Derrick Rose out three straight days with knee soreness

Derrick Rose out three straight days with knee soreness

Derrick Rose hasn't played basketball since the Saturday exhibition against Brazil. In that game he only played 24 minutes. Since then? He's been out with knee soreness. That makes three days he had to rest after playing 24 minutes of real game action.

Sheridan Hoops on the story:

Knee soreness kept Derrick Rose out of practice Tuesday, making it the third straight day he has not played any basketball. And that left Team USA officials wondering whether Rose will be capable of handling the rigorous World Cup schedule.

Rose is unlikely to start, a team source told Kyrie Irving could move into the starting five after playing exceptionally well in a sixth man role Saturday night against Brazil, and the federation was expecting Rose to be able to contribute off the bench. But if his knees remain sore and he does not play, the makeup of the final roster will be much more uncertain than it appeared it would be when this week began. If Rose cannot handle the workload of playing three games in three nights and five games in six nights when pool play begins in Bilbao, Spain, the roster would effectively be reduced to 11 1/2 players.

So there are three interesting things here:

First, Sheridan was fired from ESPN and has been somewhat of a sensationalist since then

It's worth noting the source on this. Chris Sheridan nailed the LeBron thing early, though he may have simply been guessing given the state of his website recently figuring a correct guess pays off and and an incorrect guess won't make things any worse.

He sensationalizes negative news in order to drive clicks on his website all of the time.

I'd question some parts of this story (like Team USA considering not keeping Rose) which seems like he injected his own opinion in such a way to make it sound like a fact because it's pushed in between a couple facts.

However despite the fact that Team USA and Rose both also are downplaying the amount of soreness and whether this is a big deal, they weren't saying anything at first and Sheridan first reported it which is something.

That's lot of knee soreness

It really sounds like he hasn't pushed himself so much in whatever he's doing in the past if in his first game like action of 24 minutes causes him to need three off days. You can push yourself in practice, but whatever he was doing obviously wasn't really simulating game like conditions at all.

This should throw plenty of doubt over how healthy Derrick will be this season. It's probably just a precaution, but I'm sure every guy with a few knee surgeries who went on to have larger problems started those out with just some soreness too.

We're awfully far removed from a surgery that should only take, at most, six months to heal now. It's been around nine. If the ACL is still bothering him then, well, that's scary as hell too. Either way, you'd have hoped you'd be past the point where knee soreness is an issue unless it's going to be a chronic issue [chronic doesn't necessarily mean major though].

Rose is expected to come off the bench tonight because of rule coach K has that if you didn't practice before the game you don't start. The good news is whatever is going on now is minor enough that Rose is still going to play. However, this brings back eerie feelings to last year's preseason when he took a rest day.

It didn't cause an immediate problem, but it also may have been a sign that his knees really weren't strong enough given he eventually tore his meniscus. Another view is he kept trying to play through soreness before and is simply ultra cautious now because of what happened last year.

Everyone seems to be lying about it

No one said he was sitting out with knee soreness, they said Rose was getting a couple of planned rest days.

Maybe it was planned. It was planned the minute he woke up and his knee was sore. If he was planning to rest ahead of time, then it would have been mentioned ahead of time so that people wouldn't freak out when it happened.

Everyone will buy one planned rest day for a guy coming off an injury, so they just made something up. We get to consecutive days off practice (especially following a natural off day), and it's time to tell the truth. Rose rested because he's sore not because there was any planned day.

Rose also has been telling everyone he feels great. Not to call Derrick Rose a liar, but that's clearly not true. If you felt great you wouldn't be missing practice. You might not feel awful, it might not be a big deal, but if you woke up and felt "great", you'd be practicing not taking a rest day.

This is just common sense.

Given that Rose isn't exactly a wordsmith, I'm going to assume Rose is just saying "this isn't a big deal". That I can buy. Maybe it isn't a big deal. Whether it's simply the first sign of a string of knee problems or a completely inconsequential blip on the radar won't be known until we see what happens next.

It's totally reasonable that Rose, pushing himself differently, would get some type of soreness and given his history want a little extra time to be sure. Of course, it's also just as possible that Rose's knees are screwed, and this thing will be an issue all career long.

Panic meter?

I'd push this up to about a four of 10. Some knee soreness is expected, but it was knee soreness causing three days off (two missed practices). That seems more significant than his knees recovering from a pounding, especially since he only played 24 minutes.

That said, it was his first real game action, and I do believe your body is pushed differently in real games, so the fact that his knees will be a bit extra sore until his body adjusts is also completely reasonable.

It's not nothing. It raises the caution flag, but it's also not reason to get too doom and gloomy.

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  • Doug - long time listener - reader - but the Rose's knee soreness crap has brought me out of the sidelines.

    Here's the thing - not matter what happens, even if Rose didn't miss a practice game(s) or doesn't miss a Team USA tournament game, fast forward to NBA season, Rose's knees issues will always linger in our minds. That is, anytime Rose has a hiccup, thoughts of Rose's knee injuries will surface (both in our minds and in the minds of tin-foil Sheridan). It is sad, I hope for the best, but it is what it is.

    On another conditioning/body make-up topic - Rose's conditioning and how he looks now - two seasons removed from MVP form. Rose's upper body looks a lot more muscular than that of his MVP self. (not sure of his lower body but i suspect its in proportion to his upper one in terms of muscle gain). While the muscles add strength they also make him look somewhat more stiffer (my opinion). I am wondering how Rose adding muscles takes away from Rose's flexibility to cut and maneuver and shoot (adjustment of strength and precision) at a higher rate. If you watch tape from his high school days to the days of his NBA MVP season he looks less stiffer, more agile per se. Pre-added-muscles days, Rose seems to maintain same speed at cuts, crossovers. Watching him in the exhibition game Rose seems to gain momentum (slower at start but gets faster but not as flexible) Rose's "knee soreness" could be stemming from added muscles (less flexibility). Wondering how much of his added muscle is taking away from Rose's ability to cut and maneuver and the soreness therein. Just a thought.

  • In reply to JoMamaz:

    Yes, you have to wonder about adding all the upper body muscle and weight... I read something once about how NFL running backs are more likely to tear knee ligaments simply because their LEG muscles (quads) are so over-built so the torque is amped up to such a degree.

    You'd have to think that this Bulls trainer is considering all the critical elements to the weight training, like flexibility and smaller, key muscles around the knee. Not just bulking up for the sake of bulking up...

  • In reply to JoMamaz:

    I generally agree, but I don't think it's a "tin foil" hat thing to note that Derrick Rose required three days rest because he played 24 minutes.

    That's not normal under any circumstances, and it is worth noting. I don't think it means the sky is falling, but it's not nothing either.

  • In reply to JoMamaz:

    It is quite normal/natural for all men not just athletes to gain some weight as your body fully matures from an 18 yr old kid to a 25-6 year old man. that natural process is easily worth 10lbs. I'd be interested in knowing exactly how much weight Rose has put on since being drafted, I doubt that it is any more than 10-15 lbs.

    Nobody is as flexible at 25 as they were at 18, men or women, so this appears to be a non issue to me, especially considering that his knees are the elephant and 800 lb gorilla in the room.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I don't want to be in that room.

  • Hopefully they are just being extra cautious with him after the Paul George injury and the Boogie C. injury. If Rose were to go down, USA basketball might have trouble getting big name pros to play again. If he plays tonight, I am not concerned. If not, I will start to freak out.

  • Here's a quote from Rose saying he feels fine just two days ago. "I feel great actually. My body is good. I'm not aching, so that's a good sign, and I'm just trying to take it day by day," Rose said during an interview on ESPN's "Hoops for Troops" special. I'm taking Rose's word over this guy.

  • In reply to dldjr:

    Except that Rose did miss practice after saying that.

  • Definitely concerning, not sure if he should have knee soreness at this point. I thought he was supposed to be the healthiest and in the best condition that he's ever been in. If the knee soreness is due to this exhibition game then I think there's a problem.

    Guess you can look at it two ways, he's been pushing himself too hard during rehab and all off-season to get back in shape and just overworking himself or he's not in shape coming into team USA then you have to ask what has he been doing. Hopefully it's all just precautionary.

    I think Chris Sheriden actually used "traitor" to describe Kevin Durant leaving team USA.

  • All athletes have soreness frequently because they use their bodies at such an intense level. Muscle soreness, muscle pulls, tendonitis, joint pains, are all part of the toll from the stress of intense exertion. In fact, lots of us have that eperience just from exercising, and we (or at least I) are taking it easy compared to NBA players.

    This is where a great trainer is worth his/her weight in gold, provided he is not too heavy himself. Rose and his knees is not a huge concern yet, tho it might become one.

    This, BTW, is a reason M & M have to get a lot of playing time to transition to the NBA more quickly. The Bulls need everyone else playing to their potential if Rose does go down. If he does, then if M & M are really hitting it, and if they get the SG, either by trade or because Snell jells, they may still contend.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    They won't contend for anything meaningful without Rose under any circumstance. If he goes down for the season, we're screwed. If he goes down for, say, two weeks, Thibs has shown he can keep the team winning.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    "They won't contend for anything meaningful without Rose under any circumstance."

    What about this circumstance, Roman?
    1) Rose goes down long term;
    2) Bulls trade their 1st round picks next year and pieces for a starting caliber SG, he plays great;
    3) M & M are deadly shooters, scoring 40 points per game between them; McDermott playing some time at G
    4) Gasol, Noah, Taj, Mirotic, and Butler all play less than 30 minutes per game. Every now and then they get a night off. They are rested, play like Hercules on D and decent on O;
    5) The other Gs, Dunleavy, Snell, Brooks, Hinrich all are good role players, except one of them goes in the trade.
    6) Bulls are #1 on D and #3 on O, scoring over 100 ppg.

    Might that team contend without Rose? For years?

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Only if one of M&M or the shooting guard who plays great are consistently drawing double teams and opening space for their teammates. Otherwise, your scenario might be a deep playoff team but would not legitimately contend for a championship.

    More obviously, I would never expect 6 different factors to all go our way, especially all parts of 2 and 3.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    If M & M and the new (hypothetical) SG are all shooting well, who draws a double team? That could be the problem for opposing Ds. They can't afford to leave any of these guys open, even more so if Dunleavy is on the floor. Even if they do, the ball goes in to Pau or Joakim or Taj.

    Besides, IMO, a deep playoff team is contending for a title. It's in the ECF, especially in the East.

    3) is the bigger unknown, but it certainl is possible.

    This team could be so good, everyone will be screaming for more playing time!

  • Cousins missed a game and practices and is in this article as well, and yet no one is concerned about him. Of course, he's not coming off knee surgery, but I don't think anything has really changed regarding Rose. I don't think there's any more or less reason to be concerned about his knees than there was four days ago. If we are concerned, it's not because he sat out practice, it's because he sat out most of the last two seasons.

  • I'm not all that concerned. Worst case, even if Rose needs a "clean out" or follow up surgery, like Westbrook did, he's only on the shelf a couple weeks or maybe 2 months. He would not miss much time most likely. (I know, he needs to be in camp to work back to game shape, but in the long-run it may not matter much...)

    This may just be normal scare tissue that is being broken up... I really have no idea and only Rose and his doctors can know with any certainty at this point. Given this low-priority event (preseason for Team USA), everyone would be cautious given the circumstances.

    In time, most athletes recovery nicely from these injuries, so Rose should be ok, too.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Didn't Westbrook actually have 2 follow up surgeries last year, one right before the season and another during it. I guess that it would be nice to know which knee is sore, or are they both bothering him. At this point it would be better if the problem were only with the meniscus knee. We can only hope for the best, however, at this point, I think that we are all pessimists until Rose's body proves otherwise.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Only two months? 1/4 of a season.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Most athletes come back from the previous injuries a lot quicker than Rose did too. I don't think you can treat Rose as a typical athlete when he's repeatedly proven otherwise.

  • Missing practice is one thing, missing the game as well? That wasn't planned.

    Don't see any way to look at this but really bad news. Plays 24 minutes and can't play again 4 days later. Even if it's the best case of only meaning "Rose's knees get sore after playing", at that rate he's going to miss a lot of time in an NBA schedule.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I agree this is not a good sign.

  • Rose maybe pushing himself to hard to get into playing shape. He wants to be more than just a player--his expectations are to play like a superstar after all the precautions and effort to be in the best condition of his life. What he wants now may be just a little to soon for his body. First he has to get into playing before he consistently plays like he's capable of playing. Now he must focus on how he can contribute to make his teammates better--and to do that he must focus on making his team win while providing leadership.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Most guys who have the surgery he had are on the court in five months, it's been nine months. If it's "a little too soon for his body" that's a pretty bad sign.

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