Don't buy hype of Bulls Kevin Love push

Don't buy hype of Bulls Kevin Love push

ESPN reported yesterday that the Bulls have renewed interest in Kevin Love and are making a late push to complete a trade. The Bulls offer, believed to be some combination of Taj + Jimmy + other stuff seems more likely to be Minnesota simply trying to push Cleveland than Chicago making any genuine push.

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Sources say that the Bulls, though, have re-entered the race and would appear to be the biggest threat to the Cavs thanks largely to the Golden State Warriors' resolute unwillingness to add longtime Wolves target Klay Thompson in any deal.

Although the full extent of the Bulls' offer wasn't immediately known, it is believed Minnesota would seek a package from Chicago featuring forward Taj Gibson and defensive ace Jimmy Butler in addition to other assets. The Bulls shelved their Love interest while trying to sign Carmelo Anthony away from the New York Knicks but, according to sources, have re-emerged as contenders.

So that's the news, but this is so obviously a bunch of crap leaked by Minnesota in order to pressure the Cavaliers that it's not worth mentioning. The Bulls should definitely give up Jimmy + Butler + a couple 1sts for Love if it will get the job done, but it won't.

The reason is Andrew Wiggins. No matter what the Bulls give up, it doesn't equal Andrew Wiggins. Andrew Wiggins has superstar potential, and while I'm not the biggest fan of Wiggins and doubt his ability to get there, he still has superstar potential. No franchise turns down a guy like that for a couple of role players and picks that project to be pedestrian.

Especially a team in Minnesota's position.

Minnesota's potential trade of Kevin Love will probably net the best return in recent memory for a superstar. For the most part, teams who have a prospect such as Wiggins aren't ever willing to trade him for an established star simply because of the salaries, and their inability to win immediately.

The Cavaliers are in the opposite position, and it's a rare position indeed. With LeBron going there on effectively a one year deal, he's putting an amazing amount of pressure on them to win immediately. He's said he wants to get Kevin Love. He's failed to mention Andrew Wiggins in his letter to Cleveland fans.

Cleveland seems willing to accommodate the king, and given that he probably just raised their revenue by 50 million dollars by coming this summer, I'd suggest that's a pretty fair thing to do. His request isn't ridiculous either. LeBron James isn't old, but he's not a young guy either. He probably can't wait around three years for Wiggins to mature.

Even if/when Wiggins does, he's a questionable fit next to LeBron anyway given their best fit is in the same position and he's not a three point shooter. All of this leaves the Timberwolves in the catbird seat.

They're the team with a superstar demanding out, but somehow, they've lucked themselves into a situation where there's a suitor with only one meaningful asset to offer that has more pressure to do so than them, and might actually overpay for Love in the long run. Thus, instead of taking the package and running, they've tried to extract even more from Cleveland.

If I'm the Cavs, I simply hold firm on an offer of Wiggins and salary filler for Love. If Minnesota tells me they prefer Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson to that, I tell them to go ahead. It's a bunch of crap. No front office guy would ever prefer that. Nor would anyone prefer Klay Thompson even if the Warriors were willing to include him.

You really want Klay Thompson on a max deal in a season rather than Andrew Wiggins? That's simply crazy talk. Thompson's a good player who will get the max, and you won't feel awful about it, but you won't feel great about it either. At any rate, the pressure on Cleveland appears to have them cracking.

They're willing to dump Bennett, Wiggins, and a #1 for Love already. If this isn't enough to get a deal done, then Minnesota is just set on keeping Love. They won't get more. They should be thanking their lucky stars they'll get that much.

As for the Bulls? Sure, Kevin Love would look great in a Bulls uniform. Gibson + Mirotic [not mentioned] + Butler + Snell for Love + Martin would seem to be the Bulls best possible offer.

That'd leave them with something like this:
PG: Rose, Hinrich, Brooks
Wings: Martin, McDermott, Dunleavy
Bigs: Noah, Gasol, Love, Bairstow

The Bulls would need to find some new wing players in this scenario, particularly someone who could play some defense, but with the playing time potential opening up, they could probably be successful in doing so. Such a change would turn the Bulls from a defensive powerhouse into an offensive one overnight.

A starting lineup likely looks like: Rose + Martin + Dunleavy/McDermott + Love + Noah. That's three great outside shooters along with Rose and Noah? They'd be extraordinarily difficult to stop. It's a team with best offense in the league potential that just needs defense coached up but has the best defensive coach in the NBA.

The Bulls should put that offer on the table (they could swap Snell for Dunleavy if they really believe in him and want his defense), but it's about the best they can do, but if I'm the Timberwolves, I say thanks for driving up the offer price then go ahead and take Andrew Wiggins.

*** Update
Chris Sheridan says the Bulls offer is Gibson + Mirotic + McDermott (not far off my guess). I don't think this changes anything, Minnesota still goes with Wiggins, but if true, it certainly looks like the Bulls are going all in to try.

Any Bulls trade would need to wait 30 days from the signings of McDermott/Mirotic, but that's more or less irrelevant in the off-season.

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    I don't buy the hype either. Andrew Wiggins is box office. It's his boyish smile, accute personality along with his athletic gifts which will have kids wearing his jersey whether he plays in Minnesota or Cleveland. However, it's not just Wiggins which makes me think Love's agent is using the Bulls as patsy's to stimulate trade talks, but Love himself has to be looking at the recent additions the Bulls made at PF and say to himself "Why would I go there?" The recent signings of Pau, Mirotic, and draft picks McDermott and Bairstow to go along w/ 6th man of the year runner up Taj Gibson makes the PF position the least desired position of need for the Bulls at this time. .

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    If the Bulls made a trade, they'd likely lose Gibson/MIrotic and have plenty of room for Love, but they still couldn't top Cavs offer.

  • I would be more concerned on Cavs with Wiggins (potential super tar) than with Love, to be honest. They sure would be an offense power with Love, but with no elite defense other than LBJ. This would be a positive news for the Bulls, which I hope Minnesota can extract more assets from Cavs than just Wiggins and first round picks. Perhaps they can get Varejao too and Cavs will be left with no center.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    I have read a lot of posts recently about how the Bulls should fear Wiggins more than Love as an opponent. Although I understand the argument I must vigorously disagree. I watch dozens of TWolves games a year on TV, and see many games in person. Love is one of the few NBA stars that can totally dominate a game. He is probably the only "triple threat" player in the NBA in these skills- scoring, rebounding, and passing. He is ultra-competitive, on a par with Noah IMO.

    The reason the TWolves have not been better is a combination of three things: 1) the strength of the Western Conference, 2) incompetent management (Kahn, Taylor), 3) and injuries to key players the last couple of years. Put him with Lebron/Irving and you are looking for major trouble. Wiggins is two to three years away even if he does become the threat people foresee.

  • This is an off topic question. I have read so many people commented that Gasol is in a steep decline. I cannot claim that I've watched Gasol play much the past 2 years so I am not going to argue much. Does anyone that actually watch Lakers play last couple years able to comment on this? His stat certainly doesn't indicate him declined much. The only stat that declined was the shooting percentage which we can potentially blame the terrible team that he is on.

  • In reply to handushk:

    He has lost several steps and its easy to pad your stats when you are the only NBA player on your team. Let's just say he has no chance of averaging 17.4 and 9.7 on the Bulls.

  • I have never believed that the cavs have offered wiggins. Bennett plus Tristan Thompson and a couple of #1's is a serious haul for Love, and I think better than the GSW offer or the Bulls offer. Bennett has serious potential and is on a cheap deal. The GSW deal dooms MN to mediocrity. Those guys are good but expensive and make you a 35 win team in the West.

    If Wiggins is in the deal, it is a no-brainer if you are MN. I think the only way the Bulls have a shot is if Wiggins is not in the deal. The crazy move for the Bulls would be to trade Noah and Mirotic for Love and Dieng. MN could either build around Noah or trade him to a contender for a huge haul. A frontcourt of Pau, Love, Gibson and Dieng would be interesting. Sounds crazy, except Love is 26 and Noah is 30. Rose is 26.
    This is all worthless speculation b/c at some point Wiggins gets in the deal and Love goes to Cleveland.

  • In reply to piggy7:

    I've focused on Bennett during summer league and watched some footage of him.....Let me tell ya, he's got Eddy Curry written all over him. Not that Eddy Curry, if more disciplined, couldn't have been a solid contributor. But at the end of the day, Bennett shouldn't have never been drafted #1 and has a seriously low basketball IQ. I remember hearing a story that Houston offered Ralph Sampson (shortly after drafting him) for Larry Bird. Red Aurbach balked at the idea. Why? Because Larry Bird was an established star. Proven Assets will and should always be worth more than high draft picks with marketable smiles. If I were Cleveland, I would be offering my entire team up for Kevin Love. Bennett is a soon to be bust and Kyrie Irving is a poor man's Allen Iverson. By the way, I think there will be some serious love lost between James and Irving if the latter doesn't share the ball. I'm looking forward the unprofessional drama that will stem from those two styles clashing. But I'm sure Irving will learn that there is just one KING eventually. But to sum up, Cleveland doesn't even have a punchers chance without Kevin Love in the East. I'm telling you, the Bulls will do to Cleveland, what San Antonio did to the Heat in the finals. All day, Every day. Heck, the Wizards will probably shut down Cleveland as they presently stand.

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    In reply to piggy7:

    You have to be the biggest idiot I have ever seen post on here. Bulls aren't putting Noah in any deal for Love. Please do not post on here again moron

  • In reply to Jeremy Adams:

    Calm down dude, it's an opinion, no need to insult the man.

  • Doug - I admit that I was excited thinking the Bulls might be stealthily working on something - to swoop in and maybe steal Love - but having a few hours to ponder it, I eventually came up with same conclusion as you.

    One - the Bulls really dont work in stealth or plotting mode. Two - it makes more sense that this is coming from Minny as a way to pressure Cavs to up or firm the offer. The Cavs trade of non-guarantees makes me think that a Cavs-TWolves deal is inching closer to being done, even if it might not be complete till next month.

    As for the Bulls, they are once again being used to gain leverage. It really sucks being in this position but GarPax has become the target of these games more often than not because they are often too passive. Unfortunately, I think the Bulls are content with another safe offseason that doesn't see them part with their "precious core" who are so overvalued in their eyes. All the talk of Bulls being ready to move guys like Butler or Gibson or Noah to get stars or better players was all for talk. There are still moves to be made and though they have improved their objective of getting shooting, there remains one GLARING area that needs attention - a secondary shot creator - but maybe the Bulls will address that next offseason as they only seem to be able to take on completing one objective at a time.

    There's no progressive, forward-thinking, market exploitative plan in place and we'll probably be another excellent regular season team that gets bounced in the second round of the playoffs. This FO has once again put its contending hopes on the slimmest of margins, grinding out games, great health and a lot of things going right. And Bulls fans will get all excited, hyped up, only to be disappointed again.

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    I fully agree I know Doug sees this team as legit threat to go all the way but I still think we are still a one dimensional offense. Shooters are great but if they can't generate open looks because you only have one guy whose a threat to take you off the dribble then it will be another grind it out playoffs. Hopefully I am wrong but this team still seems painfully easy to scheme against. No doubt they will probably be a top two seed with their depth but make no mistake these are NOT the Spurs of the east. Jimmy is no Manu and McDermott is no Kawhi Leonard.

    I 100% agree that all the Bulls fans will be thinking this is the year by the end of the regular season only to find out that we are still not built for playoff ball. It's just such a glaring flaw that GarPax has refused to address and I think they don't get it. It's just too easy to say they haven't been in a position to make those moves but just this year they chose Kirk over DJ and Pau over Lance. They didn't go after OJ Mayo when he was available instead they almost always go old.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Finally! Someone else who gets it!

    We are not Spurs East. We dont have a Manu type player shot creator, who can create on his own, hit outside shots and find others. And unless Butler greatly improved offensively, we dont have an 2-way star in the making like Kawhi Leonard. AND we dont have a big picture thinking, pulse of the team coach like Pop with a progressive offense, doesn't always point to his defensive lapses when his offense sucks.

    Time for Bulls fans to wake up!

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    You wrote, "GarPax has become the target of these games more often than not because they are often too passive." Not this time. They are in the conversation because they have a lot of pieces to offer in a trade for Love! So, they are trying to make this happen.

    However, Gibson, Mirotic, and McDermott could be too much to give up for Love. Why? Because Taj can be a strong starter on both O and D, and M and M could be a pair of All-stars that bring a title to Chicago. And all 3 are on good contracts for Chi. I am afraid Minny may take the Bulls' offer, it the rumor is legit.

    Plus, if the health of Rose does not hold up, then if M and M do develop nicely the Bulls might only need someone like Afflalo next year to challenge for the ECF. In fact, with the addition of M and M plus Gasol, that might even happen this year if Rose is done.

    I do think Rose will be good this year, however. If so, Chi will be contending with or without the trade for Love.

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    Don't be upset that the Bulls are being used as leverage. In fact, I believe that the Bulls would do so voluntarily. Because that leverage is being applied against their top division/conference rival now and in the forseeable future. It's basically a given that Love will end up on the Cavs. But whatever contributes to the Wolves extracting a higher price for him is a benefit to the Bulls as well.

  • In reply to caffeiNater:

    It is definitely a great point but one could also argue that the Bulls might certainly affect the stalemate with the Cavs and Warriors for their refusal to include Wiggins and Thompson in their respective deals. There is a chance that the Twolves stand pat until one team caves and they could potentially wait even till the trade deadline when more teams can get involved. As a Bulls fan, I'd either want Love for the Bulls and then GS. If only both are out, then yes, my drummed up interest would help Minny extricate as many assets as possible.

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    In this case there is nothing wrong with being used for leverage if you divisional rival is forced to sacrifice more talent.

  • The Bulls roster is basically set as it is, we've all known that for a while. This is not a championship roster, let's compare it to a Lakers roster that did win two championships:

    Kobe > Rose
    Pau then > Pau now
    Bynum = Noah (maybe Noah's a tad better but only a tad, Bynum was awfully good back then)
    Fisher = Butler (I'd take Fisher but let's call it even)
    Ariza/Artest > Dunleavy or McDermott or whomever

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Kobe > Tony Parker
    Pau > Splitter
    Bynum = Duncan (old Duncan)
    Fisher = Danny Green
    Ariza/Artest = or > Leonard
    This years Spurs team isn't as good as that Laker team. What does that have to do with next season.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Interesting points... maybe you don't need as much to win now as you did then.

  • This is a losing proposition for LeBron. And for Cleveland. LeBron should have mentioned Wiggins in that letter and played his hand a bit better. Now, everyone knows that he is pressuring the Cavs to do this deal just like he pressured Miami to draft Napier, a 5'10" PG that would not have even been a 2nd round pick if it weren't for a few good tourney games.

    Wiggins can shoot. He is a high level defender already. Why not keep him and let him develop. And draft 3 more guys next year - or trade a pick for a vet? Wiggins is the real deal and cap friendly until LeBron is 35. He could rival Butler as the game's most elite wing defender now.

  • Media reports Bulls have offered Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic and Doug McDermott to Twolves for K.Love.

    Hell no!

  • In reply to Sluggers:

    Why not? A role player and two prospects for one of the top 10 players in the NBA sounds like a good deal for the Bulls.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    "Why not?" Because, Roman, one of the "prospects" is the third highest scorer in NCAA history! And the other is a young Euro MVP candidate who is also a deadly shooter. And the two will come cheaper than Love for 3 years.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Sluggers:

    They have to wait 30 days after the signing dates to trade McD or Mirotic; hopefully, it'll give the FO time to pull their heads out and take this ludicrously ridiculous offer off the table. For the way the Bulls are currently constructed, the oft-injured Love wouldn't even be my first pick off the Twolves' roster (I'd take Kevin Martin in a heartbeat).

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    You'd take the also oft injured Kevin Martin, who is 6 years older, and an even worse defender than Kevin Love? You can not be serious.

  • In reply to Sluggers:

    I am a big fan of Love (see above) but I agree that is too much. I think McDermott can be something special. Less enthusiastic about Mirotic. I would give them Mirotic, Snell, and the Sacto pick. If necessary, I would also send Taj. That would be my limit.

  • In reply to Sluggers:

    If this is true, I've got only 4 Letters for you.... ADED... thats All Day Every Day.

    The easiest way to look at this is... is Taj, Nikola or Doug going to ever make an All-Star team or be a Top 10 player in the league? Not likely and No. Are they the missing link or superstar that puts you over the top to getting a championship? No. Then its pretty clear. This is starting to sound like Luol Deng-Kobe Bryant trade rumors and Bulls fans scared to trade Deng because Deng was still an unknown... lol.

    If you walk away from a trade with the best player in the trade, you win 9 out of 10 trades. This is not hard people.... you make that deal ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    Good point. I like that... ADED!

  • In reply to Sluggers:

    I'd do it.

    Mirotic is the centrepiece of the deal, a guy that the Bulls hope will develop into a poor man's Kevin Love minus the rebounding. Love is only two years older, so it's not like it's even young for old. It's cashing in a prospect for someone who is right now more than what you even hope for the prospect to be. To me this is a simple decision, maybe Mirotic becomes a star, but there's a very big chance that his value is never going to be higher than before he plays an NBA game. Cashing in on him now is the right move.

    Gibson has been great on the Bulls, but if Love is playing 36 a night at PF then Gibson's role is going to be pretty small, so it makes sense to include him in the deal. He's 29, you stick him on the bench and his numbers go down then he's not fetching you much if you keep him.

    If you're getting Love it's a win now move, McDermott as a rookie is always going to be available in such a move. Prefer to keep him but if it's what it takes, it's what it takes. Sign a vet who can shoot and move on. It's not like anyone thinks McDermott is going to be a star that burns you for letting him go, he'll be a solid role player.

    This is the move everyone has been wanting the Bulls to make for years - consolidate three good players into one great player. No point getting nervous about pulling the trigger when the moment arrives. Rose/Love/Noah is a championship core, they're not just three all-stars they actually have games that fit together. There will always be the "if healthy" concerns, but any roster with Rose is going to have that question.

    That said, if I'm Minny I still take Wiggins - you always take the guy who has the potential to be a star and you'll have on a rookie contract for 4 years. If Love goes then there's no point tread milling. But hey, if they made good decisions they wouldn't be in the position where Love wanted to leave anyway, so I guess there's hope.

  • So now we're "threatening" the Cavs as rivals to steal away Kevin Love. It just doesn't end. Why is it that the Bulls seem to get used like a dish rag every time some NBA franchise wants bargaining leverage? Possible answers: Major market hype(money), post Jordan void, Rose contender hype(hype being more so post injuries), and less then savvy management(viewed by some) in Gar/Pax.

    While I piled on the media distrust aka Riley hate with the James to Cleveland story(admittedly to ad nauseam), still more times then not these "reports" involving the Bulls such as Carmelo simply don't come to fruition. So let me say with finality that Kevin Love is NOT coming to the Bulls. That way, similar to the Cleveland stunner(to many anyway) maybe it will actually come true.

  • So who would be willing to take the bench role? Did Gasol not say he was promised a starting role.

  • 22, 27, 64. That's how many games Love missed in three of his six years. Is he really who you want to pair with Rose? I don't doubt that Love is really, really good. The way so many have turned on Rose, how will they react to Love if he misses a big chunk of games again?

  • Ah, the whine always flows freely in Chicago!

    A. Making a trade offer (or a FA contract offer) that isn't accepted is not a sin.

    B. Since no one really knows what the Cavs or GS is currently offering assuming rejection and letting it stop you from making the best offer you are willing to make is stupid.

    C. If Love to the Cavs is truly inevetable, it is (almost) as much in Bulls interest as Minny's for the 'Wolves to extract as much from them as possible. So speculating who is "using" who to do so is as pointless as it is speculative.

    In the end Doug is correct. Bulls fans shouldn't get too hopeful Love will be in a Bulls uni. (And besides, as we've already retired one Love's jersey, it would get too confusing for another to come along!)

    But I have a question. I know the media hype machine has been telling us from his cradle days that Wiggins is a franchise player who will land on the NBA's Mt. Rushmore before he's done. But he was an ok college player and a so-so summer league player . Doug says he's not a fan and doubts his ability to deliver on the hype, and I can understand that. Where is the evidence to support the other side?

  • In reply to Huskerpowerforward:

    When Wiggins scored 4 points in the biggest game of his brief college career, Coach Self said that is Andrew Wiggins, he always leaves you wanting more.

    Super athlete, questionable heart.

  • In reply to Huskerpowerforward:

    In terms of other side, are you talking about his ability to be a superstar? If so, I think you look at the following:

    Elite althleticism, size and length
    Elite defender
    Good, pure shooter

    He may not have the alpha dog gene
    He is inconsistent.

    But, he is 19! He was 18 for almost the entire college basketball season. Would Michael Jordan at 17-18-19 have knocked our socks off if his hype machine was like that of Wiggins?

    On the Cavs with James and Irving, Wiggins could develop without such scrutiny. He could be special and challenge MJ, Duncan, Kobe for ring count.

  • fb_avatar

    Not many like the idea, Trib poll is 80-20 AGAINST Gibson/McD/Mirotic package for Love,,0,3538750,post.poll

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    Because generally Bulls fans couldn't tell talent and a good deal if it slapped them in the face.

    Chicago has always had a soft spot for the underdog, do-good, try-hard, grinder, lunch pail guy or the young prospect/rookie that has potential over a guy that is just plain more proven and talented. It is a sickness that runs rampant across all Chicago sports teams.

    Kudos to the Bulls FO if this indeed is true and they really are going for it. I would have retract all the bad things I've been saying all offseason but I'd be glad to do so if they got it done.

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    I am surprised that fans haven't seen enough of the try-hard Bulls.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Its almost a sense of pride that Chicago fans get... to root for a team has to grind and lunch pail it out to win a championship (which almost never happens) but they fail to see that the teams that have won consistently, 90' Bulls, '10-'14 Blackhawks are teams that were just the most talented. Winning wasn't a grinding and try-hard... it really is a disease of the mindset.

  • fb_avatar

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  • Is everybody here nuts? Trade away McDermott, trade away Mirotic, trade away Gibson, Snell, and draft picks for K. Love? What are all of you smoking, drinking, or chewing? The Bulls are good just like they are now--with Championship written all over them--why trade for anybody including love who cannot replace those four positions? He can only play one position guys and his defense is suspect.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Dead on! Too much potential to give up for Love. I could see Mirotic or McDermott, but not both.

  • Like most seasoned fans, I'm barely giving this new Love rumor the time of day. That said, I'd trade any number of the parts talked about for Love. Fans over-coveted Luol Deng for years and in the end he got traded for a couple second round picks. You've got to cash it all in for a proven superstar if you can.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Agreed. At 1st I was against a potential trade for Love, but the guy is a proven star and that's something we need. I'm tired of watching the Bulls try and groom potential and win regular season games with only defense, then get swept in the 1st round of the playoffs. I think getting Love would be a step in the right direction and would give up almost any combination to get the deal done.

  • Trade for a shooting guard if you must not for a front court player we are already strong at.

  • In reply to Sluggers:

    You can't pick when stars come on the market. There's no star shooting guard going for 50 cents on the dollar, the James Harden ship already sailed.

    Also Kevin Love being a great shooter himself makes the SG situation a lot simpler to fill, you can afford to start a below average shooter like Butler when you've got a stretch 4 as good as Love.

  • I like the idea of having Love, but would not do the trade. It's not that I think they have a better team this year without him, but that I think they would be handcuffing themselves. Love is going to get a Max deal. Just say he gets $20 million (which is probably low). Rose is getting $18, Noah $12, Gasol $7, and Dunleavy $3. Those are the guys getting the most money on the team and that adds up to $60 Million on just those guys. If they want to keep Butler, they may have to come up with a big pay day. Where is it coming from? What if Snell turns into something worth keeping? What if the team doesn't win, that they need more depth or more talent? Are people still wanting a good shooter at SG?
    I believe that if they do this trade that they lose all flexibility. Look at Miami. They were in a spot where they had no way to make real improvements to their team because they had so much tied up in three guys. I know they won two championships, but I doubt anyone is going to say that Love is as good as Lebron.
    As for this year, I think the team is capable of winning the east with or without Love. I also think that if they did come out of the East, that both versions would lose to the West. But I'm also a believer in what I saw from McDermott and I believe that Mirotic will be an All-Star in a few years. I like how the Bulls are structured right now. They have a good mix of older players who can help win now and younger player who can give them options if they fail to win. If they make this trade and Rose goes down again, his career is basically done. Then you are looking at Love and Noah being the only real players left with no flexibility or money for three or four years. Unless you trade Love.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Good analysis. I agree.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    I don't think Rose's health should factor into the decision. The Bulls suffer a huge setback if Rose can't play, but it's no worse if the Love trade is made.

    If you trade for Love you ask him to opt into the final year of his deal like Chris Paul did for the Clippers. That way if Rose goes down you're in the situation the Timberwolves are right now in terms of bargaining position, and you can trade Love for about the same assets you gave up for him.

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