We didn't see much of Derrick Rose but heard plenty

We didn't see much of Derrick Rose but heard plenty

So the Team USA camp video on NBA TV didn't show a whole lot of Derrick Rose playing. Heck, it didn't show lot of anyone playing. It showed a lot of announcers talking and a bunch of interviews. However, tuning in to see how Rose looked wasn't all that disappointing as probably 40% of the program was dedicated to discussing him.

It would have been nice to see more clips and see more action, but what we got to hear was coach K more or less worshiping at the church of Derrick Rose. He went on and on about how good Rose looked. He praised his defensive intensity and said he was back athletically.

Knowing Rose was going to be a big story, it's hard to speculate how much of the positive Rose chatter was just the hype machine and protecting Derrick and how much was legit. However, everyone from the announcers to the coaches who saw Derrick was pretty conclusive in that he looked like the old Derrick Rose and while it could easily all be fun loving summer PR, it sure beats the heck out of guys couching their words.

For Derrick's part, he said day two was similar to day one. No pain and only one turnover. He said he only cares about playing defense and passing the ball. That's probably the perfect attitude for Team USA. It won't cut it for the Bulls, but he's not with the Bulls. That's what his coaches there will want, and it's good that he's giving it to them.

How will he look running as a first option for Chicago? We won't know that for quite some time, but this is really the perfect venue for Rose to get comfortable playing basketball again. He's practicing with some of the best players in the world, competition he's not going to find so easily for pick up games.

He's going to work on using his athleticism defensively in a way he wouldn't get to in pick up games. He's not forced to carry the load offensively, but he still has the opportunity to test himself against some of the best players in the game.

What's also great about this for Rose in particular is that there are so many elite point guards present at the tryout. He'll get to go against John Wall and Kyrie Irving whom are the next two best PGs in the East which is nice preparation for the regular season on both ends of the court.

For my part, I'm hoping Derrick Rose makes the team, this is great work for him to prepare for the NBA season and hit the ground running. He'll have plenty of competition, and in this point in his recovery, it wouldn't be a critical failure if he didn't, but I'd love to see him get in the extra reps and practice time with team USA prior to Bulls camp.

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  • I'd like to see him make the team also. But this kind of over-the-top praise from both Coach K and they Boeheim sounds like what you say when you are planning to cut him.

  • In reply to sfpaper:

    Coaches K and Boeheim don't really have anything to gain by blowing smoke uo DR's behind and would come across as really foolish to cut him after all the lavish praise. So I'm certainly encouraged by the chance to jumpstart the process of shaking off rhe inevitable rust. I think the exhibition at the UC is going to be fun - except the part where all of the Bulls fans hold their collective breath every time he's on the court.

  • I'd say given what everyone is saying, not just coach K, that he's a lock to make the team. I think coach K wants him to be one of the leaders.

  • I bet he makes the team. Coach K and the USA team will want the stability or Rose on the team in the years ahead. Rose is an MVP and it appears that he's healthy, although probably a bit rusty. He's still just getting to his prime at 25. He is way better than Wall. Irving is better than Wall, but he's still no MVP and has no playoff appearances either.

    I get Westbrook and Paul, but Rose is way better than his competition. He's healthy now. He's probably been playing a lot of basketball (half court, full court, etc...) over the last 2 months at full tilt.

    This is unbelievable for the Bulls. As long as he stays healthy, which is a big IF, but his 2 injuries were pretty fluky. I think (and hope) that Thibs will monitor minutes with the entire team this year b/c that's the SA model.

  • The "coverage" of the scrimmages was almost non-existent. Whatever. The only thing that will matter is if Derrick makes the team and then plays well as a significant contributor. Particularly if he shoots the ball well. And of course can make some plays at the basket preferably dunks and layups in transition without contact. Some are saying they could use him as a set-up guy and not as a scorer. We'll see. First he has to make the team.

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    I try not to take much stock in what Coach K says. He's a flatterer who'll always say the positive things about a player until his team loses.
    I think either Rose will play for Team USA or he'll be part of the final cut. I can't see him getting the ax before Aug 16th when they play in the United CNTR.
    Concern about Derrick's knees should no longer be an issue. He's had 2 yrs to rehab a torn ACL injury, and more than the alloted 4 to 6 mth recovery time for a meniscus tear. His knees, lower back, and anlkes should be the strongest they have been since high school. He hasn't been stressing his body out from playing a full season of NBA basketball for the better part of 2 1/2 yrs.
    Derrick's performance against the elite PG's in the NBA should be the deciding factor on whether he stays or not. I'd like to see him make the team, so he can work himself back into game shape, before the regular season starts,and regain that I'm the best player on the court swagger.
    I read Sam Smith's piece on Derrick and he breaks down how he has worked hard on his defense, how he only had one turnover both days, and how he is working to find his teammates when they are in position to score. This is good to note since I do believe this is how Derrick should be playing on the Bulls. The Bulls have added some pretty good offensive weapons, and they should be used for more than team defense, and spectators to Derrick's drives to the hole.
    Lost in all of this Rose hoopla is The Forgotten Man Rookie Doug McDermott. This is his 2nd stint on Team USA select team and along with an excellent performance in Summer league should make his transition into the NBA an easy one. If there's one rookie who should have the confidence to ball against the NBA's best it's Dougie Fresh. He's a keeper. Go Rook!

  • I'm a huge D.Rose fan. I want to see him lead the Bulls to greatness.

    Coach K's praise for Rose is legit. Very real - not only about basketball skills but the great person that he is...

    Do you think that Coach K holds it against Rose that he did not take his SAT himself? Or, do you think he rationalizes the situation to himself by thinking about how corrupt and misguided the NCAA really is - forcing a good kid like Rose to do something shady? (Coach K is no saint...)

  • I think most Bulls fans are expecting Rose to return at something like 90% of his former self, e.g. still an all-star but not a MVP. By all accounts, this is an expectation Rose will meet provided, of course, that he stays healthy.

    Rose is going to be on the team. It's sort of his job to lose since he's the incumbent. It would be one thing if Westbrook and CP3 were competing but even 90% Derrick Rose is way better than Kyrie Irving or John Wall.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Ya, just stay healthy. Has anyone seriously considered that rather than 90% back, he may be 110% of his old self by the time the season starts if he can just stay healthy?

    He should be about the same physically. But, his shooting and overall game may be better! This could be quite a year for Rose and the Bulls if he can just stay on the court!

  • In reply to Granby:

    It's possible Derrick will be better than ever, but no one should expect that.

  • I'm ready to be an unabashed Derrick Rose supporter again if the man is ready to play basketball again. I only thought the Bulls had a puncher's chance at a championship the year they made the ECF, but I considered Derrick the third best player in the league after LeBron and Durant. And I wouldn't have traded him for either. It's cruel to take so many prime years away from a player who relies on speed and athleticism, but here's hoping Derrick Rose returns to peak.

  • Rose's minutes will likely come down with depth at PG we have now. Besides Kirk and A. Brooks, FO is shopping another PG as I heard. I think this is a message for Thibs to keep Rose at the 30 min top mark till playoffs. We will be fine with depth and offensive power we have now. I am on the optimistic side that think Rose will come back and challenge the MVP race next year.

  • Nice interview with Korver from team USA camp over at CSN. He has nothing but good things to say about McBucketts as a Bull. There were also a couple of nice articles about him at Grantland over the weekend. Everytime I read an article about him, or an interview with him it always makes me wish that he were still a Bull. He just seems like a great guy, a guy that you're a proud to have represent you're city, unlike, say Carlos the Bamboozler or Lance Stephenson. We could do a lot worse than McBucketts "just" being another Korver.

  • I guess NOBODY is goin to give us any info on how McDermott is doing???

  • A quote from DJ Augustine that indicates if not proves that if Hangdog wasn't such a pig by hogging up the room exception DJ would have been a Bull.

    “I really wanted to be back in Chicago, and they really wanted me back. But it didn’t work out, businesswise, and I had to move on.”

    Hinrich was supposedly greatly offended at even the suggestion that he play for the minimum. That's all I would have offered him, and if he didn't like it, F-him.

    In the grand scheme of things, not a big deal, unless, god forbid Rose gets hurt, or not forbid if Hangdog gets hurt we likely won't even get to see if Aaron Brooks is as good or better than as DJ was.

    Looking at this roster, I'm having a hard time finding someone to replace my loathing for boozer, but Hangdog is likely the best candidate while not being nearly as loathsome.

  • It's great to hear about Rose's progress, but apart of me wishes that he was competing against guys like Chris Paul & Russell Westbrook for a spot on the team, just to measure where he's at compared to those two.

    I would've had taken DJ over Hinrich too; I really don't see what he does out there on the court that's more special than DJ (besides play better defense & have more
    size), he's overrated to me & at this point, he should be more valuable in a suit next to Thibs as an assistant.

    Two off-topic ?'s that I have are:
    1. Why's no one reporting on how McBuckets is doing on the Select


    2. Why is Mirotic's name not mentioned in anybody's articles for possible top 10 rookies to make an impact this year? Also, is he playing in international competition (I assume for Spain's national team) this year also?

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