Derrick Rose looks back athletically what should we expect for everything else?

Derrick Rose looks back athletically what should we expect for everything else?

So far Derrick Rose looks back athletically. His movement looks explosive, he certainly looks like he's playing without fear. It's difficult to say whether he's lost 2% or 3% of his speed, but he certainly doesn't appear to have lost 10% or 20% or an amount which should have a considerable impact on his game.

Now the question is how long will it take him to regain the rest of his form. Some will say Rose has only played in the NBA 10 games in the past two years. A true statement, however this is also true:

1: He practiced with the team for about three months in 2013 at the end of the season.
2: He had a normal 2013 off-season in terms of workouts
3: He had a normal 2013 training camp, played eight preseason games
4: He played 10 games in 2013
5: He practiced for at least a week or so at the end of 2014.
6: He had a normal 2014 off-season
7: He practiced with team USA / played in FIBA for six weeks or so
8: He (so far) is having a normal 2014 training camp.

The point is while Derrick Rose hasn't been on the NBA court a whole lot in the past two seasons, it's not a complete picture to pretend he's just been gone for that period of time. He's still had a significant chance to hone his skill against NBA level players in organized basketball situations for an extended period of time.

He certainly has had a ton of time to work on his shot. If anything, you'd expect his set shot to be outstanding given the types of things he's been able to do even if he struggled with the mid range step backs or shots of screens.

So far we haven't seen that. He struggled with his shot in FIBA play, and he's just 1/5 on jumpers so far in limited action during two preseason games.

His preseason so far is starting to look somewhat similar to his preseason in 2014. He looked good athletically there, but we didn't see him hit many jumpers. When he started playing in real games, his efficiency was simply trash.

The one nice thing I'd say about his play so far this season vs 2013 is that he appears to be doing more of his driving in the half court instead of getting more done on breakaways. He looks shiftier this year to me than he did then. He's also played against two pretty quick PGs in John Wall and Brandon Jennings.

On top of that the Wizards seemed quite anxious to prove they're legit against the Bulls and vice versa. That game was played at a high level of intensity and Rose tore them up in his minutes.

So the interesting and unexpected thing we have going on at the moment is watching Rose and wondering when he'll get his shot back. Seeing him play I've been oddly completely unworried about his athletic ability. He simply looks the same. No hesitation to take contact, drive, or do anything athletic.

That wasn't the case last season for me, but it does this year. It doesn't mean he won't get hurt or that he'll never have another knee problem, but I believe Rose when he says he feels 100% back health wise. He's playing like it.

So why isn't the shot there yet? The oddity about the whole thing is the list of things he has been able to participate in would be the things that should keep his shot on target. He's had all off-season to shoot. I'd guess he's put up 500+ shots a day. Yet we haven't seen the impact.

Not in terms of his confidence in taking it nor in terms of his success in hitting it. Driving Derrick Rose is great, but what made him an MVP was also his ability to knock down jumpers. He wasn't a tremendous three point shooter, but he could get his own jumper any time he wanted and hit it at a respectable clip.

If left wide open he'd tear teams up with his mid range game which is what would open up his driving game. Rondo can drive, and if Rondo could shoot like prime Rose, he'd have also be an MVP candidate. Unfortunately, Derrick Rose can't even shoot like prime Rondo right now, and we're left wondering how long it will take to get it back.

The good news, I think, is that it seems highly likely this all does come back doesn't it? Why would a guy who's Derrick's age suddenly permanently lose the ability to shoot? I suppose it's possible that in all his off-season training he wasn't shooting much, but it seems awfully unlikely.

Derrick doesn't strike me as a slacker that would have blown off shooting. Nor does it coincide with reports. I've been fairly pessimistic about Rose returning to MVP form. I think there will likely be some subtle differences that are hard to pick up with the eye test but ultimately leave him as a lesser player.

That still may be the case, but seeing him play in the first couple games it feels like he has a legit chance to get all the way back. I'm more optimistic than I've been in awhile. His health really does feel like it's there, his shot feels like something that should work its way out.

We won't know until it happens, but instead of predicting doom, I'm predicting mid to late December is when we see MVP caliber Derrick Rose start to resurface and by February we see that guy consistently. It's a long season, but Bulls fans expectations should continue to build as it progresses as I expect this team to play its best ball at the end of the season.

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  • I think to a significant extent great shooters are born, not made. Ray Allen works incredibly (legendarily) hard at his craft, but I also think that he was blessed with the secret sauce. Rose doesn't really have that for whatever reason. His shooting stroke always appeared a bit mechanical to me, at least relative to good NBA shooters. It looks like all the shooting work he did while recovering from his injuries will be for naught. I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, particularly based on a relatively small sample size, but the hopes that I had that his layoff would allow him to develop a better jump shot are fading pretty quickly.

  • Rose was a better mid range shooter then LeBron(or Wade) in his first couple of seasons according to Hoopdata. His high percentage on many floaters and contortionist shots near the rim helped, but supposed futile long mid range he was very solid those first two seasons at 43% and 44%. After his first FIBA stint, despite the fact that he followed up with his MVP season, his shooting percentages were down after that other then his three point shooting went up that one season.

    I've already said as a person I think Derrick looks lost, and he's paying a price for not becoming his own man, and distancing himself from meddling brother Reggie who again shadowed Gar Forman with "suggestions" at the Draft Combine.

    It's a shame because with a different coach who has the capability to help grow players both their game and as a person then I think Derrick could come back pretty much all the way. Right now I have serious doubts that will happen. He's made some serious mistakes in judgement and gone down a slippery slope lacking independence and continuing his pretty much social isolation with the exception of his "pals." We'll see. If I'm wrong and he does get his confidence and his game back shooting wise then the Bulls will be a very good team in general though still lacking offensively.

  • Side note: Tim Hardaway looking good in preseason following a solid rookie season(though his steals and rebound numbers per minutes played pretty much sucked). However, I'm sure we will be glad we rejected his services in favor of Mr. Lackadaisical aka Tony Snell(though admittedly he's shot the ball decently at times so we'll see).

  • With some of Rose's comments in FIBA, you could assume that he is making shots in practice. The reports from training camp were that his jumper looked good. He seems confident about his jumper.

  • The media plays clips of Rose shooting during practice, and it always seems to be catch and step into it, but only lifting off the floor a few inches. The shots look smooth with good mechanics. The last three pointer he made was similar (a little more lift)- stepped into it, squared up, etc.. Most of his jump shots during competition look out of sync due to the height he's jumping, weird body contortions, and things like that. Shooting in practice, even if it's 500+ a day, is different than the type of explosiveness he exhibits in games. He just isn't a player who will get many set shots IMO.

  • Totally agree that this year the fear factor has totally evaporated, Rose looks 100% physically. That is the biggest difference from last preseason. Hopefully, having full confidence in his body, will eventually translate into this game.

    Aside from his shooting woe's my biggest problem with his game is that his ballhandling looks even shakier than it was before. I suppose that this could be from rust and lack of competition. But my biggest complaint with Rose has always been that he is not an elite ballhandler. He looked really bad with team USA(at times Ben Gordon bad) and doesn't look much better so far in preseason. Just like he will never become an elite shooter, I doubt that he will ever become an elite ballhandler, but hopefully he gets a lot better than what he is right now.

  • I remember Shaq talking about how much he practiced foul shooting, but we never saw that translate to the game. Maybe Rose is the same way. He can practice all he wants, but that doesn't mean it will carry over to the game.

  • More ammo on the Tony Snell sucks front. Note the part about the Bulls privately admitting that it was a mistake to pass on Dieng and take Snell.

    Steve Aschburner, Give me Gorgui Dieng. The lively, defensive-minded center from Senegal by way of Louisville was a second-half revelation last season after spending the first four months of 2013-14 buried on Minnesota’s bench. He started 15 games late in the season, averaging 12.2 points, 12.0 rebounds and 1.7 blocks, while turning his plus/minus from minus-14.0 to plus-4.5. Chicago already admits privately that passing on Dieng to take Tony Snell one spot earlier in the 2013 draft was a mistake — he would be a perfect complement to Joakim Noah and replacement for Omer Asik in Tom Thibodeau‘s defense. Timberwolves coach Flip Saunders knows what he has in Dieng, who mitigates the disappointing work so far by same-first-rounder Shabazz Muhammad. So Dieng will get a big minutes boost whether Nikola Pekovic stays healthy or, more likely, not.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The Bulls do a good job of drafting but they just plain missed on this pick. Snell's a bust. Even they admit it. Let's all move on.

    By "move on" I don't mean to post every time, Dieng, Plumlee or Hardaway have a big game or get any praise or accolades for the rest of their careers, though I expect nothing else.

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