Carlos Boozer's amnesty official, Bulls fans everywhere rejoice

Carlos Boozer's amnesty official, Bulls fans everywhere rejoice

Sure it was only a formality. Sure we know it was coming, and sure Pau Gasol might look like Boozer 2.0 in another year. That said, Bulls fans can rejoice with the amnesty of Carlos Boozer.

Perhaps the media simply doesn't want to kick a guy when he's down. Perhaps Carlos Boozer was simply a nice guy in the locker room or always good for a quote. All I know for sure is that Carlos Boozer seems to be getting a pretty positive reception for what he did in a Bulls uniform over twitter.

I'm not going to do that to you.

Thank God this guy is gone. What can I say about Carlos Boozer? Well he's helped the team in the past three years more than Derrick Rose, so I suppose that's something. He played in games which is, ironically, something Bulls fans were fairly paranoid about before he got here.

He also had a respectable first two years here, and he was a good chunk of the reason the Bulls were so successful those two years. However, what we learned about Boozer is this. His offense, which is the only marginally good part of his game, is based entirely on how well other players can set him up.

He can't create his own shot. He's not a low post player. He disappears whenever you need him.

Boozer isn't alone in this criticism, anyone on the Bulls probably deserves it, but in the one playoff series that really mattered in 2010 against the Miami Heat, Boozer was a complete no-show.

Sam Smith writes that things wouldn't have gone any better for the Bulls if they signed Bosh or Lee instead of Boozer. Give the Bulls Chris Bosh, and they probably beat Miami in 2010 and have a pretty good shot at the NBA title given that they matched up better with Dallas defensively than the Heat.

Maybe, maybe not, we'll never know. However, a pretty good argument could be made that the Bulls have a seventh ring with Bosh, so I'm not going to let Carlos off that easily.

We've seen Boozer's horrible defense, steal rebounds from teammates, athletic decline, and lack of ability to create his own shot.

This is about all I can say for Carlos. He appeared to be a hard worker. He came into camp in shape every year. He didn't ever publicly grouse about his diminishing role (though it would have been awful if he did given how much Thibs defended him).

If Carlos Boozer made six million dollars and wasn't forced into a big money role then we'd probably have loved Carlos Boozer. Of course, he didn't make six million dollars and by the end was starting over a vastly superior player which hurt the Bulls considerably in the playoffs [not that anything was going to help them much there].

Carlos went from over paid niche offensive player his first two seasons to downright abomination in his last two. His scoring efficiency dropped to the point where the Bulls were much better on offense when he was off the court as well as defense. Suddenly he stopped making any moves to the basket and all of his shots became post up fadeaways or mid range jumpers.

He hit those shots at a respectable clip, but when you don't get any high efficiency shots hitting those at a respectable clip means your overall efficiency still stinks.

Now we wait to see what someone will bid on Boozer in the amnesty process. I'm not banking on a whole lot, but you never know. Relative to other contracts handed out this season, giving Boozer one year and five million dollars is probably a pretty good deal for a team under the cap with nothing to lose.

Low risk in years and money. However, history shows amnesty guys never go for much, and from a fan perspective, it doesn't really matter.

Side notes...

Bulls also waived all their non guaranteed contracts yesterday. They could not have traded Boozer or these contracts and brought back any salary. They needed to waive/amnesty everyone in order to make room for signings under the cap.

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  • I felt worse when Bozo the Clown left town.

    It's not his fault the Bulls overpaid him but he did seem to coast and not fight this past year. Maybe that was due to Rose's injury and maybe it was due to Gibson's ascendance. Neither are a good excuse, especially when every other significant minutes player is busting their butts.
    Not a whiner but not a winner either.

  • Good riddance, there goes BigWay's favorite player.

  • In reply to juice44:

    As I said yesterday, when the news finally broke,

    Free at last, Free at last, thank God almighty, We are free at last.

  • Another subtle shot at Rose, eh Doug? This seems to be a pattern with you lately but you're no Dan Bernstein.

    Besides his notoriously slow rotations on defense, Booz's downfall was his decreasing ability to finish at the rim. He was undersized to begin with then he started losing his explosiveness tp finish around the rim. He was a different player in Utah, especially as a finisher. I'll miss the comic relief he provided such as inadvertently punching a ref in the family jewels, black ice, and his incessant yelling. My best memory of Booz though is when LeBron tried to run through him on a pick..."Too strong for that Bron Bron."

    Adios's hoping you land in the Western Conference and succeed as a backup.

  • In reply to JPesos1230:

    Oh please he was hardly a totally different player in Utah. Utah fans felt just about the same as we feel about Boozer today, 4 freakin years ago. They told us, and they were right. And why you gotta hate on Dan Bernstein? He is an absolute ass. But he talks Bulls better than anyone in this town. Who are you crappIn?

  • I actually thought boozer doesn't even hit those mid range shots at high percentage anymore this past season cause I cringed every time he shoot a wide open mid range shot.

    Does anyone know what his mid range percentage was last season?

  • "Gimme dat Jo!" "Get dat shit!"

    Yes, we all would have loved Carlos on a lesser contract.

    Lance Stephenson gets 3/$27 with Charlotte? Pretty, pretty good... Charlotte actually putting a nice team together. Never would have guessed it prior to this past season. Jordan is learning to hire actual front office talent and let them do their job.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Granby:

    Lance at $9m/per is a steal. Still think he would've looked good in a Bulls uni.

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    This move still benefits the Bulls, as Indiana is now officially less talented than they were last year. The Bulls chances of getting through the east next season are looking better and better.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to BullsMan:


  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Steve Merritt:

    Absolutely a steal. Wish bulls would have been able to figure some way to have signed him, but hey we going to battle w our poor mans version of the twin towers w Jo n Pau.

    Lance is trying to set himself for a max contract at age 26. He's going to a team where he will get a lot of shots and he hopes his numbers improve and possibly make an all star team.

    Will it work, only time will tell.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Steve Merritt:

    Steve, I agree 500%. Tons of talent, albeit inside a goofy mind.

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    Just guessing but don't think Lance comes to the Bulls for $9 mil. to have to play with Rose in the backcourt. He gets to be The Guy in Charlotte as far as perimiter players and appears to only be out for Lance and lining up his future max deal.

    Regardless, paying him $9 mil. would have cost the Bulls both Gasol and Mirotic as niether was signing for $3.4 mil. that would have been left out of the $12.4 in cleared cap space. At best no Pau and giving away Dunleavy would have been needed . (No haters - passing on Kirk wouldn't have helped because they didn't sign him with cap space).

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    As things turned out, we didn't have the money or other means to pay Lance even $9 million per(the $7 million that Pau got was our limit), unless we passed on Mirotic for another season, and that wasn't happening.

  • Glad he's gone except that I'll miss BigWay's humor around him. Annoyed by those using 20/20 hindsight to say he never should have been signed, etc. I suspect it's the same people who say Reinsdorf is cheap and the Bulls don't spend. It was a good signing at the time and Bosh was not coming to the Bulls so that's kind of a moot point. Had Joe Johnson not turned down the Bulls in favor of Atlanta in one of those lose-lose-lose deals, Bulls just might have won a title with Boozer. Anyways, it didn't work out but ultimately didn't matter since Rose missed the last three playoffs. Cut bait and move on.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I agree that hindsight is 20/20, but the Bulls could have done better in 2010. David Lee was a RFA in 2010 and the Bulls should have gone after him instead of Boozer. They could have easily outbid the Warriors for Lee if they valued him as they should have over Boozer.

    Yes, they both can't play defense but Lee is a much better offensive threat. He also doesn't choke in big games. Last year he had a PER of 19.2 (comparable to Pau) and had a TS% of .566 (Pau .522). Lee is also as good, if not better rebounder than Boozer.

    IMO just about all NBA players can be classified as either "assets" or "liabilities" based on age, performance, contract, etc. Lee has been an asset for the Warriors, Boozer a liability for the Bulls.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    That's about the only move the Bulls could have realistically made that probably would have worked out better. Let's stop talking about Bosh, he was never in play. Doing nothing was simply not an option, especially when they planned to bring Joe Johnson AND a PF.

    I don't think they would have been champs with Lee, but it would have been a little bit better move.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Boozer was the second best power forward on that Jazz team. I was amazed at how many stooges here thought it was a great signing at the time.

  • farewell to the human traffic cone, may he take his talents elsewhere. Here's hoping for rainbow jumper that was no more, to be resurrected somewhere far far away.

  • It looks like many fans are still concerned that we only have one player that can create his own shot. If we had Gasol's back to the basket/ posting up and great passer in 2011, he would have found Korver or Deng or scored when they doubled/locked Rose. This is the big difference and I think this new roster with Pau will be better than the 2011 roster. I also think the second shot creator won't be as critical with the great passers of Pau and Noah this time around.
    Boozer was the x factor in 2011 that never met the low post expectations.

  • I don't know about anyone else but I was actually a little shocked they used the amnesty and didn't throw away assets to move him. Glad they did he was abysmal last year.

    Lance Stephenson at three years and 27 mil looks like the steal of FA so far. Third year is a team option too. Wait did Jordan's team just make a good move??? Means we could have had him on a comparable deal to Pau's.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Agree regarding Stephenson. In retrospect, I believe this will be considered a major lost opportunity. The Hornets got Lance for the same reason we should have, i.e., to disrupt the ability of defenses to suffocate the team's most dangerous perimeter player (Kemba Walker).

    This reminds me of another strategic mistake by a Chicago team. The Blackhawks won a Stanley Cup two years ago with Michal Handzus as their second line center. Even my dog knew that they needed to address this problem for the following year. But the Blackhawks FO displayed hubris in that they thought they could win the Cup again without addressing a glaring need. They had the assets to do it also. If anything, the Hawks overachieved in the playoffs.

    Hinrich is the Blackhawk's Handzus IMO. Too old, too slow, too offensively challenged. A case of misguided loyalty. Yesterday's answer to today's problems.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I'm not a Lance fan but for $9MM, I'm totally with you guys in that I wish the Bulls had gotten him. Even if he never improves, I think you get $9MM in production out of him, and there's a chance he could be a total steal. Prefer him to Gasol at their relative prices.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Not a Lance fan either, but I wouldn't have been too upset if we got him for $9 million, although that 3rd year could bite when it comes to the next round of free agency. Agree, that Lance has more upside that Pau, but more potential for disaster too.

    However/again, we couldn't have paid Lance $9 million unless we waited on Mirotic(and maybe lost him long term to Europe) or traded Dunleavey for nothing(which, I suppose most people would have done). Obviously, we also don't get Gasol then either.

    Maybe, just maybe the Bulls felt that they had an unspoken agreement with Dunleavey that they wouldn't trade him, since he supposedly signed with us for less money. Who knows, but if they did, then I commend them for honoring it.

    For what it is worth, Gasol had his worst year ever, and Lance had his best, yet Gasol still had a much better PER, 19.3 vs 14.7. Stephenson was below average if not replacement level at least in his offensive contributions. That is fairly surprising to the rest of us, maybe not to Indy fans.

  • In reply to Chad:

    9 million strikes me as a fair deal - he's a knuckle head, the other players on Indiana allegedly wanted him gone, and a player who for all the hype isn't much of an offensive player - looks good on a highlight real but has as many bad possessions as good. Given the other deals going around it's a decent gamble, I'd rather take a risk on Lance at 9 than Marvin Williams at 7 for example. But I wouldn't call it a steal - it's something with the potential to be a steal, but that's not a given.

    If the cap came in a little higher and the Bulls had the space to make an offer like that it would have been a more interesting question.

  • Smith is crazy if he thinks Bosh wouldn't have made the Bulls better in 2010. Not only was he better than Boozer, he KILLED the Bulls in the ECF. LeBron got his, Wade was mostly contained, but Bosh was the deciding factor (along with MIA's great FT% that regressed against DAL). He gave them just enough of a complement to LeBron to put them over the hump. He matched Boozers best game in that series (Game 3 Booz: 26-17 Bosh 34-5 with greater efficiency) and was still good after Booz disappeared.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Smith is crazy. We all knew that.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    You could have stopped after the first 3 words, (Senile Sam)Smith is crazy.

    For some reason, he has had his head up the Hole's ass since he arrived here. I guess that he is just wiser in the ways of the NBA game than the rest of us. Don't know what made me puke more, watching the Hole, or reading SSS defending him.

  • Exactly .... Remember being so bummed that we missed getting Bosh after that series.
    Since Cleveland is burying the hatchet with old players, wouldn't it be great if theey got Boozer instead of Love?
    It'll never happen....

  • fb_avatar

    A 3-year deal for Bairstow? Management must like what they see, altho I haven't been overly impressed so far.

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    They gave him 3 years because they are determined to avoid another Asik scenario where they risk losing a player they really like but can't match because they don't have his Bird Rights. This year is probably the only guaranteed year.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Meloorbust:

    Good catch.

  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    Yea, he looked ponderously slow and unathletic in the one game that I saw.

  • I'm a little worried about the athletic ability of this new Bulls team. In order to match up with the top teams in the league, the Bulls needed to get more athletes/2 way players on their roster. Now, I think the big man depth will be a factor in the playoffs (all of this assuming Rose comes back to near the same level). The Eastern Conference doesn't have a powerhouse team anymore. Cleveland is a few years off, as Lebron needs to teach the young guys how to win (and they have some serious depth/big man issues). Indiana now is only 4 deep. Charlotte could be a Wiz type next year. I also expect the Wiz to be pretty good, they've had a decent offseason.

    Big man depth got the Bulls to the ECF and they played Miami very closely. Again, I think they needed to get more athletic, but I guess I see what they're trying to do.

  • I've seen Bairstow play here in New Mexico and I love his attitude, work ethic, and enthusiasm--but, I hope the Bulls realize he's a power forward and not a center. I like the other moves Chi FO made in Gasol, Mirotic, and McBucketts. With Dunleavy, McDermott, and Mirotic we seem to have the same kind of peramiter player at the position of small forward and we need guys other than Rose to go to the hole--especially when shots are not falling. I can't wait to see all these guy play in the United Center.
    I hope we can still find a proven shooting guard, a backup center (maybe beside Gipson), and a backup point guard with some creativity along with athleticism. We may already have that with Snell, but I'd just like him to develop a killer instinct and always play offensively aggressive. We have not seen that side of him--and we all have that side--but not on the court like he has the ability and potential to have. Butler may be that player but again he is more of a small forward type. This has got to be a Chi kick ass season.
    Charlotte may have the steal of free agency in Lance Stephenson. Deng may be the thorn in the Bulls side before the season is over.

  • Grantland's Zach Lowe on swapping out boozer for Gasol.

    "That’s a better deal than most folks around the league expected Chicago to get, and Gasol is a clear upgrade over Boozer. Both were turnstiles on defense last season, but Gasol should perk up playing for a good team under a new coach, and he’s better than Boozer on that end simply by being three inches taller — and by not being Boozer."

    "Gasol had a bit of a bounce-back last season while Boozer suffered through the worst year of his career. Gasol can do everything better on offense, and he’s a natural fit in a Chicago system that has incorporated more high-post passing during Derrick Rose’s absence. He’s a decent midrange shooter, but he won’t provide the Bulls with a meaningful uptick in spacing on his own."

    "Good news: Nikola Mirotic will, and sharing the floor with Mirotic would allow Gasol to more easily defend centers — the only position he can really defend game-to-game at this point. The Gasol-Mirotic combo might be dreadful defensively, but Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson are both quick enough to guard power forwards when paired with Gasol."

  • I'm still taking David Lee over Boozer - I know Lee has a reputation for having the same flaws as Boozer, and to some extent that's true, but Lee is a better (still not good) defender, and although his rebounds are padded by easy ones, he does less padding by stealing rebounds from his team mates than Boozer does. His offense has held up a lot better too - he's a year younger which helps, but it's not like we didn't know he was a year younger when the choice was made.

    All that said, for hist first stretch when he came to the Bulls, after he came back from his pre-season injury and before he hurt his ankle he was putting up 20/10 on high efficiency. Unfortunately he never did recapture that, it was like that injury took the little bit of explosiveness he had that he needed to be effective. He just stopped going to the hoop and progressively settled for more and more jumpers. If Carlos doesn't roll his ankle that year then who knows, the Bulls might have had enough to take on the Heat.

    After that it probably doesn't matter because of Rose, but the Boozer over Lee choice always felt to me it was made by reputation rather than ability (eg people talking about Boozer as though he had a post game that Lee didn't, when they've always had very similar styles), so hopefully that's a lesson to be learnt.

    Anyway ding dong the witch is dead, enjoy keeping on getting them checks Carlos.

  • I like Carlos. Glad to see him go. He seemed unable to move his feet on D, and I hated how many stupid fouls he made pushing guys in the back on loose balls. I'm worried we may see the same type of D from Pau and the Serb and McDermot. However, I'm relieved we didn't go for Lance. Bulls are all about chemistry. Lance seems to be oil to everyones water.

  • fb_avatar

    Really going to miss BigWay's Boozer rants. That was what took me from an occasional reader to a regular. Simply hilarious.

    Welp. There's always Boozer 2.0(Gasol), Captain Brick Hinrich, and maybe others.

  • Bulls had to bring over Mirotic. So the arguments on whether the Bulls should have signed Stevenson vs Gasol are null and void unless Stevenson would have signed for less. Mirotic was gone if we didn't bring him over, and while people might downplay him with comments like "you really don't know if he'll pan out", the fact is he would have been drafted top 5 this year had he been available, and the recent scouting reports on him are pretty staggering. Would you have traded Jabari Parker for Lance Stevenson? If the answer is no, then you shouldn't have been down with giving up on Mirotic just to get Stevenson. Mirotic and Jabari both have a small chance of failing, just like nearly every prospect ever drafted. But their ceilings compared against Stevensons issues? I'll take the ceiling.Also I think Pau will be able to pass on some invaluable lessons of skill to Mirotic as they share the identity of an international player and of course Pau has some of the best footwork that I've seen.

  • Never before have I been so happy to see another player leave. Even Ben Wallace as horrible as he was at least was reliable on defense. With Boozer you just couldn't count on him for anything. In fact his defense was so terrible that we actually did other teams a favor just by having him on the floor. When players see Boozer on the floor they see an opening and adjust their offense by attacking Boozer for easy buckets.

    Even the two things that he appeared to do well such as scoring and rebounding came at a cost. Like Doug said he steals rebounds from his own teammates, and if the offense isn't run through him he wouldn't score at all. And even if he does manage to get 15 points what good does that do when your opponent drops 20 on you? So you basically have a guy on the court that is causing more harm than good. On paper he seems like a good player putting up double doubles in games but when you actually watch the games and see how he got those numbers and at what cost to the team, it would have been best if he didn't get any minutes at all.

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