Gordon Hayward's max is why the Bulls should jump on Lance Stephenson

Gordon Hayward's max is why the Bulls should jump on Lance Stephenson

Gordon Hayward received a maximum offersheet of four years and 63 million dollars from the Charlotte Bobcats which shows you why Kyrie Irving decided to stay in Cleveland and also shows you why "the max" means something totally different depending where you are in your NBA career.

One of the real oddball rules of the NBA is the way salary slots are protected for older players. The oddity of this is that players are typically worth less as they age rather than more. Take Carmelo Anthony as an example. His max deal with the Knicks is 129 million dollars for five years vs Kyrie Irving's max deal which was a shade over 91.

Ignore whatever gaps you perceive in their talent for a minute, Kryie Irving doesn't have nearly the same risk of falling off a talent cliff by the end of his deal as Carmelo Anthony. It's almost expected that Anthony will be radically overpaid at the end of his deal due to declining with age. From a talent evaluation perspective, a guy's most valuable years are probably 26-30.

The new Derrick Rose rule evens out the playing field for the younger superstars by allowing them to take real max contracts. Thank you 2011 CBA for screwing the Bulls on that one, without this rule, we'd be a lot more of a threat to sign Carmelo Anthony, but such is life. One of the oddities of the NBA is that each iteration of the last three CBAs has completely screwed the Bulls.

1999 installed the max salary which made it so San Antonio could pay Tim Duncan more than we could otherwise the Bulls would have blown him away with money. It may not have worked, but it might have.

2005 created the one and done rule which made Kevin Durant play one year of college otherwise the Bulls would have had him at the #2 pick in the draft in 2006.

2011 created the Derrick Rose rule which added three million to our cap room and may prevent us from signing Carmelo Anthony.


At any rate, the CBA now protects teams pretty significantly when it comes to guys like Hayward. His maximum offer sheet gives him about 15.75 million per year on average over four years. Now personally, I'm not touching that with a 10 foot pole for Hayward, but it shows how difficult it is to pry a good player away in restricted free agency [and impossible to pry a great one].

Even if Utah opts to match this, it's not that bad. It only lasts for four years, and you can live with 15 million even if it's three or four million too much per year. Expect Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe to eventually find similar offers.

When looking at this market, I think the obvious move is to bid on Lance Stephenson before everyone else wises up. You might literally be shaving five million per year off Lance's contract due to his attitude. There's no way I'd rather have Hayward than Stephenson on my team if you subtract the attitude, and Hayward just went for 15. Lance isn't even restricted so a team that signs him definitely gets him.

Yes Stephenson is a risk, but Stephenson provides many of the things the Bulls really need: athleticism, size, strength, and most importantly, shot creation. Stephenson's the type of guy who wouldn't have been bullied athletically in the Washington series.

Imagine the Bulls perimeter defense with Rose, Stephenson, Butler, Gibson, and Noah on the floor. They'd be a complete terror defensively. They'd swallow opposing offenses.

However, the best thing is, the Bulls maintain that defensive identity while getting drastically better on the offensive side of the ball. Stephenson's a young player who's three point shot will likely continue to improve, but in the mean time he can create in isolation better than anyone on the Bulls not named Derrick Rose.

He can dribble, pass, and get into the paint. He's a terror on the glass, and he's still just 23. He's going to get better as long as he keeps working.

You get all of these basketball skills for five million dollars less guys who aren't as good because he's an emotional roller coaster. However, the Bulls championship window is just about closed. Chicago can't continue to wait and hope. Even if Derrick's back he's maybe got four years. Noah and Gibson will be in serious decline mode in two to three.

Whatever the Bulls are going to do it has to be now. They should continue to pursue Carmelo Anthony, but if they can't find a way to get it done then they have to to roll the dice on Lance. He's got the most upside after Anthony and LeBron are off the board and is the ONLY free agent left that has a shot at being the missing piece, however small that shot is.

Lance solves much of what ails the Bulls, and Chicago feels like a locker room that could take on one risky attitude. It's not a move I'd normally want to make. It's a move I may have even said you can't make before, but looking at the Bulls alternatives? It's a move you have to make if Anthony is gone.

Anything else and the team turns to dust while you wait.

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  • I hate to say it, but I agree. Outside of the attitude, the guy is a beast on the floor in every area of the game. He does everything well. He would be a perfect fit for the Bulls given that he can run an offense here and there and let Derrick play without the ball some.

    I'm not sure Gasol should be plan B. Don't get me wrong, Gasol is a nice fit next to Noah and that front line with Gibson and Mirotic would be sweet. However, I think plan B should be Stephenson.

    What happens with Mirotic if we use our cap space on someone else? Does he have to go back to Europe for one year or be traded?

    Can we sign Stephenson to $12 mi/year AND sign Mirotic to about $4 mil if we dump a couple guys? Like Dunleavy and Randolph and maybe Snell?

    It does sound like Gasol is intrigued by the Bulls and we are on his really short list b/c we have sufficient cap space and are in win now mode and he can start if Gibson comes off the bench.

  • I've always believed that most championship caliber teams need at least one x-factor/crazy guy. I.e. Dennis Rodman (Pistons and Bulls), Ron Artest, Vernon Maxwell, Stephen Jackson (Spurs), etc.

    Lance can be that guy. If the Bulls sign Lance and Gasol instead of Melo, I would consider this off-season a great success.

  • In reply to JPesos1230:

    Rasheed Wallace with the pistons
    Chris Anderson with the heat

  • In reply to handushk:

    Greg Popovich with the spurs.

  • I've said.from the start that Stephenson would be my plan A, and that the best case scenario was landing him and Mirotic and drafting Elfrid Payton and Adrien Payne. Sounds like Dallas may be focused on Lance too. I think he prefers to return to Indiana. Anyone know their cap situation? I know they low-balled him already. Just wish we weren't deluding ourselves with Melo when we could steal him now.

  • In reply to sfpaper:

    I would have loved Payton and Payne, however, they went 10th or (12th) and 15th so we could not have had either guy if we held on to both our picks, and arguably neither was at a position of need.

  • I think Lance's offensive abilities are overrated. His PER last year was 14.7, which was a career high. He shot 35% on threes, didn't get to line that much, and turned the ball over 18% of the time. He is a good rebounder for his position and a pretty good passer (22.1 AST%), but overall I'd say he's an average to below-average offensive player, and doesn't give the Bulls what they really need: more shooting.

    Then there's all the other stuff: his immaturity, his practice habits, and the fact that for such a "great" defender, he hardly has any steals or blocks. I wouldn't sign him.

  • In reply to mcbecker5:

    Totally agree that he is overrated, and probably looks better from a distance. Once we have to watch him day in and day out, people will likely cool on him being a "beast" in all aspects of the game.

    He is only going to get more and more overrated as each free agent domino falls.

  • The question then goes to, what would you offer Lance?

    He wants at least 10+ and the Bulls thought that was too much.

    I think he is a much better option for us than Pau is in terms of need.

    So how much would we have to tie into Lance? thats the big question.

  • Lance is a big risk but with time running out on the Bulls, they need to roll the dice. I don't think the Bulls would hurt themselves if they told Melo that unless he's ready to commit today, they're going to move on. He knows by now if Chicago is in his plans, likely not. I think he's just waiting to see what LeBron & Co. do and hoping to find a way to play with his friends, but unless that materializes then back to NYC.

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    I would rather pay for a young talent with upside (Lance) than overpay for over-the-hill stars (Pierce, Pau, etc.). He would be da Bulls' first real shooting guard of the Rose era.

    Sheridanhoops reporting 90% chance LeBron goes to Cavs. We should have some resolution soon.

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    I refuse to believe it. Arison is the best owner ever and Reilly is the best GM ever, they have complete control of everything and would never let LeBron leave and are the entire reason the Heat are better than the Bulls.

    Sorry for the sarcasm but I've been hearing about how great those guys are ever since The Decision, some folks have even used repeated posts and bold font to try to get those points across and foment some anger towards the Bulls FO.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    thought you were serious for a moment!

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    I agree with you on taking a shot on a young guy vs the old guys. The only advantage with the older guys is that you might be able to get them for only 2 years, whereas Lance will cost you 4.

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    I think Lance may be our best option (outside of Melo); Because he fits so nicely into the style of basketball Chicago already plays. Lance already sees the culture and no nonsense attitude that Thibs requires of all his players, and if he goes to the bulls he knows what is required.The pacers really didn'tdon't have a defined culture; That's why they were self destructing by the end of the season.

  • With the position the Bulls are in now, they should go for Lance and add Mirotic with the cap space.

    Just have to hope that Thibs could tame Stephenson's attitude and shot selection, rather he try to do that than attempt to turn Melo into a team player.

  • Stephenson is such a logical choice for "Plan B" that it is clear that the Bulls' brass has decided they don't want him because of the culture they are trying to establish for the team. Obviously, they will not admit this, but the idiotic quest to sign Gasol is circumstantial evidence of this. Gasol would be helpful but the Bulls are already well fortified at the four position with Taj and Mirotic.

    Lance is volatile but he is not crazy like Rodman. The Spurs were dying to give Rodman away several years ago because they too wanted to establish a certain team culture. The Bulls stole Rodman for one of the bigger flops in team history, Will Perdue. The rest, as the say, is history.

    Aside from Stephenson's obvious skills, he has a competitive toughness, physicality, and fire that any team would relish. I don't want dishrag Tony Snell to be the shooting guard for the Bulls. The fact that his price is discounted because of silly antics is an incentive for the Bulls to make an offer. If Warren Buffet were a GM, Lance would be Plan B.

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    In reply to hgarbell:

    Will Perdue wasn't exactly a flop. He had some decent years with the Bulls, some good per 36 stats (career double-double), and played 13 years in the NBA. He's also got four rings.

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    I suppose from that perspective you're right. But Perdue was a high pick (#11) after being named Southeast Conference player of the year. However, Perdue was a career back-up center and, in my opinion, was just a shade better than a stiff. Seven-footers have a way of hanging around in the league even though their skills are not that great.

    For perspective, Doug McDermott was also an 11th pick. If he spent his NBA career as a back-up would you call him a "flop?" I would. I think it really comes down to expectations after a player is drafted.

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    Yea Lance has a moderate ceiling and an enormous floor. Remember Ron Artest as a Bull? Seems to have a tremendous upside too and "potential" to have an offense. Dynamic moves but never turned into much except a psycho and defensive stopper. I like the potential, but I do not see this group "rolling the dice" on LS. I mean do you really want to take all the hard work, drafts, pieces and throw them away?
    San Antonio did eliminate Rodman to establish their culture-and look where they are now. I like the piece by piece building better and we only have DRose's injuries that have halted the progress. And 1 panic move-Carlor Boozer-that has weakened our position. Don't do it again.

  • In reply to NBAflops:

    I beg to differ about Artest. You may recall that one of the worst trades Krause made was Artest and Brad Miller for Jalen Rose and Travis Best. Artest and Miller both became All-Stars and Rose's contract became an albatross for the Bulls which took a few years to unwind. Yes, Rose could score but he was a chucker and a lazy defender.

    But you raise an interesting example with Artest. I would have traded for Artest just as Donnie Walsh did. Artest was also somewhat of a loose cannon but was considered the best on-ball defender in the NBA for years. He also became a decent three point shooter. Tough as nails. The champion Lakers also wanted Artest in his later years because of what he brought to the table.

    I don't think Lance is as crazy as Artest but there is that risk. However, Indiana had enablers like Stephen Jackson on that team. I would take the risk that a strong team environment would keep Lance in check. I also expect Lance to mature. I would not say that the acquisition of Lance would be a "no-brainier." There are risks. But Lance's skill set fits the team. I would take the risk just as the Bulls took the risk with Rodman.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Your memory of Artest is different than mine. Artest wasn't something of a loose cannon, he was a major loose cannon who got suspended for 86 games after being involved in a brawl in Detroit. Then he forced a trade from a Pacers team that had supported him. Eventually, 2-3 teams later, he mellowed out a bit and became known for his playing talents, but we're talking five or more years after the Bulls traded him. He was an all-star exactly once -- even Luol Deng made it twice and most Bulls fans couldn't want to get rid of him. The trade wasn't good for the Bulls but it didn't work out so well for the Pacers either.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    You are overstating your case and understating Artest's accomplishments. Yes, he snapped at the Palace and had a big suspension. Artest was an emotionally unstable guy but was considered a good teammate. His emotional condition was no secret in the league but Artest worked to keep his condition under control.

    It is not true that "most Bulls fans couldn't wait to get rid of him." I don't know what Gallup Poll you saw but lots of fans thought he was a solid two-way player. After he was traded by Indiana in 2005 he played three seasons in Sacto where he averaged 17.6, 18.8, and 20.5 ppg. He then went to Houston and averaged 17.1 ppg. All these years he was also considered a top notch defender.

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    In reply to hgarbell:

    Stephen Jackson was on the pacers last year? Man I am getting senile, these years are just going so fast right now

  • I agree Stephenson would be a great add. To do it we would likely need to make the move before Carmelo makes a decision otherwise Stephenson's price likely goes up as everyone scrambles for what's left.

  • It's tough being a Bulls fan at this time of year. Like a kid at Christmas, you await all the shiny new toys you've seen in myriad games. The King James Champion and Melo Scoratron "with stud scoring, three shooting, slam dunking real life action."

    Yes, tis the season.. of Free Agency signings. The media barrage of "available" dream players coming to a franchise near you. ESPN, you come for the titillation, and unfortunately, you stay for the day after (they've signed elsewhere) emotional gutting. "Dah, Dah, Dah - Dah, Dah, Dah."

    Unfortunately, as Bulls fans, we're the poor kids, and come Christmas morning those fancy top of the line toys always seem to wind up under someone else's tree. Meanwhile we're stuck with the knock offs, or the "used" ones our parents(Gar/Pax) tried to pawn off on us, "See, it's Stretch Armstrong(Ben Wallace), just like you wanted!" But soon you realize, the arms are all stretched out and there are dog teeth marks in Stretch's Speedo. Poor Stretch. Poor you.

    Enter Lance Stephenson. Alright, alright, venting aside, now the reality appears to be setting in, what many of us always thought it was, No Melo, No LeBron, No Kevin Love. Hell, I would have settled for an Aaron Afflalo.

    So now what? Look, if people like Lance then fine. Go offer $12 Mil(?) or whatever and hope Mr. Consolation Prize will sign. I just look at the Pacer's implosion, his overall less then stellar resume/numbers prior to last year's "breakout" 13.8ppg season which occurred under said implosion. Do I think pursuing Lance is settling? Yeah. But if this is what people want fine. Myself, I think the guy is a lunkhead, and we don't have a Pop, Phil, Larry Brown, Rick Carlisle.. etc. to whip him into shape. Plus, his free throw shooting both college and career wise are hardly indicative of a guy whose going to long term hit threes for you. He's at .325 for his career. I doubt the Bulls will pursue him, but in the spirit of James Johnson, what the hell. So it's Lance Stephenson aka The Ear Whisperer. Yippee.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I agree, I've been keeping up with every thread on this site, everything comment. I'm waiting on the bulls to do absolutely nothing as far as free agency goes. Bulls management are just too DAMN conservative and it is oh so very annoying to the point that I've stopped commenting on a daily basis. Bulls still needs a SG and their entirely focused on Melo, which I understand but the need of a SG is a gaping hole on this bulls roster. Melo is either waiting to see what LeBron is going to do, or waiting to see if Bosh is going to leave Miami for Houston which I think he should do with a max offer from the Rockets. This is the same situation as the 2010 free agency, everyone thought Bron was coming to the Bulls, then the decision came down that LeBron was taking his talents to South Beach. All I'm saying is, the Bulls are being played again, they need to go get Stephenson and they can at least say that they did get something. Again... this is 2010 all over again, the Bulls need to be smarter this go around. If LeBron goes to Cleveland, which I doubt, then the Bulls have a legitimate shot at Melo.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Certainly would have rather had Afflalo than Stephenson. At least Stephenson is a shooting guard which would allow(force) us to move Jimmy to SF.

  • Doug, better get your LeBron-to-Cleveland article ready.

  • In reply to sfpaper:

    Why should he do that, didn't you already guarantee than the Big 3 never even considered leaving for a moment, just like Melo in NY.

  • fb_avatar

    Stephenson with Mirotic would be better additions for the Bulls than adding Carmelo. The bulls starting five would be rose, stephenson, butler, taj, and Noah. With a second five of Hinrich after they resign him, snell, Dunleavy if not traded, mirotic, and a back up center. It would give mcbuckets time to learn the system and bring him in slowly. It is a nice starting 5 and a nice bench.

  • Can the Bulls create enough cap space to get Stephenson and Mirotic. We can probably create enough space(might be dependent and what we pay him $10-11-12 million per), but again it will/might require giving up other assets to do so, suggesting that a S&T might be the best move again. Would Indy even consider it.

  • Okay, now likely certain No Carmello. Plan B???

    If you want to win NOW (ie. next 2-3 years), given that Jimmy Butler can play either wing position, I have a question. Who makes more sense for $10-11 million, Luol Deng or Lance Stephenson? Lance has more future and creates his own shot but screws your chemistry, whereas Luol is the ultimate Team Guy who brings equal defense and rebounds to Lance and perhaps better shooting... but we've seen him, and he can't create his own shot, and he isn't exciting... but we want to win NOW, with Rose / Butler / Gibson / Noah / Mirotic / Gasol? and whomever. On that basis, I might just go with Luol after all...

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    In reply to petert23:

    Da Bulls won more games last season after Deng departed (.4375 winning percentage with Deng, .68 percent without). Plus, he's 29 with a lot -- lot -- of miles compared to Lance's 23.

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    Overall, I am not a Stephenson fan, but at this point I'd prefer him to (been there done that) Deng

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    I agree I loved Deng, 1 of my favorite and Thib's Bull players. When he didn't take the 3 year at $30M I was upset, then we traded him the Cavs of all teams for Mr. NBA team killer the past few years Bynum who we waived to save Mr. Cheapscare Reinsdorf some $ that he doesn't need!
    I'm a big time Artest fan after living in Sacramento and seeing him there! Guy is crazy no doubt but fun to watch and he is tough as anyone and will get bruised up to get that loose ball! Like Noah and Taj are on the team now!
    I miss Nate alot, loved that lil guy!
    This is a tough call and I agree with RW that the Bulls are the poor kids who don't get the good Christmas gifts IE: top free agents...
    I would be happy with getting Lance for $10-12M/yr 3-4 years & Mirotic at $4-5M/yr 3-5..? years
    We really missed out on Affalo and we could have gotten him for the laughable small amount Denver did but maybe he wanted to go back to Denver bad where he played a few years ago.
    I see Jimmy Butler and Snell as backup to SG & SF not really starters...however a dynamic offense like OKC has Thabo as their starting SG so us wih Rose & Melo carrying our offense...and hopefuly McBuckets & Mirotic sharp shooters...Butler could be our starting SG.
    I really hope Butler is developing better offensive abilities than we have seen so far! Snell too has potential with his size and adding good weight, but we really missed out on getting Plumlee or Dieng top notch young centers with that draft pick! Hurts even more after we lost Asik!
    I would happy to see Deng back at $10M/yr or less but not $12M/yr obviously!
    We are running out of $ if we get Lance & Mirotic to come here, but DJ at $2-3M/yr would be nice and Jimmer if he doesn't get over $2M/yr elsewhere.
    The Spurs have the blue print for a winning team and it was awesome seeing them embarass the Heat this past season! Should have beaten the year before too! ;-)

  • In reply to petert23:

    I could see another team preferring Deng to Stephenson, but the Bulls need scoring and shot creation more than defending and rebounding, so for the Bulls at least, it's an easy call.

  • I agree on Lance. And given the reporting out of NY, it's probably time to call up his agent. I see no reason to waste precious cap space on a 34-year-old Pau Gasol when you're likely going to have Taj and Mirotic at that position. The Bulls need shot creation and a second ball-handler. Lance fits the bill. He has a close relationship with Larry Bird because Bird is the guy who's challenged him. I think Thibs could be that guy, too.

  • "Imagine the Bulls perimeter defense with Rose, Stephenson, Butler, Gibson, and Noah on the floor."

    Imagine their perimeter offense. You wont need much imagination to do it. :(

    If the Bulls get Stephenson then a) Butler must be traded for a shooter; and b) Mirotic must start, or at least play starters minutes. It's the only way to get enough shooting on the team.

  • Lance is a much better shooter than given credit for. Especially as a spot up catch and shoot player, where he hits almost 60%, which is top 10% in the league. Play him next to Rose and he is a spot up shooter who can also create and is a very good pick and roll player as well. Indiana's defense was so inept that Lance felt pressure to force opportunities that were not there. Put him on the Bulls and we become elite offensively and could even improve defensively

  • Sometimes a team gains by taking away from its opponent as much as adding to its own, such as the Bulls signing Stephenson and supposedly making Indiana weaker beyond just adding to the Bulls. Of course I have no idea how everything will play out, but if Wade is left alone in Miami, would there be some value in grabbing him and leaving Miami without any assets except what can be cobbled together with the remaining free agents. I'm admittedly a poor judge of Wade's ability because I've watched very little of the Heat these past years, including the playoffs and even games with the Bulls. Just from the stats though, in the games he played, he seems far from a bum. I'd take him at the numbers I heard he's supposedly considering from the Heat. A contract that starts high with less every year, say 14, 12, 10, 8, seems justifiable without leaving the Bulls handcuffed in the future. The Bulls have never been able to fill that position and he would hopefully be a veteran leader. Also, like perhaps Lebron going back to Cleveland, it could be a great feel-good story.

    In an alternate universe, Wade stays in Miami and Reily brings in Pau and Deng, and in a shocker, they knock off the #1 seeded Bulls in the first round of the playoffs after Bulls won the league's most regular season games.

  • Looks like Melo used us too... I had high hopes this offseason...looks like 2010 all over again... Bulls won't go for lance... Need to go all in for Love... Mortgage the future!!! This team has 3-4 years tops!!

  • 8 years down the road, a worn out, bad knees Melo will ask Bulls to have him....similar to Tracy McGrady.

  • fb_avatar

    Alex Kennedy ✔ @AlexKennedyNBA
    The Chicago Bulls expressed interest in Lance Stephenson today, according to sources.
    10:36 PM - 9 Jul 2014

  • Every year a team freaks out when they don't sign the big name and give someone a bad deal. I'm worried that Stephenson could be that guy, and the Bulls that team. As for Gasol, I read on RealGM that the Bulls would try to trade Boozer to LA for him. I don't think it will happen, but if it did I'd be happy. I understand what everyone is saying about Pau, but if they used him as Noah's backup it could be great. Gibson and Mirotic at PF, Noah and Gasol at C. I think you'd have a hard time finding a group of bigs better than that. I agree that the Bulls need a starting SG, but the fact that they drafted a SF and all the free agents that are linked to the team are not SG, it seems that Butler is either being traded or he is their SG. No matter how much I or other fans think he should be the SF, they seem to want him at guard.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to PaBullfan:

    You think it would "be great" to pay a backup center $10m per? You're a real bright feller, huh?

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    If it is only for two years I would. Besides, they paid Gibson $8M to be a backup last year and will pay Boozer $16M not to play. I'd rather go into the season paying Gasol $10M to be Noah's backup than having Nazr or some scrap heap guy who can only play 5 minutes a game.

  • The Bulls must also aggressively and creatively pursue trades. Eric Gordon/Tyreke Evans in NO, Jsmooth in DET, etc. The Bulls have to look at shuffling the deck rather than holding onto their cards.

  • I'm worried big time that we Amnesty Boozer, he gets his $16.9M then signs with Miami where he lives for the vet minimum!
    Kinda stupid of the Heat to sign McRoberts aka Jesus hustle baller when they could have Boozer for the cheap especially if Bosh leaves!
    Granger on the cheap is a smart pickup and with those moves likely Birdman and Beasley are gone.
    Talking about another crazy guy like Lance...was happy we picked local kid Rose, minus the knee issues, over Beasley when there were a # of analysts thinking of the Bulls taking him with the #1 pick!
    We could have Beasley now for cheap, but him and Lance would really be toxic to the locker room!
    I hope the Bulls kick the tires on Kevin Martin...loved seeing him in Sacramento, he isn't too old yet and has good size and shooting, but not good/great Defense. Talking of X Kings how about Tyreke Evans...another Memphis guard winning Rookie of the year following Rose's example!
    Rose and Tyreke Evans playing together sure would be fun to watch! They run to the basket like a train and are/were both overbuild PGs. Both more combo guard with Evans having good size at 6'5", he played some SF at Sacramento too.
    Salmons maybe is a cheap vet minumum PG-SF guy.

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