Doug McDermott takes round one vs Gary Harris, I'm jumping on the bandwagon

Doug McDermott takes round one vs Gary Harris, I'm jumping on the bandwagon

In a match up between the guy many Bulls fans wanted [and who was directly traded away] vs the guy they got, Bulls management so far, again, looks smarter than the rest of us.

I have no shame in admitting it. I was a Gary Harris guy. I thought we needed someone who could create off the dribble. Hell, I still think we need someone who can create off the dribble. I'll also throw out there the caveat that this is only summer league, and well summer league isn't historically a good indicator for pretty much anything.

That said, Doug McDermott sure looked like a bad ass last night didn't he? So time will tell whether Bulls fans were right or wrong, but I'm jumping on the Doug McDermott bandwagon early. Give me Douggie McBuckets over Gary Harris (who I still think will also be a fine player).

Many Bulls fans will look at this off-season and say we didn't fill the need of a secondary dribble creator. I'd agree. However, the Bulls definitely did plenty to improve one of the worst offenses in the NBA last season. McDermott can shoot, and he looks like he's going to be a very good weapon against opposing defenses.

After a dominant first game, Tony Snell scored 23 points but on 9/22 shooting in his second game. The good news? He was 5/12 from beyond the arc for another solid three point shooting night. Snell's now a combined 10/19 from beyond the arc in summer league, and if his shot really has improved then he'll have a shot at cracking the rotation and playing some minutes or will at least be a solid break glass [if an emergency] player.

Last year, I harped on Snell significantly saying that he was a guy who didn't deserve to be in the NBA. I'm not backing off that just yet, but I see a little light at the end of the tunnel. However, let's not forget that Marquis Teague looked awfully good in summer league last year too.

However, what's really interesting are...

Doug McDermott observations

McDermott isn't going to suck defensively.

He actually has kind of sucked defensively so far, but he hasn't sucked because he's slow. He's sucked because he plays too much help defense and drifts too far from his man. Right now it's a coaching issue. I've actually been fairly impressed with his lateral quickness and defensive speed so far.

Much like Nik Stauskas said when asked why people think he's a bad defender, his response was "I'm white and a shooter, there's stereotypes". I think the same may end up being true for McDermott. I don't expect him to be a bad ass defensive guy or a lock down guy, but he looks fitter than when he was in college and doesn't look like he'll be a horrendous defensive liability.

McDermott is in no way shape or form a four. However, he might be a two.

I know many of you would have never considered him a four anyway, but I've seen plenty of posts on realgm about him possibly playing the four in a small ball lineup. No. McDermott looks like he's Tony Snell's height when standing next to him but has shorter arms. Tony Snell can play PF before McDermott could.

That said, McDermott definitely looks like he can play some shooting guard to me. His natural position will likely be small forward, but he looks a lot like Kyle Korver in his size on the court and will likely be used similarly.

Whether we call him a two or a three, the Bulls will likely mostly play him with Snell and Butler, and either way he'd likely guard the weaker perimeter player whoever that was.

McDermott is very decisive, reminds me of Korver

Kyle Korver once told me in an interview that part of his role is to apply pressure to the defense by always keeping things moving. He said I'm going to get the ball and shoot, get the ball and immediately pass, or get the ball and take one to two dribbles on a fake then shoot or pass. I'm never going to hold the ball.

McDermott largely plays similarly. He uses his dribble more than Korver, and he also sets up in the post which Kyle would never do, however, more so than most players, McDermott wastes very little time on the shot clock. He's got a lightning quick release if he's open, and he's going to fire immediately in that case regardless.

If not, he's shown that he'll make quick pass outs, or immediately put the ball on the floor and try to make something happen. He definitely looks to run the give and go frequently with quick passes, and he moves around quite a bit off the ball too.

McDermott's going to constantly apply pressure to the defense with his style of play.

Unlike Adam Morrison, McDermott can shoot

So the downside comparison to McDermott has always been Adam Morrison, but that's not going to happen. He's way more athletic than Morrison and his shot is a bajillion times better. I don't know what his downside as a player is, but it's not going to be someone who's shot didn't translate.

We'll see how Doug finishes up the summer, but I've gone from a "wait and see" to an "excited to see" what happens with Doug McDermott.

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  • We still have no shot creator beside Rose. None. ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. The formula to beat the Bulls is to double Rose and you'll win because no one else can create.

    Its the reason that when I saw Paul Pierce sign with the Wizards for the MLE, it made me cringe. Pierce would have been perfect as a Anthony consolation prize and as someone who puts pressure on defenses and who can create off the dribble and score. Even if Pierce is not what he once was, he can still give 20-25 min and defenses have to account for him.

    This Bulls FO still doesn't get it. Still... after 4 years of the same bad movie...

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    Correct. The scouting report on the Bulls remains the same. During the playoffs, put your best big perimeter defender (Lebron, Ariza) on your only shot creator and hold the Bulls to under 80 points.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    The Bulls may or may not have addressed the shot creator issue. However, all 3 players(4 if you count Rose) that the Bulls have added this offseason are positive additions on offense, especially shooting.

    Even last season, Thibs always stressed that he needed more shooting, not necessarily shot creators. Mirotic, McD and Gasol are all better at their best offensive skills than anybody on our current roster.

    With a healthy Rose and 3 new shooters/scorers I doubt that anybody is shutting down our offense with a one dimensional defensive scheme.

    We've all been screaming for years that we need more offensive talent, well this offseason we acquire 3 guys who are all offensive talents and defensive liabilities. Only time will tell if we now have the right mix of offensive and defensive talent(Noah, Taj, and Butler).

    This should be the best offensive team we've had since the Jordan years.

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    I disagree. McDermott can create. He may not do it from day one, but the guy will create. And if the best defender takes Rose, it will be that much easier for McDermott. Not saying he will take LeBron off the dribble, but he will be more than a spot up guy.

  • I smiled a lot last night. Snell and McDermott shooting 3's was a sight to behold.

    Let's see how they do in game 3.

    Jones and Freeman shot 3's as well. Denver played zero defense.

    Doug, I was wanting Harris as well. When he had a great first game, I said oh crap! I agree. He is going to be good.

  • You know, Teague looked better last summer, but I could see right through it. After watching him at UK his freshman year, I had seen enough last summer. He somehow shot a bit better, but it looked like fools gold. He has a very awkward floor game - the pace at which he plays and decisions like when to shoot and pass. His finishing was never good.

    Snell is different. He has all the tools and can shoot. Shooting carries over. Snell needs to get aggressive - easier said that done. However, he has a natural position (SG) and he just needs to add strength, improve his D and gain confidence. All those things can happen for Snell. He needs to be more aggressive, but with Rose back and other offensive options, it's not that bad. It's not like Jeff Green and the Celtics, where Green is paid $9 mil and about the best guy on the team and sometimes he just disappears for weeks at a time... You just worry about that happening if Snell settles into a larger role.

  • As I said on draft night, Doug is a scorer and the Bulls need more scoring. His versatility is amazing. Just wait until he gets comfortable in Thibs defense, he will be lighting people up. He has a very high bb iq.

  • McDermott was great and Snell looks really good, but I was impressed with other guys. I love everything I saw from Bairstow. I think he will stick in the NBA, and I hope he can stay with the Bulls. I really liked what I saw from the PG position. I wouldn't mind if they gave a contract to Baron or Jones. I think they could both be a nice third option at PG.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    I don't know, Bairstow looked very unathletic, kind of plodding and clumsy.

  • McDermont = 2G: I totally agree, at least on the offensive end. I've been saying this and people are calling me crazy, thank you for putting it out there.

  • In reply to MPC24:

    Said it from day one, he was never going to be a 4 and we would have to find out if he was a SF or SG(whichever one he guards less badly), I'm hoping for the latter, even for a 6" 6" guy he really doesn't look that tall or big.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    In fact my sense was that he looks smaller than either Korver or Sczerbiak, maybe those guys were actually 6'7"

  • Thanks for the Headline Doug,

    Not all of the rest of us, by the way, I am glad that you said it first, otherwise I would have had a hard time not bringing it up myself.

    In fact after watching the game last night(just to be a smart ass, and rub it in while I can) I was going to post something like, maybe we should trade McBucketts for that #14 guy on Denver, throw in Snell if you have to. Anytime you can get a 6'2" guy who shoots 35% from 3 for a 6'6" guy who shoots 46% from 3 you just have to do it.

    That said, we all know that summer league means virtually nothing. However, McDermott's 3 point shooting stroke is a beautiful thing to watch, he hit several from well beyond the line, so transitioning to the NBA 3 does not seem like it will be a problem for him. Defense will, but hopefully Thibs and hard work can make him playable.

    I think I going with McStrokin, or McStrokit.

  • I also loved the fact that like Korver, McDermott wasn't afraid to unload from well behind the three point line. Pure confidence that his range extends to anywhere he catches the ball. The Bulls have a guy who isn't going to hesitate and pass up open looks!

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