Bulls Beat #327 - Melodrama

Bulls Beat #327 - Melodrama

I discuss the Bulls pursuit of Carmelo Anthony, the Heat's free agency challenges, and the landscape of the NBA.

Bulls Beat #327 - Melodrama

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  • If I'm Chris Bosh and the choice is the max with Houston or taking less with Miami, I'm taking the max. I already have two rings to impress my yuppie friends with and I probably have a good chance to get a few more teaming up with Harden, Dwight, Parsons and Jones. I would then tell Riley to take his disgusting self back to South Beach. If Houston wants to shovel a shit-load of money to a declining player that's their problem. Who wants to spend another year in hotels and airport lounges with freaks like Birdman?

    Speaking of declining players what is Paxson's fascination with FAs who are in their mid-thirties who have herniated discs (Pippen), bad backs (Rip), or bad knees (Gasol). I'm surprised he doesn't have calls in to Baron Davis or Gilbert Arenas. Gasol would be a nice acquisition at a super-discounted rate but Plan B should be devoted to fixing the problems that the Bulls already have, like getting a shooting guard who can create his own shot to take the pressure off of Rose.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    What a reasonable comment about the FO. Why guys with bad backs and bad knees when the Bulls have needed the SG forever?

    Besides, Gasol will take court time from M and M, thus slowing their development! Let's see how far and fast these guys can grow. For sure they both can shoot. Play M & M.

    If the team is clicking at the trade deadline, then make an offer to Denver for Afflalo. He could be the missing piece.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    "what is Paxson's fascination with FAs who are in their mid-thirties who have herniated discs (Pippen), bad backs (Rip), or bad knees (Gasol)." I wonder about that also.

    It just doesn't make any sense for us to be pursuing Gasol of all people. With Gibson and now Mirotic coming over that makes a Gasol signing pointless. If anything we need big body veteran that can rebound and play defense. Gasol is just the opposite of that.
    Also when the heck are we getting a shooting guard? Don't tell me the Bulls think Butler is the guy.

  • Somehow the whole Summer of Carmelo reminds me of 2010 all over again. I'm not sure after Anthony's "decision" we'll find we were ever really a serious option considering Derrick Rose really remains a big question mark with two major knee injuries back to back. Watching a workout doesn't mean one of those knees doesn't go belly up again at some point this season. Once again I think the media hype is more then a little disingenuous.

    For those nixing Melo to the Heat with Bosh departing to Houston or wherever, Doug seems to hold that it's at least a possibility. The funny thing is with LeBron and Carmelo taking Max deals Wade it seems would become in essence "the bitch" taking a major pay cut if the payroll situation is to work at all. If Lebron does stay in Miami, they'll need Riley to punk Gasol or some such magnificent bastard moves. To be continued..

    Finally, Bulls, no matter what some say, I think there's a good chance we could have had Afflalo or if not then at least get a good three shooting SG in Jodie Meeks for $6 some Mil a year. Of course the homers will bash both these guys where if we had acquired one of them they'd be spouting on and on about what a great add it is for Gar/Pax. Instead, the glaring hole at SG remains open for yet another year with Klank ready to "carry on." I sure hope defensive question marks Mirotic and McDermott turn out to be legit scorers and not just one dimensional three point guys. Other wise I'll be cancelling my Gar/Pax Admiration Society dues.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I think the Bulls tried to get Afflalo, but the Denver offer was more appealing. They likely could get him from Denver at the trade deadline if he looks to be the missing piece - provided he would agree to not opt out for his final year.

    Anyway, if it means dumping Taj and waiting on Mirotic, I kind of hope the Bulls do not land Melo. Guess we will know soon.

  • Side Note: while summer league is anywhere from meaningless or at best a "hint" at future success for some(unless someone pulls a Damian Lillard and just destroys as in all around game not just canning threes ala Josh Selby), still Jordan Adams, Grizzlies is looking all the part of an excellent shooter slash offensive scorer despite the terrible combine numbers which should really have meant nothing considering his game and stats. Excellent presence and just has successful pro, at least on some level, written all over him. Good thing I abandoned him for more athletic sexy models. >>>>Kicking myself repeatedly.

  • Doug I completely agree with your assessment of the Melo situation and personally I think he's going to stay with the Knicks. 40 mil is a ridiculously large amount of money to turn down. In fact that alone is more than we're paying Taj Gibson for 4 years. So I don't think anyone should blame Carmelo for taking the money in that situation. With that being said I think the Knicks can rebuild around that with Amare and Bargnani coming off the books but there lies the problem. At this point the Knicks are a rebuilding team and even with Phil Jackson at the helm no way do i see the Knicks being contenders in such a short amount of time, something Melo doesn't have a lot of at age 30. The way I see it if Melo really wants to win a championship he should play for the Bulls, but if he feels he can do it in NewYork that's his decision but I think doing it over there is more of a gamble.

    Another thing I don't like is when people say if he leaves the Knicks he leaving behind his legacy. Making it sound like he's a sellout. If that were the case he would have been sold out a long time ago when he left the Nuggets, the team that drafted him. Not to mention that whole talk about legacy is crap, he can have a legacy right here in Chicago. All that matters is getting that ring and it doesn't matter where you get it. Just look at Kevin Garnett, he played with the TWolves for years and people were talking about his Legacy but it wasn't until he went to boston that he got a ring. Now his legacy is complete and he didn't have to do it in Minnesota same goes for Melo.

    As far as the Heat goes i wouldn't be at all surprised to see Lebron go back to Cleveland. Now that he's won two championships he really doesn't have anything else to prove. Lebron is a living example for Carmelo. He did what Melo should do if he wants to win. Lebron took less money to join the Heat that were in a better situation than Cleveland that was offering him the max and got two rings. Now he can still go back to Cleveland for the Max and still has his 2 rings. Heck maybe melo should sign with the Bulls for 3 years like Lebron did and then he can finish his career in NYC after he gets his ring.

  • Others may disagree, but I'd take Gibson over Bosh.

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