Derrick Rose gives about what was expected in Team USA vs Brazil exhibition

Derrick Rose gives about what was expected in Team USA vs Brazil exhibition

Bulls fans flocked to the United Center or stayed home Saturday night to watch Derrick Rose play in an exhibition game against Brazil for Team USA. There will never bee enough assurance that he's really okay until he's racking up 20 points a game on good efficiency against other NBA teams, but fans continue search through every tidbit that they can that this season won't end up like the last three.

The performance? Much like what we saw in the scrimmage except against a defense that cared a bit more.


The good

Rose had an athletic block on Leandro Barbosa as well as another really strong contest on a layup attempt that I couldn't believe Barbosa avoided the block. Rose looked explosive vertically going up for the block in both cases.

He had the driving layupish/floaterish shot off the glass at the end of the half where he went full court in four seconds got around everyone and hit the shot before the buzzer.

He had a nice dribble drive in the half court that got him to the foul line.

He had the cross over basket attack for a layup [pretty generous call on the gather to not give him a travel on the play, but still nice athletic move]. The great thing about this play was that it was one of the few times we've seen Derrick blow some one up using his lateral quickness and change of direction.

The not so good

Nothing Rose did in the game was particularly bad. Especially if you put every player there under the microscope, but there were still some less encouraging signs.

His passing looked pretty dicey. He was lackadaisical on a few passes that didn't lead to anything bad but were sloppy, and he had three turnovers overall. He didn't really do anything in the way of passing that looked exceptional to counter that, just moved the ball around.

He was faked out several times and gave up multiple blow-bys from a non NBA caliber guard. As noted above, he made some nice defensive plays, but in those he was running north and south and leaping. He got beat on these blow-bys due to potentially do to lateral quickness/poor ability to change direction, but he could have just as easily got caught on the wrong foot. Sometimes it just happens.

He missed the only jump shot he attempted. We haven't seen Rose take many jump shots for team USA in practice, scrimmage, or the exhibition. It will be interesting to see how good Rose's jumper is once he has to take 10+ a night for Chicago.

He only attempted five shots overall. This wasn't unexpected, but it gave us a pretty small sample to judge anything by. Even without Durant, Rose looks content to take on the role of set up guy and defender. This isn't unexpected, and it's not necessarily a bad thing for Rose, but fans will simply have to wait longer to see how Rose looks in alpha mode.

The ugly

Blown dunk. Not because it's really an indicator of anything [nor would the made dunk have been an indicator of anything] but simply because he went up high, and I wanted to see the power slam.

Marion signs with the Cavs

Shawn Marion is off the market now, signing with the Cavaliers. He appeared to fall off the cliff a bit last year, and Dallas didn't seem all that interested in having him back which is a sign the Bulls aren't missing much, and the Cavs aren't gaining much.

Sometimes it's hard to separate the name from the present day ability, and I suspect Marion will bring more name than present day ability to the roster.

Still, I'd bet he will help the Cavs more than other minimum salary players left on the market, but not by so much that I'm any more worried about defeating them today than I was before the signing.

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  • To tell the truth I would be happy if Rose played like that all year season. The way he played reminds me of his rookie years when he was a more passive player. I would rather see him all season just play like a star instead of trying to be the leagues MVP. However be the MVP when it counts, like in the playoffs. I'd rather Rose be the playoff MVP than the leagues MVP. He just has to have more faith in his teammates and hopefully this year we got guys who can make shots so he doesn't feel the need to do it all himself. In an 82 game season playing on surgically repaired knees, the way he played Brazil is exactly the way he needs to play. Screw what all the haters and the critics say, he has to do whats best for his career. Either way we will have a great season and win over 50 games. So i'd rather him save MVP Rose for the playoffs and maybe the 4th quarter in crucial moments.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    It's unlikely that he's going to play passive all season then play like a star in the playoffs.

    Let's be frank, we aren't paying Derrick Rose 20 million per season to play solid defense, pass the ball around the perimeter and take five shots a night.

    He's not going to be used to driving in and taking guys off the dribble if he isn't working on it all season long. That's not to say I want him to throw his body around with reckless abandon, I think he needs to be smart too, but the Bulls are going no where with Rose playing passively.

  • The turnovers and/ or bad passes were understandable as the US team is trying to find a new identity after coach K specifically said that the team was built around Durant. I am happy to see Rose's progress and would also agree that Rose should not be the 20 PPG guy anymore, but more of a floor general to ensure his shooters and low posters build confidence for the playoff. His shooting will come naturally through out the season, as I am sure his killer instinct did not go away.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    his killer instinct did show up against new york in the first home game last season. Let's hope he doesn't get hurt again.

  • Definitely did not see the blow by defense youre referring to he looked very well laterally fighting over picks and putting great pressure on the ball. His biggest flaw right now is his ball handling which will come in time being more comfortable with the ball in hands overall he looked very good for a player who hasnt played in two years

  • In reply to Bully ball:

    One of his biggest flaws has always been his ballhandling/security. He is not an elite ballhandler. As Doug pointed out he has not demonstrated that he has become an elite shooter either. That was the one thing that we could have reasonably expected him to improve upon during his 2 year rehab. It is still way too early to tell, but my gut tells me he will never be elite in either category. I'm starting to think that a good comp for the new Rose might be the original Tim Hardaway Jr.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Did Rose not play terrible the last time he played for USA, then go on to win MVP. I don't think his game fits in too well with other stars, maybe it's the lack of chemistry or coaching. I know fans are mainly just excited to see Rose back on the court and see if he has lost quickness. Until we've seen 20 or so games were just speculating whether he's improved or regressed in certain aspects of his game.

  • In reply to Jamie W:

    I agree, which is why I'm not too worried about USA basketball one way or the other. I'd probably not bother writing about it, but it's the only quasi interesting thing happening in mid to late August.

    Rose's game doesn't fit well with international play, and his attitude there is very different than his attitude with the Bulls. It does say something positive about him that amongst great players, he doesn't feel he needs to prove he's the best and is willing to become part of the team and play a smaller role to let other guys shine.

  • I watched the game, Rose looked lost at times on defense. But that will change with Tibbs. Rose did have a few good moves to the basket. The next two months will be more of getting back into game shape. Team USA games mean very little, the important ones start when Rose is in a Bulls uniform. We finally have an inside game with Gasol and still have a good bench plus good defense to beat any team in the East. We just have to keep Rose healthy.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Let's hope Gasol provides an inside game. I'm not really all that hopeful that he'll give us tons in there. He can also be a high post player like Boozer who will shoot lots of jumpers.

  • I'm not expecting the Rose of past years, so a 25 pt per game superstar is not what we should be expecting.......he's probably more like a 16-18 pt per game player now with more of a focus on passing.....What kind of sucks is the Bulls didn't go to upgrade the shooting guard position when Afflalo and Stephenson were available options. If anything will do in the Bulls this year, it will be mediocre wing play. i guess that shooting guard we all been wanting for years still eludes us.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    "I guess that shooting guard we all been wanting for years still eludes us."

    It does appear that way right now. However, Snell just might (notice might) develop as the SG. If not, McDermott and his shooting may cover the weak SG spot.

    Also, the Bulls have enough for a trade to land a SG if that appears to be a serious need by December.

    Just keep everyone reasonable rested and healthy!

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I'm still hoping for a Kevin Martin trade. As I noted you could throw Dunleavy and Snell and get it done, and that'd be a pretty huge upgrade.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    To me the points per game are sort of irrelevant.

    What is really relevant is whether or not Derrick Rose consistently demands double teams that opens up huge gaps in opposing defense. That's what made him an elite offensive player. If he doesn't do that and scores 20 points he'll be an epic failure and help us no more than Luol Deng.

    If he does do that but scores only 16 he'll still be a huge success because he'll make the whole offense go.

    Focusing on passing is fine, but for the Bulls, he needs to create the openings then pass into them not just distribute the ball around the perimeter like he was Chris Duhon.

  • I just have to shake my head at anyone who thinks this team can win a championship with Derrick Rose being a sub-20ppg game player. For the Bulls to win a championship, Derrick has to be MVP Derrick, Pau Gasol has to roll back the clock on his career and not be 34 anymore, and either Mirotic or Doug Mc or both have to be really strong hits. I'll be overjoyed if just two of the three happen.

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