Chicago Bulls should trade for Kevin Martin

Chicago Bulls should trade for Kevin Martin

It certainly appears from all the Kevin Love rumors that the Timberwolves are looking to exit stage left from Kevin Martin's contract which has around three years and 21 million dollars left. A deal which, in my opinion, is still quite reasonable for a player of Martin's caliber. Martin presents an upgrade to what the Bulls presently have on the wings, and Chicago has enough depth that a consolidation trade makes plenty of sense.

Bulls trade: Mike Dunleavy + Tony Snell for Kevin Martin + future 1st with heavy protection

Maybe the Wolves back off on the future 1st, because they may not be looking to dump Martin that badly, but getting a prospect in Snell with some potential probably makes it a possibility to take back the pick along with a guy in Dunleavy who might have some positive trade value of his own come the trade deadline to at least pick up a 2nd rounder from a contender.

The Bulls on the other hand merge Dunleavy and Snell into the much, much better Kevin Martin. Martin solves a problem for Chicago, he's a guy who can create shots on offense, and while the Bulls have improved the offense overall, they haven't done so much to address the shot creator role.

Martin's coming off a season where he scored 19.1 points per game on 55.3% TS% which is really awfully good, and it was actually a down year for him. He can shoot threes, draw lots of fouls and is an uber-efficient offensive player. The prior year his TS% was over 60% for the Thunder, a number which is just a shade higher than his career average.

Martin's been one of the most underrated offensive players in the NBA for much of his career. While it could be argued that he's somewhat of an empty scorer (not particularly good teams), I reject that argument due to the efficiency he performs at. Empty scorers are guys who need to hoist tons of shots to get points on pedestrian efficiency. That's not what Kevin Martin does.

He's not much of a defender, and he'll turn 34 in the middle of the final year of his contract which means there's some risk of ability decline, but for a guy who brings as many positives, even with some decline he's not on a bad deal at around seven million per year. Tony Snell didn't do much for me his rookie year, and Dunleavy likely expires worthless and will only steal minutes from McDermott anyway.

Martin can come in and take all their minutes. The bulls will still have tremendous depth and could hopefully settle into a solid 2/3 rotation of Martin, Butler, and McDermott taking up all the minutes with Hinrich remaining as a pure back up to Rose and Brooks out of the rotation. Chicago would still have excellent depth to sustain an injury on the perimeter as well as address the need for more ball handling and shot creation on the team.

If they can get a future first (or possibly just a second) thrown in then all the better. Either way, the Bulls won't find such a reliable offensive talent this available on a deal this cheap elsewhere. It'd be a nice way to improve the roster of the team to compete come playoff time. Might have to find a new number though.

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  • If the Cavs did have Wiggins on the table all this time in the Love deal, look how long it took for the Wolves to come to an agreement. Wolves management will try to get everything they possibly can if we ask for Kevin Martin. I can imagine them trying to get Butler, Mirotic or Taj.

    Until Snell shows potential playing in the NBA he holds very little value. You mentioned TS% and I know Martin is a better offensive player but Dunleavy had 54.9% last year compared to Martin's 55.3%. Dunleavy's 3 years prior to the Bulls were 59.3%, 59.7%, and 57.7%. Some of these numbers were also achieved on the Bucks. We may already have a poor man's Kevin Martin.

    We have added a lot of shooting this offseason, more would help but as you said we still lack a second creator. If the Bulls do make another trade that should be their primary concern. The Bulls will probably have to settle for the second option in Martin type player due to the market being so weak.

  • In reply to Jamie W:

    The Wolves are trying to dump Martin and his salary, so they're not going to be asking for any of those 3 guys. Frankly, I don't think that the Bulls even need to give up both Snell and Dunleavy precisely because they want to dump his salary. The team taking on Salary is usually compensated for this. But Doug has always had a Ben Gordon like(and somewhat irrational) man crush on Martin. My bet is the Bulls simply like Dunleavy(and Snell) better than they like Martin anyway.

    That said, I wouldn't mind if they made the deal, if they got the future first since I am not a Snell fan and Dunleavy is likely gone next year anyway. Additionally, it finally forces Butler to start at SF.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Snell and Dunleavy is the minimum Chicago can give up to match salary which is why I choose them.

    I like Martin quite a bit to solve a problem for this team, but I definitely like him a hell of a lot more than I like Dunleavy and Snell.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    But Snellz is da future of da bullz, so much potentialz after seeing him in da summerz leaguez. Seriously, he could be decent in like three or four years.

  • Get it done if it is possible.

    I have always like kevin martin and always thought he was underrated. He doesn't do much other than score. But still, not sure why Thunders let him go for nothing.

    He will give us size, decent 3 point shooting, and a great free throw shooter for the end game situation.

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    In reply to handushk:

    The Thunder let him go for nothing for the same reason that Houston let him go.....for the same reason Minnesota is letting him go.

    I mean.....the guy averages 20 points for every 35 minutes played, shoots 40% from the 3-point line, gets to the FT line at a high rate, and has a 16 PER over the past three seasons....and still he can't stick with a team.

    His defense sucks, but his locker room prescience is worse.

    Pickin' this guy up would be a monumental mistake....plain and simple!

  • In reply to Retired Army:

    You are right, teams always seem to be looking to get rid of him, despite his production, not a good sign.

    He is probably another guy like Ben Gordon who only cares about 2 things, getting his money and getting his shots. That must be why Doug has always been infatuated by him.

  • In reply to Retired Army:

    The Rockets let him go to get James Harden.

    The Thunder let him go because they can't afford to pay the luxury tax and Kevin Durant was pissed about it.

    Let's not get carried away here.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Please refrain from making too much common sense Doug.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Let's. I heard Kevin Martin contracted Ebola. Must be why teams are dumping him year after year. No way I make that trade.

  • In reply to handushk:

    remember the richard hamilton hype. :)

  • I don't think the numbers match. I ran it a few times a while back. I think any trade for Martin has to involve taj. Only way for salaries to match.

    But I love this deal a lot more. I really hope we can get it done. But I don't know if Minni cares for either mike or tony. They like taj tho.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Passed the ESPN trade tracker, remember it's 150% times salary + 100k now not 125%.

  • Ya, you do this in a heartbeat for Dunleavy and Snell.

    Are we assuming that Minn wants to remove Martin's contract? That's the only real reason for this move, I would think, from their point of view...

  • In reply to Granby:

    Reports have indicated that Minny wants to unload the contract.

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    34 years old on a three year deal sounds a lot like Rip Hamilton all over again. Snell has worked really hard on his offense and ball handling this off season, and I really believe that all the added talent and return of Rose will make everything better for all the players. The Bulls were not missing scorers, they were missing floor spacing which allows easier scoring. This team is so set right now that it's hard to see them changing any of the rotation for something new. Everyone on the team right now fits perfectly with the balanced scheme they needed to achieve.

  • In reply to Anthony Hinton:

    He will be 34 in three years not right now.

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    In reply to Chad:

    Thanks Chad, that makes it somewhat a better deal, but Snell just looks like he'll be a better all around player very soon. The makeup of this team just feels tailor made for the players on the roster.

  • In reply to Anthony Hinton:

    What about Snell has made you think he'll be a better all around player? As of right now, I'm not sure the guy even sticks in the NBA.

  • In reply to Roman F:


    Where is all of this Snell optimism coming from? I hope not from Summer League.

  • In reply to Jmax:

    Some people seem to fall for the summer league fantasy every year.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I'm not a big fan of T.Snell but I think he has more in the tank than he has shown yet!! I'm not saying he'll become a great player or whatever but from a physical POV this guy can be a beast (6ft7 length 7.1 wingspan, has a good first step and a nice quickness) he can develop into a good role player (let's not forget this is a physical league) His major problem is mental which is very weak ( I remember at on point last season he started attacking the rim for a couple of games then he got rejected badly which ended up in NBA highlights and since he never approached the basket again settling for contested shots most of them airballing, not quite reassuring indeed) However I'd like for the ulls to give him one more shot. after all trade window close up only on mid february and that's 3 months to measure where this guy could go if he's a disappointment it would be still time to package him for a team preparing for next season free agency.

  • In reply to nightwatcher:

    F.Y.I. Snell measured 6'6" with a 6'11.5" wingspan at the NBA draft camp. Not sure why everyone always feels the need to embellish things that are absolute facts in order to make their opinion look stronger.

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    In reply to Anthony Hinton: are spot on!!!

    Don't know how well Martin will age.....but the Bulls should be wary when considering signing or trading for 30-something year old guards....particularly when they have a history of lugging around locker room baggage.

    There's a reason he's bouncing from team-to-team these days.

  • I feel like you're over selling the benefits and down playing the drawbacks. Martin's one of the worst defenders in the league, and often injured. I don't think the deal is a no brainer by any means, it's a small upgrade that comes with some risk.

    Still it works for me so long as it's not an excuse to not be able to afford Jimmy Butler come the end of the year.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Its a huge upgrade on Dunleavy and the only risk is we get stuck paying a bit more for him than he is worth 2-3 years from now. Dunleavy can't guard SG's either but Martin could give you close to 20 ppg which Dunleavy can't... Besides at 7 mil per how big a risk is it really? Right now he is a bargain.

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    In reply to Chad:

    Ask yourself why as a 20ppg scorer, he could only muster a $7 million per year contract.

    C'mon.....think about it. If he's such a great bargain, why would the 'Wolves give him up....after just ONE season?!?!?

  • In reply to Retired Army:

    Because they're going into rebuilding mode after trading Love, which means there's reason to keep Martin. He's not a piece you build around.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I don't think it's a small upgrade by any stretch. It's a rather large upgrade. His scoring rate for his career is more efficient on similar volume to Derrick Rose. He adds a very meaningful thing to your roster.

    He's also been reasonably healthy three of the past four years 80, 40, 77, and 68 games played.

  • Interesting. I know you think Snell isn't an NBA-caliber player, but besides Jimmy who else is a decent wing defender on this team? A good team defense can only cover up so much.

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    I would rather keep Tony Snell. He's familiar w/ Thibs defensive schemes and it's still too early to give up on him as an offensive threat. What I'd like to see from Snell is him grabbing more rebounds and attacking the basket more for And 1's. He's spent the off season working hard on his game w/ Kawhi Leonard, and Derrick Rose, and his self confidence seems to be much higher than in his rookie season.

    I would trade Dunleavy in a heart beat only to see Mirotic and McDermott get more playing time to develop their games, however, I wouldn't trade him for Kevin Martin. He doesn't play defense, and his shooting is often either extremely hot or cold. I wouldn't mind it if the GSW did a sign n trade with Jordan Crawford in exchange for Mike Dunleavy. Crawford is also either hot or cold on his shooting, but he's a better defender, can attack the basket off of the dribble, more athletic, and 5 yrs younger than K. Martin.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    "I would rather keep Tony Snell. He's familiar w/ Thibs defensive schemes and it's still too early to give up on him as an offensive threat."

    I appreciate that you took the time to thoughtfully put your opinion into writing, but keeping Tony Snell shouldn't be a priority over acquiring Kevin Martin. If you don't want to give your team the best possible chance to win a championship you keep Tony Snell. It's absolutely not too earlier to give up on him. He was the 20th selection in last years' draft. Get over it. Doug's proposed trade is a no brainer if Minnesota agrees to the terms.

  • Tonny Snell is already a better defense than K. Martin with a potential of a break out season. I think Dunleavy is the only trading chip the Bulls have and to be honest, if he is coming off the bench and let McDermott start, I don't think K. Martin is giving the Bulls an upgrade. I think at the end of the day, we all agree that an upgrade should be on a player who can create his own shot that is not a defense liability. I am not sure if there is a player available at this point, so our best bet is on either Jimmy Butler or Tony Snell to bring their games to the next level.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    Not sure I buy that Tony Snell is better at anything than Kevin Martin right now. He has potential to be a good on ball defender but is frequently ridiculously out of position and on offense he's not in the same stratosphere and will almost certainly never be in the same stratosphere.

    I don't think you can get a guy who can create his own shot without being a defensive liability for Mike Dunleavy and Tony Snell. To think otherwise is the ultimate in wishful thinking. This is an upgrade that costs you nothing of value.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Maybe we can get the Wolves to "throw in" Dieng so that we can correct our draft mistake from last season.

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    In reply to DougThonus:

    What evidence is there that Tony snell is such a terrific defender that we shouldn't trade him for someone who could more than double his point production through the gate.

    Even if he was the master defensive ace you seem to have dreamed him up to be, since when are the bulls relying on him on defence. Last time I checked they were doing pretty well on defence with him sitting on the bench. But it does seem pretty obvious that they need to score more points.

    So I guess we could pretend snell is an excellent defender that holds our team together on that side of the floor. Or if we have the opportunity we can send him and his potential packing and bring someone in who can help win us some games by putting the ball in the hole better than snell could hope to do 5 years from now

  • I dont like this deal. I agree with the premise (package up Dunleavy and Snell for a wing player that can shoot and maybe create) but I think its the wrong player.

    Couple of guys I'd like the Bulls to try and get... C.J. McCollum of Blazers. Gerald Green of Suns. Tobias Harris of Magic. Dion Waiters of Cavs. Iman Shumpert of Knicks.

    I think any of the players above would provide some combination of shot creation, outside shooting, defense and athleticism on the wings (something we are desperately short of). Package Dunleavy, Snell, 1st round picks and try and upgrade.

    That Arron Afflalo non-trade looks even more tough to stomach.... sigh.

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    I tend to agree with you that there may be better upgrades available than Martin. However, what's the rush? The Bulls have trade bait in Dunleavy, two 1st rounders next year, and other potential pieces, but those deals can be made later.

    So, I recommend to play Snell for a while and see how he develops. Summer League gave a glimpse of his potential, which apparently some scouts for the Bulls thought they saw. He is working harder and has adjusted his attitude - more agressive, for example. He may turn into just the player the team needs at SG, on the cheap at that. If not, he still might do well enough to bring more in a trade.

    $7 milion per for 3 years is the other factor. That money may be needed to extend Butler.

    As for Afflalo, many posters have lamented missing out on him. Do not worry. If the Bulls need Afflalo, or a comparable SG, they will be able to get him near the trade deadline, provided they have not burned all of their trade ammo.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Also, that 3rd year along with Gasol's 3rd year, likely eliminates any 2016 plan, if there even exists any hope of having a plan.

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    Not sure how many shots Shumpert is creating, other than bricks. Probably still like him better than Snell, since he doesn't play somnabulent. None of those other guys are gettable for Snell and/or Dunleavy.

  • fb_avatar

    I like the thought Doug, but that trade or something comparable will likely be an option midseason so there's no point in pulling the trigger now. Personally, I've thought that a deal swapping Mirotic for Dragic could be a possibility depending on how the Suns start off the year.

  • I am all for the deal unless the Bulls feel like they have a gem in Snell.... doubtful that he is a gem, but he has the physical tools to excel - size, length, getting stronger and a great shooter. He should be a solid defender in time, too. Of course, Snell's contract is phenomenal for another 3-4 years or so... so if Bulls are still all-in on Snell, hold off on this deal.

    I think Martin can really help if he can be had on the cheap - like Afflalo. If the Cavs do not want him, maybe Minn will want to dump him for nothing because they'll be focused on development at this stage and would not need an old guy.

  • In reply to Granby:

    How exactly do you define a "great" shooter. You must be watching Snell in his dreams.

  • Love this post, love the idea, and I'd be on board. I can't believe people here are getting on the Tony Snell bandwagon and perhaps he'll be better in a few years but if the Bulls are going for it this year, Martin is a clear upgrade. As for Dunleavy, he's already kind of redundant on this team with Mirotic and McDermott added.

    Say what you will about Martin's deficiencies but he fits what this team needs extremely well and would likely step right in as starting SG. Butler can start at SF and you can let McDermott come off the bench. With Butler taking on the tough defensive wing assignment, Martin's lack of defense would be less exposed.

    Martin would solve a problem on this team. Perhaps there are better solutions, e.g. better fits at SG out there, but I'd much rather have Martin than Snell and Dunleavy.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Agree to trading for Martin, but Mirotic (stretch 4) and McDermott (2, maybe 3) are not the same position.

    Dunleavy is expendable. Snell too. Bulls probably don't need to throw in a 1st if Minn is looking to dump salary.

    Bring on the offense, Thibs can worry about fixing the defense later... unless anyone is as bad as Boozer!

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I'm probably agnostic on this trade, but would do it because Snell and Dunleavy don't do much/anything for me. However, I wonder if Martin wouldn't quickly become the most disliked player on the Bulls, the new boozer. As has been mentioned above, there must be something wrong with him that has teams always looking to get rid of him. Something that isn't obvious until you see him everyday.

  • Dunleavy is a better basketball player than Kevin Martin. I woldn;t even trade MDJ for Martin straight up. He's smarter, tougher, on a better contract and does more for his team.

  • In reply to 5stringking:

    Even if this were true, the Bulls need Martin more than Dunleavy. All of Dunleavy's assets are assets the Bulls have in spades. What Martin does better than Dunleavy is score, the one thing the Bulls don't do well. If we're going for a championship this year -- and we better be -- I'd rather not rely upon a 34-year-old and two rookies to juice up the offense when a player like Martin might be available.

  • Look, it's easy to get seduced by a player having a few good games in Summer League. However there is a lot more - reports are that Snell has been working out with Rose and Kawhi Leonard, and he certainly is more agressive and shooting better. Plus he is long and quick. Let's hang in there a couple more months with this kid and see if he continues to adapt to the NBA.

    If Snell reverts to last year, he can be moved later with Dunleavy and maybe a pick for the upgrade at SG.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Reason you do it now is to sell high on his summer league success. If he reverts to his level of play his rookie season then we are in the Marquise Teague situation where he is essentially worthless.

    Snell has a shot to be a Jimmy Butler type but if I am the GM he is not holding up a trade for a possible 20ppg starting SG.

  • As we don't know yet how McBuckets and Miro will fare, getting Martin gives us a proven offensive player.
    We have enough with Jimmy Taj and Jo defensively.
    Pau should give us some (proven) offensive and hopefully Derrick will be back to at least 90%, but as this seems the best year to go all-in I think its a no-brainer to have the back-up plan of Martin if McBuckets and/or Miro need more time to get up to speed with the NBA.

    Derrick, Martin, Jimmy, Pau/Taj and Jo is a very balanced five
    (Pau/Taj interchangeable with who we are playing and what the need is against other bigs Wizards!)
    Derrick is yet to play in a Bulls team where he is not the best/sole offensive player so the addition of Martin would not only help take some of the burden from him but would also loosen the D up a bit more than the much beloved Bogans did!!

    If things pan out with McB and Miro, MDJr and Snell are redundant anyhow, but if things with them don't pan out as hoped I would prefer Martin along side Jimmy rather than either of MDJr or Snell (you can't play both of them at the same time)

  • I watched KMart2 alot in Sacramento when I lived there and they drafted him. He is a very under rated offensive player. Good arguments are being made I guess for why a guy with a little under 20 ppg and slightly better than 50% shooting at 6'7" is only on a $7M/yr contract? KMart2 has a decent shot, a little weird where he grabs the ball from his hip before his shot and he has some cut to the basket ability, but Thibs is a master at team defense and Korver raved how much he appreciated his time on the Bulls with Thibs and how better he became on Defense and all around a better player!
    I would love KMart2 in Chicago for Dunleavy & Snell if that is available. We did great this offseason by getting Pau Gasol at $7M/yr! He is at the end of his career but still 1 of the better PF/C in the World, especially in Euro basketball going on now (FIBA).
    I'm really ticked off we didn't draft Mason Plumlee!!!! Yeah we have Gibson, Noah, and had Mirotic stashed away in Spain, but the guy is fast for a 7 footer and him and Noah would sure be fun to watch as both seem like they has growth spurts and were PGs initially early on in their basketball lives!
    Dieng (TW) and Hardaway JR (Knicks) were also sold pics after Snell...I hope Tony comes around and his time gaining good weight and training with his old high school Kawhi L. and Rose etc whould help him! He has the tools, length, shot, height etc to be at least a defensive specialist wing player with decent 3 pt ability!
    The Wolves are taking alot of time, but who wouldn't in considering offers for your franchise player that wants out! KMart2 could be had and is a bargain at $7M, but DO NOT TRADE TAJ FOR HIM!!! ;-)

  • In reply to smiley:

    I agree with you 110% on the Plumlee comment. Passing on him for Snell was madness. In three years when Noah starts seriously declining Plumlee will be an all-star caliber center. Biggest screw-up of the organization since Aldridge was traded Tyrus.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Typo- meant "traded for Tyrus."

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    In all fairness, almost every Bulls fan wanted Dieng that draft over Plumlee. It will be interesting to see who ends up being the better player. Granted we all wanted just about anybody over Snell.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I don't think you get how being a sports fan works. When you miss on a draft pick, you simply zero in on the best player that could have been had with the pick and and talk about how we could have had that player. So forget Dieng, we would have had Plumlee! Unless Dieng or Hardaway turn out to be better, then we would have had him instead. I look forward to spending the next 10 years discussing how we missed on this pick.

    All kidding aside, another good reason to make this deal is that it would mean the Snell pick wasn't a total waste.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    That may be but I was on the Plumlee bandwagon during that spring. Here is this athletic big guy who averaged 17 and 10 at one of the best programs in America and the Bulls drafted this skinny kid from a mediocre conference who averaged 12 and 2.5. Go figure.

    Fyi, SheridanHoops predicts Plumlee will be one of the 12 players on the USA Team.

  • It's hard to see how you don't make this deal if your Chicago considering you've had a gaping hole at SG for a while now. However, I'm not so sure Minnesota does this deal unless either they are high(very possibly if they want this guy - kidding) on Tony Snell or the market for SG's is down right now.

    Martin's value as a significant contributor to a possible contender?In 11 games with OKC his playoff 2-pt percentage on 7 attempts per game was an awful .386, but his 4 FTA's per game and 37% from three point on four attempts per game buoys that somewhat.

    Perhaps Minny liked Snell(?) pre-draft and then his stand out summer league performance has them intrigued..? Still, getting soon to be 34 geezer Dunleavy and Tony(up until summer league a nobody) Snell for an efficient 19ppg scorer? Good work if you can get it.

  • Perhaps the bigger question is: with the hole at SG and the now potential log jam at the bigs spot with Gasol(30mpg- no not miles per gallon), Noah(30mpg), and Taj(29mpg) but Mirotic say he is NBA ready and an obvious talent? Where are the minutes? Isn't the logical move to jettison a redundant part in Taj or Miro in a package for that SG(and maybe another piece) say at the deadline when somebody's season is already down the toilet? It's possible(?) the Bulls go into the season and see what they've got and then look to make a trade at the what Feb. deadline. Though if they could get a Martin now simply for Snell and Dun-l? Hell yes, you do it.

  • Even though I've never been as big of a fan of Martin as Doug is, this trade proposal is a good and timely topic. Since most of us aren't in love with Snell you're not giving up that much value to get him. The question is how much value are you getting back, does he fit this Bulls team, is he worth the money for 3 more years. For a guy who shoots 87% for his career from the line, his shooting from the floor is somewhat pedestrian, 44% and 38.5% from 3 for his career. I'd probably do it, but I wonder how long it would take to start regretting it.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Of course, today's reports could put the kibosh on Doug's trade. The Cav's and Wolves supposedly have a handshake agreement on the Love trade. Either as part of the deal or in a separate move, the Sixers would send Thad Young to Minny for Anthony Bennett. This would probably include moving Martin(and maybe even Barea) into the Sixers boatloads of cap space to balance Young's salary.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    At no point while reading Doug's post did I think there was any chance of this deal happening because I figure the T-Wolves want to take care of the Love situation first, and they'll try to move Martin in the same deal. Only until after Love goes in a deal without Martin do I think a deal like this would be possible. I wouldn't be surprised if a deal has already been all but worked out and they're just waiting for the 30 days on rookie contracts to expire to pull the trigger.

  • I guess there is another factor in all of this - a lot of Gs have come to the Bulls and played very well. A few, whose last names start with H, have not done so well.

    But maybe Martin could be either of those. If he hits, it would be big. But if not, the Bulls could then miss out on Afflalo or another good SG at the trade deadline because their trade bait is gone. Do you want to chance it now?

    IMO, at the deadline Denver would be thrilled to trade Afflalo for a 1st rounder and pieces like Dunleavy/Snell/Bairstow/whoever.

    There has also been talk that the Bulls told Dunleavy that he would not be traded if he signed for less with the Bulls, which he did. If that was a promise, then it should be honored.

  • Sorry you guys but trading MDJr and Snell for KMartin would KILL the rotations. Thibbs would kill Butler because he could never take him out and play Matin and McDermott together. As it stand McD and Butler will make an excellent wing combo in the starting line-up and Snell/MDJr will be a good combo off the bench, possibly playing with Mirotic.I'm with the guys that are saying that if every team he's been on the past few years is anxious to get rid of him.

    I'm keeping what I got Monty Hall, you can keep your Zonk!

  • Minnesota has been trying to dump Kevin Martin for a reason...and is finding no takers for a reason. He is overpaid, is one of the worst defenders in the league (and defense is half the game), his all-around offensive game is lessened because he can't pass or handle, and he is declining rapidly as he loses the ability to get to the line, which he was great at in his early days. The cost to dump Dudley with a much smaller salary and shorter deal was a 1st round pick...Martin's deal is so toxic it would require multiple 1st or assets to get someone to take it on. Dunleavy and Snell are on value deals and you could probably get something o.k. in return for them. Snell is terrible but could conceivably improve, and he is cheap. Unless Minnesota would sweeten the pot with young talent or future picks, which they have no reason to do, no GM would touch this deal. With Rose Gasol Mirotic and Mcdermott (all offense-first players) added to the Bulls from last year, they should see how the team looks before adding that albatross of a contract.

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