Derrick Rose on the 19 man roster for team USA, Bulls dump Anthony Randolph

Derrick Rose on the 19 man roster for team USA, Bulls dump Anthony Randolph

Derrick Rose is officially on the 19 man roster for team USA which is great news for Bulls fans. Practicing against the best in the league will be good practice for him and help him find his rhythm prior to training camp which should help him get off to a better start this season.

Derrick struggled once the NBA season kicked off last year and was just starting to find his form when the meniscus injury struck. Hopefully some time with team USA will allow him to get better faster and start the season strong.

That said, after three playoffs without Rose, what's far more important is whether he can finish the season strong and be available when Bulls fans want him most. I like the move for Derrick though and hope he can make the cut for the team. Russell Westbrook won't be participating so Rose's odds will be a bit better.

He'll likely have to beat out one of Lillard, Irving, or Curry in order to make the squad. All three are superior shooters (presuming Rose hasn't massively improved his shot) which is awfully important in the international game, and none of the three will be coming off of major injury either.

If Rose can't make the cut, it will show just how rusty he is. Bulls fans hope to see Rose return to the elite ranks of the NBA, so beating out one of three PGs which doesn't even include Chris Paul should be a reasonable task if he's fully healthy and fully ready, however being out of the sport for so long may make him rusty enough that it's a daunting task.

Bulls gave up two 2nds and cash to dump Anthony Randolph

So the price was absurdly high and not high at all depending on how you want to look at it.

Randolph only made 1.8 million, and honestly, I'd have been more than willing to take a flyer on him at that price anyway. For that reason alone I thought the Bulls would find someone who'd take them off their hands fairly cheaply. The Raptors dumped Steve Novak for a single second rounder and he was owed over seven million.

Randolph was owed less than one million over the vet minimum, and there were a slew of teams with cap room. It shows just how toxic the guy is that it took two second and cash to convince Orlando to do the deed.

That said, the Bulls clearly emptied the phone book trying to get rid of him, and Denver obviously knew this ahead of time or wouldn't have fought so hard to get him onto the Bulls in the first place.

Now all that said, while the price seems high for the service rendered, it's only because the service was small. The picks given up were the Bulls 2nd rounder and the Blazers 2nd rounder, neither pick projects to be particularly worthwhile next season.

Once second rounders get past pick #40 the hit rate on them drops considerably, and both of these picks should be closer to 50 where hits in the second round are extremely rare. Some have made the claim that now Doug McDermott better be a real bad ass because the Bulls gave up so much to get him.

Well, I certainly hope he's a bad ass, but throwing in a bunch of late second round picks doesn't mean a whole lot to me one way or the other. The guys taken with these selections so rarely pan out that I'd never hold up a move over the inclusion of one.

The Bulls presumably had to make this move to free up room for contracts already agreed to in principle but not signed (Mirotic/Gasol), and it will not open up cap room for other moves. I don't know this officially, but it stands to reason the Bulls wouldn't dump cash and two second rounders for enough cap room to sign a 1.8 million dollar player vs a vet min player.

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  • So, the team is pretty much set outside of a few guys at the end of the bench?

    This team can be really good. They can win the East in the regular season and probably get to The Finals. The East will be deeper, but no dominant teams. If the below keys fall into place, this team could a top 3-4 team in the NBA.

    1. Rose's health
    2. Butler's perimeter shooting needs to improve and I think it will.
    3. McDermott and Mirotic Impact
    4. Gasol - staying healthy and fitting in
    5. Gibson - Can bring more and confidence should be brimming after playoffs.

    I am pumped about this squad because of the improved shooting and substantial depth. Thibs should be able to reduce minutes in the regular season. Injuries should be less. Gasol just turned 34, but if he plays no more than 30 mpg there is less injury risk. Same for everybody. Including Rose. Offense can run through Gasol and McDermott when Rose on the bench.

  • Given the injury history of Noah and the age of Gasol (sounds like a Vin Diesel flick), i was thinking the Bulls would keep either Smith or Randolph. Here is to hoping Baristow is a keeper.

    I am not able to watch the Summer League from here but I have a nephew who attended Canisius and thinks Billy Baron is an NBA-level talent. Would be nice if he and Baristow pan out. That would leave only a serviceable SG on the shopping kist

  • In reply to takdan:

    Bairstow sets some nice picks and brings toughness, I think he can be a nice deep bench backup as he improves his defense.

  • In reply to takdan:

    Bairstow does not look like a keeper to me.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yea, he looked ponderously slow to me, labored just getting up and down the court.

  • Four picks to move up five spots to draft McDermott is a ton!!! Especially in the middle of the draft we are not talking inside the top ten here. I am still not sold on him even though he had one good summer league game and now everyone is on board. From what I have seen he is no Wally Sczerbiak athletically speaking and thus he doesn't have Wally's borderline allstar upside.

    Looks more like he could potentially be a Kyle Korver plus although that isn't saying a ton given Korver has bounced around the league on contracts around the 5 mil mark. Not exactly awe inspiring potential value for your four picks in a loaded draft if you ask me.

    Hopefully it works out and the added shooters can be enough of a threat to help alleviate the lack of a secondary shot creator. I just think that puts way too much pressure on Rose for the bulls to be anything more than playoff fodder. Heat exposed the flaw almost four years ago and Bulls management still refuses to address it. It is truly baffling to me how they continue to ignore it and fill the backcourt with defensive grinders like Klank. A sub 40% shooter with no shot creation ability on a team whose offense is driven by guard shot creation...

  • In reply to Chad:

    McBuckets is different from korver, he's a more aggressive natural scorer and not just a spot up shooter. Can he defend his position(smalll forward) and not get barbequed is what I'm concerned about. The perimeter is weak and they do need another scoring pg...........don't understand picking Hinrich over Augustine........this will be a major mistake if Rose pops another flat tire. The vet min gift shop will eventually run out for the Bulls.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I get Hinrich over Augustin. He is a better all-around player except for shot creating... and Augustin a slightly better shooter. Hinrich is a better passing PG and defender.

    The Bulls added shooting and scoring this offseason... Gasol. McDermott. Mirotic. Butler and Gibson can improve. (Butler can has shown that he can shoot better than last year.) Plus, Rose is back.

    And, Miami's trapping D that blew up Rose is now gone. Sure, Wiggins and LeBron can duplicate that to some degree, but it's much harder to stop Rose with proper floor spacers like McDermott, Dunleavy, Gasol and Mirotic getting heavy minutes and surrounding Rose.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Hinrich is most definitely not a better passer, his ast/to ratio was worse than Augustin's and he gets most of his assists by simply making standard passes around the perimeter.

    D.J. has much more court vision and makes passes to set up more open looks than Hinrich does.

    He's a better defender for sure, though I think the gap there isn't so big as people think as Kirk struggles mightily against quick guards while D.J. struggles against big guards.

  • In reply to Granby:

    I get why the Bulls chose Hinrich over Augustin, but otherwise I don't get it at all. Hinrich supposedly rejected any thought of playing for the minimum, I would have told him to take a hike at that point. I don't believe that he would have gotten more than $2 million per anywhere else.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Augustine was better in every facet of the game outside of defense. The stats where Kirk wins its extremely close. There minutes avg was within 1 so its easy to compare there stats.

    Shooting - FG% 41.9 to 39.3
    Shooting - 3PT% 41.1 to 35.1
    Scoring - 14.9 to 9.1
    Assists - 5.0 to 3.9
    Turnovers - 1.9 to 1.6
    Steals - 0.9 to 1.1
    PER - 16.22 to 10.8
    +/- 0.9 to 2.0

    Honestly I don't see how you can justify the Kirk Hinrich signing. The only stat that favors Kirk is +/- a stat whose value is highly debated as it comprises the lineups you play with. Outside of that DJ destroys in every other statistical comparison. It is insane that they let him walk over an even older Kirk.

  • In reply to Chad:

    I don't think the FO sucks as much as you do, but I do not understand why they value defense so much more highly than offense or the love fest with Kirk. It was true even before Thibs got here, now it's even more true.

  • In reply to Chad:

    I am not excited about Kirk, that's for sure. To me, it's like a vet min player...

    But, Augustin was TERRIBLE against Washington.

    It may have come down to size and defense. Perhaps the Bulls can foresee playing Hinrich as SG more b/c of his size and D.

  • In reply to Chad:

    The stats don't capture defense though, so looking at them when the argument for keeping Kirk is defense isn't going to tell you much. The exception is the stat you've thrown out, the plus/minus family of stats, which say that the difference between Kirk and DJ on the defensive end is far bigger than it is on offense. Even raw unadjusted plus/minus says that, despite Kirk playing with the defensive black hole of Boozer far more than DJ did.

    I'm not a big Kirk fan, but as a backup being paid less than 3 million a year it's hard to complain too much about him. He's solid for that price. Also if the Bulls have proven anything about signing players, it's that they can find scoring point guards for cheap who will excel in Thibs system. I expect they'll sign someone for the minimum who will do just fine when called on.

  • In reply to Chad:

    It is actually 5 picks, I believe that they already included a second rounder in the initial trade with Denver. Thats sounds ludicrous and worse than it really is, since late second round picks are virtually worthless, so it is hard to get too riled up about it. They help facilitate roster moves more than adding any basketball value.

  • Who cares about 2 second round picks. As Doug mentioned, anything past 50 and you are really reaching anyways.

    If this trade allows the Bulls to sign Hinrich without using the room exception, this trade is a win.

    The Bulls roster, as presently constructed, has too much redundancy. Butler and Snell are essentially the same type of player. McDermott and Dunleavy are too similar. The Bulls would be better served to package Snell and Dunleavy to pick up a secondary ball handler or combo guard like maybe Trey Burke, Austin Rivers, Randy Foye, or O.J. Mayo and use the room exception to pick up a solid backup PG like Jameer Nelson, Aaron Brooks, or Rodney Stuckey.

    Not sure if its still possible or not but an aggressive trade would be to go back to the Lakers and get a S&T Pau Gasol and Steve Nash for Carlos Boozer, Tony Snell, 1-2 first round picks. I'd love to have Steve Nash as a backup to Derrick and even share the court with Derrick at times.

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    They still have to use the Room Exception on Hinrich, even with this trade, the only way they wouldn't have to is if they sent Dunleavy packing prior to Kirk signing his deal.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to ripiceman:

    I was honestly hoping the same thing, boozer+ + to lakers for S/T for gasol n Nash.

    Nash would be a great back up pt guard plus he's got so much experience. Imagine the shots McBuckets and Mirotic will get w Nash on the floor w them as the 2nd unit.

    Apparently Boozer is just as toxic as Randolph......nobody wants his ass.

    I think Jameer Nelson is on the Miami heat. I wouldn't mind Rodney Stuckey, O.J Mayo would be awesome, or take a chance on Xavier Henry for the minimum.

    Just one piece away from legit championship contenders

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    Bulls cannot obtain Burke for Dunleavy or Butler. Austin Rivers is terrible and would never play for Thibs. Not sure about Foye. Mayo ok, but honestly not that much of an upgrade. Dunleavy a much better shooter. Butler is definitely in the top 3-4 wing defenders is the NBA and is a better rebounder than Mayo.

    Moreover, you are over-generalizing about Dunleavy and McDermott. And, who cares if they are similar? Both are excellent floor spacers on reasonable contracts.

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    The only redundancy I see in Snell and Butler is that they are both basketball players and African American. Butler is much more suited to being a physical SF, while Snell is a sinewy/wispy shooting guard. Snell is much more athletic, but more laconic. Butler is physical but not a particularly explosive athlete. I guess the other redundancy right now would be that neither can be counted on to provide any consistent offense.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    @BigWay - I have to disagree. Butler is CRAZY explosive. Look at his NBA combine numbers. The reason he doesn't seem like it is because he has below average ball handling skills.

    Snell, MAYBE, appears to run a little better due to his length, but I would not say (based on watching games, and looking at the NBA combine numbers for both) that Snell is in anyway more athletic than Butler is.

    I do agree, though, they are different players with different strengths. Hopefully Jimmy gets his shooting touch down (at least consistent) and Snell continues to progress.

  • In reply to Senrab62:

    Depends what you mean by explosive. Butler's NBA combine numbers for agility are pretty poor, they're worse than McDermott's. He had good jump numbers though. I guess you could say he's explosive up and down but not side to side.

    His lack of agility is probably a large part of why he doesn't have the ability to get around people with the ball, at least as much as his ball handling skills are.

  • In reply to Senrab62:

    Butler himself has been quoted as saying that he is not a great athlete for an NBA player. All you had to do was watch him play last season, he had heavy legs all season, playing below the rim almost all of the time. One of the reasons that he gets to the line a lot is his lack of athleticism, the opposite of most players. He was a terrible finisher at the rim last season due to lack of lift. He had a much harder time keeping up with SG's on defense last year, culminating with getting run into the ground by Beal in the playoffs.

    In a dunk contest, my money is on Snell over Butler every day.

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    I bring up the redundancy issue not because its bad having shooters and floor spacers like Dunleavy or Snell but more to make a point that the Bulls would be better suited using that cap and roster space in finding someone who can create offensively.

    Outside of Rose, the Bulls have ZERO offense generators or creators who demand a double team. There is no one who can put the ball to the floor, take in to the lane, and either draw contact and get free throws or find the open shooter. I was a big proponent for old man Paul Pierce, if only for this reason - big shots, gets to the line, draws defensive attention.

    Because at the end of the games, its still too easy to defend the Bulls. Trap Rose, get the ball out of his hands and force a low percentage shot with someone trying to create offense doing something they don't normally do. This has and seems to continue to be a glaring area of weakness for the Bulls. There's no magic bullet but if you can find someone who can take the ball to the rim and demand a double team, its a start.

    For those who point to the Spurs as the formula for the Bulls, the reason why the Spurs are so potent is not only because of their shooting and passing but because they have Parker and Ginobili who can create off the dribble. You can double Parker all you want but Ginobili will make you pay or vice versa.

  • With all due respect, getting Nash would be a terrible idea. One, couldn't afford that contract. Two, can't have an injury prone (and old!!!!) backup PG behind Rose.

    And I disagree about this roster having too much redundancy. Maybe I'm looking at it with rose (!) - colored glasses, but I see a Spurseque roster, with more shooters than in past years (though not as many as the Spurs) and better defenders (goodbye Booz and Randolph!!). And I think McDermott will be huge for this team, as he's a much more aggressive version of Dunleavy. And I see him as a starter, to give Rose that constant offensive threat beside him like he had with Korver (though McDermott is a more diverse offensive player than the 3-point sniper that Korver is limited to).

    What i do agree with is that I also think we're only a solid PG away from a top-level team. Nelson or Brooks or even Stuckey is not a bad call. Thibs somehow gets these type of players to have career years with us: look at Watson, Nate Rob, Augustine. Part of me would like Nelson the most, because that dude has some Nate-like balls when the game is going down to the wire. Watson and Augustine disappeared then ...

    Here's how I see the roster as it stands:

    PG: Rose, Nelson??
    SG: Butler, Hinrich
    SF: McDermott, Dunleavy
    PF: Gibson, Mirotic
    C: Noah, Gasol, Bairstow
    Utility: Snell (dude has bulked up!) can play stretch 4 or SF

    Damn, that's a pretty good team! Thibs needs to get more Popovich-like and roll out some different lineups depending on the matchups. That new 'bench mob' can kill teams with their veteran savvy (and hope that Mirotic is a quick learner!) ...

  • In reply to Curious E:

    Totally agree, Curious E. Not sure I get the redundancy comment...

    This team is DEEP and you cannot say that shooting is a weakness any longer if Mirotic and McDermott are as good as advertised and can get some substantial minutes.

    Excellent passing big men. Gibson just about average, but Noah, Gasol, Mirotic should allow the offense to be free-flowing. And, they can all hit the mid-range, even Noah, although Noah will not be guarded quite so closely so less spacing with him.

    Butler and Rose are your only "non-shooters" and I think they have the ability to shoot 34-35% with decent shot selection - ie, open looks and some corner 3s.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Front court is deep (and injury prone) the backcourt is as thin as it gets.

  • In reply to Granby:

    I don't understand why Bulls fans get caught up with the "depth" talk? In the playoffs, rotations generally go only 8 deep. You can have all the great depth in the world but at the end of the day, there's only 5 who can play on the court. The object is to find the best 5 who can not only defend but to generate offense and exploit defenses. Having a team full of shooters is great but if the shooters are covered because no one can demand a double team or take it to the hole, then what's the point. Need to find players who can stress defenses or force defensive breakdowns which open up shooters at the 3pt line or a high percentage shot in the lane.

  • If McDermott continues his scoring ways that's certainly a good sign. He sure looked good against the team that traded him away in Denver. Nobody will care about consolidating two firsts or likely throwing away two late second rounders for Doug if he's a good scorer in the league. Derrick, it would be surprising to say the least to see him beat out shooters like Lillard, Irving, or Steph Curry.

    If one of McD or Mirotic is a good scorer this year along with a healthy Pau that should help Rose. It' always easier for a scorer when you surround him with other quality scorers. Snell has looked damn good, but we'll see if that continues and how that translates next season. If Derrick can regain his mid range shooting he will be a very good player for the Bulls. Just stay away from the threes in big volume because he has shown that is not in his arsenal.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Snell could surprise. I thought Butler was a waste of a pick after his first season. Snell has all the tools to be a solid rotational player. He can be an excellent 3 and D type - just needs to gain confidence and consistency.

  • I think it is funny how some will throw Snell and Dunleavy into trades without a thought, but are concerned about two late second round picks.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Ya, who cares about late 2nd rounders. I think it's good for cap reasons, and trade throw-ins, but how many guys drafted beyond pick #45 stick in the league? Bulls and Portland 2nd rounders should be later than pick #50.

    Taking it a step further, look at picks #15 and later the last 10 years to get an idea of how many mid-1st round picks bust. Quite a few, so if GarPax has the most conviction on McDermott, they made the right call. DJ Augustin was a lotto pick in 2008 and he's barely hanging on in the league these days.

    Snell and Dunleavy can add value this year.

  • After the disappointment of not getting Melo, and looking at the potential we have at all positions this coming season the one word that sums things up for me is intrigue.

    There are just so many questions about the players that I don't think anyone could truly predict the coming season.

    From Derrick's health to what Pau will bring, to the progression of Butler and Snell, to the unknowns of McBuckets and Miro - one thing is certain this team will definitely toy with our emotions this year!

    Bring it on; can't wait already!!

  • It's hard to remember an influx of so many new players(to the Bulls) thought of as potential serious scorers. Gasol, Miro, McD, and really with two years off and being a question mark going forward you could include Rose. That's four. It's an exciting time.

    Yet it would be even more exciting if we didn't have duds like Klank and Butler as remnants of the worst offense in the league. Hinrich takes a significant volume of two point shots yet his awful percentages(36 and 41%) kill you. Butler, who hardly looked all defense in the playoffs, only last year provided three shooting of any significant volume.. at .283, also a killer. Wish they would have at least not resigned Hinrich. Sentimentality kills as Gar/Pax apparently still haven't learned.

  • I like the idea of Aaron Brooks. At this time last year, would you have been happy with DJ or at this time two years ago would you have been happy with Nate? I seriously think that a backup point guard is not a big issue. It is only an issue if DRose cannot play and we all hope that is not an issue again.

    I think the Bulls did the best they could do this off season to make the team better. They needed offense and shooters and they added those with Mirotic, McDermott, and Gasol. They did everything to get Melo and from everything being said, it really was between us and New York. But he would have been a villain in his own home town. And Phil has made some efforts to improve NY. So I was not surprised about Melo even though I was disappointed because his skill set so matched the Bulls' needs and he would have been in a position to challenge for a title on an annual basis.

    The only real loss was not getting a two-guard who could shoot. I honestly would have liked to have seen Bellinelli play with a healthy DRose. I agree we could not have obtained Affalo and then made either a good offer to Melo or to get Mirotic and Gasol. So if that is all we are lacking (a decent shooting two-guard) assuming Butler and Snell don't step up their offensive play this year, then we have the draft and free agency next year (possibly Affalo) to fill that one hole.

    But for right now, I'm happy with the Bulls efforts. We are a threat to win the Eastern Conference immediately. And if players such as McDermott and Snell develop and Drose returns at a high level, we have a championship caliber team.

    You can debate a move here or there. But overall and given cap constraints, the Bulls front office did as well as any other front office this summer. Tell me one other front office that did better. And I don't count Cleveland because that was not their front office. That was all Lebron.


    If you are excited or wondering about Nikola Mirotic now that he's coming over, this article seems to point in the right direction, being up.

  • To Curious E + (any Others)

    Finally see someone who pictures McDermott as a starter , but

    1--I see this happening round All-star break

    2--Will McDermott have to play alongside Butler so Butler can defend 2's and McDermott defend 3's

    Please comment on my 2 questions????

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to rakmessiah:

    Let's see how he does against NBA-caliber competition before anointing him a starter.

  • In reply to rakmessiah:

    Agree with that timeline. I have a feeling McDermott will be the first rookie that Thibs trusts. McD is seasoned, as he was double teamed all year long and still put up crazy numbers.

    He may have to be hidden on D a bit, but with Butler, Gibson and Noah? He'll be just fine!

    Rose is going to love having this quick shooting fearless dude on the floor.

  • In reply to rakmessiah:

    It seems like Mirotic would be best off playing with Noah and not McD. So I see one starting and the other coming off the bench as the #1 shooter on the Bench Mob 2.0. Snell may prove sufficiently adept with his added muscel andsuperior length and quickness that he and Butler will be I interchangeable regardless of who the front court guys are at the time.

  • Another great piece from Simmons at Grantland, this time about what could have been for/with Melo. Here is a small sample.

    "Carmelo inadvertently created the narrative that threatens to defines him. There’s a good chance he will play his entire career, then retire, without ever finding the right team. Unless the Knicks miraculously strike oil next summer, his own version of the 2011 Mavericks can’t happen. His prime will come and go, and that will be that.

    There was an alternate universe here — Chicago, for less money, for a chance to become Olympic Melo for nine months per year. He would have been flanked by Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, Doug McDermott, Nikola Mirotic, Kirk Hinrich and a top-five coach (Tom Thibodeau). He would have found his 2011 Mavs. He would have played on a 60-win team, been the crunch-time guy on a title favorite, reminded everyone how terrific he was over and over again. Thirty years from now, long after he has retired and hopefully spent his more than $300 million nest egg wisely, Carmelo will be sitting on the porch of one of his nine houses, nursing a drink, staring out at an ocean and thinking about the unknown. Should he have picked Chicago? How much money is enough money? What’s the price of peace? What would it have been worth to know — to really, truly know? Was he good enough? Could he have gotten there? Did he have it in him?

    Instead, he’ll have to settle for people like me: the ones maintaining that he WAS good enough, only it’s an opinion and not a fact. In A Bronx Tale, Sonny famously tells Calogero that “the saddest thing in life is wasted talent.” Well, what happens if you didn’t waste your talent, but it kind of got wasted anyway? Welcome to Carmelo Anthony’s world. What if, what if, what if. "

  • We all knew it was an inevitability but the day has finally arrived, Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Bulls have informed Boozer's agent that he will in fact be getting the axe today! Woo-hoo!

  • In reply to Meloorbust:

    BigWay ran him out of town. How do you say "gimme dat Jo" in Spanish?

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Me da que, Jo.

    At least that's what the internet translator came up with. Doesn't have quite the same ring to it!

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Free at last, Free at last, thank God almighty, We are free at last.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    So what are you going to do with all of your Boozer gear? eBay?

  • In reply to Meloorbust:

    I admittedly will miss the constant string of boozer rants on this blog, and some of the nicknames are priceless. His best option might be getting picked up by Miami, and being used as a backup for Bosh.

  • In reply to Meloorbust:

    Reinsdorf will never pay a player to go away. ;-)

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I suspect that GarPax know they are going to hear from Dorf all year long about not finding a trade sucker for Boozer. And that they brought back Hinrich because he is a favorite of his.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I'm glad that narrative gets to die!

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