Bulls Beat #333 - Team USA Exhibition

Bulls Beat #333 - Team USA Exhibition

I discuss Derrick Rose's performance in the Team USA vs Brazil exhibition, and the Bulls wing rotation.

Bulls Beat #333 - Team USA

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  • 3, 3, 3! the cousin of the beast! Now I'll have Iron Maiden's number of the beast stuck in my head all morning.

  • Unfortunately, I have to agree with all of the major points that you discussed today.

    Thibs will likely start Dunleavy over McBucketts because of his "familiarity" with the system, both defensively and offensively. Dunleavy will likely be a better defender than McD, at least this season just because he is a vet and McD is a rookie, that will be enough to sway Thibs.

    Thibs will likely have serious problems with Gasol's effort in transition and on D, thus relegating him to a boozer like role. Gasol has always looked less than animated on D, but last season he looked like an old dog in August, or 2 pack a day Vlade Divac. Also, in a bogans like way, it will be easier to start Gasol and have Gibson come off the bench in the role that he is used to. This won't be all bad(as was the case with bogans, and the bozohole), since Gasol should provide some added benefit on offense, even if that benefit would be greater with the second unit. Remember that Gasol was deeply insulted that D'Antonio tried to bench him last season in LA.

    Gasol's singing basically consigned Mirotic to irregular minutes, and is likely to cause problems over the entire course of his contract, unless Mirotic blows up and we trade Taj.

    Despite the summer league mirage(remember Anthony Randolph) I still have little faith that Snell will ever amount to much, and would give all his minutes to McDermott(or Mirotic even if they don't play the same position), especially if McD isn't starting. Snell certainly isn't going to shoot 50% from 3 in the regular season(but McStrokin could), I doubt that he even shoots 40%.

    Rose's body(health) looks great, I'd say 100% and better than last season, his game however, doesn't. I get that he is trying to play a certain way with team USA, but at this point who would you rather have, Rose or Curry? Rose or Harden? Those guys look like better(more dynamic) offensive players right now. At a minimum, I'd really like to see some evidence during Team USA play that Rose's shot has improved, after all other than rehab, that's all that he has been doing for over 2 years now.

  • Now that the free agency and draft honey moon is over, I am feeling a lot of pessimism around Bulls. However, I am not on the same opinion as Doug has presented. Rose doesn't need to be the primary scorer on the US team, as what we have the most on this team is scorers. It was noticeable last night that Rose was deferring more than taking the ball to the hoops. What's really positive is that is looks healthy and this will likely translate into the NBA regular and playoff season.
    With regards to wings, the Bulls have a good problem at all positions, with depth from 1 through 12th player possibly be a starter. This is what Thibs will have to manage, and hopefully M&M will have playing time enough to indicate whether they can content for a starting role.
    I personally think there is a possibility that Thibs learned the lessons and this time around:
    1) Change the starting line up on a needed basis to create matching problems according to opponents weaknesses and strengths.
    2) Manage the minutes of all players in general to keep nobody with more than 30 minutes during regular season.
    3) Give enough time to all players to play along with each other and specially Rose.

    Overall, I still think this roster is a team to beat on the Eastern Conference, and feel that this is the year the Bulls will go 100% healthy to playoffs with the best chance to make it all the way. But, this is just my gut feeling, of course.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    M & M both need a lot of minutes to speed their adjustment to the NBA. They are both deadly shooters and could develop into All-stars, so why not move the process along.

    I agree with all of your points, 1) thru 3).

  • One nice play from Rose you didn't mention was a bullet pass under the basket to I think Anthony Davis. That was a sweet look.

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