliber SG, I have my doubts that Mirotic will ever be able to play SF.

  • First day quote from Rose on Mirotic,

    “He’s going to surprise people by the way that he puts the ball down," Derrick Rose said of Nikola Mirotic. "Like if you fly out at him, he’s able to really attack the rim and avoid charges. We saw that today. He did a couple of moves where it was supposed to be a charge, but he pumped his way around the opponent and scored the ball. We already know he can shoot, but he’s good.’’

    Looks like he can take people off the dribble, just as I suspected.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Noah on Mirotic,

    "He adds a different dimension to the game and he’s a lot more than just a shooter," Joakim Noah said. "He’s a great shooter and he’s done a lot of things that are pretty surprising. You just don’t think a stretch-four as guys who can block shots and run the floor, and he’s a hell of a player. He’s pretty complete. I think he’s definitely one of our secret weapons."

    Wonder if Thibs has his ears and eyes open, even if his mind is shut.

  • Thibs seems impressed with Mirotic:

  • Too bad about Snell. It would help out the Bulls a lot if he could at least becme a shut down defender and an average shooter/slasher. Alas, sometimes the light just doesn't come on.

    I am, however, willing to trade a 20-something draft bust for a healthy Derrick Rose.

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