Bulls Beat #341 - Preseason winding down

Bulls Beat #341 - Preseason winding down

I discuss the camp battles in preseason, what has been revealed and what adjustments need to be made as the regular season edges closer.

Bulls Beat #341 - Winding down preseason

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  • The obvious:
    1) McDermott needs to start at SF so he can provide more scoring punch. This is likely the plan once he adjusts to the NBA game and the D schemes. Dunleavy should be a better fit with the second stringers.
    2) Mirotic needs to practice shooting 3s day and night.
    3) Rose needs to stop shooting 3s! He's not MJ.
    4) Butler at SG on O and G or SF as needed on D. If he can shoot as the SG, the Bulls are finally set at SG, and least for the season.
    5) Rose, Gasol, and Mirotic all make the D better, so if M and M score, they can win the title.

  • What do you mean Rose isn't MJ? MJ didn't take a lot of 3's. Your point 5), did you mean ' make the offense better'. Rose is more aggressive over screens and stuff but Ty Lawson and Dennis Schroeder did take him a few times. When Rose did get beaten Gasol's help defense was non existent.

  • In reply to Jamie W:

    But when MJ was on, he did make a good % of his 3s. What is Rose hitting on 3s, about 15%? He should concenntrate on what he is good at - or at least was good at. As Doug pointed out, the muscle memory is different for 3s than midrange shots. If Rose would concentrate on those, as least he should be making his 15-footers.

    Gasol has had as many blocks in a game as Boozer had in a season - not a stat, an impression. I think Gasol is averaging about 3 blocks per game. That's D, isn't it, and much better than expected? And Mirotic is playing better D than expected, according to Doug.

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    In reply to rustyw:

    Rose is 6/15 in the preseason (40%).

  • In reply to rustyw:

    MJ only had 2 or 3 seasons where he shot a good 3pt%. Rose was terrible in FIBA shooting 1/19 on 3's but as Colin pointed out he is shooting 40% in pre-season. Rose's 3 is at the bottom of the list regarding concerns. He is unlikely to shoot at that rate during the season but if he does he should have the green light to take 3 shots a game. I know it's preseason and these stats mean nothing but Mirotic has 37 3pt%. McD - 35%, or Kirk at 14% which is scary as you know Thibs is going to play him with a shot like that.

    Gasol is great defensive upgrade over Boozer and his D has been great around the rim but in PnR he has looked like Boozer. That last game he just looked disinterested on both ends.

  • I just hope Adrian Griffin is not coaching M&M. Just leave them alone and they'll be fine. No need for Bulls coaches to tinker with their shots (now that Ron Adams is gone).

  • Never been a big fan of Hangdog(Hinrich), but watching him "run" the offense now is so brutally painful that he may be elevated to hated status this season.

    Unfortunately, every time that I see Hinrich on the court this season and next will only remind me that we could have had DJ in that role and for the exact same money that we gave Hangdog. DJ was exponentially better at creating offense for his teammates and a much better individual scorer. His defense was problematical to say the least, but as a second stringer that should have been less of an issue.

    I wasn't doing cartwheels when we first brought him back 2 years ago, but this second resigning was simply uncalled for. I don't know what is more painful, watching Hangdog play basketball or knowing that he has somehow managed to make $60-$70 million doing so. That is a ridiculous amount of money for a guy who wouldn't even be the first guy picked in an average rec league.

    I have also been impressed with McKorver's rebounding, just like I was with the real Korver. However, I wonder if some of it isn't a product of him getting lost on defense thus leaving him in position to pick up easy rebounds. Boozer certainly made a living doing this on purpose.

    Can't wait to see how things look tomorrow night against the Cav's

  • In reply to BigWay:

    McDermott was the NCAA player of the year, so I doubt his rebounding, which was about 8 pg, was just due to standing around. He will probably score more and play more D at $3 million per than the Booz did at $16 million per.

  • I like how kirk runs the team. he sets the offense and gets everyone involved.
    So far I like McBuckets, shooting, rebounding and D.
    It'd be nice to see mirotic taking the shoots when he's opened instead of passing.
    And finally, I also don't like one bit aaron brooks, it's like you said doug, he is too selfish. I just don't like him

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