Bulls Beat #340 - Starters looking good

Bulls Beat #340 - Starters looking good

Derrick rose looks great, the rest of the starters look good. I break down all the players after there preseason games.

Bulls Beat #340 - Starters looking good

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  • Nice game for the starters, as you noted, Doug. However, it was against the Bucs.

    I completely agree with you that M & M both need to play to develop! And it looks like that will not happen if Brooks is part of a 9-guy rotation. Thus, if the Bulls want to go for the title, Brooks cannot be part of that rotation. Only use him off the bench if someone is hurt or needs a night off. I cannot believe that the coaches won't figure that out.

    I still hope to see a bit more from Snell, but it looks like a shot that simply missed. That happens. We will settle for it if both M and M are hits.

  • The Bulls bench could be the Bulls last year starting 5 if Dunlevey moved to the bench, which could be the solution to keep both the starters and bench strong. Kirk, Dunlevey, Taj and Mirotic could make a great second unit, enabling Mirotic to grow around 4 vets and McBuckets could also benefit from playing along side Rose and Butler. Brooks and Kirk will likely exchange SG and PG positions since both are good ball handlers. If the goal is to manage Rose's minutes Brooks has to be there to ensure we have 3 ball handlers under the rotation. This kid is good, but he needs to learn Thibs system. Last year he had a few outstanding games where he had over 17 assists and 27 points for the Rockets in one game and he is not afraid of big moments as it was evidenced during the playoffs. So, I am pretty sure he will find his groove, like all diminutive guards found under Thibs. On another Doug's observation, Gasol will make this team much better than 2010/11. His skills are so elite that I noticed he doesn't put a lot of effort to get his blocks, rebounds and points, so this is going to help him staying healthy IMO. He is going to be the Bulls true second score option and a key defense anchor under the rim. Lastly, Snell is done in my opinion, and I don't see him playing much this year. Bulls may be better off D-League him to see if he can improve as I have a feeling he regressed from last year.

  • Great post, long and full of good stuff, I'm going to have to listen to it again while I'm not trying to watch the Bears before I can comment.

    Agree totally with your take on Rose, we simply couldn't have asked for anything better than him making us forget that he was ever injured. Hopefully the shooting will come and the Ben Gordon like ballhandling will go.

    As for Gasol, everytime that I see him on the floor in a Bulls uniform, I'm like Noah, I can't believe that he actually chose us. Again, is there anyone who still thinks that he isn't that much of an upgrade over his bozoholiness, and he isn't even trying to play offense yet. I said for the last 2 seasons(since we lost Asik) that we were a small team especially upfront with all 3 bigmen undersized for their positions. Gasol corrects that problem as a true 7 ftr with skills and IQ to boot.

    I agree with some of your analysis of McKorver, but not all of it. Teams are clearly totally respecting his shooting ability, and he is hitting the defensive boards hard, just like Korver used to. I do wonder if his rebounding isn't somewhat a function of his being out of position on defense a lot due to his lack of athleticism. I still think he looks like a jittery kid running around in a manic frenzy without accomplishing much. Hopefully, this will abate as he becomes more experienced. Glad that you are onboard with him never being a shot at being a 4, and hardly having a shot at being a 3, with his future clearly at shooting guard, which I've harped on from the minute that I laid eyes on him. Like you I have been hoping that he starts the season as our starting shooting guard. Not sure that Thibs see's it that way, but even Sam Smith(who is even more conservative/old school than Thibs) suggested that McKorver might/should start over Dunleavy just to balance out the starting and second units.

    Sadly, I also agree that getting Mirotic any significant minutes is going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible without injuries. I think that at some point we are going to have a Taj and Mirotic problem, as both are going to get less minutes than they would like too. Maybe Mirotic sucks it up for a year, and maybe he proves that he is ready to go and we trade Taj for a scoring wing, which we may or may not need depending on what McKorver becomes.

    I don't yet agree with your take on Brooks, I think he is no worse than Nate was, and I'd rather see him play than Snell or Hangdog even if he plays selfishly.

    Jimmy Butler looks like his legs are healthy and he looks like he did at the end of the 2013 season, much better than last year. Thibs mentioned that he came in lighter, which is good because I regularly commented that he looked heavy legged(or heavy from the waist down) last season. I'm a little worried that it(health) won't last, as he seems to think that he is playing in the NFL and spends way too much time on the ground. If he is going to be an NFL player, I'd rather he was a linebacker(hitter) than a running back(hittee).

    Finally, I don't agree with your take on the east. There are several teams that should be good if not necessarily championship contenders, starting with Toronto, Washington, Charlotte, Miami, Atlanta and a healthy Brooklyn, and maybe a well coached Detroit or NY. Indy probably won't go anywhere, but they probably won't be a gimme win either. Milwaukee's talent base is getting better even if they are not a good team yet. Don't know how much of an impact Elfrid Payton will have on Orlando (by moving Oladipo to shooting guard) yet but they are probably still closer to a pushover as are Boston & Philly. So that's only 4 outright bad teams.

  • Two Minor points
    1. Snell does have one more useful skill besides defense. He can feed Gasol far better than anyone else has. He uses those arms to get the ball around the defender cleanly with Pau in excellent position. Not enough for extended time unless he shoots lights out but it will be useful if injury or whatever gets him some minutes.

    2. Might Mirotic be having a similar shooting problem to Rose with a different ball? Rose got home and suddenly he starts shooting better. Anyone know of other European players who were excellent in Europe but couldn't shoot here for a while then excelled with more time shooting?


  • In reply to granvil:

    Good point on the ball, hadn't considered that one. Though I think his issues are more confidence based because my biggest problem is that he's simply not shooting when he has the chance.

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