Kirk Hinrich returns for non minimum, likely ending D.J. Augustin's tenure with the team

Kirk Hinrich returns for non minimum, likely ending D.J. Augustin's tenure with the team

It's not clear yet if it's for one year or two, but Kirk Hinrich has returned for something over the minimum (almost certainly the room exception), but theoretically, less than other teams were offering him. The landing of Hinrich ends any hope of the D.J. Augustin remaining with the team.

Maybe Kirk Hinrich will be fine. His on/off numbers imply he's a better player than D.J. Augustin, and he's certainly not as much a defensive sieve. However, Augustin could create shots, and it's unclear if the Bulls have anyone who can do that on the roster other than Derrick Rose. A dangerous position to be in.

D.J. was shut down in the playoffs. Kirk has been shut down for the next three years. I don't know, I suppose it's not really worth fretting over D.J. If Rose goes down, the Bulls are screwed anyway, and they certainly have plenty of guys who should be able to open up space.

They may not have dynamic guys who create shots off the dribble, but Pau can create in the post, and we'll see what Mirotich and McDermott can do in terms of creating looks.

Also worth noting that Chicago may have reached out to D.J. and found his price was above the room exception and thus had no chance to sign him anyway. If D.J. lands for more than that then there's not so much point complaining about Kirk.

The Bulls off-season isn't complete, but the roster is pretty well set in terms of guys who will actually play minutes. If there's any role left it's for a combo guard that can play the one and two and hopefully create some shots off the dribble. Some dude who's six feet tall and can shoot but can't defend or be a true point guard would seem to fit the Bulls pattern and needs.

Roster as of now:
Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich
Jimmy Butler, Tony Snell
Mike Dunleavy, Doug McDermott
Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic, Anthony Randolph
Joakim Noah, Pau Gasol

The Bulls might keep Cameron Bairstow, but unlike past years don't have so much incentive to as they aren't fighting the tax and after using their cap space the difference in his salary being 450k vs the full vet min isn't meaningful anyway.

So the Bulls have a chance to add two more guys at the veteran minimum, which they'll likely look to fill in on the perimeter rather than in the front court given their present depth. It will be awhile before we see who's left, but it likely won't be anyone to get excited about.

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    Bullshad a solid offseason. Not great but far from bad. Wish they would have looked at a SG to allow a butler to move to SF. But maybe they plan to actually develop Snell.

  • my question is whether Thibs will utilize the ten man rotation or not.
    if he does then I believe this offseason has been very good for the bulls, but if he overplays his six/7 top men then I'm fairly pessimistic

  • I think you're right that if Rose can't play the Bulls are headed for another grind out a playoff spot with no hope for more season, so the choice between the two doesn't matter a whole lot in that scenario. Kirk being able to play a bit of SG (really badly on offense, but he can at least defend the position) probably swings it in his favour if Rose is healthy.

    Also worth noting Hinrich played a lot with Boozer last season, Augustin had the benefit of not having that dead weight nearly as much. Since for both players Boozer was a big factor in whether the lineup was positive or negative (Boozer was probably below replacement level last year, any sucker that picks him up after he's amnestied is paying JR free money), so the raw plus/minus situation probably undersells Kirk. With Gasol, Mirotic and McDermott hopefully making the bench stronger I think Kirk will do fine running the second unit.

    I think/hope it's a 9 man rotation to start, with Snell and Randolph only garbage time players, Snell needs to prove he can shoot before he wins a spot on the new bench mob.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    My thinking is Snell can shoot but needs more energy when on court but mainly he needs to develop more confidence and I think he can become a decent rotation player.

  • Between Kirk and DJ, I would still pick Kirk as we saw what happened against Washington. Kirk can at least give us good defense and ball handle.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    I wouldn't. What happened against Washington was that the Wiz game planned the Bulls by continually sending double teams against DJ because he was the Bulls most dangerous perimeter threat. This included 6'4 John Wall and 6'8 Trevor Ariza. How many teams game plan against Kirk Hinrich?

    Kirk plays gritty defense but net/net I would take DJ.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I'm with you and Doug, DJ all the way. Supposedly he got 2ys/$6 million from Milwaukee, while Klank got 2yrs/$5.7 million from the Bulls. I can't beleive that DJ wouldn't give up 300k to be with the Bulls instead of the Bucks. Maybe he thinks he will get more playing time in Milwaukee. I bet the Bulls wanted Hinrich over DJ, and never offered him the room exception.

  • You think Rose would re-work his contract to get a shooting guard......I mean Rose has not been a team player for the last few years............if Rose never gets a Championship in Chicago, he has no one to blame but himself.

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    In reply to CubsTalk:

    You need to stick to baseball -- NBA contracts cannot be "re-worked.".

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    You are confusing the NBA with the NFL. The current NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement does not permit players to restructure their contracts. If anyone is to blame for the contract, it's Bulls managment, but there isn't anything that can be done about it now.

  • Garpaxdorf embody the definition of insanity. They continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

  • Stop complaining people, there is some under the radar excitement for next year. With the MIrotic signing, the bulls can now officially put an all-white lineup on the floor (hinrich, dunleavy, mcdermott, mirotic, gasol) and they even have bairstow to keep the gimmick alive if one of the big guys go down! Sounds like '86 celtics to me. Go bulls

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    The '86 Celtics are in the argument for the best team ever, so if that were true I wouldn't care if the players were all little green men from Mars.

    Not sure why everyone keeps pointing(negatively) out how many white players we have, must be some form of acceptable reverse racism.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    The biggest similarity to those Celtics is the Bulls are hoping that Rose can do a Walton and recover from his injuries to be a contributor.

  • In the end Doug I think the Bulls have been pretty reasonable during free agency. (Probably would've liked a bit more of a play for stephenson though) Really hoped Melo would come (near killed me keeping up with twitter and rumours 24/7!!) and as disappointed as anyone but realistically always thought the money would get Melo and I can't really blame him.
    For me the only thing that really matters for the Bulls is how my man Drose comes back and stays healthy because the success next season relies on him and him only.
    Pau a great get and I think we'll all be surprised how much difference he makes but again with the drose contract (no ones fault - exact the timing of NBA bargaining agreement history!) he's the difference maker and I really hope he can be the player he was previously.
    Lots of unknown about Mirotic but from watching a lot of him from afar in Australia he has a huge upside and easily the best in European leagues but how that relates to NBA form is anyones guess but I'm predicting big things.
    Feel it will be an exciting/interesting season to unfold and I'm optimistic the Bulls will be a force.

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    What happened to Jimmer Fredette? Is he still on team? Any role?

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