Bulls Beat #334 - Winning a title

Bulls Beat #334 - Winning a title

I discuss what it takes to win a title, the finalized Love trade, and Derrick's Team USA experience.

Bulls Beat #334 - Winning a title

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    Derrick Rose will not be playing 6 gms in 9 days. Team USA plays in a weak division so expect to the players rotate games in order to keep them from fatigue and injury.
    If Aaron Brooks doesn't cut it on the Bulls the team will either have to rely heavily on Hinrich to play PG or find another gem via trade. Judging on Rose's fatigue factor, or maybe it's the sore knees factor, Rose will not be able to play in several NBA games. It's too much to expect superstar status from Rose after not playing for 2 yrs.
    The Bulls should have a deep team capable of winning against anyone whether Eastern or Western conference, but it's team depth will depend on the improvement of Jimmy Butler, Tony Snell, and the inside presence of Pau Gasol. Doug McDermott, and Nikola Mirotic must also show that they are much more than NBA rookies who can only shoot from the outside. I expect Rose to be much more of a distributor this season in order to preserve his knees from further contact, so the more players will be counted on to hit shots, and create offense themselves.

  • Bulls will be top 10 offense (or better) and top 3 defense this year, which is what the statistics says about championships where they need to be elite offense and defense. I also think Rose will be more of a floor general, like he was on the last exhibition game, hitting the open men and the open men is a darn good shooter or low post guy. Rose keeps saying his game has changed and his basketball IQ is better than ever, so I do think this is his best year. The Cavs is probably the team that may give the Bulls some challenge, but their defense will be so poor that this may likely be the best season the Bulls has to win a championship. My main concern is Spurs and Dallas, who are tremendous ball movement teams who knows how to raise their defenses when necessary.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    "Bulls will be top 10 offense (or better) and top 3 defense this year."

    I agree, and in fact they may well be higher on Both O and D. Between M and M, Snell, and Butler, the Bulls need two of those to be excellent starters. If the other two are decent off the bench, the Bulls are likely to win the ECF.

    If only one of the 4 becomes a starter, then they may need the trade for the SG to challenge.

    After that, they only have to beat one WC team in the Finals.

    Nice job, FO!

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    I really hope you guys are right but I can't see a top-10 O out of this team.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    OK, you may be correct, but name the 10 teams then who will all have better Os.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Guys, the Bulls were dead last in offense last year. The last time Rose played a full year, they were 18th. Now they're going to jump to 10th? I don't see them having a better offense than any of the following:


    I also think the Wizards, Pelicans and Heat will all challenge the Bulls in total offense, probably several other teams I'm not thinking of.

    A better question is: For the Bulls to go from 30th to 10th, which 20 teams are they going to outperform on offense?

  • In reply to Roman F:

    All right, you did list them. Good job. Plus, for sure the Cavs would have to be considered on the list now with Love added.

    Fortunately, most of those teams are in the WC, and the Bulls "only " have to win one series against one of them for the ring. And I can see the Bulls beating any of those teams, provided M & M click.

    This will be a very interesting year to see what the coaches of the Bulls can do with all of their talent, how to blend it all together and keep everyone fairly rested and fresh.

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