Bulls Beat #335 - Derrick's Team USA struggles

Bulls Beat #335 - Derrick's Team USA struggles

I discuss Derrick Rose's struggles with Team USA and why they're still a good thing for Bulls fans.

Bulls Beat #335 - Team USA

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    I like Doug's perspective on the Bulls. A good balance of reason, logic, and self opinionated.

    Personally, I feel that the best thing for Derrick Rose's confidence is to play with Team USA. He gets to play in front of an audience, and he doesn't have to be the center of attention like he will be playing with the Bulls. So far his play has been less than desirable but at least he's not stalling anymore. He's playing competitive basketball again. I also feel it's going to take at least half the regular season of play before we see any games like the ones witnessed in 2011.

    I campaign for Nikola Mirotic, but I also realize the Bulls must have a big season from Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah. They are perhaps the only players who could shift the attention away from Derrick Rose, and he's going to get scrutinized for every poor game he plays whether the team wins or loses.

    I can see Thibs playing a set lineup while refusing to plays rookies Doug McDermott, and Nikola Mirotic. I can also see both of them given a short leash by Thibs. One missed assignment and they're back on the bench. This will also be the case for Tony Snell, Cameron Bairstow and Aaron Brooks. I expect to see them cheering from the bench and Bulls Nation using these guys for deals in trade scenarios in NBA forum rooms and Blog post.

    Personally the best reason to watch the NBA in Nov, Dec and Jan is to enjoy that rookie who's not afraid to be great. That rare find who needs to be nurtured, guided and coached. These are usually high draft picks playing for losing franchises, but they can also be a 2nd rounder who gets it from the start too. Hopefully, McDermott and Mirotic will get it from the start. They must be able to shoot the ball in the basket at an exceptional rate or wait till the next man up is needed.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    Michael that is the sad truth of Thibs logic and as Chicago fans we wish our coach finally get it and learn to allow the young talent to play and learn... It's good to know that we have Paul Gasol and Rose just in case Thibs don't wake up.

  • In reply to Ty black:

    Thibs has a problem with not changing his rotations in the moment of a game or series. You cannot complain about Thibs not playing rookies, he has never had rookies close to this level. Did you really want to see Marquis Teague, Erik Murphy or Tony Snell get more minutes. They didn't look like NBA players while on the court, Thibs didn't have the comfort of giving rookies more time. The only rookie you could question didn't get enough minutes was Jimmy. He got 8mpg but we also had Korver, Brewer and Watson coming off the bench, all better than Butler at the time. Tony Snell got his chances but he looked lost out there.

  • In reply to Jamie W:

    Right, the bigger problem with Thibs is that he locks into his rotations and won't change them, no matter how much less effective Keith Bogans and Carlos Boozer are than other players on the roster.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Doug's mentioned it multiple times with Boozer in that Wizards series and Bogans against the Heat. Don't know if Thibs feels he owes them respect or doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by benching them. If he does the same with Dunleavy/McDermott, and everything indicates that he will, it will likely hurt the team.

  • The good new is that Rose is still healthy, with no setbacks. He does look fast but very rusty and to the point I would agree with Doug that Rose is probably at the bottom list of US players now. But, hopefully the playing time will give him the opportunity to play at a competitive level and get back his mojo. My main concern at this point is that he remains healthy, though. Another very positive news is now well Pau Gasol is playing. He is so efficient and skillful that I think it will make the Bulls so much better than Boozer. I just hope Mirotic finds some time to play, now that it is likely Pau, Noah and Taj will split most of the 4 and 5 minutes. But again, this is a good problem to have.

  • Doug made some good points and I agree with most about Rose and Paul... Rose is rusty but he is getting time to knock off some of that rust in these game and Paul is showing that he still have elite talent that the Bulls will benefit from this season. If everyone stays healthy the Bulls will make some noise in the NBA. This will be a complete team with a bench that will destroy most benches in the league and that will be an added advantage if Thibbs use it correctly and not be willing to play everyone.

  • Thibbs take a page from the Spurs and it's nothing wrong in being a copycat when you can and it's the right way in keeping everyone under 20 minutes a game... The starters will be fresh for the playoffs and the bench having needed experience in playing time that will help out in the playoffs.

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