Bulls Beat #330 - True off-season begins

Bulls Beat #330 - True off-season begins

I discuss the Bulls off-season and status in the NBA.

Bulls Beat #330 - True off-season begins

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  • great analysis!! I disagree on some points though when it comes on how everyone seems to view the bulls offer for Love!! At this point everyone knows who love is as a player (legit all star with range and double double machine) and what to expect from him ( 25p 10 to 15 rbds per game though I think those numbers have a lot to do with him being the go to guy in a very bad team). On the other hand, among the 3 players Bulls FO are suposedly offering we only know what taj is worth. so taj or love is a no brainer but lets take a closer look starting with mirotic: since most haven't seen him play we can't really compare him from a physical POV (6f10 220 pds) barely 20 pds less than love with the same height and probably the same explosiveness and quickness. On the skill level from what I've seen ( being in north africa and closer to europe I've been able to watch him more frequently) the guy is very skilled for somene who never played in NBA and not that much far behind what love can offer (you can check youtube for highlights and scouting video. some may argue that mirotic production is nowhere close to what love brings day in day out but you had to put that in perspective (spanish league and euro league are basically 20 to 30 game so you have to compare it with playoffs type of play in leagues that puts tactics and defense high with less minutes to play and coaches who just love to play big rotations) in other words no one could put the numbers love is making in such conditions. Okay mirotic may be a total bust and never adjust to NBA, though unlikely, he can be a very good rotation player for the future, from a basic physical and skill point of view he can be Love 2.0 and if Bulls have "cavaliers" luck (we should start using this since they got 3 1st picks out of four ) he can be the new dirk nowitzki all while being 23 yo and on a quite affordable contract.
    second we have dougie mcdermott which is a very good ball player has a lower ceiling (however I rully believe this guy is going to surprise many of bulls fans) but if we assume he will translate 50% of his game on the NBA level (not talking in the first year but lets say at the end of his rookie deal) will be one of the best rotation guys with a shot on best sixth man.
    adding that to taj and the deal for love is less appealing (again if what If the highest projections for mirotic came true-dirk reborn- bulls will have the next franchise player with rose around whom you can rebuild a great tem once this generation - noah taj - is retired

  • In reply to nightwatcher:

    I found your observations very interesting on Mirotic. He may have the potential to be an All-star, in which case Bulls fans will be dissing this trade for a generation!

    Even more so especially if McDermott turns out to be really good, which he could be. He almost never misses from 2-point range when open. And he does get open a lot, which is why he was the top scorer in the NCAA. In fact, he was one of the top 5 scorers in NCAA history! He has to have a shot to do that.

    Plus Taj is a decent 2-way starter on many teams, maybe a 20/10 guy. If Love was great on D, maybe - but he isn't.

    All of this is why Bulls fans are 4 to 1 against this trade. M and M could be the best rookie duo in decades!

  • In reply to rustyw:

    thx! I had this thought for awhile now (the comparison love/mirotic) and since I expressed high expectations for him I kinda did the opposite with mcdermott to balance things. I also envision mirotic playin' the 3 against small lineups at least on offense while on def he takes the 4, taj and jimmy switching on 2 and 3 (while he's a willing defender he is easily lost against quick wings.
    Point being if M & M are the real deal we're looking at 10 years of contending for the title (hey Drose is only 25), if they can translate only 50 % of the game they showed in europe and NCAA we have solid starters/role players, and bulls would be the most jinxed team ever if both are busts (we 've never been a free agent top location but bulls had always good luck on draft picks)

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    It'll be important for Bulls Nation not to expect Derrick Rose to be 24 pt 8 asst player he was 2 yrs ago, cause that won't happen, and if somehow it does happen it will mean less touches for Gasol, McDermott, Mirotic, Dunleavy, and the other offensive threats the Bulls brought in for scoring. I project his stats will be similar to DJ Augustin's stats from last yr, and the offense will remain funneled through Noah as Rose becomes more of a two guard.
    Just because the Bulls have added shooters will not mean a thing if Thibs doesn't rotate them in and out of the lineup properly giving them adequate time to rest their legs. A shooter is worthless if he doesn't have his legs, and if Thibs is running them down on the defensive end shooters shots will often fall short when they get tired.
    I've said it before and I stand by it today. The success of this season is not based on Derrick Rose's health, and production imo. The team has played well over the past two season's without Rose, and has built a solid winning formula within themselves. Whether the Bulls prove to be championship contenders or not will eventually fall on the new additions shoulders to score when needed, and not make defensive Carlos Boozer type blunders. Rose will remain a key figure, but he is no longer the single focal point of late game heroic scoring while the rest of his teammates look for rebounds and put-backs.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    The coaches have the players now, but do they have the wisdom to use the roster for maximum benefit? We will see.

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    In reply to rustyw:

    I might be a little bias towards Thibs, but I feel he has the experience and knowledge to maximize this roster, even though he has often been perceived as stubborn and failure to make adjustments during the playoffs. You're right though, We'll see!

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    Rose was getting 24 and 8 because bulls couldn't find someone else to take the burden. I do remember when he first came to the league specialists were praising him because even with his explosiveness and athleticism he was a pass first PG if he can get more assists and less points (at least in the beginning) the bulls will just do fine.
    Other point that should be mentioned is while mcD and mirotic aren't great ball handlers, they can manage having the ball for small periods of time ( passing/shooting of the dribble, fake shots...) So thibs can afford playing them without rose on the hardwood.
    Moreover one of thibs finest ideas last year is taking advantage of noah passing skills and now as we have gasol too I can envision bulls having 2 passing players all the time (rose/noah and hinrich/gasol or whaterver combinations). and we're just talking about players who were't on the team last year. Butler can't afford another aweful offensive year like the previous one and snell should attack the rim more (seriously this guy has all the physical tool but one "highlight" rejection and he chikens out and settles for long range shots). I trully think that snell biggest problem is in his head so he needs to think less and be more agressive.

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    In reply to nightwatcher:

    Yes, that 2011 team was awesome, but filled w/ defense 1st players. Rose was counted on the make buckets back then and this is my point. I do wish good health for Rose, but his role as the go-to scorer will not be necessary for the 2015 Bulls. I expect Rose to play a role similar to Dwayne Wade's in Miami. One who is able to attack the basket, but also one of several scoring options for the team as Pau and Joakim looks for cutters in the Bulls half court offense. There's no need for him to put his knees in jeopardy by sharp cutting, and hard drives to the hoop. Derrick can save his moves for the playoffs, and play a more conservative style of 5 man offense with McDermott, Mirotic, Gasol, and Dunleay used as offensive threats.

  • In reply to nightwatcher:

    Butler had zero elevation in his game last season. It might have been the injuries but his game was below the rim last season, with the rim often rejecting his shot on many of his drives into the lane. Not necessarily a good sign that he is having leg problems in the middle of the summer.

  • from a Mirotic interview in Slam on what he views as his strengths.

    "NM: I tell you before that I like to create for the team. I like to put the ball on the floor. I like to run the court. I like to play pick and pop to the three-point line. This is the strongest thing in my game. Sure, I know that Chicago is a great defensive team so I need to help them in the defense. I need to improve so I think that I can help them a lot".

  • Doug, as always, thanks for the suburb analysis on Bulls off-season. You mentioned several times on2 way players and the reason why the Bulls should trade M&M+ Taj for Love. However, Love is not a 2 way player, is it? Love is a fantastic 6.10' stretch 4, with offense rebound in an under achieved team. Well, we have a formed Euro MVP, 6.10' legit stretch 4, quoted by Thibs as potentially strong defender based on his efforts shown. So, I don't think the Bulls will be getting much better with Love, but worst, it will lose a potential equal player in Mirotic with an all time shooter in McBuckets. Plus, Taj with limited time from the bench almost became a 20/10 without Rose to run the floor. And on last point, if Love comes, what do you think on the Bulls chemistry with Pau moving to the bench? Bottom line, I hope the Bulls stay pat.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    Maybe next week Doug can give us the downtown or city perspective as opposed to this weeks suburban one.

  • Very quickly, Mike Miller got paid because he stayed healthy (played all 82), shot a Korveresque 46% from three and played a bigger role than he had in Miami.

    While I enjoy the podcast and agree with you on a number of points, like the Thunder regressing, I disagree wholeheartedly with your take on the Spurs. Defenses treated the Big Three in San Antonio like stars and for the most part they played like it (discounting Manu's terrible Finals last year). Didn't Duncan score like 30 points in the first half of game 6 last year? He's still playing like a Hall of Famer in my book. Not to mention he's protected the rim as well as he ever has these past two seasons. Parker still orchestrates and probes and hits his shots like I hope Derrick will be able to do. Manu does things off the bench you just can't defend against. They've won multiple titles. Take Duncan off that team and replace him with Gasol or replace Parker with Ty Lawson or Manu with Jamal Crawford and the Mavericks boot them out of the first round before they even get a chance to capture the title that should be theirs two years in a row now.

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    In reply to Hunter:

    Great points. Spurs team is a legit team. The leagues hope is all those minutes start to wear on them come next spring. (!yes I know none of the 3 aver greed more then 30 mins a game but the totality of those minutes is going to show at some point )

    Also I think Miller was amystied by. Miami so the grizz didn't have to pay him much last year. One of the other smaller reasons the king left Miami.

  • Totally agree on Miller, he had a better(and healthier) year last season than any of his Miami years, thats why he got paid, heck he may have even taken a discount to reunite with Lebron.

  • Of all the "gettable" FAs available this year I thought Lance rated #2 right after Melo. He would have been a terrific fit. Think of the young core the Bulls would have had between the ages of 22 and 26- Rose, Stephenson, McDermott, Mirotic, and Butler. Lance is a two-way player with attitude. Arguably the two best players of the last thirty years, Bird and Jordan, both said they loved Lance's game and wanted him on their team. Think about that.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    indeed but at that time lance was still looking for something around 48M/4y deal (he rejected the 44/4 pacers were offering) and that's pretty much was all the cap space the bulls were able to get. Meanwhile mirotic with Real madrid was in a dead end and there was no way he could have spent the last year of his contract with them considering how badly things were ( keep in mind that at the end of next year he would have walked away and RM wouldn't get nothing as if he were free agent while now they at least get the 3.4 million dollars of his buyout they can use to get another player) and if bulls don't offerr him a contract this summer he ends up free agent in the NBA system with the liberty to sign with whatever team with cap space offring him a nice deal. The other way would have been a sign and trade with the pacers and that's pretty much as a long shot as lebron inviting noah for a barbecue party.

  • In reply to nightwatcher:

    The Pacers offered him $44 million over 5 years. The Charlotte deal pays him more in each of its 3 years. Lance wanted a shorter deal because he is betting on himself thinking he can get that Gordon Hayward/Chandler Parsons money in his next deal.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I still wonder how much Indiana really wanted him back. They said that they did, but then gave him a low offer and then didn't even give a counter offer to the Hornets deal. The Hornets too. They offered Gordon Hayward a max deal, not Lance. Maybe this shows how the league really viewed him.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Even with the contract that Lance signed in Charlotte the Bulls would not have been able to sign Mirotic without unloading another player, most likely Dunleavy. Without Gasol, Mirotic would have been a necessity not a luxury like he is now. Not saying that anyone would have cared about having to do that, but more moves would have been needed.

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